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Found 127 results

  1. gustava


    Thanks to the FJer who provided a link to 'religiondispatches" where I found this article about the relationship among the Duggars, Santorum and Quiverful. The article notes that God gave man dominion over the earth, but that God retains dominion over human bodies. I don't understand how QF gets there. Might my fellow FJers help???? http://www.religiondispatches.org/archi ... 29_family/
  2. I've been thinking about there seems to have been an explosion in the number of families that identify with quiverful, either officially or unofficially, since the 1980/1990s. We're now getting onto second generation fundies and even amongst what could be considered more mainstream fundies, that idea of huge families is catching on. We're now getting couples who were not part of huge families wanting huge families themselves - possibly the Duggar Effect. But where did it all start? And how? I am sure the reasons are not simple, but does anybody have any ideas of the roots of this movement? Does it go back earlier than 1960/1970s? Surely it must, who were the pioneers and how did they come to it?
  3. She was raised in a quiverfull family: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/r ... _home_ask/
  4. Marian the Librarian

    Anti-Quiverfull humor

    Apologies if this has been posted before! Wisdom from the Back Pew A pastor's wife was expecting a baby, so he stood before the congregation and asked for a raise. After much discussion, they passed a rule that whenever the pastor's family expanded; so would his paycheck. After 6 children, this started to get expensive and the congregation decided to hold another meeting to discuss the pastor's expanding salary. A great deal of yelling and inner bickering ensued, as to how much the pastor's additional children were costing the church, and how much more it could potentially cost. After listening to them for about an hour, the pastor rose from his chair and spoke. "Children are a gift from God, and we will take as many gifts as He gives us." Silence fell over the congregation. In the back pew, a little old lady struggled to stand, and finally said in her frail voice, "Rain is also a gift from God, but when we get too much of it, we wear rubbers."
  5. Fundilicious

    Duggars- Just Plain Scary

    Ok I'm certain that this article http://www.quiverfull.com/articles.php/id20/ has been shared/ discussed before, if it hasn't then read it. It's a doozy. But I wanted to open up a thread on it again, because it is just that eye opening to the "real" Duggars. What I'm really curious about is if the same standards still apply now that they have more money and are in the media? Do you think any thing has changed? I'm wondering if spanking is still involved? The way the younger children act and bounce off of furniture/ walls, I doubt that it rarely happens. Also this I highly doubt that happens anymore. It seems like Michelle interrupts Boob every chance she gets to blather on about whatever she wants. Edit- because I don't seem to know how to put in a link
  6. http://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/2012 ... d-numbers/ Mentions the Duggars, Above Rubies, and all that scary Quiverfull stuff.
  7. I lurk here much more than I post, but I was kinda wondering about a couple of things: First, are Michelle and J-Bob paid for all of these speaking engagements, on top of what they get from TLC? If so, any idea how much? I mean, these are primarily religious organizations, and thus one would think not the richest of places, so it wouldn't be much, would it? And what would happen if their ob/gyn flat out told them that Michelle would likely die if she had any more children? Would they just blithely go about having more, hoping (and, of course, praying to Jeebus) that the worst wouldn't happen?
  8. I've heard a lot of jokes about what must be happening to Michelle's body, or Kelly Bates's body, after having that many kids. But admittedly, now I'm really curious. What does happen to a woman after so many successive pregnancies?
  9. mrs

