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Found 47 results

  1. kpmom

    Teri M. and her bad attitude

    The is from this month's Mom's Corner. Teri is talking about how unproductive feeling sorry for one's self is; "Let me give you a personal example of this. I have lived with chronic back pain for many years. One day last week, I had my normal back pain plus a new pain that caused me to hurt every time I took a deep breath. I knew this new pain was temporary and would be gone in a day or two, but it still hurt right then. In addition, I had a sort of allergic reaction in my mouth that was causing the roof of my mouth to burn, ache, and itch. That morning a family member shared with me something I had said to them that they felt had an attitude behind it." What do you suppose Teri said, and to whom? What are the odds it wasn't Steve?
  2. and are they trying to make her look like she's 12??? For the love of god. http://www.titus2.com/blog/index.php/2012/05/28/four-generations/
  3. Justme

    Maxwell's Mothers Day post:

    Lovefest for Teri, of course. Shout out's to Anna, Mel and a few "what some would call a friend" women who've lost child(ren). Nothing for Grandma Gigi or Steve's Mother. Without those two strong women, this cult clan would not exist......
  4. muffynbear

    Say Something Nice: Maxwell/Bates Edition

    The rules: You must say something nice about the following fundies. It can be about anything from their looks to their personality. BUT it must be nice Have fun! Steve Maxwell Teri Maxwell Sarah Maxwell Gil Bates Kelly Bates Michaella: Erin: Nathan:
  5. allyisyourpally5

    December Corner Time!

    Teri's sucking the fun out of Christmas: Our family chooses to celebrate Christmas because it focuses on the magnificent miracle of the birth of our Savior. Plus it is one of two holidays in which even the world expects Christians to participate. Since when did they do what the World tells them? and why do they care about the world anyway? We didn't want our children believing in Santa Claus only to find out later it was a lie. Some would say it is all in fun, but the reality is that it is deceitful. Shame on all you Santa parents out there. I personally was not too upset that Santa wasn't real and really appreciate the fun of it. Even though Santa Claus was no longer a part of this aspect of our Christmas, a couple of years later we simply wanted to be free of any association with Santa Claus in our Christmas celebration, so we even set aside the stockings. I guess little Bethany and Abby will never get the joy of waking up to find a stocking at the end of the bed. We also decided to stop getting a Christmas tree. While we wouldn't say that Jeremiah 10:3-4 is talking about a Christmas tree directly, there are many similarities that are too powerful to ignore. In addition, I know I sometimes sat and admired the beautiful Christmas tree rather than worshiping my worthy Savior. "For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not" (Jeremiah 10:3-4). I take it the Christmas tree has become an idol? or do they really just need to learn to chill the hell out? I have very fond memories (and still enjoy the occasion now) of decorating the tree and house as a family. It's a few weeks of a year, does it really matter? As a family, we like to participate in a shoe box outreach where we purchase small toys and personal items to be placed inside a shoe box and given to a needy child in a third world country. We began doing this when a national ministry started a shoe box Christmas program. In more recent years, two missionaries to Mexico whom we support, have begun their own small-scale shoe box ministry. They collect the shoe boxes and then personally distribute them to children in their towns. That has made the shoe box shopping and giving even more special to our family because we have been able to see photos of our gifts being given to children. Now I actually credit them here because I do this also and spend considerable time doing so. It is our heart's desire that all of our neighbors would come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life" (John 3:16). Aside from the awful singing., it is nice of them to take something like the bread or cookies to peoples homes. But I really dislike the assumption that no-one around them is "saved" We have made a tradition of planning an evening near Christmas to take the family out to eat and then to drive around looking at Christmas lights. Is this not slightly contradictive? No decorations in the home because they are the wrong focus, but let's go and admire everyone elses? (and let them pay the electricity bill for that matter) Opening our presents and having our Christmas meal on Christmas Eve now allows us time to go to the nursing home on Christmas Day. Happy Christmas Elderly, a day of Maxwell torture May I suggest that you evaluate