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  1. ButterscotchEquinox

    What did you learn from a MRA today?

    I learned that I am a selfish, boring, slutty slut slut, with no foresight, and a mental illness. Thanks, MRA blogger! returnofkings.com/45334/5-reasons-why-girls-with-tattoos-andor-piercings-are-broken To borrow from Mr. Forney's own words, I think this blog post is "indicative of narcissism and mild psychopathy." Maybe your dating life attracts strange experiences because of YOU, not because of tattooed and pierced women.
  2. The Gagnificent Seven Who Want to Dismantle Feminism. http://www.salon.com/2014/09/13/7_women ... n_partner/ And guess who is on the list? Judgy Bitch, who sadly mistakes her brand of profanity-laced Tourette's Syndrome for true intellectual discourse. Oh, Judgy. You so funny!
  3. http://thinkprogress.org/health/2014/10 ... -violence/ A misogynist group is attempting to co-opt a well-known international campaign against domestic violence, setting up a fake website intended to confuse visitors who may be trying to donate to the cause. The new website is attempting to divert supporters looking for the White Ribbon Campaign, a nonprofit group in Canada that engages men in the effort to stop intimate partner violence. It was founded in 1989 in response to the “Montreal Massacre,†in which a 25-year-old gunman shouted “You’re all a bunch of feminists, and I hate feminists!†before opening fire and killing 14 female students. Since then, the White Ribbon movement has spread to other countries like Scotland and Australia. It also has a relatively popular Facebook page. The real sites have international URLs, like www.whiteribbon.ca. The fake campaign, however, is hosted on www.whiteribbon.org — something that may trick Americans into thinking it’s the United States’ official chapter. There’s a fake Facebook account to go along with it. The fake site urges people to be wary of “false White Ribbon initiatives†dedicated to addressing “violence against women,†telling them to donate to its group instead. “There are numerous attempts by other entities to corrupt the message of the White Ribbon Initiative by inserting dishonest and sexist messages into this movement,†claims a post on the fake White Ribbon site. “Hopefully this message, and the other content on this website (which is provided to you by the world’s foremost experts on family violence), will help you see through the corruption and dishonesty being furthered by other programs.†But the dishonesty is actually being furthered by www.whiteribbon.org itself. As reported by We Hunted The Mammoth, a blog dedicated to tracking anti-feminist online groups, the fake site was set up by A Voice For Men — an infamously misogynist forum dedicated to “men’s rights activists.†Indeed, when you click on the “One-Time Paypal Donation†button on the fake White Ribbon site, it leads to a donation page for A Voice For Men. The men’s rights movement believes that feminism harms men, and is primarily fueled by resentment over the women’s rights movement. That’s why MRAs take issue with the real White Ribbon Campaign, which seeks to challenge “harmful ideas of manhood that lead to violence against women.†A Voice For Men’s fake site makes it clear that this framing is offensive to them, writing that “family violence is a serious problem that knows no gender†and “we cannot address this complicated, critical problem by pointing the finger at one sex as the default perpetrator and at another sex as the default victim.†But the members of A Voice For Men — which has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center — aren’t simply interested in a conversation about how violence affects both men and women. They have a well-documented history of manipulating facts, accusing feminists of encouraging domestic violence to make money, and even making violent threats against women. A Voice For Men’s announcement about the fake site inspired several responses along these lines. We Hunted The Mammoth documented just a few of them. “If I had the power and I could, I would arrest every single white feather wielding coward, strip them of all their female clothing, put them in army greens and send them directly to the front line to have their heads blown apart by high powered bullets or shrapnel. Or they can watch as their female friends get their bodies blown into many parts by a bomb of some sort,†one commentor wrote. Others expressed excitement about diverting funds from the original White Ribbon Campaign. “All money I was going to pledge to the White Ribbon Campaign to stop violence against only women will now be directed to the AVfM campaign to stop violence against women, men, and CHILDREN,†one wrote. In the 25 years since A White Ribbon Campaign was first founded, the issue of misogynistic attitudes fueling violence against women has hardly gone away. Just a few months ago, there was a mass shooting in Santa Barbara that echoed some aspects of the Montreal Massacre — gunman Elliott Rodger, who was active in men’s rights communities, went on a shooting spree against “blonde sluts†as retribution for the women he say rejected him. That tragedy, which killed six people, sparked a national conversation about the everyday violence that women experience. UPDATE The real White Ribbon Campaign has responded with a statement on its website, calling the fake site “vile†and “misguided.†“White Ribbon will continue to stand beside the thousands of women’s organizations around the world who see feminism as an all-encompassing effort to realize equality,†the group’s executive director, Todd Minerson, writes. “Allies and supporters: do not to be fooled by this copycat campaign. We are exploring all of our options, but we will not be engaging with this group in a public screaming match. They can remain a shrill minority.â€
  4. feministxtian

