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Found 36 results

  1. Continuing on from: Last Updated 1 December 2020 Pregnant Recently Gave Birth
  2. Continuing on from Last Updated 29 July 2020 Pregnant Recently Gave Birth
  3. So my son is just shy of 2 and all 3 of my cats HATE him. Like they are so terrified of him they will hide under our bed all day when he is home and only come out after he's gone to bed. They were actually fine with him when he was a baby and I even have pictures of them snuggling him but as soon as he learned to walk and talk they were done. Part of the problem is I cannot seem to teach my son to be quiet and gentle with them. No amount of role modeling the correct behavior, correcting/disciplining, or even role playing with stuffed animals can get him to stop yelling at the cats and then chasing them whenever he sees one. The frustrating part is that he LOVES "kitty-cats" and gets excited whenever we see one in a book or on TV and during those times I can get him to talk softly and say "hi kitty" all sweet and soft and he'll pet and kiss his stuffed kitties but the real ones get "HEY! HEYYYYYY!" and then get chased when they inevitably run away. This is all compounded by the unhelpful dog who normally leaves the cats alone but his prey drive must kick in when they run because then he joins in on the fun further chasing and barking at them. I am due with baby #2 in just 16 short days. Baby will be staying in our room for the first several months so I worry about how this will impact the cats since that is currently their only safe space. I'd ideally lock them out at night and during naps to ensure they don't lay in the crib with baby but I'm not sure that will be possible if they refuse to come out from under the bed. Our house isn't that big and there really isn't anywhere else I can offer them as a safe space. They do have access to my office which the kid usually stays out of and it does have a baby gate with a cat door on it but they have to come thru the kitchen and living room where we normally are hanging out to get there so they mostly avoid it during the day. So idk if there is anything I can do really, just wondering if anyone else has been thru this and if they found a solution or do we just have to wait for our son to mature and grow out of this? Proof that they haven't always hated him:
  4. Continuing on from Last Updated 6 April 2020 Pregnant Recently Gave Birth This is a PEZ candy dispenser for those of you who aren't familiar with the candy.
  5. Continuing on from Last Updated 28 November 2019 Pregnant Recently Gave Birth
  6. Continuing on from Last Updated 23 September 2019 Pregnant Recently Gave Birth
  7. Continuing on from Last Updated 20 May 2019 Pregnant Recently Gave Birth
  8. Continuing on from Last Updated: 28 January 2019 Pregnant Recently Gave Birth Thanks to @JermajestyDuggar for the thread title!
  9. We haven't had a Courtney thread in a while! She and her preacher husband live in New Mexico with their 7 children, all 5-and-under. She's famous for looking like a teenager well into her 20's, giving her boys monosyllabic "C" names (Clint, Clay, Cade, Cash, Colt, and Case, plus daughter Callie), and for her use of a distinctive Thanksgiving turkey bib for each new baby. She hasn't had a Thanksgiving without a new baby since her marriage. She recently made her Facebook private again, but her Instagram and blog are still up. She doesn't seem to update the blog anymore. I fully admit that this is straight-up creeper territory, but I used a pregnancy calculator to gage the latest possible date that Courtney-of-the-endless-Irish-Twin-births could conceive and STILL produce a new recipient of the hallowed Thanksgiving Bib this year. February 18 is the magic day for a full 40-week gestation ending on or before November 24.
  10. victoriasponge

    Royal Baby is a Boy

    My favourite (over-the-top) reaction has to be this one: St George cares, y'all. Anyway: Official announcement here I will now go back to my overall republican ways. I want the baby to be called Kevin.
  11. Continuing on from Last Updated: 28 February 2018 Pregnant Recently Gave Birth
  12. Baby Boy Dietrich was born yesterday morning. Larissa posted on Facebook and showed a picture of Ian holding the baby. Name is interesting. I was expecting something very biblical -- or, to be honest -- something very easy for Ian to pronounce. I hope they're both very happy and Larissa gets all the help she can get.
  13. Continuing on from Last Updated on 24 November 2017 Pregnant Recently Gave Birth Thanks to @VelociRapture for the title, taken from http://www.freejinger.org/topic/29834-a-totally-accurate-and-in-no-way-sarcastic-duggar-cheat-sheet/?page=4#comment-1432730
  14. I know this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find an individual thread dedicated to it. Apologies if this is in the wrong place. http://www.ingender.com/forum/forum.aspx?ID=6 For those who don't know, there's a Gender Disappointment forum on Ingender.com that's dedicated to people experiencing disappointment and distress upon finding out their baby is not the gender that they wanted. Some even go to lengths of terminating their pregnancies or doing selective IUI. Most of them, fortunately, know that this persisting mindset is a toxic one to have, and they seek out solutions and support for how to alleviate it. I can even kinda get situations where, say, a mother has had sour relationships with all of her female relatives and is apprehensive about raising a daughter, or someone has an overbearing partner who's desperate for a son after tons of girls. The ones that frustrate me are the people who are lamenting that they'll never get their perfect pink princess who they'll get to have spa days with, or, alternatively, hate that they're having a girl because they hate pink and frills (really?). I've heard multiple accounts of users complaining about their exorbitant amount of grubby boys roughhousing in the next room (who raised them to do that, I wonder?). Much of it is very interesting, but there's also some good(?) hate-reads sprinkled in.
  15. HarryPotterFan

