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Found 46 results

  1. Tabby is looking for one. Thugged from [email protected] I suggest she start looking for unicorns too.
  2. I got this link from Messianic Keepers at Home on why celebrating birthdays (even Christmas) is sinful. It was followed by someone claiming that your birthdate and age are "not the same on any calendar because life begins at conception." 7fkwRvq1DcE The YouTube page has more information.
  3. Anna.xanga is a perrenial favorite for me. She's always trying to predict the end of the world in the next six months and is totally into some weird Faux Judaism/Torah believing Christianity and thinks Messianics are too mainstream and uncool. She is also pretty relaxed about things like reading harry potter/twilight or having her kids do ballet and hip hop dancing. Anyway she posted some really snotty post about how her semi-quiverfull approach (she seems to have stopped at 5 kids for the time being) is so vastly superior to the typical 2.5 kids because she will always have babies! And she can totally plan on when her eldest kids start pumping out the grand babies. It gets me all very eye-rolly that she's so smug and certain she knows when her kids will start pumping out grand babies on her command. anna.xanga.com/761681909/item/
  4. From the latest issue of Torah Family E-magazine, I'll just cover the highlights. http://freepdfhosting.com/4b64bdc371.pdf Always good to traumatize the kids early. For families that actually keep kosher for Passover, this isn't really "fun" so much as a necessity. What, they were too lazy to pick up some ram's blood on that trip to the farm? This makes no sense. How could the Hebrews spoil the Egyptians? They were slaves! This is the 2nd time I've seen FakeJews incorporate foot washing and servitude into the seder, and I'm really offended by that. The whole point of Passover is to celebrate our freedom from slavery, and a lot of the rituals in the seder symbolize luxury (sitting with cushions, reclining while eating, dipping food). Trying to incorporate servant imagery shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the holiday. The barley harvest is associated with the holiday of Shavuot, 7 weeks later. Just because a shofar is Jewish, doesn't mean we use it for every single holiday.
  5. Rachel333