    Quivering Daughters Blog

    Looks like it is going to be shut down. In the most recent post she posted that she closed the QD facebook account too. Best wishes Hilary!
  10. I sometimes watch a few Canadian quiverful blogs (they are few and far between, and never nearly so entertaining as the American counterparts though!), but this one I can't figure out what church/denomination the family currently is a part of. http://quiverfullfamily.com/2008/05/03/my-testimony/ Do any smarter/better researcher FJers have an idea?
  11. One of my favourite gateway fundies are the Woody Baby Farm. They have 7 kids under 9, Mum is pregnant with number 8, number 6 child is special needs, and they are trying to adopt 2 HIV positive children from overseas. In their latest blog post, Brooke describes their meeting of the Duggars, it's kind of sad how much she worships Michelle and wants to be like her. She even wanted to have them over to the house and gave them their phone number. As if the Duggars would stoop to consorting with commoners. woodybabyfarm.blogspot.com
  12. I'm not just talking about the Handmaids version, but what would happen to medicine, science, commerce,education, transportation, banking, industry if the patriarchy/ QF vision were the dominant force in our world?
  13. If you look at the families we follow, so many of them are having miserable, stress-filled lives. Their beliefs are failing them. Here are a few I am thinking of: 1. The Jeubs: They have 16 kids they have to feed, 365 days a year, for the next 20 years (at least). Because of the be-your-own-boss rule (and Chris' laziness), they have no stability. They have no backup plan. When two Jeubs got sick last fall, they ended up with $70,000 in debt--and they were struggling before that happened. They seem to love their kids, yet they can't afford to meet their basic needs--how heartbreaking that must be. I get pleasure and satisfaction from knowing my kids are well-cared for. Now Chris may have heart disease. Imagine worrying that you are going to leave your wife with 14 kids. Since Chris has no job, they have to grovel and beg people to buy their books. They have to sell themselves as "happy"--and the 16 kids is their marketing niche. They have to make that into something, when it really isn't very marketable. They have to hide and pretend that everything is fine with the two oldest girls. They have to hide Alissa's conversion to Muslim. They can't be real. Since Wendy has to be submissive, she can't say, "Go out and get a job, you bum." Even thinking that means she is not being respectful enough to her man of vision. 2. Zsuzsuanna-- Trapped in a tiny house in a sweltering climate with six kids all day. A husband who does nothing to help and is rarely home (and it's not even clear how he earns a living). Being unable to complain about said hubby. When things fall apart with her health, during her pregnancies, absolutely nothing gets done. She also seems to love her kids, and it must hurt her that she can't do much with them. Even when she's healthy, it's hard to, say, play soccer with your 10 year old when you have a baby and toddlers squawking on the sidelines. It's hard to make pretty dresses for your daughters when you have mountains of laundry and homeschool to do. It's hard to have fun with your kids, period. 3. Arrowsprings--anyone read this blog? 12 kids and they are about to be evicted because their house is in foreclosure. They have about a week left in their house, and no place to go. No need to explain why they might be unhappy. 4. Olivia at Her Noble Character--About 21, she got married six months ago, and is expecting her first baby very shortly. They have no plans on using birth control. She seemed very disappointed she got pregnant so quickly (though of course she wouldn't say so, since God's timing is perfect). She faces another twenty years of pregnancy and baby care, with no chance to be alone with the husband she just married. No chance to be childless and footloose and fancy-free. No chance to divorce if it doesn't work out, since this young-know-it-all says it's wrong to divorce even in the case of abuse (I'd like to see her live with abuse for a singe day--she'd change her tune fast enough). 5. Kelly at GC--The birth control rule is what messed these guys up. 9 kids and a husband who seems pretty incompetent? So when disaster struck last April, they also had no backup plan. And since Bria must be a SAHD, and Kelly must continue to conceive, there's no way they can help out financially. Their own rules trip them up at every turn. Imagine having 9 kids and living in a tiny, tiny lake cabin and trying to homeschool your kids and pretending you love it all. I won't go on, but my point is, that so many of these fundies live lives of horrible desperation.
  14. Markie

    Quiverfull Video

    Not sure if this has been posted before. Quite a good overview of the Quiverful Movement from a man in Britain.
  15. I have been reading up on Adventists this week and I have noticed they seem pretty conservative including believing in young earth creationism but there isn't anything tat I have read about them being quiverfull? Are they or is that how they differ?
  16. Just curious if this has happened in their community and the way it was handled. I can't image they would have life insurance on the father since they don't believe in medical insurance. Or even worse, what happens if the father is ill terminal ill for a great length of time?(pretty sure they do not own Long Term Care Policies)? It would be hard for normal family, but especially hard for a large one. Any thoughts?
  17. debrand

    Why I Am Glad I Am Not Quiverful

    If I was a fundie, a dream that my husband have shared would never come true. Our entire marriage, we have wanted a small homestead. Recently, we've been discussing that once the children leave home, that dream might be within reach. We are aiming that in a couple of years we will be out of debt. At that point, we hope to purchase a few acres close to the mountains. Our goal is to build a very small log cabin. We don't want to use a kit because they are expensive. Instead, we hope to build a butt and pass log cabin. As I said, this will be a small house. Our goal is to not be completly off grid but to use as much solar and wind power as is possible. Building a small house will mean that we can actually build more than one. So our kids can stay in their own small cabins when they visit. We want a dexter cow, a garden and a few chickens. If we were quiverful, there is no way we could approach our dream because I would have young children. However, now we are getting to the point where our dreams might come true. That is exciting! Maybe some of you can explain dreams and goals that you have that wouldn't be possible if you were quiverful.
  18. I'm no medical expert or doctor so I don't know the exact rules for sex/conception after a miscarriage but is it at least possible that Michelle is trying for number twenty something already? Do you think that she will ever have another successful pregnancy again?
  19. garciarodrigez

    What about Caleb?

