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Found 34 results

  1. dripcurl

    Raquel Strikes Again

    Raquel has yet another mundane, generic, purposeless article up. At the end, she says "A wise man once said – “Don’t regret things. Why? Because you never lose in life. You either win or you learn.” I knew this sounded familiar and sure enough the wise man is indeed Nelson Mandela. I am someone who used to be very passionate about writing and am just now diving back into it, I wondered for a moment if she is in the clear by saying "a wise man once said"? But I don't think she is! I feel like that phrase is reserved for generic old sayings that cannot be traced back to any one person. Nelson Mandela obviously does not fall into that category. Why can't she simply give credit where credit is due? https://thoughtcatalog.com/raquel-duarte/2018/05/read-this-when-youre-feeling-behind-in-your-20s/ Raquel: You are quite behind in your 20s for assuming no one would notice this.
  2. HerNameIsBuffy

    My Imaginary Christmas Barrel

    I'm a big weirdo ... no shock to anyone reading here, I'm sure. Sometimes when I'm cleaning or doing laundry I look at my things and think, "Would I be happy if this was sent to me in Reverend Alden's Christmas barrel?" Those of you LHOP fans surely remember in The Long Winter when they finally got their Christmas barrel* in May they were thrilled with it's contents after a winter of such deprivation had I been alive and in those circumstances your children would know my name for my whining would gone down through the ages as a cautionary tale. I don't even remember what was in there besides some embroidery thread, a shawl for Ma? And a frozen turkey. I remember as a little girl telling my mom it was terrible they wasted present space on food ... much like it was a waste when kids used to get fruit and nuts in their Christmas stockings when they can just go in the kitchen for those. Don't worry, she schooled my privileged little ass on food scarcity. But back to my current weirdness ... so I was folding sheets and blankets today and thinking of how lovely they would have been to receive in a Christmas barrel. How soft they are, how back in the 1800's the variety of color and patterns on my bed linens would have been remarkable. Like the Ingalls I had people also settling the prairie in the day and luxuries were scarce at that time. It made me grateful for what I have. I did the same with my cookware, books, and toiletries. Based on nothing I think my ancestors would have most appreciated body wash and other personal care items, indoor plumbing, and terry cloth. That's a tragedy of the prairie no one speaks about ... even when you could get the rare proper bath there was nothing absorbent with which to dry off. And all their moisturizers were made with animal fat. I have dry skin and I am so thankful I never had to choose between turning into buff jerky or smelling like old pot roast. I think St. Ives coconut body lotion in a Christmas barrel would have seemed like a miracle. And toe nail clippers. When were they invented? What did they do before them? We take so much for granted in our day to day lives. And Crest toothpaste ... and mouthwash. Along with a fresh new toothbrush would be a delightful treat in my barrel for 19th century fictional me. I sometimes think of how cool it would be to get a time machine and bring some of my great-whatever-grandma's from that era and see what they'd think of life today. But then once they see how easy it is to do laundry and shower they'll never go back and once the novelty wore off it would just be a bunch of strangers asking me why I never speak to my cousins. *This barrel left such an impact on me I kept capitalizing it and had to go back and fix every time. Stupid self important container.
  3. HerNameIsBuffy

