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  1. We need to go back to sex segregated school! The feminization of schools is ruining our boys! Never let a smart boy near a school with girls, they'll ruin everything! Fuck, why is it always womens fault when shit happens? takimag.com/article/notes_on_the_pussification_of_america_fred_reed#axzz2lWu2gAY1
  2. antares

    What the fuck?

    Is it just me or do 'red pill' relationships that know da troof never seem that healthy? redpillwifery.wordpress.com/2013/06/05/a-cautionary-tale/
  3. While this was mentioned in another topic, I'm spinning it off into a new topic because that line seems to exist in several MRAs and SSM mentions it. Needless to say: 1. Most generations about 50% of the planet (ie. over 3 billion people) cannot possibly apply to everyone. 2. This one in particular seems to have no basis in reality. Evolutionary babble about tribes? I'd like to see an actual scholarly article in a real peer-reviewed journal (and no, blog posts on the manosphere do not count). 3. It's just anecdote, to be sure, but I see the opposite issue in my practice: women with TOO much empathy for men, who feel that they desperately want to help and fix a partner. Unfortunately, some end up with violent partners who are simply beyond their ability help, and they (and sometimes their children) get hurt along the way.
  4. I came across this charming blogger (mattforney.com/2013/09/16/the-case-against-female-self-esteem/)...and I wanted to bang my head on the wall. He posts such lovely sentiments like "Whenever a girl I’m talking to brags about how she’s “confident†and “strong,†I can feel my dick deflating like a punctured tire. I’d still bang her, of course; a repellent personality doesn’t negate the fact that she has a slammin’ body. But a crucial part of the attraction is lost. I’d be less offended if she ripped a fart in my face." "The same goes for having a job. The vast majority of girls work useless fluff jobs: government bureaucrats, human resources and various other makework positions that exist to give them the illusion of independence. The jobs that keep the country running—tradesmen, miners, farmers, policemen, the military—are still overwhelmingly dominated by men. If every girl was fired from her job tomorrow, elementary schools would have to shut down for a couple days, but otherwise life would go on as usual." "This is the kicker; in their bones, girls know that their toxic, feminist you-go-grrl ideology is a lie. Why do you think the average urban slut machine is downing enough Prozac to poison the water supply? Pharmacological assistance is the only way she can make it through her day without slitting her wrists, or alternately realizing that her life is a complete lie. Every day, women show through their actions that they despise their strong, independent lives." I'm guessing this guy lives in his mother's basement.
  5. an MRA and an Anti-feminist woman? THIS GUY! http://gawker.com/racist-romeo-willing- ... 1385130657
  6. dirtyhippiegirl

    The Masculine Mystique

    http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2 ... t-mrm.html ---) link Interesting/informative take on the moderate versus radical members.
  7. On what seems to be a foreign dating site, there's a forum talking about intelligence differences between different races Anyway a mixed Asian/Jewish person came in, who is apparently pretty smart. Someone told him that if he wanted smart kids he should marry a smart Jewish American lady (since Jews appearently have the highest IQ) and cause intelligence is supposedly passed down from the mom in certain situations His mom is only smart for a woman though. And a fucking feminazi Okay looking at the internet is seems like while male and females have similar IQ averages, theres more variation in the male bell curve? So more male idiots and geniuses while women have more average-intelligenced people I'm not sure how valid IQ tests are towards actual intelligence, though. happierabroad.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7224&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=30
  8. Joan of Snarc

    Deadspin takes on MRAs

    And now for something a little different.... Deadspin's take on MRAs: http://deadspin.com/lets-talk-about-wha ... 1454198008
  9. akarlin.com/2012/07/22/why-everyone-is-getting-the-aurora-shootings-wrong/ I used to read this guy until I realized he was a douche. Hey Anatoly, you don't need 'game.' You just need to stop being a dick.
  10. From the racist forum the Phora y'all, discussing russian ladies marrying Chinese men
  11. I mean, seriously, redpillwifery.wordpress.com/2013/02/10/the-red-pill-for-women/
  12. And bloke has a young daughter :/ the-spearhead.com/2013/10/14/why-you-might-want-to-think-twice-about-sending-your-daughter-to-college/
  13. http://www.returnofkings.com/19383/10-t ... rnet-fatty Fat shaming aplenty. I'm sure that some of those mradocuhes probably like women with different body types but nope got to conform and fat shame bro
  14. the-spearhead.com/2012/02/20/a-man-wants-a-wife-not-a-co-worker/ I like how he calls her the "foreignbride" instead of "my wife."
  15. Our lovely Chateau Heartiste says that the Holocaust could have been prevented if only Hitler had read his blog. The Holocaust was tragic not as much because many people died, but because the legacy of it has shamed white people into being politically correct all the time against their interests due to fear of being called a nazi heartiste.wordpress.com/2013/08/26/hitler-was-beta/
  16. akarlin.com/2012/06/27/youve-been-gamed-how-to-understand-modern-american-society/ akarlin.com/tag/female-hypergamy/ akarlin.com/2012/07/22/why-everyone-is-getting-the-aurora-shootings-wrong/ This is a blogger who calls himself a liberal-conservative neo-reactionary. He likes heartiste, and blogs about a lot of subjects like 'race realism', China, and such. He seems really into China, but on another blog he commented that he couldn't understand Asian supremacism even though he can understand white and Jewish supremacism(but dosen't sympathize with it!!! ) he talks about dating Asian girls, get on his Facebook there's no evidence of him having girlfriends, and the only women present seems to be a relative(same last name)
  17. Thefrumgeek.blogspot.com/2012/06/women-shouldnt-have-right-to-vote.html?m=1
  18. GolightlyGrrl

