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Found 59 results

  1. Trynn

    Sarah Maxwell's Books

    So, I'm procrastinating on a German essay, and, ever since I found out Sarah wrote children's books, I waned to see them. Partly for snark purposes, but it's actually my dream to be a writer, so naturally I like to analyze books. I've seen Sarah's blog writing, and I wasn't sure what to think. I don't know whether to be encouraged or not. On the one hand, if she can get something published, so could I. On the other hand... I could potentially get something published, and still not be a good writer. Anyway, I found some samples online that I can link to if anyone's really interested. I'll just quote some gems... From A Summer With The Moody's Aside from the really stilted and unrealistic dialogue... They say they got wet, at the house of a person who lives just up the street, yet when they come home they are soaked, not with water, but with sweat? I've been known to dry off quickly in hot whether, but not that quickly. Maybe it just gets hotter where she's from, but it seems like a continuity error to me. Maybe the mom is mistaking the water for sweat? In which case, why don't the oh so honest and upright role model children correct her? the Bell's what called? Doesn't Sarah have an editor? I'm not even sure Sarah Maxwell knows what this means... (yes yes I know, context, but still, that's not what I first thought of when I read it. Seriously, who talks like that? Usually I hear "you look warm" or "you look overheated." Max the Model Child then asks his mother if she wants help. If she does not, he will go work on his "scripture memory." Most children my age called this a "memory verse," but I digress. His mother cheerfully replies that she doesn't need help, because Maddie is going to set the table. Division of gender roles. Sigh. Huh? This confuses me... Jim is a very very common name... with a last name like "Bell" I don't think they're supposed to be from a country where the name Jim is an uncommon one, so.... I know I'm repeating myself here, but this part confuses me. I mean, I could see someone saying that if the person had an uncommon name, but I've never been greeted with, "Jenny! What a great name!" by...anyone. Ever. From any country. Moving on. 1. Way to patronize your wife, dodo brain 2. Of course the Moodys wear shoes, just not in their house. Am I being too picky? Because him saying "they don't wear shoes" like that implies that the family doesn't wear shoes. Ever. In real life wouldn't one say something like, "they're not wearing shoes" which implies that they are not wearing them at that moment. If someone said that around me, I would immediately make a joke out of it and everyone would laugh. 3. The last sentence confuses me... Because the other guests have worn shoes, the Bells don't have to wear them? It took me a full 5 minutes to figure out what the author was trying to say, and then I facepalmed. Because it really does sound like other guests wore them, and because of this, the Bells don't have to. Those lucky lucky Bells. And then the sample skips directly from chapter 12 to a random page in chapter 17. I had to backtrack a little: I was wondering where the cow had come from, I thought they were supposed to be meeting a guinea pig. For some context, the children plus mom are visiting a dairy farm. At least, I think it's a dairy farm. The only reason I'm guessing that these are not beef cattle is because the "it" in the following paragraphs runs in tubes. (no, there is no above paragraph or sentence to tell us exactly what "it" this Susan is referring to. At first, I thought she was talking about a cow. I forget exactly what Kind of error this is called in writing, but don't you need something before the sentence to establish what "it" is? [quoteWhen the first set of cows was out, the next batch came in. Maddie tugged on Mom’s skirt. “Mommy, I have to go potty.†Mollie giggled. “What has Maddie been drinking today?†“I don’t know,†Mom agreed.[/qote] No, mom did not agree. That was a question, not a statement. There is nothing there to agree with. Instead it should read, "I don't know," Mom answered/said/groaned/sighed/insert other appropriate tag here." A couple observations 1. All the children's names start with M: Max, Mitch, Mollie and Maddie. I have no idea, from the sample, how old these children are. I only know that Max is the oldest, and we can keep this straight because "his name has an A in it, and that's the first letter in the alphabet." Also, Maddie is young enough that she replaces her "r" with w, ie "pwetty" instead of "pretty." And based on the dialogue, I think she is young enough to need mommy's help in the restroom... 2. The dialogue is just... very formal. Not at all how real people talk. Even in the 1800s ish when authors didn't write how people normally talked, the dialogue still doesn't manage to sound so...stilted. 3. Do you think that if I called up Sarah Maxwell and volunteered (not even for payment) to edit her book, she would let me? 4. These siblings never have any sort of rivalry... 5. Of course the oldest is a boy. A lot of conservative/fundy authors do this to get around the problem of a younger male sibling having more privilege than an older female one. It drives me nuts.
  2. deborahlynn1979

    Maxwell Bedroom

    There is a picture of Mary in the latest blog, standing in what I assume to be the girls' room. It looks like two of them (I'm figuring it's Anna and Mary) sleep on bunk beds. Can you imagine? At least poor Sarah gets her own bed. What must it be like to be a 30 year old woman sharing a room with your sisters? Ack! Edit to add: Is this the first time we've seen a bedroom on the blog? The boys have hideous quilts on at least one bed.
  3. The Muncks have blogged about getting a new Jonathan Park CD in the mail for the little kids. The cover looks like fun! Who or what is Jonathan Park? Does anybody know? Sarah Maxwell, watch out!
  4. Justme

    For rent? New Sarah post.