    Uneventful Events

    I know this is a boring blog, but I don't have an Instagram with which to be publicly annoying. Today was okay. I did not do the new terrifying/exciting thing I was going to try, but I will. Today had other plans. The tire pressure light lit up on the car so had to figure out what to do about that. Between google, @Destiny, my son, and a new tire gauge* got that squared away. I paid a couple bills and instead of despair remembering how much easier this used to be, I was filled with a sense of gratitude that I was able to do so and that for right now, today, we're okay. Thanks to my buddy Marcus Aurelius. I tried to deposit money with a withdrawal slip and took me way too long to figure out why she was asking me what I wanted to do. Thanks to my buddy ADHD. I used a public bathroom and didn't die. Yet. I opened my glove box and found my prescription sunglasses I thought I lost months ago...they are my most favorite thing in the world and there was much rejoicing. Thanks to my buddy St. Anthony. Did some laundry, some dishes. I'm on my own for dinner so I'm making Rice-A-Roni (chicken, in case you were wondering) ...my boys don't like it so it's a nice treat for me when I'm alone. And might make a burger and eat it plain with A-1...because I am nothing if not a gourmet. But the best part of today was no tears. No moments of self loathing, no anxiety. Days like this are few and far between lately and they are a much needed respite when I get them. I didn't accomplish what I wanted to, but that's okay. I will. After dinner, a shower, and getting into some snuggy pajamas. Speaking of dinner...I have to go check on it but I'm currently in the middle of a cuddle puddle of two dogs and two cats lying on me and each other on half of a queen size bed. But go I must because Rice-A-Roni won't turn itself down to simmer. (*actually two. Read the package before buying something new is a lesson I've yet to learn, apparently.)
  4. Ok, I admit I'm a little jealous of bloggers. Specifically, the fashion bloggers who have designer purses full of designer makeup, which they carry while wearing designer outfits, and the Mormon mommy bloggers, with their clean and pretty homes, shiny hair, and uncluttered lives . That is, the opposite of me. But then I learned about how much money they earn by blogging and/or vlogging. And then I saw a segment on CBS Sunday Morning about kids and toys; apparently there's a four-year-old named Everleigh who supports her parents by making Youtube videos (mostly opening up boxes and LOL -- I know I'm old, but I had no idea people earned money doing this!). I'm far too private to do Youtube. Has anyone started a blog and made money from it? Even enough to quit their day-to-day job?
  5. Paul Swenson, husband of a minor lifestyle- and mommy-blogger Ashlee Swenson has gone missing under strange circumstances. Something seems off about the way the family is acting, but that may just be part of the "keeping up appearances" aspect of their community: They are at least somewhat Mormon (He went on a mission.) Anyway, the alcohol and drug paraphernalia found in the car is definitely not his. Ashlee is 24 and Paul is 30. They married when she was 18. Last month, Ashlee posted a blog where she alluded to Paul cheating on her. The family has a heavily moderated Facebook page and a GoFundMe (even though they appear to be quite wealthy.) Here's a Reddit discussion thread about the disappearance. Bonus WTFery: They're just a wholesome family that enjoys some occasional blackface. Adorable. My gut is telling me he just ran off like some men do when shit gets real. But with possible drug and marriage issues... Who knows? Please note, it might take 23 years or more to find out the truth. Hopefully all those links are kosher. THE END.
  6. RoseWilder

    What are your favorite blogs?

    I'm looking for some good blogs to read (that aren't Fundie-related.) I'm not picky about the topic. I like cooking blogs, book blogs, life blogs, travel blogs, Mommy blogs or blogs that are a combination of topics. A lot of the blogs I currently follow are getting boring (or the people aren't updating much anymore.)
  7. I sometimes check in on Samantha, the blogger who writes Virtuous Daughters. A quick summary: She is older than 30, no marriage and no children. She is probably like this because her parents have a 170-point questionnaire to give to all potential suitors. She is a Fake Jew. She celebrates Jewish holidays using the Gregorian calendar (Passover in January, Sukkot in July, etc.) http://www.virtuousdaughters.com/ She is now in Israel, volunteering at an assisted living facility run by Messianics. http://onegirlsjourney.virtuousdaughters.com/ On the one hand, I had been feeling very sorry for her. She was assisting a midwife in the US, and had written some very emotional posts that revealed how depressed she is at not being married or having children at this point in her life. This trip has given her something to be excited about and given her goals to work towards. On the other hand, the thought of her and other Fake Jews preying on elderly Holocaust survivors makes me stabby. She thinks that them finding "Yeshua" makes their suffering all better. I think that it is finishing up Hitler's work and trivializing everything they suffered for. On the other other hand, I am tickled by the idea of her being totally confused over holidays being celebrated all over the country, you know, on the days they are supposed to be celebrated.
  8. OnceUponATime

