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  1. FundiesInMyFamily

    Misogynistic BS from my fundies

    Sorry if this is a bit of a rant !!!! My fundies have been here all week. The 1st and 3rd oldest (boys) are 15 and 16 and have just graduated from the SODRT. To my surpirse and delight, both have taken the SAT's and both did exceedingly well, and are planning to go to community college and on to college. I was really excited to hear this, their mom is super smart and has a degree and I know she's homeschooled them well. Here's the caviat - My stepmom asked about the 2nd oldest, a girl, and dad smiles and says "oh no she doesn't need to take the SAT's, she doesn't want to go to college". Now she is 15 and smart as a whip, but is obviously "keeping sweet" and it kills me. My stepmom (their grandma) cries because she knows they're going to marry her off at 18 so she can have her own quiver of craziness. Unfortunately I don't see any of the older ones breaking free, they're all knee deep in the koolaide. I just think its sad when people have no choices in their own lives. Thanks for letting me bitch about it. I really wanna do somthing not so nice to their 'patriarch'.
  2. So after perusing subjectbydesign's blog. (once I got over my horror over the TMI birth story) I opened up her profile to find that she follows just one blog. I figured it must be a good one, and then my head pretty much exploded. Nothing beats a 19 dude quoting the 1 in 4 women get sexually abused in their lifetime stat and then going on to explain in detail why it is all their own fault because they wanted equal rights and left the protection of their fathers. He even extends this to the sex trade. Because apparently he knows nothing about the sex trade and child slavery or really, anything about sexual abuse. He thinks women are dumb: He thinks abuse of women by their fathers and brothers has nothing to do with the oppression of women. rainorsblog.blogspot.com The most recent post is the terrible one, the rest of the blog is just really annoying 19 year old drivel. Except that in one post he does liken his older sister's intelligence to that of a "below average gorilla". He might have been trying to be funny, but it falls flat after stating that he doesn't think women can use reason and logic. The fact that objectbydesign is following his blog makes me wonder if she is his sister whom he thinks has the intelligence of a below average gorilla. If so, I forgive him for his jab at his sister, and concede that he can make a very astute comparison.
  3. This is my first time starting a topic on the new board. I hope I'm doing it right. I was thinking about fundies and patriarchal marriages and how they are always claiming that's how it was done "back in the day" and I started wondering if that was really true. I don't know a ton about the history of marriage, but from what I do know, I don't think most marriages would have fit fundie ideals. I especially doubt that there was a whole lot of teaching boys to be good manly men or whatever. I'm sure boys were taught to be strong and provide for their families while girls were taught to be good wives and mothers. But I think the emphasis was probably more on working hard and doing what you needed to do to survive and I think this would be more likely to create partnership type marriages than a lot of people think. Sort of rambling post. Why does what I want to say always sound so much better in my head than it does when I try to get it down on paper (or screen, as it were)?
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