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Found 41 results

  1. samurai_sarah

    LDS/Mormon fashion bloggers

    @Witherwings asked about Mormon fashion bloggers in another thread. Some examples of blogs are: Barefoot Blonde, Pink Peonies.... In its corner of the internet, Mormon modest fashion blogging is huge, as are sites that sell LDS standard approved fashion. Here's a place to discuss the phenomenon.
  2. LilMissMetaphor

    What's with these jerk adoptive mothers?

    http://www.fencingmama.blogspot.ca/ Why do they adopt if they are just going to get frustrated with all the things the children can't do? And this woman does childcare in her home as well? What a mean bitch.
  3. myksheartsathome.blogspot.com Came across this families blog, they homeschool and live in an RV
  4. Hey all, It's been a while! I have a friend who just started a blog that will chronicle her experience growing up in the Children of God cult. She wanted to grow her blog and I thought you all might be interested in her story. Lettinggoofyesturday.blogspot.com (yes the name is misspelled - that is the correct blog address though)
  5. megans-polyblog.blogspot.com/ I've been following this blog for about 2 years (give or take) and find myself mesmerized. I shall do my best to summarize. Megan was raised in a very tumultuous home. Her father was a drug addict, meth to be specific among other drugs, and her mother didn't exactly protect her from exposure. Her father was arrested and incarcerated and eventually he died while incarcerated. In the meantime her mother started bringing boyfriends home and living it up as if she didn't have (at least) 2 children to take care of. Just recently Megan wrote that her father had raped her while high on meth when she was 16. I think this event led her to seek out a man who would protect her and also be like a father figure to her. Megan hungered for stability, love and someplace to call home. She began researching the poly lifestyle, specifically, polygyny. She "met" a poly family online and eventually went to spend a week with them. They "love bombed" her and she fell for it, hook, line and sinker. The family was one man who was legally married to one wife and "spiritually" married to the second. I believe the man is in his late 30's, early 40's but he could be older. He has 2-3 children by his first wife (one of whom just married at age 17 to another person from their "church") and i believe 2 children by the second wife. At the time of meeting, Megan was barely 18 and very naive about how cults work. I don't believe she knew this family for more than a few months before "marrying" the man, whom she refers to as "Steve." One positive note is that she went to Culinary school and got a chef's degree, so she does have a skill set if she ever decides to make a break for it. In the meantime she has given birth to g/g twins and very recently, a son. There also was a change in the family dynamic when the 1st wife decided she could no longer live the poly lifestyle. Incidentally this change occurred when Steve took a 4th wife (which he originally said he would not do because more than 3 is...greedy...or something.) The 4th wife has actually been married to another poly couple but there was a falling out and she left...and then stayed at Steve's house "while she healed from the break up." Um yeah...didn't see that coming a mile away, didja? So even though another wife was added they are still at 3 wives and 1 husband. When the first wife was at home there were strict rules about wearing long skirts and other such fundy-ness. Now that she has left the building they will occasionally wear jeans and shorts. Let's not forget that they live on a sizable farm with no nearby neighbors to gaze longingly upon their fertile flesh. She spooks easily and has shut down her blog twice when the questions became pointed in the comment section. She was also busted putting up stolen u/s pics from the interwebz and passing them off as her twin pregnancy. So some people (myself included)wonder if any of this is true or just some elaborate hoax run by a bored housewife. They are definitely quiverful in their "church" and do not use birth control of any kind. Megan has no secondary education outside of high school and no real support system among her biological family. It's quite sad, really. I think she will regret her choices in about 10 more years and basically be tied to a life which she can find no escape. Meanwhile her "husband" seems to be interested in finding pretty, young brides so he can fill his quiver. It's a trainwreck....truly.
  6. http://aveilandadarkplace.wordpress.com ... reedom-is/ Did not break the link because this girl is awesome.
  7. Black Aliss