    24 Shades of Sluttery

    Thanks to Return of Kings I now know my tattoo, artistic activities, and feminism make me a slut! returnofkings.com/16837/24-signs-shes-a-slut
  19. I've been making some rounds on the MRA blogs and it's like watching a train wreck. Take the horny virgin phenomenon. These men complain about how modern women all want to have sex, and then complain that wives don't have enough sex with their husbands. I've saw at least one man say that his ideal wife is a horny virgin. A woman who is chaste with men, but once she gets married, all she wants to do is have sex with him. Yes, because female sexuality is all about making it a male fantasy. Women should only have a libido once you put a ring on her, prior to that, she should care less about sex. MRAs hate women who have sex with other men, but also get upset if the same women don't have sex with them and ON DEMAND. The other issue is the SAHM vs gold digger debate they have. They all believe women have a natural tendency to want to stay home, but then complain that modern women are gold diggers who want to marry a rich guy. This makes little sense to me. If you support the idea that all women should stay home, then shouldn't a prudent women WANT to look at her husband's provider status? After all, if you close the option of letting women work, then the result is women will seek economic stability through her husband. It's.....kind of financially sensible. These MRA men live in a delusional world. It's a world where women should be chaste until they meet their husband, after which they should be horny wives who will have sex at will. It's where women have the role of homemaker and men the role of breadwinner, but women who want to look for good breadwinners are "gold diggers" because it's only the women who should hold up her end of the gender role bargain. I think most MRAs are the "losers" in the world. Unemployed, single or divorced. They can't hold onto a good job or a decent girl. So they create this fantasy that prior to feminism, the world would have have been perfect for them. They could whore around before marrying a virginal wife. Upon marriage, they gained a maid and sex slave but, unlike affording a house or wagon cart, the MRA men wouldn't need to expend capital to acquire said wife since women would marry for love rather than money. These weird contradictions hits me every time I read the MRA blogs. Does anyone else see these weird contradictions? I feel MRAs make fundies look almost sane by comparison. At least fundies pay lip service to male chastity and they don't have that weird "SAHM are gold diggers" attitude. In fact, fundies try to recreate, however imperfectly, the world that was. MRA bloggers just...make up stuff as they go along.
  20. Ok, I'm still making my way through the MRA blogosphere and I'm getting confused by these alpha and beta male concepts. Sunshine Mary, our favorite female MRA blogger, talks up her husband's alpha male status. Alphas are suppose to make women cream in their pants. Alphas demand and command respect from women and that is why so many alpha males are single. Modern women cannot deal with alpha males and will cry rape if they met one. That's why so many pansy males, those that accept dominant, modern females are actually beta males. It appears that betas are looked down by the MRA bloggers. However, I've read another MRA blogger who claims he is a beta but still adhere to the MRA line of submissive women. So I'm not sure if these terms are meant to show the difference MRA guys and those sissy men, or just a way to describe different types of guys. Can anyone clarify this for me?
  21. markymarksthoughts.blogspot.com/2013/06/worthless-bitches.html Marky has apparantly been watching Jeresy Shore since it's first season and uses it to show how all American women are useless sluts or something like that. Basically, the girls on Jersey Shore don't help the men clean up and that's because ALL AMERICAN WOMEN ARE WORTHLESS AND NASTY WHORES Yes, Marky no American woman has EVER done anything in the house, all women are exactly like Snooki.
  22. Saw him discussed on GOMI and MAN is he a piece of work! geeksjourney.com/when-you-come-to-the-horrific-realization-that-a-marriage-takes-work-and-b-women-are-crazy "The risks of divorce is at least mitigated if you marry a virgin (the chances are a good 80% that women who were virgins at the time they married will be in a stable marriage.) Women closer to my age though will likely not be virgins, so the probability here drops from 80% to just over 50% and gets worse the greater their sexual history. Just having one sexual partner prior to becoming my wife means the marriage has a 1 in 2 chance of failing. A flip of the coin is all that separates me from potentially losing… everything." He discusses basically how women suck, because this is how women are according to him: "The kind who has been reared by a culture that has beaten into her brain that women are morally, mentally, spiritually and even physically(???) superior to men in every shape, form and way. The kind