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  1. 0 kids n not countin

    Eat your heart out Michelle Duggar

    Well, thank you God that this isn't Michelle. http://shine.yahoo.com/parenting/grandmother-pregnant-twins-145900638.html
  2. I've seen numerous references to the whole family tracking Michelle Duggar's cycle, but I've never seen it in any of the episodes. Did I just miss it somewhere? I have this intense urge to witness it for myself - I need a good laugh/eyeroll to distract me from RL crap.
  3. I wonder if The Uterus has caught wind of this. She could harvest healthy ovarian tissue from a J'slave and use it to extend her fertility. 40 Kids and Counting...imagine that show! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/9375952/Women-could-delay-the-menopause-indefinitely-with-ovary-transplant-doctors.html
  4. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/ma ... 39765.html Is this guy serious maybe he needs to zip it up .If you can't feed don't breed them.
  5. This story ran on the Australian version of 60 Minutes tonight, and it made me so angry watching it. Did anyone else see it? http://sixtyminutes.ninemsn.com.au/stor ... ble-choice The reporter frames it as an issue of convenience, basically. There's all kinds of shame for the women who choose to reduce their multiple pregnancies, ostensibly because they don't want to give up their "lifestyle", while the health risks of higher order pregnancy are more or less ignored except for a few seconds of an interview with an OB. And I love their choice of families to feature - a young, happy mother with a set of adorable, healthy triplets, contrasted with a mother who reduced so that she would have more time/money to spend on a singleton. Where was a family with triplets who arrived so prematurely they required months in the NICU, some or all suffered disability or even died? It's not like those families don't exist. What about higher order pregnancies where five or even six fetuses are present? It's easier for the reporter to just show emotive footage of a fetus being injected with the abortive chemical, I guess, than actually talk about some of these issues critically. This feels like a report we would have seen on abortion 20 years ago. I would have expected better from a show like 60 Minutes, but maybe I'm just being naive. They even tweeted from their official Twitter: If selective reduction is murder, I guess that means abortion is murder too. Is this even the same country in which both procedures are legal? ETA: It looks like they're not putting the video up on their website right away which makes this topic kind of pointless for those who didn't catch it on TV. Sorry. If mods want to delete/move that's fine.
  6. There's a new large family in town http://shine.yahoo.com/team-mom/karla-v ... 00350.html
  7. Has anyone seen any photos of her taken in April? We should be able to tell by now if she'll be giving birth on the toilet/couch/dining room table/floor/kitchen sink later this year…
  8. In the news. Interesting I thought Jim Bob will have to sell sperm to keep up http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/british-man-allegedly-fathered-600-children-sperm-bank-200102619.html
  9. Because in last night's photo her belly is pulling on her maternity shirt. http://distilleryimage10.instagram.com/ ... a181_7.jpg I know we have been wondering for the last few weeks but I think she is in her 2nd trimester. I'm fluffy and have a big belly and my shirt pulls like that too but I look fluffy all over unlike Anna who only looks plump in the belly, breasts and somewhat in the face. To have a belly that pokes out further than her breasts wouldn't she show in the legs, arms and everywhere else? I'm guessing mid to late Summer. So About the time Mikey is 14 months.
  10. I think I am breaking a rule because I have not hit 70 posts yet but this seemed big enough news to be worth it. Michele was explaining how they came to name all the kids with J names and I thought she was going to skip the first miscarriage but she said that they were going to name it Caleb because both names were strong Bible names. Sorry for rule breaking but this is a good time that it’s better to seek forgiveness then ask permission... I hope
  11. http://www.hollywoodlife.com/2012/03/15 ... -the-view/ Bawhahaha...Michelle will never do The View again!
  12. Found this picture over at the Duggar's Without Pity blog. Not sure when the picture was taken, but it seems to have a clearer picture of Anna's potential 'bump'. I would think she is pregnant, unless she is severely sticking out her stomach. But, of course, that is only speculation. (I know that this has been discussed before, but I didn't see this photo posted anywhere, and I think it provides a better indication of a possible pregnancy.) ---- Here is the photo: 2.bp.blogspot.com/-wPSPUCj5y_E/Tz3FxzT7ddI/AAAAAAAAAQc/gVRUuHIySD8/s1600/Anna+Feb+2012.jpg ---- Edited: To correct the link.
  13. Deleted07

    Duggar Caleb?