    A new fundie faux-jew

    For your snarking pleasure, themadjewess.com Warning: Lots of racist spewing, especially from her political commentator husband, David Ben Moshe. Although I would characterize her as "barking mad" mad rather than "angry mad" mad, she describes herself as "a righteously indignant, angry, spiritual, NOT religious (as in sanctimonius) JEW-TIAN " How mad? Let's just say she makes Kidist seem downright mellow. She is also "Native American,(Seneca/Iroquois) Former DAR. My wonderful husband is David Ben Moshe, formerly of the JTF.ORG, which was the QPTV Patriotic Jewish political television show in NYC (Queens Manhattan & Brooklyn). My husband , David Ben Moshe is a semi-observant Jew.. I am more observant of spiritual things that are both Jewish AND Christian. I also enjoy meditating on positive Buddhist quotes.." For some reason sometimes two periods are better than one.
  8. I found this blog while surfing the internet and it is annoying the fuck out of me. Mr. White Privilege ("Elder Denton" despite being a boy) is out being a missionary to the unwashed masses of that third world country, Queens. He is judge-y as hell, making comments about how his prospective converts are missing church because of stupid shit like WORK and how will they ever get a better life if they do not get their priorities straight? And of course everyone is so dirty and icky and poor, but giving 10% of their income to a new church will totes change that. I knew that missionaries believed this shit, but I am surprised that the CoJCoLDS lets them share so openly. eldertcdenton.blogspot.com/ And he has a slide show of his own senior portraits on his blog, which is pretty damn snarkworthy in itself. His grammar is underwhelming. It ends up Mr. White Privilege grew up in a 7000 sq ft home with a mom who is also a blogger. She is pretty boring, except when she says her children only wear seat belts about 60% of the time and stuff like that. I think we have snarked on her before? She seems familiar to me. One of the recent posts is terrifying. She is driving down the road with her unbuckled children, who are totally protected by The Heavenly Father because she tithes, bitches. And then she sees that the back door is open and her two year old is not in the car. bjdentonfamily.blogspot.com/2012/04/buying-new-car-installment-2-turn.html
  9. I've gotten sucked into the blog of Ashley Lancaster. There was a recent thread about her here being discussed on GOMI. She is friend of Lyndsie. I was looking at one of her Q&A postings and this came up. She got into celebrating Passover and she is kind of annoying about it. ourhappilyeverafters.com/2009/12/ashley-answers-part-2.html Here are the entries she links ourhappilyeverafters.com/2008/04/tradition.html ourhappilyeverafters.com/2008/04/for-new-jewish-scholars.html
  10. dairyfreelife

    The Bible has a more respectful view of women

  11. Anyone else here read "Little House in the Hills"? http:// littlehouseinthehills.blogspot. com/ She's a new-ish wife who wants to pop out as many babies as fast as she can! There's so many tidbits of snark-worthy material, but here's a classic example of her writing:
  12. dairyfreelife

    Babies Prove the Bible!

    Gail has decided a study on babies proves the Bible is real. Skinner didn't claim clean slates. He was about the operative conditioning, the Skinner Box. Tabula Rasa or clean slate came from John Locke, but can be traced back to Aristotle. It's the nurture theory, which varies among the debate of nature v nurture. Tabula rasa is entirely nurture. This is a documentary of the study she's talking about. youtube.com/watch?v=w_3RIIxpAJo (don't remember how to link the video) biblelovenotes.blogspot.com/2012/12/written-on-baby-hearts.html
  13. YPestis

    Mormon Mommy blogs

    Anyone suckered into this new phenomenon? I remember reading an article here about the addictive nature of ormon mommy blogs and I realized I was part of a new trend. Nie Nie is one of the most popular of the Mormon mommy bloggers but there are plenty of others floating around. With the proliferation of blogging, mommy bloggers have become very popular. Within that culture, there is a growing cult following of Mormon mommies who post about the simple joys of domestic life. These Mormon blogs invariably showcase young, beautiful, traditional families with multiple children living out the 1950's American Dream. There's the handsome, hard working dad with the high paying career. The beautiful mom, stylishly dressed and impossibly slim after five kids. Then there's the lovely children, all adorable and living out such wholesome childhood. The blogs focus on family life, happy marriage and looking fabulous seems so....Stepfordian, and yet I can't help but feel a twinge of envy there. Here I am, a career female with no children reading these blogs about large, traditional family with such fascination. Perhaps it's just refreshing to see such functional, fun loving families together. Or maybe they portray a lifestyle so simplistic and in such contrast to my own, complicated life. Could it be that deep down, even liberal career gals like myself fantasize the stay-at-home domestic bliss? Or maybe the fascination is the same reason I watch the Duggars: it's a peek into another world so different from my own. These Mormon families live lives so different from how I live, how I grew up, and their values are so different from my own....maybe I enjoy reading their blogs because it offers a form of escapism, like watching the Lord of the Rings films. It seems my lurid fascination is also shared by some Mormons, because there's even a parody site that mocks these Mormon mommy bloggers (and supposedly written by a Mormon gal). Entitled Seriously, So Blessed, it highlights some of the hypocrisy and attitudes of the female Mormon culture. Has anyone heard of this blogging trend? Does anyone else share this fascination with Mormon motherhood via blogging? Discuss!
  14. xReems

    The Bible is a love letter!