    Wonder if we know this guy

    Wonder if one of our wonderful MRA types wrote this comment: From: cnbc.com/id/101922959 CAB • 4 days ago TELL YOUR SONS, YOUNGER BROTHERS, COUSINS, NEPHEWS, AND FRIENDS ABOUT MARRIAGE AND HOW IT IS UNFAIR TO MEN. Young men need to be told the truth about how marriage has transformed since no-fault divorce was introduced and how it has became a rigged game against men with no fairness towards men. Google "Marriage 2.0" and "The Misandry Bubble" to read two excellently written online articles on the subject. Pass these along to any man you know thinking of getting married as we need to look out for the young men in our lives and stop excusing blantant anti-male discrimination handed our son's and young men in our lives. Speak up and don't remain silent. *60% of births are "accidents" despite female birth control is 99.9% effective *42% of middle class women admit they would lie about being on birth control if they wanted a child and their partner did not *77% of divorces innitiated by women *only 6% of disputed custody cases are won by fathers while over 91% are won by mothers! *97% of alimony awards go to women and are paid by men *If a woman cheats and gets pregnant and has a child the cuckolded husband is still required to pay child support for the child if the divorce is not finalized at the time of birth *She can get lifetime alimony even if she gets pregnant by another man, it makes no difference at all. 10 △ ▽ • Reply • Share ›
  5. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world ... 37016.html What an insult to the families of David Miller and Hannah Witheridge. And that's the other thing, I'm sure Mr Miller wasn't wearing a bikini, so what bullshit excuse are you making for his demise, Chan-ocha? Because of course, if you're not wearing a bikini, that takes away a murderer's dastardly urges, does it not (sarcasm). RIP, you guys. Hope your killer(s) are brought to justice very soon.
  6. dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2709713/Women-not-laugh-public-says-Turkish-Deputy-Prime-Minister-calls-people-rediscover-Koran-stop-acting-like-sex-addicts.html?ito=social-facebook
  7. According to this dude, anyway. donalgraeme.wordpress.com/2014/06/14/what-we-mean-by-marriage/ If you didn't marry to repopulate the earth with god-babies, submit to your husband in all things (cuz you have to be straight), hang a "24/7" neon sign over your vagina, etc., then your marriage is a total fraud and affront to all those right-thinking people who do have real marriages.
  8. Over the past few years, discrimination and hatred of women has greatly risen amongst chareidim (ultra-Orthodox Jews), especially in Israel where it's spilling over into the public sphere. It's really concerning, especially because businesses and government cave to the pressure from the chareidim. Note: the regular orthodox public (dati'im) are not in favor of this leafletting and posted signs about tzniut (modesty) for women not printing photos of women in advertisements, especially in chareidi neighborhoods but also in general not printing women's names street harassment and violence separate entrances and hours for men and women, even in non-religious businesses such as grocery stores and health clinics segregated sidewalks segregated buses and frequent attacks on women who sit in the wrong area segregated elevators segregated all sorts of things There are two good threads on ishtetl with news and everyday examples of the problems: www.ishtetl.com/index.php?/topic/398-hadarat-nashim/ (Hadarat nashim is the modern Hebrew term for exclusion of women) www.ishtetl.com/index.php?/topic/2961-tznius-overload/ I find it disturbing and I'm saddened to see a democratic, socialist nation slide backward into religious fundamentalism. It looks to me like Israel is going to rip itself apart from within as the chareidi population grows. I've been following orthodox blogs and message boards for many years (they're my fundamentalists of choice) and it's been shocking to see this go from a really fringe thing and increasingly mainstream. (I broke the links but it looks like the forum software is reconstituting them.)
  9. This might be one of the dumbest things I've ever read...and that's saying something. I mean, I've read Demonbuster.com, where they think paisley is evil. PAISLEY. Anyway, here is the article: mindbodygreen.com/0-12345/5-qualities-that-women-find-irresistible-in-men.html Note how those are supposedly "masculine" traits. It makes no sense. I like most of the comments, though. Gives me hope.
  10. So says an MRA over a A Voice For Men: avoiceformen.com/men/ignoring-the-abuse-of-fathers/ Just when you thought they couldn't get any more ridiculous......
  11. Link not broken 'cuz it's Jezebel. http://jezebel.com/republicans-prove-th ... 467278/all You just know our favorite lady misogynists-Sunshine Mary, Judgy Bitch, Lori Alexander, Thinking Housewife-are orgasming over this.