    'Cause these are the rules for us

    Oh the fun you shall have! Congratulations! Today is your day! You’re now on Free Jinger, You’re off and away! You have brains in your head. To articulate well thought out views. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. To the Pray Closet, banned, or Journey to the Heart It’s your fault really, if you are not very smart The rules are quite simple, so read them with care. Make sure you don’t break them, to stay welcome here. Read them and learn them, make sure to adhere And ask clarification if you think they’re unclear. FJ is forever Make sure you take note No deletion for you If you end up a turncoat If you’re a lightweight FJ may not be your soulmate A username is constant, Don’t make a sock Or else someone will have to hit IP block An avatar you are free to have But not one that moves, NSFW or spews hate Those are removed OH! THE FUN YOU SHALL HAVE! [AND THE SHIT YOU WILL SEE!] You’ll be posting so soon! If you want to take a rest Deactivation is possible If that suits you best If you’re 18 we love you, or older that too just ensure you’re that or older to continue. On the FJ forum, you may use words of curse No doubt someone out there has heard much, much worse Except if you haven’t But that sure takes snowflake talent Threatening people Is dicky to do Don’t be a dick, that’s completely sick Or you’ll get banned too People at work log on here as well So note your NSFW links if you’re not without moral If you start losing your moral Please do think twice first Before disrupting the forum Like an attack of the cursed It doesn’t matter if you’re cursed Take care not to write Fan fiction of all sorts Til deep in the night Hate speech is hate speech, we will not argue there If you don’t understand it, then make sure you’re aware There are links and resources on the forum as well! We’ve made it quite easy to avoid your farewell Will you take it or leave it? I guess time will tell! If you write in a thread, please keep it in English So it’s easy for us to establish If you’re being a good rule keeper And not just a weird creeper So we don’t need to be a jail keeper You can get really annoying If you forget to delete Your Tapa signature, that is always on repeat Or any other signature that you wish to secrete You’ll end up with warnings that aren’t meant as a treat, so NOT a treat… …because you must show respect For the powers that be And other readers that be and the guests that may be and the rules that rule Without being all cruel Please don’t be a fool Everyone wants respect. YES! Respect for you too! The internet is forever FJ is that too If you later have post regrets You’ll cry and cry, oh, boo hoo Helpmeets shall organize renaming, tagging, moving, Merging things, it’s all constantly improving without a single hint of you all disapproving! Oh, there is fun to be had, there’s lots here to read Just follow the rules, which is all we do plead! Speculating on minors’ sexuality puts you definitely in, a place of marginality Under minors we will also understand Adults living under their parent’s hand Keep it in mind And we’ll have no need to remind! Speculation busses depart from here But not with unidentified victims named, No, oh no, That shall not be proclaimed Not Proclaimed! Whether you like it or not, Victims are victims Not some big story plot. Privacy of others is theirs to protect Information from public sources- that you may collect If you are already friends with them and logged in Then paraphrase well or it’ll go bye-bye in the bin But post as you will Within the boundaries defined Post as you will But “text speak” is not good for the mind Post as you will but try to not be BEC unkind Post as much as you want but no one-word replies, Though your fingers may get tired it’ll save you from demise On and on you can type and follow our rules let us discuss things as adults and not as damn fools. You may post gifs, yeah sure, in a spoiler you know If you forget way to often Into the prayer closet you’ll go Don’t tell us to ban you That’s annoying as fuck If your opinion is different We won’t be awestruck Just remember to write posts clear and precise And you too can find a place in this paradise. And will you write posts? Yes! You are there almost! (All you need to do is follow the signpost) FJ, IS AWAITING YOU! So… St Alan Rickman (RIP) is our FJ patron saint And with the intelligence of St Rachel Maddow we do acquaint You’re now on Free Jinger! Today is your day! FJ is ready for you So… join in the fray! Disclaimer: This will never replace the beautifully legally worded ToU. If you haven't read through that yet, you should probably deactivate your account until you have done so. Nor was it meant to replace the Rules...
  9. I just read about this woman on BBC Trending. I searched but couldn't find her talked about here. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-35813994 I find the doxing and the fact that people may have lost their jobs by confronting her online very worrying. Even the journalist who wrote the article seems to have experienced a backlash.
  10. amanhiswifethebible.wordpress.com/2014/08/05/closed-for-business/ It begins: Of note: In other words, FJ has done nothing illegal, therefore, my lawyer advised me to stop airing my dirty laundry on the webz if I don't want evil feminist bitches commenting on it. In other news, they're contemplating a move to Alaska As a side note, I think it's tragic that they've chosen to frighten those poor children and involve them in this nonsense.
  11. amanhiswifethebible.wordpress.com/ Found it through Lori's blog. His wife is guest posting there today: lorialexander.blogspot.com/2014/06/pride-almost-destroyed-her-marriage.html
  12. No additional income for Zsu, Google disaproves of the contents of her blog. and Of course Zsu, it has nothing to do with you and your charming attitude..... stevenandersonfamily.blogspot.nl/2013/10/google-doesnt-like-me.html
  13. crazyforkate