with your husband what is important for your family during the Christmas season and make sure that your time is invested in those priorities. Be sure Christmas is purposefully utilized to draw your children's hearts to Jesus Christ and to serving Him. God forbid you think about this alone. Onto Steves gem of a corner: Here is the email it is based on (from a reader) My husband and I attended a recent conference of yours. We were so blessed by it. We wanted to say thank you. My husband decided after listening to Manager of His Home that our children were no longer going to go to youth group on Wednesday nights. He did this because we started noticing changes in our children. Our children hadn't gone to youth group for six weeks when the pastor came by and asked us why our children weren't attending. My husband told him that a big part of it was the secular rock and roll they were playing. Our children were coming home humming it. We were told that they believe if your children are firmly grounded in Christ it will not affect them. I couldn't help but think about our twenty-one-year-old daughter who wound up getting into secular music due to a youth group and her dad and me not having her heart. We didn't want that for our other children. Bit of self praising first, gotta keep that in! So the Maxwells are really sucking the fun out of all kids lives. What is wrong with humming music? Praise the Lord for this dad taking action to protect his children. Ephesians 6:4 tells us, "And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord." Dad is the one God holds responsible for discipling the children, does it actually say in the bible that Dads will be held up by God to talk about how they disciplined? Does mum just slip straight through to Heaven? I have met many youth group leaders and pastors over the years, and I have heard them share their deep love and concern for the youth to which they minister. Amen. Generally, they have a sincere desire to reach the kids who aren't living in a home where they are being discipled. Please don't feel this Dad's Corner is a personal criticism of youth group leaders. It isn't. Instead this Corner addresses flaws in the youth group in regard to our readers who are dads who are discipling their children as the Lord leads. So....really it is taking a dig at the youth groups and saying what the Leaders do (so many do such a wonderful job, I looked up to many of my leader across youth group and other clubs as well as my parents)is not according to what God wants Dad is the one God gives the responsibility to disciple the children, and Dad is the one who will answer to God. Can't take control from Daddy Considering there will be multiple children in the group, how likely is it that the discipling in the group is consistent with all the fathers' direction since seldom will each family be truly like-minded. Can you imagine a room full of youth with all their fathers basically being "Steves"? it would be a very silent room Let's consider the statement: "If your children are firmly grounded in Christ, then it will not affect them." When is a person firmly grounded in Christ, and even if they are, does that mean they won't be tempted toward evil? Sadly, we have talked to many parents who trusted that their children were spiritually mature enough to stay the course only for the parents to be heartbroken later. I wonder how old these children were? Or if they did actually completely loose faith or simply just not live exactly as the Maxwells teach? The girl mentioned in the readers email is 21 -perfectly old enough to make her own mind up about anything. These parents are downright awful There is also tremendous internal pressure by most children to be accepted by the peers in the group. I've heard some say that one of the greatest pressures a person can feel is the need to be accepted. Therefore, peer groups likely exert some of the greatest pressure to conform that any of us will ever experience. Let me share an example with you. Years ago we were in a fairly conservative church. Despite the conservative nature of the church, many of the girls were pushing the limits in their "dress" and definitely lacking modesty standards. Our daughter, who was then eighteen, confided to us that she was feeling turmoil inside because she wanted to fit in with the other girls but didn't want to do what they were doing. That peer pressure was experienced just by causal associations with the girls at church. Consider the peer pressure that comes from even more involvement in the peer group. Do we really think our children will be stronger than that? This probably answers a question - Sarah wanted to fit in. over a decade later she is still at home. Never ever mention you want to join in with anything more than 5 meters from Steve or you will be doomed forever. Sorry this is long, the corners got me this month!
  6. Justme