who absolutely will not take responsibility for anything she says or does because she is never, ever, EVER wrong. The kind who throws an absolute fit when I play a video game for 30 minutes, but expects me to understand she needs time to herself when she goes out with the girls for an 8 hour long shopping spree (complete with a lovely evening at the local spa.) And the worst part of it? She won’t do anything to change her behavior. Her church will take her side. Her family will take her side. Even that homeless guy down the corner who’s homeless because his ex-wife took him for everything will take her side. She won’t change because again, the problem isn’t her, it’s me. It’s ALL me. His conclusion: I think for one thing, I’ve gained a new sense of appreciation for my life as a single. I don’t see it now as a punishment but as a blessing from God. My singlehood has the benefit of giving me space to learn how to be a man at my own pace, enjoying the kind of life I’d NEVER be able to enjoy as a married man, and sparing me the grave and literally life ending consequences that arise from marrying poorly.
  23. I've always known this is probably why we have so many entitled arseholes - particularly sexist ones - walking around our world, but this is the first time I've had it confirmed so blatantly... One of our tenants rang up yesterday to report that her back door was stiff and hard to open. This wasn't classed as an emergency, as her front door was fine. I checked the diary, which gave me a date for next week. She asked why we couldn't get anyone out sooner than that. I explained, and she said that her three year-old son's wheelchair wouldn't fit through the front. We had no record on the system of anybody in their house having any mobility issues, so I asked her a bit more about this with the intention of adding this to their file. She then admitted it wasn't actually a wheelchair but a buggy - if her or her daughter tried to get him to walk, he would scream the place down as he didn't like walking, or being told what to do! I did speak to my boss, who was as incredulous as me, but told me to treat it as an emergency anyway, as the buggy not fitting through the door could be classed as a fire hazard, and we could be sued if anything did happen. But then I thought of Geoffrey Botkins, Josh Duggar, Steve Maxwell and some of the other manchildren we snark about on here. Men like them are control freaks and expect to be worshipped as gods and always expect to get their way. They must have been extremely arrogant to start with of course, but they've been done no favours by always getting what they want, and rarely being contradicted, especially by their female relatives. I dread to think what this Little Lord Fauntleroy is going to be like as an adult because none of the womenfolk in his life ever said "No, you can bloody well walk!" Thoughts?
  24. Fjianas we have a live one here... I present you a geek in the wildneress, or as I prefer to call it "enttitled antisocial prick seeks perfect Christian wife" /geeksjourney.com So this dude is a geek, has by his own admission very weak social skills (we might want to internet-diagnose him with something) here he outlines his perfect wife who is going to cook clean and nuture his every need geeksjourney.com/single-ladies-im-ready-to-provide-are-you-ready-to-cook here's his plan of how he's going to get his magic christian wife geeksjourney.com/from-zero-to-hero-how-i-plan-to-save-the-girl-of-my-dreams He talks about why even though he wants a christian wife he doesn't really want to go to Church himself geeksjourney.com/why-i-will-probably-never-attend-church-services-again Also maybe he doesn't want a christian wife if she spends too much time at church and not at home massaging his ego geeksjourney.com/women-who-are-active-in-church-good-christians-or-troublemaking-busybodies Scary thing is I could really see this guy embracing fundie-dom since he already hates the emergent church and wants to find a movement that strokes his ego and home-churching would allow him to be completly antisocial to his heart's content.. So FJians anyone want to play matchmaker? He lives in NYC so that might intrigue JInger but really I would not want to inflict this putz on her. I bet Sarah Maxwell would be his dream girl but there's no way he'd be good enough for Steve.
  25. Marky Mark used game on some single mom at a skate center, despite hating single mothers. Well he goes into talks about how chicks dig confidence and all that. He qoutes Roosh of King of Kings (I should note this dude has an Encylopedia Dramatica article). It turns out however that Marky Mark's confidence and "game" didn't pay off. Bianca gave him a fake number. It should be noted this far from the first woman who is unworthy (older or single mom) who has turned him down markymarksthoughts.blogspot.com/2013/05/i-should-have-known.html markymarksthoughts.blogspot.com/2013/05/importance-of-having-fun-while-trolling.html I am not breaking up the links because he already knows about us.
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