    I know we have an FJ personal blogs thread. Let's talk about blogging itself, though. How often do you update yours? Are they well-viewed? Any tips on writing, marketing or assorted blog things?
  14. Zsu's going to be doing a Q&A so get all your questions in order! That's all I really had to say. Oh, and her kids have a person they are trying to convert friend who they play in the mud with. stevenandersonfamily.blogspot.ca/2013/06/summertime-madness-and-q-a.html And is it just me or does traffic at Zsu's blog seem to be down lately? She posted this 24 hours ago and there still aren't any comments. She might be moderating the comments though.
  15. In the Maxwell's most recent blog post titled All The Way, I noticed a picture of a cute little girl. Isn't that Zsu's darling little Miriam? I didn't notice any other pics of the pissing preacher's family, but I'm sure Zsu will be posting about their adventure soon enough!
  16. stevenandersonfamily.blogspot.com/2013/02/new-facebook-page.html facebook.com/pages/Are-They-All-Yours/343733185737078
  17. So, Jingers... apparently it's the start of Valentine's week (or, as Nie refers to it, "Lovers Holiday") and the MMB-army are slathering their blogs with Valentine's Day perfection. I know it's a total farce - that these gals work very hard to keep up with the (CJane) Joneses and its a show but WOW does it hit me at a sensitive spot! I have an internal dialogue that tells me I should do more to make my home more, uh, "homey" and to make sure my spouse feels more loved (etc etc etc) and reading this crap on their blogs stirs up a lot of inadequacy. I bring this up for two reasons -- 1) I am insecure and need some validation (sob!) and 2) if exposure to these blogs makes ME feel inadequate, my heart aches for all of those women within the culture who feel an even stronger (more "eternal") need to keep up.
  18. Mrs. Mari! Haven't seen her for awhile there. Ever since she was outed here, I think Take a look at the 12/28/12 entry. http://www.titus2.com/blog/ ETA: She also commented on the police cookie post. I don't believe she's commented in months, has she?
  19. Okay, the Maxwells never go this long without posting something new on their blog. I'm ready to put money on a courtship announcement. Anyone with me?
  20. I am officialy the Anderson stalker!! Sarah from Ireland: A professional? Latraviata aren't you the one whose hobby it is to stalk the Andersons and spew hatred about them at that internet dung heap? Anonymous: Latraviata, You are a professional Anderson stalker and that's about it. I am so proud!!
  21. Dear Zsu, you might want to get rid of that link to dub dub dub Campaign for Liberty dot com because Google Chrome has identified that site as a known source of malware. Thanks.
  22. theologygeek