    Volunteer baby snuggler

    In a world full of terrible news everyday, from natural disasters to whatever orange Voldemort tweets and does and more, I think it's important to remember to take care of our mental health now more than ever. So I thought we could have a thread with feel-good stories and things to make us smile. To start off, here is the story of an elderly man who volunteers as a baby snuggler at a NICU, because some of the parents are unable to be there to do that themselves.
  16. Continuing on from Previous threads: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/27257-upcoming-babies-five/ http://www.freejinger.org/topic/24686-upcoming-babies-part-4/ http://www.freejinger.org/topic/20716-upcoming-babies-part-3/ http://www.freejinger.org/topic/16289-upcoming-babies-part-2/ http://www.freejinger.org/topic/6924-upcoming-baby-season/ Last Updated on 23 August 2017 Pregnant Recently Gave Birth
  17. Bristol Palin has popped out little Sailor Grace and now says her little family is complete (!).
  18. Continuing on from here http://www.freejinger.org/topic/24686-upcoming-babies-part-4/ http://www.freejinger.org/topic/20716-upcoming-babies-part-3/ http://www.freejinger.org/topic/16289-upcoming-babies-part-2/ http://www.freejinger.org/topic/6924-upcoming-baby-season/ Last Updated 31 March 2017 Pregnant Recently Gave Birth
  19. What about an adult sized one? kron4.com/2017/04/08/ford-made-a-crib-that-mimics-car-rides-to-put-babies-to-sleep/
  20. ChickenettiLuvr

    Brother Husbands

    ... and the TLC'S Wackadoodle Family Lineup continues... Brother Husbands???? Can't wait to hear what church they're affiliated with. Even my dog is giving me side-eye.
  21. maple802

    Wilkes Family

    The Wilkes Team hasn't updated its blog in years, but this article in the Culpeper, VA newspaper provides a tiny bit of intel. Of note: Joshua and Lisa Wilkes had a third son, Peter. Also, the names of Matthew and Amanda Wilkes' children are revealed; daughter Annalise and son Nathanael. http://culpepertimes.com/2016/08/24/keeping-the-farm-all-in-the-family/157662/
  22. SpoonfulOSugar

    Upcoming Babies Five

    Continuing from here: Part 1 here: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/6924-upcoming-baby-season/ Part 2 here: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/16289-upcoming-babies-part-2/ Part 3 here: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/20716-upcoming-babies-part-3/ Pregnant (updated 13 November 2016) Recently Gave Birth
  23. Imrlgoddess

    Jellybean Minions of Doom

    The muffins are eating double what they were two days ago & their fur is starting to poof out. They're playing a bit more & like to be snuggled. I have to wrap them in little kitten burritos so I can feed them. But Little Thor still wiggles like crazy but he attacks the syringe!
  24. Zane Emory has been born. While Kelly enjoys the convenience and benefits of having a conventional name, she seems bound and determined to saddle all her kids with unusual names. "Zane" is actually not as bad as some of the others. What still amazes me is that Kelly keeps on having babies even though her husband has a disease (retinitis pigmentosa) that will gradually claim most or all of his sight.
  25. Part 1 here: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/6924-upcoming-baby-season/ Part 2 here: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/16289-upcoming-babies-part-2/ Part 3 here: http://www.freejinger.org/topic/20716-upcoming-babies-part-3/ Since fundies (mostly) seem to breed like rabbits, we all find it hard to keep track of all of the women and their due dates. In this thread, we keep a list of all of the pregnant fundies we follow, their due dates, and their newborns. If there are any updates or discrepancies, post them below and I'll update the list! Pregnant Esther Shrader (Due in Spring) #10 Lydia Jeub (Due in spring) #1 Mica Serven (Due in March) Katy (Little White House) (Due March 9) #3 Jacinda (Growing Home) (Due in May) #5 Julie Knox (Due in May) #3 Zsuzsanna Anderson (Due in late May) #9 Abi Wissman (Due in May) #3 Jasmine Holmes (Due in late spring) #1 Whitney Bates (Due June 25) #2 Norma Gilligan (Due in June) #1 Valerie Waller (Due in June) #2 Sarah Burnett (Due in July) #1 Kennedy Morton (Due in July) #1 Anna Marie Maxwell (Due in July) #4 Erin Paine (Due in Summer) #2 Priscilla Waller (Due in October) #3 Monica Brown (Due date unknown) #5 Blair Tsantles (Due date unknown) #5 Lauren Zimmerman (Due date unknown) #5 Recently Gave Birth Bambi (Nursery of the Nation) - Sharlotte Hosanna (Born in December) #10 Bobye Holt - Scottlen Cross (Born December 14) #11 Julianne (Between the Lines) - Beckett James (Born December 21) #1 Alice (of Alice's Baby) - Rosalie (Due December 28) #8 Bonnie Engstrom - Thomas Emil (Born December 29) #6 Robyn Brown - Ariella Mae (Born January 10) #5/18 Hettie Brewner - Addison Marie (Born January 20) #5 Rachel Busenitz - Kendrick Alan (Born January 25) #1 Hannah Dornink - Ransom (Born in January) #2 Melissa Sanford - Name Unknown (Due in January) #2 Karen Alexander - Benjamin Seth (Born February 1) #8 Kelly Crawford - Zane Emory (Born February 1) #11 Lise Morton - Carolina Elise (Born February 4) #3 Dorothy Sanders - Edwin Gianavel (Born in February) #3 Updated March 5 by SunnySideUp
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