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Found 392 results

  1. I noticed it when I was reading Teri's Moms Corner article. BTW the newest Moms corner is a pip. When they go to CO and go hike a 14er, they get up at 1:30 am for their bible time.
  2. justakitten

    Caroling/Maxhell Christmas - MERGE

    The Maxwells went caroling! Again! Maybe it's deja vu, but it feels like the exact same pictures/poses/neighbors/houses as their caroling adventure last year.
  3. albanuadh_1

    Looking for a few good men...

    New Maxwell post up.
  4. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2294 ... pt=hp_bn15
  5. Talitha Cumi

    A Saturday With the Moodys (Maxwells)

    Last Saturday I attended the Energize! conference. Teri, Anna, and Sarah were met. Copious notes were taken. Steve was determined to be off his rocker. I'm going to write each session as a separate post, as I have the energy, because I will tell you that conference wore me the hell out. I got home, fell asleep, and slept most of Sunday. It takes a lot of effort to be undercover for six hours when you disagree with the entire premise of everything. Everything I do, I do for FJ. At least I didn't lie. I talked about my kids, about how the oldest is in school, and that I work part-time as a librarian. Anna and Teri seemed very interested in my family, and they really were sweet. My main issues were with Steve, which I'll get to in the next few posts. Summary: It's good that the world hates us, children, DEATH, no fun ever. You probably know all this already. {L_MESSAGE_HIDDEN}: I totally lied to everyone. I have no children; I used my nieces and nephews as my kids, I took 10 years off my age so I could say I got married young, and I'm a full-time law librarian who supervises men. I'm hiding it because I don't want Anna to feel bad that I lied to her so much. She really was sweet.
  6. Dark Matters

    Maxwells shilling for Scamaritan

    Wonder if they are getting compensation for this post? blog.titus2.com/2014/12/20/health-insurance-alternative-samaritan-ministries/
  7. Milly-Molly-Mandy

    Duggar Maxwell wedding

    Do you think Steve would allow one of his daughters (say Mary) to marry a Duggar boy? He would get more publicity for his products but I think he feels the Duggars aren't as religious as he is (is anyone?!)
  8. In the comment section, they said they are now in an assisted living home. They were in a nursing home. (One of the FJ's who recently attended their "show" also said Steve stated they now had "church" in an assisted living home. I wonder why??? Were the "asked" to leave???
  9. ncb

    Maxwell Aunties' Tea

    Sara just posted on a tea they had with the ABC girls. It struck me as so sad. In any other family it would be perfectly fine but, when you consider the aunties' lives you are reminded that these little girls are the closest thing they have to friends. I also realized that Mary is closer in age to Abby than she is to Sarah and thus is perhaps Mary's closest age playmate besides reversal Anna. Also, I wonder if Abby got scolded for not having "God" at the top of her thankful list! I'm assuming tomorrow's post will include thank you lists for the rest of the Maxwells. Any guesses as to what they're thankful for???
  10. Whoopie! I now got a hankering for some rotissere chicken at my local deli after reading that post.
  11. Has anyone else noticed the newest banner ad on Titus2? It's a whole new level of creepy. "The State of Your Children's Hearts" "Discover the essential keys ot keeping your children's hearts. Written by parents of eight, who have raised children who have not rebelled. It is possible." ...Children who have not rebelled, will not rebel, cannot rebel (because their head will wind up in a jar on the fireplace! Mwhahahaha!) In the wake of things like the Jeubs and Homeschoolers Anonymous, sounds like Steve has been led by the Lord (inspired by the thought of terrified parents) to show everyone how to do it (make more money).
  12. theologygeek

    The Maxwells Own A Lot Of Property

    This doesn't seem like the sons are buying homes with money that they saved. It's more like the "Maxwell Family Trust" aka Steve spending money from their God business on land or property and giving it to the kids when they get engaged. http://jade.kgs.ku.edu/orka2/MainPage.aspx#top1 Then click Leavenworth from the dropdown menu, then click OK on the next page, then type in the word Maxwell under last name, then search.
  13. Joe and Elissa had an open house on Sat for "friends" and neighbors who couldn't make it to the wedding. Jesse was the door guy, wonder if he had to preach about death everytime someone knocked.
  14. Paperplate

    The Maxwells ate candy!!!!

    In a new blog post Sarah does a really bad job of explaining Operation Christmas Child to her readers. The Maxwells had apparently never heard of it. Now they're eagerly taking part. One of the accompanying pics show Mary and Anna packing boxes ... but they kept some of the candy from the poor children and ate it themselves!! Those gluttons! Wait till Steve finds out ...
  15. Justme

    The Maxwell's garage is a PIGSTY!!

