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  1. http://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/life/63127090/uterus-for-sale-slightly-used.html (Linked since it's a commercial site) 10/10 for a good cause, about 9.5/10 on the weirdness scale
  2. Bluenoser

    Mini Golf Lovin'

    I'm not sure if it's possible to add new smilies, but I just made this and thought it might have use here! Any other ideas for smilies?
  3. Did she say he left his wife and got a divorce because he lusted after her. What an ego that women must have. And now, she is competing with her daughters...................
  4. Radar Online today had an article entitled The Duggars Need to Free Their Children (see:http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2014/10/duggar-family-paul-lamar-hunter-no-love-no-charity-jim-bob-duggar-michelle-duggar-arkansas-19-kids-and-counting-jana-duggar/) The article is about a man named Paul Lamar Hunter who says he grew up in a similar household as the 19th child of a 21 sibling family. He states: “It is not [kids’] responsibility to have to raise their brothers and sisters,†Paul Lamar Hunter, who is the 19th child of a 21-sibling family, tells RadarOnline.com exclusively. “It is Jim Bob and Michelle’s job to be the parents.†I'm not sure this guy grew up in as strictly religious a home as the Duggars but he certainly feels that it will only create resentment in the older children who have parental responsibilies thrust upon them at the expense of their own childhoods (and in the Duggars case...pretty much at the expense of their own lives since they never get to do anything else, ie: no teen fun years, no prom, no dating, no college, etc.). He says in his own family his mother was overly devoted to a homeless shelter and left her older children to parent her younger ones and those older daughters later felt such anger and resentment that they no longer speak to their mother. The article raises the issue of Jana, who has been coming up a lot on various sites of late after the episode aired of her having to alter the bridesmaids dresses and make the ties while the others went off to lunch. People feel Jana is a real Cinderella who is getting the short end of the stick and I think public opinion is turning on the Duggars. A lot of people liked their show when their kids were little and it just seemed like *good old fashioned Christian values with family helping each other out* but as the kids have grown and turned into young adults, people are starting to question the extreme restrictions that the Duggars have placed on their kids from not allowing them to go to college and have a real career to never letting them be alone or go out with friends and just have fun as teens and young adults. Many people have been questioning that if the Duggars trust their kids to do the right things, why the heavy surveillance, especially as they get into their twenties?!! And people also think it's really odd and disturbing to see young women in their twenties sharing a room and often a bed with their little siblings. People see Michelle and Boob desperate for another child but don't seem to parent the ones they have, and the heavy courtship rules are beyond the pale for even many fundamental Christians. In fact, I saw an article today about the Duck Dynasty daughter, who clearly has decided to save herself for marriage, but their are pictures with her boyfriend and they are touching and dancing on the beach (front to front) and she is wearing a sleeveless and more normal-for-her-age outfit. I think the tide of public opinion is starting to change and people are moving away from how cute it all is, and how do they organize all those kids curiosity to the feeling that things are not right and that the Duggars aren't protecting their kids, they are crushing them and stealing their youth, their dreams and turning them into brainwashed slaves who aren't allowed to think a single thought of their own. While they might've been a role model for some in the beginning (those who thought they were all about family values and togetherness), they aren't such a great role model anymore! Who wants their young daughter to marry an immature teenage guy with no real education or job prospects? It's as if "being Godly" is all that matters in the Duggar home (and it has to be their definition of Godly). Do you think we'll keep seeing more and more of these types of articles and more questions about their treatment of Jana? Do you think it'll make Jim Bob and Michelle do anything to try to change public opinion on how they are treating their oldest daughter?
  5. karen77

    Drinking Duggars

    I thought the Duggar's abstained from alcohol??? Am I wrong? I googled it and got lots of hits on the subject, so what is going on here? Maybe our "cameras off" thread isn't far off!
  6. PegBundyOfFundies

    The adult kids pay?

    Forgive me if this has been posted before. I was just skimming through some of the topics here, and theres alot of (rightful) snark about the Seewalds not having the money to start out their marriage successfully because Ben nor Jessa work. At first I agreed, but then I started thinking that Jessa does work, she's been earning a check since she was 11 as a result of family exploitation hour with Jim Bob and Michelle! Since she's been 18, shouldnt she have been signing her own separate contract and check from her parents? The Duggars are oft quoted as earning 95k an episode; if we round that up to 100 and divide by 20 (counting Boob and Jchelle as one) every kid is entitled to 5k an episode. Of course JB "holds" the check for the littles, but in the past 3 years Jessa shouldve earned at least 250K for her participation after 18; that amount of course rises for Jill, JD and Jana, and Josh. Is it legal for JB to make them put their checks in the communal family account, like I suspect he's doing? ETA i'm sure that Josh, and even John David and Joseph get to maintain their own accounts, but i'm really concerned for the older girls, the J'Slaves: theyre still under their fathers headship
  7. Author Paul Lamar, one of 21 kids, criticizes the DUggar family. So sad they couldnt call her mom. theepochtimes.com/n3/1045660-duggars-19-kids-and-counting-19th-child-and-author-paul-lamar-hunter-slams-duggar-family/
  8. Duggor