    Another faux Jew

    I need to go to bed, so I don't have a lot of time to look through this blog, but I thought it might have snark potential. I was reading Mayim Bialik's (I often disagree with her, but I still really like her) blog post here -- http://www.kveller.com/blog/parenting/t ... -so-wrong/ -- and saw this comment: "Pick a side... Choose this day who you will serve.. I grew up with Christmas and a tree and all the Christmas trimmings. As a non-Jew, non-convert I find the things of the Jewish people to be more true to the writings of the Hebrew people who are responsible for my Scriptures thus our family now celebrates Hanukkah. I never saw a Christmas tree in the Scriptures except maybe Jeremiah 10. Left out? Why not? What's so great being part of the crowd? The Jewish people were considered the least among the peoples and continue to be so today - they were not to become like those around them - they were to be a LIGHT to the nations and surely not with a Magen David Christmas tree topper. A menorah with oil is so much more beautiful. Happy Hanukkah!" I think it's kind of odd to celebrate Hanukkah as a Christian, even if you're a Messianic Jew. Unlike other Jewish holidays, it started after Christianity. Anyway, I found her blog here: tentstakeministries.net She homeschools and seems really into "Messianic Dance in Praise and Worship unto YAH". Her anti-Halloween post is kind of fun. tentstakeministries.net/2011/10/enoch-and-samhein/ "Halloween has grown from a Celtic (Satanic) high holy day celebrated quietly by pagans and wiccans to the second highest retail holiday next to Christmas. Spiritual lines between evil and righteousness within the cultures of the WORLD have been blurred to the point that many who dress up in costumes, go trick-or-treating, or visit Haunted Houses actually say they aren’t celebrating Halloween! Then there are those who admit to being pagan and are proud to celebrate in every way imaginable from orgies to sacrificing animals and children." She really dislikes most of Christianity, especially Christmas. tentstakeministries.net/2011/11/i-wont-be-home-for-christmas-november-15-2011/ I love this: "It would seem that all of the so-called “wayward daughters†of the Romish church return to their mother, the scarlet harlot. Thus, all of the so-called Protestant churches could sing to the Pope that popular song “I’ll be home for Christmas." "when the millions of people are saying, “Merry Christmasâ€, they are literally saying “Merry death of Christ!†Furthermore, when the fat man in the red suit laughs boisterously and says, “Ho ho ho, Merry Christmasâ€, he is mocking and laughing at the suffering and bleeding Saviour, who died for our sins."
  6. So url=http://jennysjabber.blogspotDOTcom <--here's a family of Messianic "Jews" I used to stalk. (url=http://femininityinafeministworld.blogspotDOTcom <--Here's the always-interesting blog of the oldest daughter, Serenity.) To my great chagrin, both Mother and Daughter stopped updating in 2010. Still, it is interesting stuff, which I hope FJ'ers will check out. As a born Jew myself (brought up Christian by my father, but basically just "spiritual" now), I am perversely intrigued by the strain of Judaism embraced by some of these Evangelical families. I think it comes down to their terribly poor understanding of theology, which stems from their notion that all you need are a family patriarch and a Bible in order to have a church. I think they just pull random lines from Scripture and figure that if it's in the Bible, it applies to them--because, hey!, it's the Bible! Hence, their bizarre embracing of random aspects of Old Testament dogma. Some of them do it just here and there, where it suits them, like the Duggars and Gothardites with their no-pork and no-sex-after-periods rule, and select celebration of Jewish holidays. Then you have some families, like the one I linked above, who just do it willy-nilly and think it makes them real Jews. (All the while they believe in "Yeshua"/Jesus and have no Jewish lineage, of course.) If these people knew how Orthodox Jews actually live, how many rules, observances, and traditions are mandated in actual practice, perhaps they'd see how wildly out-of-touch they really are. But, of course, these people are blind. So they continue to believe that their pick-a-line-from-the-Bible-and-roll-with-it school of theology is legit. *Sigh*...Thoughts?
  7. GeoBQn

    Fake Jew Betrothal Video

    I'm apparently late to the game on this, but a FakeJew blog I've been browsing (homeshalom.blogspot.com) is offering a free giveaway of this video Betrothed, about the betrothal and wedding of FakeJews Brayden and Tali Waller. The blog entry is here: homeshalom.blogspot.com/2011/12/betrothed-video-give-away.html lnDlwPoou9g The video and the article really don't explain how betrothal is different from courtship. At this point, I'd assume that betrothal is one step away from kidnapping the bride in the middle of the night and forcing her to marry someone she's never met. Other notes: 1. Using shofars whenever you want does not make you any more authentic. Jews only blow the shofar on Rosh Hashanah, at the end of Yom Kippur, and during services in the month before Rosh Hashanah. Do you see weddings on that list? 2. FakeJew fundies don't seem to have the same aversion to dancing as regular fundies. 3. I'm assuming that they have some pop culture knowledge, since the trailer is trying to be like one for a Hollywood blockbuster (even the soundtrack is on sale) and parts of the wedding are ripped off from Fiddler on the Roof. I like how it uses dramatic music and fast cuts to make Brayden's father reading the Bible seem like anything but boring. 4. If nobody knows when the wedding is going to happen, then how do they amass such a large number of guests? Maybe they do the same things Irish Travelers do to advertise weddings.
  8. Ok, so I looked at the blog where the "Bethroted" documentary trailer that was posted here on FJ originated from. I have many, many questions... They don't seem like the wacko "Jews for Jesus" that harass pedestrians all over North America's downtowns, they believe that Jesus (called "Yeshua") is the Messiah but they do the Sabbath on saturdays, women wear head-coverings all the time, men wear beards, they have large families (obviously) although the one that does the blog doesn't shy away from adopting as they have 2 little black daughters among the other "bred" kids. They have the "stepping on glass in a cloth" yelling Mazel Tov during their wedding ceremonies, and they seem to live life like Mennonites or Brethrens. Unlike other fundies they love to dance... So, who are they, and what to they call their denomination? The woman writing the blog seems to come from a fairly secular background (she was a chef in a French bistro in San Francisco before marrying, so I guess that she converted or something). I'll put the link to that blog later tonight. They don't date nor court, they do the "bethrotal". I don't get it. Either you're a Jew, or if you believe that Jesus is the Messiah then you're a Christian. You can't have the best of both worlds... ETA the link homeshalom.blogspot.com/2011/12/betrothed-video-give-away.html
  9. Witsec7