    Teri got a quilt.

    He bible study group made it for her and gave it to her in Sept. Guess they're a little behind in their blog entries... They all wrote a bible verse in a square and Non reversal Anna actually signed her name Anna Marie. (She does have very pretty handwritting, unlike most of the rest.) This study group is what "inspired" Teri to write her latest book.... (It is a pretty quilt. Before I had a family, I was into quilt making and made several. They are quite time consuming.)
  7. I was just looking at the Maxwell family members' gratitude lists and Teri listed the nursing home church in her list. Oh yes, Teri you are so thankful that your family holds services at a nursing home so you can protect your precious children.
  8. allyisyourpally5

    It's Corner time again!

    I'm just gonna make it my monthly duty to round these up, I cannot resist the snark....though sometimes they make me so sad or so angry....anyway, here we go. Teri's Corner is basically another "BUY MY BOOK!" article: On the practical side of self-discipline, I have found that using a schedule helps me not to be lazy......For more detailed information on scheduling, I would recommend Managers of Their Homes. In other words "I won't tell you how to not be lazy and schedule your family in a Godly way to get you to Heaven for free, you must buy my book" An email asked about productive activities. A mom seemed to suggest she doess not want her children just working all the time and asked if such activities like playing in the sandbox with her kids was ok (wtf?) I would encourage Amber that raising children and keeping house are not mutually exclusive. Playing with the children is a productive activity, but only when it is balanced with the necessary housework. If all a mom does is play with the children, then it would become a lazy choice, especially if she is avoiding her household responsibilities by doing it. I work with children....playing with them all the time is certainly not being lazy! It is very hard work! Keep playing in the sandbox Amber, keep doing it. Another way that I can direct you toward self-discipline is to make use of those little bits of time that are easily wasted whether one is using a schedule or not. Here is an example of that. In the morning, Steve and I walk for an hour, then I hang on an inversion table for my back, and next comes personal Bible reading and prayer time. Before I start my Bible reading, I prepare a moist heating pad by putting it in the microwave for three minutes. Here is what I was able to accomplish in those three minutes when I tracked it one morning to share with you. â—¦Got out vitamins. â—¦Washed up several dishes sitting in the sink. â—¦Took soiled towels to the washing machine. â—¦Put items away that were out on the counter. I could have spent those three minutes simply doing nothing or looking through a catalog. This is often the temptation when there are just a few minutes available. Oh boy. Every. Single. Minute. Of. Your. Life. Needs. A. Schedule. Oh my....
  9. NurseNell

    The Pepsi Connection

    Can someone explain to this Coca Cola newcomer what the references to Pepsi mean? I think I see it only in Maxwell threads. Nell
  10. fundiefan

    Sweet Journey

    Her book is out. It's about her struggles with life and how Jesus fixed her and she didn't have to resort to anti-depressants. Sarah Maxwell gives a rave review, of course. Someone named Michelle is thrilled with the book because it is like Teri is right there with her as her own personal mentor. I fear for people. titus2.com/ecommerce/products/prod_listing.php/1115
  11. kpmom

    Teri Maxwell was a Pepsi Junkie

    Someone here posted a link to the Maxwell's early Titus2 site via The Wayback Machine awhile ago. I was looking at it today and had to laugh at their comment under this picture in light of what we know now about Teri's making an idol of Pepsi. Apparently back in those days Teri would control pain with aspirin and Pepsi. Here's the link web.archive.org/web/20000815220838/http://titus2.com/m-photo5.htm Also, funny to see how tiny the reversal kids were.
  12. kpmom

    Teri Maxwell on Modesty

    This is a two part series on modesty that Teri Maxwell wrote in 1999 for the Momys (Mothers of Many Young Siblings) forum. Sarah reprinted the article on her site preparingdaughters.com in 2002 (which I don't believe they keep up anymore) Several things struck me in reading the articles; 1. I believe we can gather from the paragraph on how some girls in their church dress immodestly why they ended up leaving that church and starting their own. 2. How gossipy, condescending and holier than thou that family actually is (again, see the paragraph about how the girls in their old church would dress, and how Teri and Sarah talked about them behind their backs after church.). 3. Just how truly crazy this family is (as though we didn't know). Here's some of the two articles, and a link for the rest. Modesty Articles By: SarahMaxwell4 on 10/3/2002 7:58:31 PM Here are two articles by my Mom that I thought you girls would enjoy! These were written in 1999. ~Sarah~ I am going to share with you two posts I once wrote to the MOMYS digest on the issue of modest dressing.. In addition to what is in the posts, we also discovered this year that necklines in the back were a concern for us. I purchased two dresses of a similar style that were just on the border of okay for us at the front neckline. However, the back neckline was just a bit deeper than I would normally wear. No big deal, I thought. My hair will cover it up. What I didnt consider was how a dress with a rather large neck shifts. It wanted to come forward because of the larger back neck. I did discover this in my family style show before I had worn the dresses so that they could be returned. The first post I am copying here had to do with how we have tried to teach our daughters to dress modestly. The second one was in response to another post asking for specifics on eye traps that I mentioned in the first message. Trusting in Jesus, Teri Maxwell Modest Dressing Post 1 It is interesting for me to look back on how we have passed on the idea of modesty to our oldest daughter (our other girls are young enough to still be in the learning stages in this area). As with so much of our parenting we have no plan, simply a continual crying out to the Lord for His wisdom and direction. For the last ten to twelve years of my walk with the Lord, I have been more aware of the issue of modest dress for women. Because of this, it has been something Sarah and I have regularly talked about as I share with her the choices I make in clothing and why I make them. She has readily accepted these same standards. One of the most helpful things we did was when we had a school assignment on dressing modestly. There were some very specific examples with drawings given of eye traps. These were styles of womens clothing that draw the eye away from the face and to other parts of the body. Some were a revelation to me! I had to go to my husband and ask, Steve, if you see a woman with a slit in her skirt does it draw your eyes to her legs? We went through each of the examples and he confirmed that they were eye traps for men. We also went to the airport and sat the family in a busy spot. We watched the people specifically watching mens eyes as they looked at women with some of these clothing styles on. Ugh! What a lesson for our daughter! The rest of the articles can be read here; forums.preparingdaughters.com/forums/t/3352/
  13. Guest

    Happy Birthday Mom Maxwell!