    They had a family day of cleaning it. Oh, and the newlyweds are so happy!!!
  16. WonderingInWA

    Maxwell "God's Plan" post

    The latest post on the blog is entitled "God's Plan". It's quite evasive since there's no other text than...wait for it...SCRIPTURE, but it has that ominous feel to it, like something bad happened. Any speculation?
  17. itonramp.com/courses/iphone-i-ssentials/57 Well actually, he'll teach you about blocking access to websites and limiting the capabilities of your iPhone. Are there seriously people who will pay for this? I guess the people who have google blocked on their iPhone have to, but jesus....what a waste of money.
  18. WonderingInWA

    Maxwell's Georgia Conference

    Latest post is up and talks about what a great time they had at the Georgia conference. Is it just me or does this sound extraordinarily better than most conferences? My radar is up on this Mr. M. (the guy who bought pizza) and the happy photos of Sarah outside the church next to the cross and also of Teri with some other woman who seems to maybe would have a son Sarah's age? I know I'm maybe reading too much into it, but does anyone else get the feeling maybe this is leading to another surprise, that maybe Sarah is entering into a courtship? Okay, wishful thinking, I know...but I'm curious to hear others' thoughts.
  19. From his latest email: So, you see, it's not about having descendants because everyone including him knows his daughters aren't getting married anytime soon. It's all about the waitresses and call center employees you pester convert. Also the whole world is pagan except the Maxwells. Just so you know. Now you can't say nobody told you.
  20. Well blessed be Uriah made it to Tenn without breaking down! They tried something new this time Sadly poor Sarah can not even comprehend that families may not be able to make the 5PM sessions due to Mom's work schedule or the children's extra-circular activities schedule. No, the only possible reason has to be Dad's work schedule. PS: Steve, there is a typo in last sentence, should read "There are".
  21. Somehow, I distinctly remember read that the Maxwells blogged about how they had quietly left the flooding RV park. I misremembered entirely. Here is the link – blog.titus2.com/2011/05/11/uriah-pulls-out-from-the-murky-waters/ The actual report from whoever blogged it, says that they followed out a semi trailer who was not blowing his horn to alert other campers of the impending doom, so then Steve blew the bus's airhorn and that a few campers came to their doors to see what was up. I am embarrassed, and very sorry that I told the untrue story at least twice in the past few weeks. I'm hereby taking a break from all things Maxwell, because apparently my negative feelings toward them have overcome my usual habit of checking facts before I speak or post. A lot. Steve, since you're probably reading this, I apologize to you and your family. That's all, folks.
  22. RecoveringFundie

    Can someone give me a Maxwell summary?

    I've read many of their posts in the "Individual Families" section, but I'd love a few people's takes on their beliefs in a nutshell. They definitely seem to be on the deep-end of crazy. Reading the archived posts only gives you small glimpses at a time and I'd love to read a few bullet points or a paragraph on what you've garnered over the years of following them. Like Stevhovah's beliefs for his family or what not. I want to start getting into them (and have added their blog feed), but I feel like I'm not getting the "full experience" yet because I don't have a handle on them yet.
  23. The Maxcult is on its way to Colorado for their annual communing with nature and each other extravaganza. Some might call it a vacation, but I fully understand how they don't see it that way. They can't. I don't exactly know how they accomplish any special family time in Colorado over Kansas; it's not like they live their lives among other human beings. I'd kill myself if I had to spend 24/7 in that environment and then try to pretend that the same thing in a different location is anything special or different. My idea of a vacation involves getting away from the people I am with every day. Of course I am a hell bounth heathen, so there you have it.
  24. Not certain if this has ever been discussed before. For some strange reason, I was thinking about this last night. What would the minimum monthly ( or yearly) income would the Maxwells require to function? The house, undoubtedly, has been paid for years ago but the utilities, groceries, maintenance, insurances, gas all cost. Even their 'vacations' and conferences ( not to mention the cameras!!) wouldn't be cheap. Do they really bring in that much money or does Steve have really good pensions? ETA: I'm not from the States so I don't know a lot of the costs there.
  25. I find the religious signoffs the Maxwells use in the blog posts interesting in a non-snarky way. I'd never seen this particular aspect of weird fundie-speak before LJ introduced me to the blog. Late last night, the LORD laid it upon my heart to gather a list of them. It was His will, totally not me procrastinating and avoiding a work project. In order of popularity: Love Joyfully His Trusting In Jesus In Christ Only for Jesus Serving Jesus Rejoicing in Jesus Blessings In Christ Jesus Delighting in Jesus Resting in Jesus Serving the King of kings Thanks for praying Blessings in Jesus God bless In Jesus May you have a blessed afternoon rejoicing in Jesus Merry Christmas from a white Kansas Only for my Savior Praying for those still affected Rejoicing in His gift of another day Rejoicing in my Savior Rejoicing in our Savior Rejoicing in the One Who is Worthy Serving my Lord Serving My Risen Savior Thank you With a Grateful Heart With Love With love for all the rest "Resting in Jesus" kinda creeps me out, to be honest. This list contains posts from every month back to the beginning in 2006, but not all posts. My script pulls data from Google's cache instead of hitting the Titus2 blog, and after several rounds of testing my IP was flagged for suspicious activity. So, I have to answer a captcha for the next 24 hours whenever I use Google search and I need to wait to test the part that gets the rest of the posts.
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