    More Phoney Jews

    I post on a public forum that is largely populated by IFBs. These folks are big supporters of fake Jews of the Lina and Tony type. Anyway, I just lost my patience with an apologist, she's a skirt wearing, head covering fundy who doesn't believe women should preach or vote (but spending 12 hours a day on a forum is ok). Oh her latest that got me going was Jesus wasn't a Jew so the phony Jews are more Jewish than the Jman. She's a big fan of Zola Levitt but claims she stopped financially supporting his ministry when he died. Her husband is purportedly a retired prof from some bible college in the South and she says with all conviction that her husband knows that one can believe in Jesus as the messiah and still be faithful to the Jewish religion. I really had to vent before my head exploded. edited for spelling
  10. slh12280

    Messianics Becoming Jews?

    I found this post from a blogger that regularly comments on Lina's blog: http://thehollandshome.blogspotDOTcom/s ... -results=4 Thought it was interesting from a "Torah Observant Christian" perspective. Yes, I know how much some of you guys hate that phrase. Couldn't find a better phrase though.
  11. Lostie

    Jewish Voice?

    I wasn't really sure where to put this, but since it kind of fits in with the Lina/Christians converting Jews stuff I figured this would be suitable. So this morning I woke up in the wee hours of the morning and could not for the life of me fall back asleep. Fortunately, I sleep in the living room so I decided to just watch some television for a while. As I'm sure most of you know, television in the wee hours of the morning is... not interesting. So when I noticed something called Jewish Voice I though it might be interesting. I figured it would be some sort of show about Jewish cultures or traditions, something along a historical vein maybe. So I turn the channel and am faced with an older, balding white man. I kind of shrug and start watching. I was only really have watching when I heard the keywords of Yeshua and Messiah. At this point I started to pay more attention. I ended up falling asleep soon after, but the show, what I saw of it, was a sort of fundraiser to pay for Christian missionaries to go and convert the Jews who, and I remember this quote since it was the one that made me say FJ needs to hear of this, "need to be saved more than anyone". They seemed to go converting other people too, but their primary interest was converting the Jews. All the people they converted got their own bible or an audio bible and got to have prayer circles with them. It was a strange show. There was a website along with it, but I can't remember what it was unfortunately. So, were these people fundies? Is this 'save the Jews' thing a big thing in some circles? Has anyone else stumbled upon this show?
  12. Soldier of the One