    Single room? Previous tenants didn't leave it clean? Shade? Nice view? Has that girl been smoking something????
  5. When we were discussing the re-do of the first Moody book last week, my curiousity was piqued. I hit up Amazon and found a copy for not much more than the shipping cost, so I grabbed it. Checking out the lay of the land and bracing myself for the wretched grammar, I opened the front cover of the book and found an autographed inscription from Sarah! It reads: "May Jesus Christ richly bless you. Joyfully His, Sarah Maxwell" Her penmanship is that of a 4th grader, including the capital "S" you learn when you're first writing in cursive. Sure, she's writing for a kid whose parents sprung for the book at a conference (it's been TOUCHED by Sarah!), but as someone who has taught and had to write so 1st graders could read my writing, I really didn't alter it THAT much. Like everything else concerning the Maxwells, this looks stilted and tightly wound. Geez, where else are you going to find this type of run-on? All punctuation is theirs. "Cover design by Joseph and Christopher Maxwell and inside [not sure to what she refers] by Sarah Maxwell. Mary Maxwell (Gram) was the illustrator except for the drawing on p.178, which Joseph Maxwell drew." It really bites that I'm on the wagon for my carb flush right now, because I know I'll need a stiff drink after reading this if it all reads like that.
  6. twin2

    Latest Maxwell Post

    New Maxwell post is up, its so hard to know where to start so I'll take it from the top. Ahh, good Steve-O. Of course no word on if they actually got a meal or just all you can eat salad and bread sticks. BTW, since when is out to eat hyphenated? Where the hell is that Star Trek TNG double facepalm pic when I need it. Then there is a pic of the three Maxwell gals with the caption "SAM sisters". I have no idea what SAM stands for, but I'm guessing that it is a typo for SAH. Yes Sarah, because if you say it enough eventual you will convince yourself it is a good thing. Wow, you mean that two babies with different sets of parents may not look alike! Color me stupid! Wait she goes on to clarify further: Yes 'cause even at the ripe old age of a month, we must conform to those gender roles. Then some more pics of the home re-model. Poor Sarah indeed (PS sweetie, my offer still stands)
  7. Sarah revised the first Moody book. I have many questions. Q1: Does this editing include style and grammar and actually making people sound like real people? Q2: Where do the Moodys tour? (Whatever the reality, I think FJ will come up with far more interesting possibilities....) Q3: She has a friend Abi? I thought the Maxwells weren't allowed friends! Q4: Anyone else think that the sketches done by Grandma 'not quite matching the style of the illustrations in the other books' is code for 'Dad wanted her influence out of here'? http://www.titus2.com/blog/index.php/2012/07/09/moody-project-unveiling/
  8. Guest

    Poor Sarah, the "grunt" worker...

    The new Maxwell blog post thanks and praises those who contributed to the Titus2 website.... Joseph was lauded for doing his bit while busy remodelling his house and visiting Elizabeth-the-courtee; young Jesse was hailed as Project Manager... and Sarah offers thanks for being allowed to be the "grunt" worker, offering a little help wherever needed. Poor girl has given up and given in completely this time.
  9. clibbyjo

    Let's hook Sarah up with an Arndt

    OK, there are enough of them around her age. Someone who is a regular Arndt commenter needs to send them a message" God laid it on my heart to mention the Maxwell blog" and in particular single Sarah. Steve wants God to drop down and give him a man, but it looks like the Goddesses need to make it happen. I am considering becoming a fundie matchmaker ,but I'm not fundie so there is that...
  10. Pclee

    Hey, Steve gave a CYBER SMILE!

    ... if it's true that he's the only one that answers comments on the blog. Maybe he's extra pleased with the buzz (read: blog hits) over Joseph and Elizabeth's engagement. In another of his replies below this one, there was an actual smiley face like this ... but it doesn't show when copied over here.
  11. ncb

    Saavy Maxwell Marketing

    Just noticed that the Maxwell's put up a blog post on the re-launching of their website. I am sure they were saving it for a time when there was lots of family news that blog followers were interested in. It is clear from the comments that they get a lot more traffic /interest around things like courtships, babies, and new homes and a lot less around new books and oneton onramp. Good idea to launch the new site when we are all interested in Melanie's new baby. Anyway, the site is pretty much the same old stuff but, interesting in the "about us" section they no longer list Sarah's age and her desire for a husband. Anna will definitely get married off first, in her description they emphasize the time she spends with her nieces and her cooking and home-making skills. In Sarah's bio they emphasize her importance to the family business. No way is Steve letting her go now. These people are such freaks!
  12. kpmom

    More pictures of Joshua Maxwell

    Sarah posted a few more pictures of JCM. The "Anna Marie radiates with joy of motherhood" crap irritated the hell out of me for some reason. titus2.com/blog/
  13. and are they trying to make her look like she's 12??? For the love of god. http://www.titus2.com/blog/index.php/2012/05/28/four-generations/
  14. library_youth

    New Maxwell post - more cleaning house!

