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Found 392 results

  1. OMG, they are going on vacation. Isn't that evil? It sounds like they might even have some (gasp!) FUN! I'll be praying for them that vacation doesn't become an idol...
  2. Markie

    Maxwell Normal Life...

    How would Sarah or the rest of the Maxwells know what normal life is? They have not lived a normal life, nor do they make any attempts to pretend they do. The Maxwells are very proud of their abnomal life and riddicule those going about their normal lives. Any bets on whether they will have some pictures of the girls cleaning and the boys hanging out by their laptops? Perhaps a Uriah overhaul? Or perhaps the poor little granddaughter trying to clean while wearing her ill-fitting long jumpers and her chore pack?
  3. Was excited to see this in the comments on Mary's 15th B'day post: Meredith_in_Aus says: August 22, 2011 at 8:43 am Happy birthday, Mary! What a lovely place to be celebrating in. Even though I’ve “known†your family since 1999, I didn’t realise that you are the same age as my eldest daughter. What a lovely surprise. May you enjoy all of God’s abundant blessings today. In Him Meredith in Australia >>>>>>>>>>>>> BTW, we are praying that the Lord would send us to Australia Steve Oooh, they would be prepared to deal with the ebil airport scanners just to visit you!
  4. johnhugh

    Maxwells History

    I’m pretty new here, and only found the forum as I was searching for dirt on the Dugger’s. However since I’ve been here it is the Maxwell’s which fascinate me. So I know that: Steve had issues at work after being asked out to lunch with a female colleague. Terrie (unfortunately) suffers from depression They have a church for the ‘elderly’. (poor sods) Anna became Anna Marie They have a fab CD with hits such as “Daddy on his knees†They don’t do fun. But how did they go from a normal Christian family to this odd lifestyle? What was their turning point?
  5. johnhugh

    Maxwells Elderly @ the Elderly home.

    I've been naughty and the idiots have raptured: John says: August 22, 2011 at 10:36 am What were the elderly doing at the elderly home for their church this week? I think it’s great and a blessing how you minster the elderly at the elderly home. John >>>>>>>>>>>>>> The C. family who normally worships with us took over the service for us. We are very grateful for them. Steve
  6. Or can they only hang out with the family?
  7. Patsy

    Idolatry and the Maxwells

    My idea of 'idolatry', in a more balance perspective, is something that you are obsessed with, that overtakes your life, or that you place more power in than actually exists. A more extreme idea of idolatry would be anything that you allow to take more time or interest in your life than God. The Maxwells' definition is batshit, but it leads to freakish obsession itself. Cleaning and death, cleaning and death, cleaning and death. Even if the obsession with death is related to their religious beliefs, they've created idols. I think most little kids who like TV aren't as obsessed, burdened and pre-occupied with TV as they are with constant, measured, prim living - cleaning and death, cleaning and death. Has anyone ever asked them if they've made these things into idols?
  8. ricky_ticky

    Maxwell music

    I think it's wonderful that the Maxwells have found an outlet for their music entertaining the elderly. I don't mean to be harsh or judgmental when observing that the elderly in our society are starved for attention and therefore not highly discerning. Many probably have suffered some hearing loss and feel comforted by familiar, repetitive music like the Maxwells play. Seems like a win-win situation for all involved. If you haven't already, you have to listen to the sample of Trust "eend" Obey here: titus2.com/ecommerce/products/prod_listing.php/3000
  9. I'm a long time lurker ~ can't even remember how I found the board. Have read on and off for a year or two. I'm a former Conservative Christian homeschooler (basically a fundie wannabe). My religious and political beliefs have changed enormously in the past five years or so. I alternately chuckle and am stunned when I read the interpretations here of the Fundie world. I started out as a Christian who wanted to homeschool and cut my teeth on the Pearls. I'm very surprised they aren't mentioned more often here on FJ. Then I moved on to Gentle Spirit (Cheryl Seelhoff) and An Encouraging Word. My idols were the Maxwells...I've followed them since the beginning. Mary Pride, Joyce Swan, Vision Forum, the Bluedorns...this was my world for several years. And to top it off my family personally knows the J*ubs. I've been at their house, emailed, telephoned, babysat, etc. And yes, I clearly remember the whole Alicia episode. I have purchased and read nearly everything put out by the Pearls, Maxwells, and J*ubs. Interestingly, I know very little about the Duggars. We don't have cable so I've never watched their show. I've seen snippets here and there in the media and visited their website. If they want to have a bazillion kids, so be it, but they are so clearly exploiting their children and getting paid big bucks!! It makes me sick to see their gorgeous house, etc....all paid for by TLC, I presume. So why am I delurking? Apparently, I'm very naive. As I read through their blogs daily, I was surprised to see so many positive comments. When I would be particularly aggravated by their ignorance, stupidity, unreasonableness, or lack of common sense, I would think "Why can't anyone else see through this???" By reading here, I found out that these Fundie bloggers delete comments that oppose their views. I was furious. I can see deleting comments that have vulgar language or are just mean, but to delete comments just because they disagree with you?? To make you look better to the other readers?? So you don't have to explain yourself? Grrr... So here I am...any questions?
  10. Eclipse

    Did the Maxwells delete a blog post?

    Earlier I read a post on the Maxwells' blog about an old lady that they had come to know at the nursing home who wasn't very welcoming of their indoctrination but had attended a few services and had accepted a Bible. A couple of the children visited her in the hospital and held her hand. However she didn't accepted their message and she went to a different nursing home upon release. The lady had died and the author (I think it was Sarah) was discussing how this lady was going to hell unless she had cast off the shackles of her false religion. Now I can't find the post. Did anyone else see it?
  11. http://youtu.be/uZ7-n930zJo And guess what ??? They're having FUN! FUN! FUN!
  12. http://www.theonion.com/articles/im-not ... ing,10913/
  13. I found this thread a few months back on the Well-Trained Mind forums. Some FJers were mentioning today on another thread that the Maxwells are extreme even compared to some of the "out there" fundies we talk about here. It seems the very conservative women on the Well-Trained Mind forums agree! An interesting read; welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=150618
  14. kpmom

    Spam is the Work of Satan

    The Maxwells are adding a step if you want to comment on their blog, in that you have to type in random words before you submit a comment to ensure you are a human. Apparently they are having spam issues, as I'm sure all blogs do (and forums like this). No argument with any of that (although I do wonder if Sarah or Steve are ever tempted to look at those porn links), but I had to laugh at one of the commentators who said all of spam on blogs is just Satan interfering with the Lord's work. So, the next time we get spam here, just remember, it is only Satan. And don't you feel better reading here, knowing we are doing the Lord's work? titus2.com/blog/index.php/2011/07/01/dealing-with-spam/#comments
  15. (Drum roll please...............................) Publications on courtship! Ta Da!! Uh, hasn't this been done before, way too many times. Also, I think they should have to get at least half their brood married off (including at least one girl) before they can publish. Personally, I would love to know if Papa Maxwell has a list of "courtship questions" should any godly man come asking about his daughters.
  16. titus2.com/blog/index.php/2011/06/16/the-clock-is-ticking/ I can't see them giving up such a lucrative business so soon....
  17. contrary

    new maxwell family photo

    sigh. those girls....is there something in the new testament about brow wax?
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