    Judaism and Jesus - just some thoughts

    I am just your regular Jew sans Jesus and kind of intrigued/saddened/annoyed/mystified by the contentious relationship between Jews, Messianic 'Jews' and Jesus. First off: for me, theologically and culturally, believing in Jesus and claiming a Jewish identity or religious affiliation is fundamentally incompatible. The Jewish litmus test for Mashiach (messiah) is very simple and foolproof: if the messiah didn't fix the world, bring universal peace and brotherhood and establish faith in One God, he isn't it. Without wanting to offend my Christian brethren, Jesus did not fulfill these criteria according to Jewish definitions of messiah. Christian theology of course would present the counter-claim that Jesus provides redemption from Original Sin and offers personal salvation through his sacrifice on the cross. Within a christological worldview, I think this is internally consistent. Original Sin = Christ to absolve us from Original Sin. But it is not a Jewish view. The Jewish view is that we keep Torah (according to your denominational interpretation of what that means :)) and bring the world closer to the Messianic Age (and Mashiach, depending on your personal theology) through good deeds and 'tikkun olam' - repair of the world. In a sense, Torah is our roadmap to steer our broken world towards Redemption. And also in that sense, 'combining' Torah with Jesus makes no sense. It's an either/or option. Either, you embrace Torah's vision of the Eschaton or Christ's vision of salvation but they are mutually exclusive. To put it simply: (and this is I what respectfully tell missionaries) "Jesus is the solution to a problem I don't have". We Jews do not embrace the concept of Original Sin and hence we do not 'need' Jesus to fix that for us. Of course, fundamentalists would disagree with that perception but as we say in Hebrew, 'ain mah la'asot' - there's nothing we can do about that I'm stating the obvious here, of course, but Messianic 'Judaism' fails both faith communities. It is offensive to Christianity because it somehow distrusts the central tenets of Christianity - namely that Christ is your redeemer. And it is offensive to Judaism for all the reasons stated above and more. It negates Torah and Torah's vision of Redemption. Not to mention the historical sensitivities and issues of cultural appropriation. Now, I certainly can understand that Christians want to learn more about the faith of their savior. Placing the historical Jesus in a 'Jewish' context is a very healthy thing to do. God knows that Jesus' Jewish origins were whitewashed in antisemitic thought. I also understand that Christians might try to graft some Jewish practices into their own Christian practices. But that doesn't make it Judaism: neither culturally, historically or theologically. What I do wonder, however, is whether Messianic 'Judaism' represents an (awkward) phase of transitioning between Christianity and Judaism. Some Messianic 'Jews' may end up changing their mind about how they feel about Christ and pursuing a 'normative' Jewish conversion - sans Jesus. I would argue, however, that finding acceptance in a Jewish community after having had a 'Messianic' past is harder, though because of fears of proselytizing Jews to bring them to Christ. So... if there are Messianic 'Jews' reading this (and I am hardly the authority on Judaism, but still :)), please consider this. If you want to embrace Judaism for its own sake, go for it. We have a tradition of welcoming the stranger and convert. But if you want to hold onto your faith in Christ, please pursue other avenues. You are doing Christianity, Judaism and yourself a disservice. Thanks for listening
  13. This book came up in one of the Lina threads as a common gateway to Christians becoming FakeJews. heartofwisdom.com/biblicalholidays/2011/10/13/a-family-guide-to-the-biblical-holidays/ This is a 39 page sample. heartofwisdom.com/Acrobat/BHPreview2.0.pdf Has anybody encountered this book before? They claim that Jewish holidays that were around for thousands of years before Jesus are actually in place to "foreshadow" Jesus and are "G-d's way of teaching about Jesus." As a Jew, this makes about as much sense to me as if someone were to say that Jewish holidays are here to teach about L. Ron Hubbard. There is also this "parable": Are they not aware that the things I bolded are also a part of Jewish celebrations? The holidays all have themes--freedom (Passover), atonement (Yom Kippur), trees are awesome (Tu B'shvat--oh wait, they leave this one out of the book.) Jews dress up in costumes for Purim, they decorate their homes for many holidays and give gifts at Purim. Do they write these things off as "unbiblical?" Are they completely oblivious to the fact that all holidays, religious and "pagan," involve rituals and customs?
  14. Guest