    It's a lengthy post with photo after photo of Sarah, Anna and Mary cleaning Nathan and Melanie's house. Zzzzzzz. There's also a quick update that Melanie is hanging in there with 8 weeks to go. Mary is becoming quite pretty! I've noticed that especially in the last few posts. titus2.com/blog
  15. terranova

    Poor Sarah (Maxwell)

    Does anyone else feel like this is the announcement of a failed courtship? I know this has been said and we will surely say it again in the future, but poor Sarah. titus2.com/blog/
  16. muffynbear

    Say Something Nice: Maxwell/Bates Edition

    The rules: You must say something nice about the following fundies. It can be about anything from their looks to their personality. BUT it must be nice Have fun! Steve Maxwell Teri Maxwell Sarah Maxwell Gil Bates Kelly Bates Michaella: Erin: Nathan:
  17. Justme

    Now Sarah is taking OneTon Ramp....

    They must really be hurting for "students" as they keep plugging this thing in their blog.... At least she gets to drink Hot Chocolate while "attending.....
  18. skankbiscuit

    Gee thanks, Sarah Maxwell!

    She is praying for everyone who will spend eternity in hell. Leftovers from New Years Eve maybe?
  19. Sarah Maxwell will be 30 next week. While that's not old by my standards, Sarah has been trained to be a keeper at home all of her life, and is not being allowed to practice her "occupation", at least not in her own home. I just can't imagine Steve and Teri continually giving their "Courtship" seminars, while having a 30 year old daughter at home. Sooner or later some attendees are going to call them on it. I also get a very strong feeling about John from Idaho and his two visits in the last 4 or 5 months. It's hard to believe they'd allow a single, young male to visit (without his whole family along) twice without something being afoot. What do you think? Will Sarah marry, or at least be courted, in 2012?
  20. NurseNell

    Hope for Sarah and the Botkin Sisters

    In looking for who you pray to to find parking spaces I found this prayer. And now we know why these fundie girls are not married, they are not praying to Saint Catherine. http://www.beliefnet.com/Faiths/Catholi ... paces.aspx
  21. I bet he's got his eye on Anna. Poor Sarah...
  22. skankbiscuit

    OMG - New Maxwell Post

    So they all had a party to celebrate Sarah's book release. They were going to dress up as the characters of the book, but then realized the blog readers wouldn't know who was who or some crap. Uh...you base what you do at a family party based on how the blog readers would react? Seriously? That was just the strangest thing to read. Also, just to let you know they WILL NOT be sharing their recipe for Cookie Pizza because it might go into a new Moody Book. So don't ask! This was one of the strangest blog posts I have read yet.... edited to add: Sarah just changed the first paragraph of the post. She now says they did not dress up because she wanted people to be able to create the pictures of the Moodys themselves. Stevie must have read it an realized it made them sound horrible.
  23. Justme

    Sarah's new book is out.

    Apparently, she tools the Maxwell products in her stories. A commenter who got an advanced copy commented about the use of the "chore packs" and "scheduling". Good going, Sarah, get the kids to nag their parents to buy more Maxwell crap!
  24. TMS

    Why won't Sarah leave?

    I was thinking of Sarah Maxwell, and wondering if she ever dreams of escaping. I mean, she is a beautiful, 30 year old woman who wants to be married and raise a family someday. However, things are looking kinda bleak at this point and if she continues to live under the authority/"umbrella of protection" of her parents, she may very well end up an old maid. Her dad has succeeded in making it very, very difficult for her to escape, assuming a few things - she probably doesn't have her own bank account. She has no formal schooling, none of her own friends to turn to, no college education, has never worked outside the home, and is so overprotected, that I'm not sure she would even know where to go or what to do if she did leave. But it's hard to go anywhere without money, and I just have the feeling Steve has control over her money, just like everything else in his household. Another thing I thought of - if she escaped, I'm assuming her parents would have nothing to do with her. Of course I don't know this, but how else does Steve have such a tight reign on every single one of his adult children? Does he keep their money in a bank account under his name? Is there an unspoken threat that they will never speak to their children again if they leave the family? Just rambling thoughts...how does a young woman manage to escape a life like this?
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