    Duggars And Sex

    Do you think the duggars (Jim Bob&Michelle, Josh&Anna and Jill&Derrick) only are having sex to make babies or they also do it for fun? I have the feeling Jim Bob&Michelle do it for the fun and the babies, but I think the other two couples only do it for the babies, because I have the feeling that their parents never told them about the fun of having sex and it can be really fun
  9. mastercleaner

    Duggar costumes!

    Ok so I decided to do a quick Michelle duggar costume, complete with my breast friend pillow, dangling baby legs and crazy eyes!
  10. If you had the chance to talk to any of them what would you like to say to them? This is what I'd say to Jessa: Congratulations, you're free!!! You are a strong, beautiful woman & you can now choose your path in life. Do some reading, educate yourself and you'll have your eyes opened up. Don't let Ben be your headship, you can (figuratively & literally) wear the pants in your relationship. Or you can choose to be equal partners. You can choose to remain in fundydom if that's what you really do believe in, but you don't have to. I hope you'll be happy.
  11. Is Jill becoming Michelle?? Is Jessa becoming Jim Bob
  12. so this is what "Michelle" said on the Duggar official facebook page What do you think she is doing
  13. I am not a Michelle fan. BUT... I was reading another thread and someone said something about Michelle's lack of involvement, like Michelle taking a bag from Jill's shoulder as Jill had already turned and was walking away. All those moments with Jill and Jim Bob. Where was the special mom/daughter time? I am not close with my mother. When I got married, she was not an integral part of wedding preparations. When I gave birth, I had to get the nurse to make her leave because I kept asking her and she wouldn't leave and I was about to get hysterical. I'm very close with my daughter. We have a very different relationship for which I am profoundly grateful that history did not repeat itself. I cherish my daughter with all my heart. I would be utterly heartbroken to be marginalized the way Michelle was, or appeared to be, on the show. This was the Jim Bob and Jill Show, with special guest appearances by Michelle, who did a whole lot of talking but didn't really do anything. For Jill, I totally get it. For Michelle, my momma's heart shatters.
  14. Can we discuss the Duggars propensity for black and white thinking? Forgive me for any typos- I'm rushing to get to work! Anyways, there are two examples that really bother me and show what I'm talking about. 1. Buy used and save the difference! I am cheap, cheap, cheap when it comes to buying clothes. I don't like to spend $$ on them but I like to look decent. Also, I do not like Goodwill for ethical reasons and I don't have the patience to deal with thrift shopping. However, I spend very little to clothe my family. I only wear capris (not for religious reasons, I just think they look better). I buy these brand new for $3-5 just waiting for them to go on clearance (Kohl's brand) and I really like the Rock and Republic jeans (both pants and capris), I normally buy them for $10-12. I buy my husband shorts for $3-5 at Kohl's and Macy's (even Ralph Lauren and such). Shirts are usually around $5ish. Kids clothes are much cheaper! I can buy 10 outfits (top and bottom) for $50 for my 5 year old. These prices are often less that what I see at our local Goodwill and it's for brand new well fitting clothes. The thing I splurge on bras from Victoria's Secret. They fit me well and aren't frumpy looking (I'm big chested and that's hard to find). I do spend much more on shoes (which I would never buy used). But even still, I buy walking shoes (Fila) at Kohl's for $23. I have bought at least 6 pairs of these (work well for me) for exercise. My running shoes are much more because they come from a local running store and are specially fitted (proper shoes to reduce risk of injury). Kids shoes are can be found much cheaper ($5-6) new at Rack Room. So, why the insistence on buying used shoes? I realize everyone doesn't have a lot of store options (especially living rural) but the Duggars do since they travel often. They can also buy in bulk and buy at the end of the season for the next year. 2. Debt- Two instances come to mind. A. In my town, rent for a 2/2 apartment will run you about $950/month in a decent part of town. You can buy a town home for about $650/month including taxes, insurance, and PMI. IMO, it makes sense to take on the mortgage and either save the extra $300/month for home repairs or just pay it extra on the mortgage to shorten the time. If you chose to rent, you'd have to pay the $950 and then try to save for a house on top of that. It would take forever....especially because if you make $10 an hour here- you have a GOOD job (which honestly, I don't see how people can make it with two people making $10 full