  12. Me: Hi! How are you today? Douchebag Customer (puts items on counter for me to ring up): OK, considering... Me: Considering? DC: Yeah... gotta get stuff done. (makes a couple dumb jokes about men and work which I don't pay much attention to) ... I gotta get these for my wife (indicates a dietary supplement to help with perimenopause). It helps her wake up in a good mood. (laughs so hard at his own joke, he's actually stomping his foot and bending over at the waist). Me: silence (hopefully steely enough but not so steely as to encourage him to call and complain about me) DC: How much is this stuff, anyway? (looks at $28 price) Wheew... expensive! Geez. Women and hormones! (more laughter at his own joke) Me: silence as I run his debit card DC: I mean, $28 - and for what? ... *sighs* Oh, well. *rolls eyes and makes a "tsk" sound* Me: Here are your receipts. DC: I wonder where I could be without having to spend this kind of money, ya know? Me: (hands bag) Have a nice day. DC: (takes bag) Yeah; a nice day! (in a sarcastic tone of voice, like, "Yeah, like THAT's going to happen") Me: left wondering two things - 1) how did HE find someone to marry him? 2) how low must that poor woman's sense of self worth be to stay with someone who finds her that much of a burden? or to have accepted his dates in the first place? Thanks. Just had to vent. I've had that guy before and this time the exchange stuck with me longer than it did before. Yes, the previous exchange went pretty much like the one above. Why does he think I'm going to laugh at that? It's pretty obvious I'm a woman - does he think I'll laugh at these stupid misogynist jokes? Does he think I'll think it's funny for him to disparage his wife? Years ago, I had a friend whose husband used to disparage her, make her the butt of his jokes. I saw her with a black eye on one occasion and on another occasion she described to me what, in my opinion, amounted to marital rape. Of course it was "her fault" (he said) because she bruised too easily. So, through this rambling post, I guess that's what it comes down to - concerned that this exchange is the tip of the iceberg and that she also "bruises too easily" - and feeling like I ought to say something but knowing it won't do any good. Thanks for letting me ramble.
  13. np.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/comments/20qmu0/you_make_me_feel_safe/cg9bh4j Excuse me while I vomit
  14. http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/mi ... ve-6723769 How is it possible to MISTAKENLY leave a voicemail calling someone a slag and a bitch? I call bullshit, have they never heard of the END button? I hope the bastards are sacked! No wonder coppers have a bad name in this country if they alienate people like this. Wouldn't surprise me if it was the same two guys who took a statement from me when I was assaulted in 2008. They had exactly the same victim blaming mentality about them. I'm fuming at this story.
  15. Link not broken cause it's a screenshot http://api.url2png.com/v6/P4DE5D1C99D8E ... _width=550
  16. And she's not sorry. Thoughtcatalog.com/amy-glass/2014/01/i-look-down-on-young-women-with-husbands-and-kids-and-im-not-sorry/
  17. Anyone find the misogynist lyrics of some rap songs offensive, such as these: rapgenius.com/Kool-g-rap-hey-mister-mister-lyrics
  18. returnofkings.com/9183/why-fat-women-should-be-sent-to-prison They also have some effed up advice to pregnant women about how to avoid gaining weight while being pregnant returnofkings.com/22886/pregnancy-is-no-excuse-to-be-fat-and-gross
  19. Look Jesse ( ex feminist who stopped after being unable to get women to like him) this isn't the way to go about it
  20. I mean, I believe men and women are different on average (with much overlap) but I don't see the problem with equal opportunity. Also the treating according to natural law is a fallacy, as well as dangerous since differences are so nuanced and variation within the genders is large. The military combat roles is a fallacy too. themattwalshblog.com/2013/12/28/why-it-matters-that-men-and-women-are-different/
  21. A delightful and engaging guest post by Marky's bestest pal, Chrisopher in Oregon, interspersed with commentary from Marky. markymarksthoughts.blogspot.ca/2013/11/women-nature-god-and-harleys-by.html You can fool some of the people some of the time Then why do you sound so unhappy, whinging about women (who don't want you) all. the. time......heck, your whole blog is just one huge whingefest.
  22. To be fair I don't like that people will snark on mra douchebags by calling them virgins. Just like sour shaming is bad so is virgin shaming. Personally I'm a bit skeptical that the lecturers she heard actually said what she says they did( tha men don't get sexual insults) emmatheemo.wordpress.com/2013/12/08/misogyny-behind-the-keyboard-part-2/
  23. antares

    Marty Nemko?

    Pretty mainstream dude. Works with warren Farrell. Anyone want to comment? martynemko.com/articles/gold-diggers-are-alive-and-well-in-2006_id1222
  24. Some anti feminist lady put this up. I fail to see why she's a 'poor girl' unless the blogger is jealous or something. Look at the comments. redpillwifery.wordpress.com/2013/11/01/poor-girl/
  25. Going all beta male pick up artist! I'm not sure i would be able to stand having y married sex life on the Internet for all to see, lol Ugh marriedmansexlife.com/2010/01/running-some-beta-male-game/
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