    Ok so are the Duggars just full of crap when it comes to the first miscarried baby that they presumably named Caleb, or what? Because this article was posted on their TLC blog and facebook page, and it doesn't actually say they even named the fetus, just that they were going to name another child Caleb if they had one, but then skips to naming John David and Jana... http://parentables.howstuffworks.com/fa ... pgn=fbtlc1 Also noticed (old news I know) on the Today show interview they were apart of Michelle slipped with the whole, I have 10 boys and 10 girls thing too... Curiouser and Curiouser...
  14. I lurk here much more than I post, but I was kinda wondering about a couple of things: First, are Michelle and J-Bob paid for all of these speaking engagements, on top of what they get from TLC? If so, any idea how much? I mean, these are primarily religious organizations, and thus one would think not the richest of places, so it wouldn't be much, would it? And what would happen if their ob/gyn flat out told them that Michelle would likely die if she had any more children? Would they just blithely go about having more, hoping (and, of course, praying to Jeebus) that the worst wouldn't happen?
  15. I've heard a lot of jokes about what must be happening to Michelle's body, or Kelly Bates's body, after having that many kids. But admittedly, now I'm really curious. What does happen to a woman after so many successive pregnancies?
  16. Sydney Fox

    Maxwell Baby Update

    Okay, Christopher and NR Anna have been married a year now and we haven't heard anything about a pregnancy. Do you think Christopher is able and willing? They always look so grabby and huggy in the photos - do you think it's their way of making up for a lack of action between the sheets? You'd think they'd be working hard to fill their quiver and make Daddy Steve happy. Also, Bethanny is over a year old now. Do you think Melanie and Nathan will have more kids? They seemed to have figured out the problems with their infertility since Abby and Bethanny are pretty close in age. Could we see both ladies pregnant this fall?
  17. Sister Mary Savage

    Crazy Beyoncé Story

    I don't know why I cared to read about this but anyway here it goes (take this with a grain of salt as I'm repeating some random article on yahoo). Supposedly, Jay Z's wife in order to ensure that her little blessing was brought into the world in absolute luxury, bought an entire floor of some New York hospital for her C section. The article on yahoo said that staff were made to cover all security cameras with tape, ditch their cell phones (can't have picture takers sneaking in), and block off the entire labor and delivery section so that one couple with twins in NICU had to wait until she was finished there to see their twins. Am I the only one that finds this disgusting?
  18. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/0 ... ostpopular
  19. Seeing J-B tear up made me feel sad for him when I watched this video. (Josie's birth.)
  20. I'm no medical expert or doctor so I don't know the exact rules for sex/conception after a miscarriage but is it at least possible that Michelle is trying for number twenty something already? Do you think that she will ever have another successful pregnancy again?
  21. Do you see blatant or just subtle favoritism,a rise in that DIL or sons status? something else? You know they want that first boy;I think many more girls will be a disappointment though they'll never say it.
  22. I realized that Josie is almost 2 years old and we haven't heard an announcement from Michelle. Do you think she is now onto a new "season of life"? God I can only hope.
  23. Justme

    No new Maxwell pregnancy.

    Anna & Chris have been married nearly 10 months. No pregnancy. Bethany is over a year, and still no new pegnancy for Melanie. Nathan & Melanie have had fertility issues. Maybe Chris & Anna are following..... Maybe it's the "guys" having little swimmer "issues" and not the wives....
  24. charmedjenny

    Ultrasound Harms the Fetus??

    this was posted by Feelin' Feminine today. http://www.naturalnews.com/028853_ultrasound_fetus.html
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