    The Maxwell Blog Goes Ghetto

    Don't know if anyone reads Jenny The Bloggess, but she made a post about a site called gizoogle.net You can put the url to any site in and it translates it into Snoop Dog's slang. I put the Maxwell blog in and this was the translation. Then I laughed very hard. Da Auntie’s Park Posted on November 26, 2012 by Sarah A week ago Saturday, our crazy-ass asses decided ta set up tha play set. It was a gorgeous, sunny afternoon, n' there was nuff willin helpers. Our thugged-out asses carried tha pieces, a shitload of which was mad heavy, from tha back corna of tha yard ta tha mo' central location Anna n' Dad had chosen. Then tha procesz of boltin thangs together fuckin started. Occasionizzlely, Anna consulted pictures her ass took when they dismantled tha ta help her peep how tha fuck it needed ta be reconstructed. There is still a few final touches ta be completed yo, but it aint nuthin but mainly done fo' realz. Anna prayed fo' nuff months fo' a play set, n' tha Lord brought dis one along fo' a incredible deal yo. Happily, our crazy-ass asses gotz a welcome addizzle ta our backyard. Delightin up in Jizzy, Sarah
  23. Sorry if this has already been posted - just read it now. "Oh no, not the freefoodstams I mean freejinger parasites again! Dear Heidi! Avoid those miserable women! What they do is they team up and harass religious bloggers all day everyday. Do not allow their comments to appear. Try to learn to sniff them out - it's easy. They are often stupid enough to leave the same exact comments on their stinking forum. I'm so sorry that you had to meet these Godless ticks and leeches. Don't worry, most of them are miserable, full of meds and alcohol to endure their lives. They cry in several topics about their misery. Just learn to block them, never give them any attention, you won't be able to get rid of them anyway. At least spare your readers of their liberal, parasitic nonsense and tolerant hatred." stevenandersonfamily.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/wow-what-shock-not.html
  24. Justme

    For rent? New Sarah post.

    Single room? Previous tenants didn't leave it clean? Shade? Nice view? Has that girl been smoking something????
  25. 10 things from one other person in the world to you (this list may not be exhaustive) I will be happy to do a Q&A ... 1. I would like you to invite 86 people to your 'Church' I believe this is an average attendance for you. I would like these not to include children or babies but just 44 couples who have been through IVF. I would be very interested to hear how that would go when you are not behind a computer screen. I should imagine you would find a few 'idiots' on which to base your ALL people who have had IVF are evil/stupid dogma. That tends to be true the minute a head count gets above 5 usually. With you ...just one suffices. 2. Repeat above with Lesbian Gay Transexual ..do you dare? 3. I would like you to tell me how you would deal with a neighbourhood child who called your kids 'lame' for being homeschooled. ESPECIALLY if said child's parent thought that was the cutest thing. It is actually just rude. Your child was rude. 4. Why is it ok for you to futz about on a blog on the internet, but FACEBOOK is evil? I could not spend that time 'Horses for courses.' OH wait blogging is FINE..nothing else is. 5. Why do you look at a 4mnth baby and think THAT this the best stage of her life because in the future she will be so busy like you having babies, homeschooling and possibly moaning about it like you... that this is the best time for her? This was your choice, fair enough...Why does it have to be hers? Most Mothers do not want their children to make the mistakes they made, most Mothers hope they will not. Maybe when you are 60 you will have changed your mind (again.) That may be hard to explain. 6. You have lovely children. I am happy you enjoy them. Don't hit them. It just shows you lack the intelligence or patience to think of any other way. It is quick. It is easy. It is why your kids have those big smiles you boast about. Yes...I know you would pick that point apart. But I would smile if I thought it made Mummy happy. Because a child wants a Mummy who hits to be happy. 7. Why is your interpretation of the bible any better than anybody else who wishes it to fit what ACTUALLY they just want to do? It is tiring, just as the many interpretations of Shakespeare is. I am yet to see a bolt of lightning pointing at yours compared to an other. Why feel the urge to make it appear so? 8. If you you or one of your children were dying but alas the only Paramedic on the scene was a perverted male or a gay...Just die? Because like anonymous me they may read your blog, arrive at your house and announce it. I doubt it, most professionals are just that. Professional. But you never know...make your choice. 9. Why when I click your husband's name does it say 'pissing' I thought you guys were teetotal? 10. You a lot of the time are quite funny, I like your recipes at times, but you sound so angry, so bitter. Do not come to my country. Using the word 'FAG' will get you arrested, as will hitting your kids. Yours...as much right to put my opinion out there on the internet as you have...but don't have the time for a blog. I will just do it here so you can say I am an evil whatever Fj-er. Easy peasy for you to refute