time). Now, I realize that things aren't the same in every area but JB makes it appear like taking debt is ALWAYS bad. In some (many now with low real estate prices and low interest) cases, it's the smartest thing to do. Why act like there's always a blanket rule for what's best? B. JB grilling Derick about the blown engine. Does he not realize that Derick may not have a blanket answer for that question. For example, we try to avoid debt (do have a mortgage because of the reasons above). We have no CC debt. Now, we have two cars (one new 2013 and one 1995). We both work. If we blew an engine and didn't have $ in savings to fix it immediately, we would just drop one another off at work until we could pay cash to fix said car. However, we both have short commutes (my job is about 4.5 miles from our house, his is 3) so we could walk/ride bikes if we were really in a bind. Also, we have flexible work schedules so it wouldn't be much of an inconvenience. If we had only one car, I would probably put it on a CC- unless it was winter (we live in FL if you walked to work in the summer- you'd be disgusting by the time you got there!). If we had one car and children and blew an engine, I would definitely put it on a CC (or more likely borrow from family). But JB wants the blanket, NOPE I would never consider putting a car repair on CC. I can't imagine having a car with a blown engine and having a couple of kids (more likely to get sick/injured and need medical attention), having the means to get the car fixed, and choosing not to do so. Especially in a rural area- I mean here- I could walk a mile and buy groceries at a local grocery store and carry them home. Inconvenient, yes but possible. Where could Jill walk one mile and buy groceries to feed her family? I mean Jill would obviously be able to get a ride with one of the family members- but what if it happened to Anna in DC? There's no family around and probably not public transportation out where they live....how would Josh get to work if they only had one car and it blew an engine? I'm assuming he's at least 30 miles from his job so he can't walk.....what would they do? I think JB and M need to start thinking their "rules" through. **Sorry for the wall of text. I have to get to work and wanted to get my thoughts out.**
  15. I can't decide if they're getting worse or just more blatant with everything we already knew. Or maybe it's that I'm just so done with it but I am really, really disgusted with them more than I have ever been. I just watched the Jilly Muffin ep and Jim Bob absolutely grossed me out with the sex talk. It's as though that is ALL that matters about marriage to them. When asked what Jill and Derek might be looking forward to most he should have said getting to live together, know each other better, build a life together, make their home...that kind of stuff. The fact that he first went to sex is really, really disgusting. I'm just...extremely grossed out at how often he discusses sex in reference to his daughter. Completely inappropriate and crossing the line into perversion. As for Michelle, she continues to piss me off on the regular. She's so repetitive, every single talking head. She says the same three token things about JIll over and over again. Maybe it's because there is no more depth to JIll's personality than "family and relationships" but that would be THEIR fault for never letting her develop an iota of personality. And I'm just about as disgusted by the baby thing as I am by JB's sex talk about his daughters. I just want to shake Michelle so hard and scream at her that her daughters have so much more worth than just making babies!!! They are human beings and you're reducing them to absolutely NOTHING. And Jill is turning into Michelle. I know I keep saying it but I can't think of any word other than DISGUSTING for all this.
  16. Has this been posted here yet? I love that we get some background information that wasn't fully explained on the show. duggarfamilyblog.com/search?updated-max=2014-10-23T18:07:00-05:00&max-results=5 Did I break the link correctly? This is my first time.
  17. I'd never seen the dry hump on the golf course so I youtubed it. OMG I feel ill just remembering it. Oh to unsee. Lord just zap that one little part of brain memory PLZ. I showed it to my 14yo girl who is still a bit of a leghumper. She was protesting a mile a min that I saw this episode, didn't I remember?? Until it came to the humping part. It was almost sad to see her face fall in disgust. She walked away swearing it was not in the episode we watched. I thought I did see that episode but I sure would have remember that fiasco. Why didn't Michelle turn around and slap his disgusting face? Ben and Jessa were right in arm's reach of them. Jim Bob is GROSS and Michelle is just as bad for not stopping it. OMG, is that what it means to be a good wife? geeeezzzzzzz
  18. itsnotmeitsu