    Messianic Blog

    Keepers at Home messianickah.ning.com/ Boy these women have it ALL going on from appendectomies to runaway husbands. They may just replace Lina in my life.
  15. So, some background... A blog in Lina's Blogroll (crazyjewishconvert.blogspot.com) had a post warning that Lina is not a convert, but a Messianic Jew. In response, this girl posted this video: youtube.com/watch?v=G9v-yxIeyZg (And here's her blog: thenicolefactor.blogspot.com) After watching her video (and the one where she sings, haha) and reading this post: thenicolefactor.blogspot.com/2011/10/antimissionaries-get-more-vile-every.html I commented on her blog saying that, as a Jew I am aware that Jesus was Jewish, however I will never accept him as the messiah. I told her it is offensive to pretend you want to practice Judaism to get into a congregation, only to turn around and start preaching about Jesus is offensive. Also, I let her know that my choosing to practice the religion of Jesus and not the religion about him is not a threat to her. Well, the comment wasn't posted, but then she responded with this post: thenicolefactor.blogspot.com/2011/10/roustabout-with-antimissionaries-which.html Uh, ok. Yea, whatever...
  16. Jocelyn from A Pondering Heart has a post about Sukkot, which I found odd since last time I checked it's not for a while and Rosh Hashanah has barely gone by, but I'm used to fake Jews, and the Dixons in particular, butchering the religion they claim to practice. aponderingheart.com/blog/?p=5275#comments However, someone did point this out to her in the comments and she answered that they're following the "Scriptural Enochian Calendar". She also put up a new post rehashing the old argument that Christianity is really the same thing as Judaism, so as usual she's implying that both Jews and Christians have been doing it wrong for thousands of years. Anyway, has anyone heard of the Enochian calendar and why might fundies like it? From google, it seems like something a little dodgy.
  17. Quick question (with apologies if this has been covered before), but I was reading Brandy's Brood/Corimer Family Blog because now I'm fascinated by Torah-observant Christian (thanks, y'all). In this post: brandysbrood.blogspot.com/2011/07/meeting-tanya.html she mentions making this: http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/2008/04 ... ckpot.html (which I may try this winter) with no adjustments ... So kosher=not so much?
  18. The discussion of Torah Observant Christians and Messianic Jews inspired me to check on the Messianic Jews Doin' It Wrong tumblr (http://fucknomessianicjews.tumblr.com/) where I found this link on a Christian University offering a Masters degree in Messianic Jewish Studies. http://www.talbot.edu/degrees/master-of ... messianic/ This program "provides training and preparation for a variety of professional ministries that serve the Jewish community in roles such as Messianic congregational leader, outreach, missions worker, or educator." Students will be able to "Employ knowledge of Jewish culture and values effectively in diverse ministry situations" and "Develop skills of ministry specifically appropriate for the Jewish community." All I could think is that now they've found a way for students to deeply offend thousands of people AND waste their money.
  19. I've just started reading this site so I don't know how good the snark material will be. wrestlewithyah.webs.com/ I believe that a young man is the writer. He commented on the site, On The Box so I followed the link in his name to his webpage. As an older teen, I rode a bus from Florida to NC. It was not fun. I can't imagine how much worse it would be to share a bus with someone concerned about ungodly conversation and the bloodguilt of cities. With my luck, these people would have been my seat partner.
  20. Kelya

    Aglow International

    Does anyone know anything about them or have any personal experience with them? They're listed in the local religion section and its a day off for me, so I might head over. The advertisement in the paper talks about the of some Messanic Jews who are going to speaking. Their website is sort of difficult to navigate. I'll report in with details in a few days, but if anyone's been or knows of them, please do tell!
  21. Soldier of the One

    Blog about growing up in pseudo-Jewish cult

    This blog is by a thoughtful, brave woman with quite the story: her father founded an ultra-patriarchal pseudo-Jewish cult in which he abused his children, including her. He married her off at 12 to a 15 year old boy and finally the two of them ran off. She is now an Orthodox woman in a normative Orthodox community and she is describing her path to healing and self-discovery while at the same time trying to navigate her conservative worldview. One of the things that made my head explode was her story of how her father would force her mother to wear a face veil - even inside the house. Her father also made her mother kneel every time he entered the room. It's a horrible, tragic story but one with a happy ending, I hope. http://marriedat12.blogspotDOTcom I am breaking the link because I don't want her to feel watched or want her to flounce. I only wish her the best.
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