    So, a few weeks back, I posted a blog that's written by a 25 year old Christian loving girl. She's the wife of a an ex-Jump5 (Christian teen pop band) member and seems a bit fundie-lite in my opinion. She posted a new post, explaining how a love letter form your husband is similar to reading the Bible. According to her, reading the Bible gives you the same feelings as if you're reading a love letter from your spouse. Umm..am I the only one who feels a tad bit grossed out about that? I love God but I would never compare reading the Bhagavad Gita to reading a love letter from my boyfriend. For some reason, it irks me to the core whenever I hear people say things like "I'm married to God!" or "I want a husband who treats me like how our Lord treats me." (Yes, I've heard a girl say that). That's just disgusting and wrong on so many levels. That's exactly what I felt when I was reading Ashley's post when she was comparing the Bible to receiving a love letter. As usual, she ends the post with advertising the Bible and how she's willing to send one to anyone who hasn't experienced the same feeling she gets when reading it. Thanks, but no thanks, I'll keep God and boyfriend separate from each other. I understand people's love for God but please please please keep that separate from the love you feel with your significant other. ashleyradford.blogspot.com/2012/11/a-love-letter-to-you.html
  15. I'm making this thread to discuss Mormon bloggers responses to the election. I'm going to start with well known Mormon mommy blogger Stephanie "NieNie" Nielson's response. ETA: Everyone please feel free to add the responses of Mormon bloggers that you follow. nieniedialogues.com/ I have to also say that I'm happy about gay marriage passing in two states. Anti-gay Mormons are probably pissed about that.
  16. becomingworldly.wordpress.com flyingfreeatlast.blogspot.com freiheit86.blogspot.com
  17. ophelia

    Mormon Blog

    hey FJer, I need new blogs.. my old favourite ones are just not bringing it anymore. I need a new branch of crazy and I decided to let it be the (fundamental) mormon blogs. I'd really appreciate it, if you posted some. THANK YOU! ps.: I already tried to search FJ, but somehow it seems that Iam just not made for it, because most of the time I don't get usable results.
  18. I generally find this blog interesting but she regularly annoys me as well. Like this? "3. Phrases like "I need some me-time"; "It's the principle of the matter"; and "I just need to vent/rant" are usually rationalizations for selfish behavior camouflaged as mental health directives." really, having any time to yourself is selfish? I am an introvert and I am raising two toddlers and yes, I NEED regular me-time. I don't think that's selfish but I guess that's why I'll never be orthodox. I know it's minor. Just rubbed me wrong. Outoftheorthobox.blogspot.com
  19. I remember finding the blog at the old FJ place, but can't find it now - for some reason, she popped into my head and I got curious about her. I'm not sure if she was a legit person, or someone jerking around, but she claimed to be the newest wife in a polygamous marriage, was still quite young, and supposedly had twin daughters. Anyone remember the blog I'm thinking of, and know if it's still around?
  20. I was looking for something for TWOP when I stumbled across this review Gothard's books. Lotsa cray-cary on display. http://watchmansbagpipes.blogspot.com/2 ... mined.html To quote Scott Thompson "Well, I prefer sodomite. It goes along with my concept that the world's a big jail."
  21. Chaviva's closed down entirely, and Skylar is on hiatus till April. Can anyone recommend interesting Jewish* blogs? I'd prefer the Chaviva end of the spectrum, i.e. glimpses into someone's life rather than lectures on halacha. I did check the stickied list but nothing's jumping out at me. * Proper Jewish, not Lina-esque.
  22. mrs

    Quivering Daughters Blog

    Looks like it is going to be shut down. In the most recent post she posted that she closed the QD facebook account too. Best wishes Hilary!
  23. Through (of all things!) Lina's blog I'd discovered the (genuine) Orthodox Jewish convert blogs Just Call Me Chaviva and Crazy Jewish Convert. I read them regularly now, since I've been fascinated by Judaism all my life and in some ways I feel it's the religion that would fit me the most (though certainly not Orthodox Judaism). Anyway it strikes me increasingly that Sklyar/Kochava from CJC paints a rather negative picture of Orthodox conversion, stressing a lot of the sacrifice it entails and almost none of the positive aspects. You have to accept double standards. You have to cut ties with your close family. You'll have to go nuts buying food and a new wardrobe. You're going to enter a culture that emphasizes marrying and having kids early, but won't be able to even date until you're fully converted. Recently she posted about the expenses of Orthodox conversion, listing some stuff that seemed sort of strained (I don't see how it's really so necessary, for instance, to spend a college tuition's worth for a wedding. Don't tell me it's against halacha or whatever to have a simple, frugal wedding). I understand that because she sees her blog as a kind of "how to" guide, she wants to warn people what they're getting into, but reading her makes you wander why she, or anyone else, would go through all this hassle. Chaviva's blog doesn't give this feeling at all.
  24. http://PolygamyBeGone.com is a blog written by a brave yonng women. She was married at the age of 12. Her mother had the stength to leave the FLDS the day after her wedding. I have been reading the blog for a few months. Its so sad to read about the pressure she still feels from the FLDS group. I will always pray that the people within this group stay safe. I fear that we may have another jonestown on our hands in the future.
  25. I couldn't believe this, from a blogger Lina links to: "And for this month, as I have over the years, I have tried to focus on the "nekudah hatova" the dim spark of goodness within Sammy." She also won't give the pedophile's real name, even though this could help people identify other victims. jewishmom.com/2011/09/07/my-neighbor-the-pedophile/