    Was he a lie? Are they not acknowledging him because they know there is no proof to back it up? What doctor can verify the story that there was a miscarriage with Caleb? Why isn't he counted with the others if jubIlee is going to be? I can't fathom that. What the fuck? What kind of message are they sending? One was worthy, one was not? I want that answered by those people. I smell foul badly somehow, some way on this matter. Also what the hell with the obit claiming stillbirth when it was clearly a miscarriage? Is that how they will answer why one was worthy and not the other? I know these questions have been asked in other threads and we have speculative answers but today if given the chance I would demand these questions be answered by those people. How dare them? I'm way too involved in this story for my own liking because and only because it makes me so angry, otherwise I wouldn't give a shit. I just listened to that bitches recording and am even more outraged. That's definitely propaganda. They know the show is coming to an end so they seized this whole situation as their next money grubbing adventure. Way to seguay on to the next phase/season of life there Duggars. Bravo, you wonderful lying examples of Christianity.
  20. So okay, I confess: this woman with her baby voice and mullet and "God and JimBoob will take care of everything and I can just keep birthin' babies ... whee!" attitude both fascinates and repulses me. In her present state, she actually drives me quite bonkers (and I just think JimBlob is a totally self-absorbed ass, but that's another post). Part of the reason she drives me so mad is that at some point, I know she was a normal person. She was a kid who was a cheerleader and had a part time job and, I presume, normal hopes and dreams. Then she met JBoob (and by appearances, I don't know that JBoob was *ever* normal). But. They didn't have kids for awhile after they got married, and it wasn't until after the first miscarriage that she became a baby-making machine. So at what point, exactly, did this woman take total leave of her senses? And did she ever have a moment when she thought, to whit, "Holy shit, what did I get myself into (and maybe, 'Is there a way out?')?" I think maybe the story she tells about being overwhelmed with laundry when the first (seven?) kids were still small was one... and then God sent the Magic Laundry Lady to help and all was well. Anyway, just musing.
  21. I mean if she, God forbid, was to die do you think his heart would be broken? I get the feeling that he sees her as a gift from God like his thick mat of hair. That she serves a purpose, helps him fulfill his "calling" but if she were gone he would replace her in a heartbeat. His heart would become attracted to some sweet young things countenance and he would be off and running on the procreation train. Plus, his daughter's provide all of the day-to-day services that a wife does. On the other hand, I really do think Michelle would be devastated to lose "her wonderful husband Jimbob".
  22. A poster on here a few weeks ago mentioned that they didn't think the youngest children would have been born were it not for the TV show. It's worth noting that the oldest five girls all have lovely personalised beds in their room, which doesn't look like it has a lot of spare room to house any more, particularly considering Jill and Jana were given double beds. Hannie on down allegedly sleep in fold-down cot beds, unless they sleep with their buddies which is also possible. Either way, they don't get a 'proper' bed of their own. The house was built for the family the size it was at the time, which considering they apparently want to extend their family exponentially seems a little odd. I'm sure whoever this was gave more reasons, but since then, I haven't been able to get the idea out of my head...
  23. I was reading the Duggar thread on TWOP and someone linked to the original thread from when the first special aired. I hopped on over and came across a link someone posted to an article on Quiverfull.com written when JB was running for Senate. Most of the article is stuff everyone here mostly knows, but there are a few points of interest. For instance, Josh's smug attitude even at the age of 13. Really? We? You are a 13 year old boy. YOU are not in the race at all. Your father is. My heart goes out to his poor kids that are going to have to grow up listening to that. http://www.quiverfull.com/articles.php/id20/ Edited to add the link
  24. http://ontheroadfamilyoutreach(dot)blogspot.com So I discovered this family years ago in my fundy days and lets just say the lady was NUTS! I will never forget her weird comments like aliens are demons post that even the other fundies would not begin to comment on. Well I recently discovered she loaded up her kids to live in a rv. And now she is handing out bible tracts all over the country. She apparently has issues with churches not wanting them to visit which caused some tiffs and of course is asking for donations to provide for her growing family. Last baby was born in the RV the midwife allowed them to park in the driveway till delivery. Her kids sleep in the closet of the rv she converted to a 3 bunk bed, which I am not sure how that would work being an RV closet is really tiny I would think the kids on shelving would have more room. Anyways enjoy
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