    What would happen

    I was watching the episode where they were decorating the house last night, and Derick and Jill were in the bedroom, and having that discussion about not sleeping on the bed together, and some Howler came on and said that if they broke the rules, he'd have to tell JB. And the same episode, when they were talking about finance, JB talked about how he was still testing Derick, and that it could be over (IIRC) if they didn't like his response. What do you think would happen if they either broke their purity rules and did it, and the Squea-Howler told on them, and they said the marriage was off. Or if Derick was like, "Yeah, I'll put my blown-up engine bill on a CC, because I don't believe your rules," and JB said no. Do you think Jill would have gone with Derick. (I was annoyed at that Howler--he needs a sibling to say, Snitches get snitches.)
  19. I realize that I'm in way too deep when I wake up at 4:30 in the morning and my first thoughts are "why does jim bob stand in front of the church and make such a big to-do about that first kiss and not about the fact that two young people are making a lifetime commitment to one another. It just seems to me that the focus is skewed and priorities are out of order. Since I have joined FreeJinger I have really taken notice of just how immature Jim Bob and Michelle really are. Other husband/wife fundie combos seem to have a power/control aspect but these two have more of at 'teenage quality to their relationship) Yes, they have their finances in order - but it seems that they wholly focus on sex, kissing, blah, blah... what about real preparations and foundations for marriage? What about ensuring two people are truly compatible? I have started to really dig into this whole Bill Gothard ministry thing and the patriarchal legalistic elements. It just seems to me like a bunch of boy-men who think about little more than the physical aspects of a relationship and not what really makes it tick. Annoying. Baseless. Thoughts?
  20. lisab506

    J names?

    I'm relatively new here so please forgive me if this has been discussed before. I was thinking last night about J names the Duggars didn't use (wonder why) or could use in the future if they had more (God forbid). How about: Jacob (really popular, I wonder why they skipped it?) Julie/Julia/Julianna Julius/Julian Jules Jean/Jeanne/Jeannie Jemma Jacqueline/Jaclyn Jane Jared Jerome Jasmine Jaspar Janice Janet Jocelyn Jeffrey Jefferson Jade Jemimah Joan Jodie Jayden Jonah Jeanine Jeanette Jory Jesus (they might have if they were Latino) Jessica (too close to Jessa?) Jeremy (too close to Jeremiah?) Jillian (too close to Jill?) Jonathan (too close to John?) Justine I've clearly have too much time on my hands.
  21. You would think that after Michelle herself experienced a breakdown and anger issues when her kids were little and she actually had to look after them herself, she might be inclined to talk to her daughters and advise them about how difficult it is to have so many kids so close together, especially when you don't have live-in helpers to do it for you. They make it look easy on tv but that's because she was lucky enough to have all these girls early on who grew up enough to start taking care of their siblings and as they grew, so did their responsibilities and Michelle's life got easier and easier. But what if her daughters don't have a ton of girls first? What if they have like 8 boys in a row? Does she not worry about them emotionally breaking down? Or maybe she thinks if that she can just send Jana or Jinger or whoever over to help them out...problem solved! It just surprises me that having gone through what many believe was a nervous breakdown herself from being overwhelmed, not to mention anger problems when interacting with the kids, she isn't more compassionate with her daughters. Do you think they really have true relationships with her where they can express their fears and worries and dreams? Is Michelle even capable of that with any of her kids? In many ways they seem to have such superficial relationships.
  22. My daughter likes to watch the Duggars. She also likes the Manzos and Long Island Medium and that Kim/Kroy show. Oh yeah Kardashians too. She's 14 and yeah I'm that terrible mother that lets her watch almost anything she wants. Yeah we watched Orange is the New Black together. Anyway, last night I had to watch/listen to those episodes again. This blessing thing from Michelle creeps me out the more I hear it. First of all, Michelle is relying on her smartphone to get through this. Really? I guess I could see wanting to use something to make sure all salient points got said, but after 20 something years of loving and living with your kid, you can't do it without reading right off your phone? Just SMACKS of insincerity. "Daddy and I have begun to trust your heart and your prayers to another man besides your father." Okay. I am really creeped out about this statement. Are fathers supposed to have their daughters hearts and prayers? Then we get to the part where Michelle would like us to believe she's holding back tears but let me tell you, I am positive that Michelle is trying to push some out. Jinger has tears freely flowing. It's obvious JoyAnna is feeling emotional. Jessa and Jana, nah, not so much. But the tears of her sisters seems sincere while her mother is just FAKE. Also, it annoys me how Marcus is at Michelle's knees and she is oblivious to him. Or pointedly making him understand that he is not the center of the universe. If I was Anna I would be kinda pissed at Michelle ignoring Marcus for so long. This whole concept of transferring your daughter from her father to her husband is just.. yuck. I guess this is how SAHD happens. Like there is nothing else in life than your father or your husband. Become a real nurse and go on mission trips around the world and do some actual needed work that is a blessing to the truly suffering, not just hang around the house kowtowing to Mommy and Daddy.
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