    So, Steve got an overnight safari adventure, but so far Teri just gets a photo posted online. http://www.titus2.com/blog/ What would be your birthday present to Mom Maxwell? Mine would be an assessment with a mental health specialist and then as much prescription meds as needed plus unlimited sessions with a secular therapist.
  14. luckylibrarian

    Steve and Teri Maxwell: Do they or don't they?

    When I read that the Maxwells are having f--, I started to wonder about the level of intimacy in Steve and Teri's relationship. Neither one of them looks like they would be interested in any sex that doesn't involve a hole in a sheet. I wonder if they have sex, and if so, do they enjoy it? Teri doesn't seem like someone who could have an orgasm, and I don't think Steve would allow it anyway. Thoughts? Should I break out the brain bleach?
  15. An adult woman needs her husband to "EQUIP" her... hmmm.... puleez dh equip me to do my job of cooking, cleaning, and sewing, oh and add in the Maxwell's books so I can do it RIGHT!! and they can add to their bankroll. quotes from Dad's Corner - May 2006 Mama Gets a Hard Hat "....Teri's need for reliable clothes washing won out over my desire not to get rid of a significant financial investment that should have lasted many years longer. We vote by our decisions. If I say I value all my wife does and want to help her in keeping up, I must demonstrate that by spending money for tools to help her...." "...Only recently when we began eating lots of vegetables did I give Teri a nicer set of knives for Mother's Day...." "...Also as a side note, I have found, that Dad's understanding may be necessary because there can be wasted time and material since all sewing projects don't turn out as intended. Is that any different than for us dads in our projects? Over the years, I've made numerous trips to the lumber yard to replace materials that didn't quite measure up after they were cut. May we be loving and gentle with our wives' mistakes as we consider our own mistakes..." "...Originally in the planning stages of this article, I had not even thought of mentioning these next two tools. However, because of the tremendous impact Managers of Their Homes (MOTH), has made in thousands of homes, as I was writing this Corner, I realized I had to recommend two tools..."
  16. so she can WRITE! The girls are going to grocery shop. Don't they know grocery stores play soft rock and other shoppers wear short & tank tops!! Poor girls, taking on all these additional chores. How about Mary's school? Is anybody teaching this child? I doubt very much schooling is done when Uriah is on the road....
  17. thoughtful

    Teri Maxwell's nightmare

    http://fstdt.com/QuoteComment.aspx?QID=82731&Page=1 Heck, maybe she believes this, and that's why she really gave it up!
  18. kpmom

    The Model for ScheduleBreeze

    I was looking over the site for ScheduleBreeze, the new software companian to the Maxwell's book, Managers of Their Homes. schedulebreeze.com/ The models they've chosen to use for the mom and daughter (top of page) are interesting. The "mom" has apparently colored hair (roots are visible), long hair, but styled, and tweezed and shaped eye brows. Very wholesome, but modern and very attractive. Just thought she was an interesting choice for a family of frumper wearers.
  19. According to Sarah, it is supposed to have a bigger impact the MOTH. Any guesses on the topic.........
  20. Justme

    New corners are up.

    Teri's is "mahh", just about not being lazy. Daddy is on "fire" again after schools, particularly charter schools. Of course, "their" onramp "school" is OK! P.S. Poor Teri can't even buy a bathroom rug on her own. Steve has to "help". Me, I just run down to Bed & Bath. I wonder if the girls have ever been in a shopping mall. I'll bet Steve has them convinced they are full of lust & nakked people..... I wonder if the girls even drive. Could you imagine being 30, living in the 'burbs and not being able to drive....
  21. The whole family is helping out this time. I must say, even with all this "healthy" eating, some of the Maxwell men are looking a little "paunchy" around the midsection.
  22. sableduck

    Maxwell's managers of their homes

    i know we have a bunch of fundies/former fundies on here, so I was wondering--has anyone actually used Steve and Teri Maxwell's stuff, particularly managers of their homes? What did you think? My mom has an old one somewhere that she said she'd give me since I am functionally disorganized, but she never really used it. I was just wondering what other people thought...especially since my son is too young for school and I work part time. p.s. Someone gave my younger sisters a copy of "Preparing to be his helpmeet." My mother perused it quickly and decided that it was not appropriate reading for her teenage daughters, but gave it to me to review for you guys. So a review is coming shortly.
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