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  1. Apparently Lori Alexander's book is a go. So many things to say about that, but instead, we'll just carry on from here:
  2. Molestation is no big deal, and causes no emotional issues, according to Ken. I think I'll post the rest, as well. Here it is. By "garbage," he means people getting upset or feeling injured when they are molested. They are just processing it wrong.
  3. I found this latest "godly' woman on Lori Alexander's blog. At first she seems innocent enough, but check out the discussion here https://biblicalgenderroles.com/2016/04/25/benefits-sexually-obedient-wife/ and how she continually lays into Anna, despite Anna being as nice as can be. A sample---- Dragonfly: I guess she missed Lori's flowchart on being offended?! She is so upset that Anna doesn't appreciate the hours, weeks she spends helping women online. Its like she wants a frickin medal, but hey no one is asking her to do this. She goes on and on, making no sense: So after she is done with her godly, scolding rant...she decides she isn't offended after all!
  4. Lori and Ken still can not quit the internet and continue to babble about nothing. Continue you discussion and while you are at it, don't forget to employ some GoogleTactics. Part 1: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=26285 Part 2: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=26285 Part 3: Part 4:
  5. I am crying now. If this was a post, it would be: The One Where Ken Offers to Coach The Donald. The fist part of the post is a breakdown of all of the things Ken doesn't like about Trump. I'll put the highlights in bold: Now wait for it: Horrible, horrible man- but if it's between a horrible man and a woman, Ken will take the horrible man any day. The solution: Of course he's reading! I am sure The Godly Mentor is at the top of his list. Just think how excited he'll be when he sees that yet another post has been dedicated to NOT complaining (it's satanic you know) about him! This is definitely the funnies thing Ken has ever "helped written" on Lori's blog.
  6. lorialexander.blogspot.com/2014/11/judging-other-mothers-choices.html Now you might be asking yourself where in the Bible it says that Lori is commanded to express her opinion on what she believes is best for children. Good question. Don't hold your breath waiting for Lori to answer it. Selfish she says?!? Lori Alexander: ***It is worth noting that in other places she has claimed it was from 3 weeks on*** Selfish??? How can letting a tiny infant cry all night be selfish? Neurological smurological...mama needs her sleep! This woman is beyond ridiculous. No one cares what YOU think is best for THEIR children Lori.
  7. Here's a heart-warming description of a father's love for his children: from the secret comment section of this post: lorialexander.blogspot.ca/2014/09/distinguishing-between-needs-and.html#idc-container I know this was mentioned in one of the other Lori megaposts, but I found this so horrifying that it needs its own thread. If Ken claims that he loved his babies dearly after the age of 6 months - then he must be saying that he did NOT love his babies during their first 6 months. I don't think this is a one-off. Ken's made comments like this before, about having no interest in babies under 6 months. He also made this lovely comment, giving advice to a young husband and father: From comment section of this post: lorialexander.blogspot.ca/2014/01/the-self-discipline-of-one-flesh.html Aside from the shitty advice to physically restrain a wife - which may very well be illegal in some jurisdictions - Ken thinks that it is perfectly appropriate for a father to stop caring for his own child if he has a problem with the mother. Can't you just feel the love as he refers to this man's child as "the kid" instead of "your child"? Guess what, Ken? My husband and BILs may be heading straight to hell (according to you) because none of them believe in Jesus, but they all fell head over heels in love with their babies from day one. Caring for "the kid" wasn't a chore or a favor done to reward the mother. They actually wanted to be with their own babies. I also really have to wonder about the parenting here if Ken thinks that there is nothing interesting about a baby for the fist 6 months, and that 2 mo old babies just scream. Babies start to interact from the beginning. That study with Dr. Feldman assessed fathers' interaction at 6 weeks and 6 months. Another study by Dr. Feldman found that when fathers had higher levels of oxytocin and interacted with their babies, the level of oxytocin in the BABIES also increased. Research has also shown that oxytocin makes babies happier. I know that some babies are just colicky, but I have to wonder if Ken thinks that 2 mo old babies are just screaming bundles of misery because his kids didn't get the contact that they needed from either parent. Ken obviously had no interest in them, and Lori was insisting that they sleep train by 3-6 weeks.
  8. So basically Lori says we should be sheep mothers and Not Goat mothers. Supposedly Sheep stay near their young and Goats go away to forage. Also that Satan is the one that makes us put our kids in ebil public school. (It's basically an article that someone else wrote that Lori agreed with and thus posted.) lorialexander.blogspot.com/
  9. Old thread was getting long. Plus, everyone needs to see this monstrosity. The question was asked on this post: lorialexander.blogspot.com/2014/09/she-was-into-real-estate-investing.html Because Lori said that no matter what, God will provide for you if you have enough faith to stay home. Lori replied That's right. It's better to give up your kids than be a working mother.
  10. Once again we have Lori admonishing women to do things the "godly" way when she in fact did NOT do so. We are once again reminded by the woman who had a nanny how much children need their mothers. The woman who brags about making her kids spend no less than two hours in their rooms each day is reminding the rest of us how badly kids need to be in the presence of their mothers. So - all children everywhere, from the beginning of time need to be with their mothers. Except Lori's; because kids bug her. Then we have all sorts of daycare providers chiming in to disparage working mothers, completely ignoring the facts that they would have no income for their own families if these women were not working and leaving their children with a daycare provider. Lori reminds us that if a man can provide a home and food for his family, then a woman should not work. Does that mean that the husbands of these daycare operators are NOT providing for their families? After all, if these husbands were providing well for their families, their wives would not have the need to babysit other people's children. I just love it when Lori's readers fall all over themselves to Out-Christian each other.
  11. generationcedar.com/main/2013/05/women-work-freedom-one-big-fat-suicidal-error.html Also known as: Women could totally save the economy if they would just quit their jobs See? Kelly's not trying to oppress women! She just wants them to stay the hell at home where they belong. And that's nice damnit! If my great-grandmother, grandmother, or mother had stopped working "tomorrow" I'll tell you what would have happened overnight: Starvation. My grandmother walked herself to work in order to help my grandfather put beans (yes beans) on the table and a roof over my mother's head. When my grandparents died they still had some beans they refused to eat because they ate too damn many during the "lean years". She walked in the cold and everything else to a job that allowed her to buy my mother a tiny red rocking chair for Christmas that we still have to this day, and she did it all before it was "cool" for women to have a jobs. She helped to blaze a trail for smug women like Kelly who have no appreciation for the fact that we have an OPTION now. We have a choice. And the choice that's right for you and your kids might not be the choice that's right for me and mine. Umm yeah, that would be a no. My father was more than capable of working, but he decided he liked drinking better. My mom nearly worked herself to death keeping us housed and fed. She worked her way up the corporate ladder and I am so damn proud of the life she has today. You know what that taught me? Work ethic. You know what else it taught me? Women can do anything they damn well put their minds to, especially if they've got little kids counting on them. And from the comments: From Cindy at Get Along Home Kelly:
  12. lorialexander.blogspot.com/2013/03/oprah-winfrey-vs-michelle-duggar.html There are things about Oprah that piss me off, but Oprah isn't a giant asshole like Mullet. If Oprah had kids, she would have been raising them herself. Mullet daughters are 24/7 babysititers. Oprah and her partner Stedman probably respect each other more than Mullet and Boob do. ETA: Link and I will also add that the Duggar children probably won't be making huge contributions to society unless they escape Boob and Mullet.
  13. Lori's latest blog posting is about heretics and why "the church" is weak. Her advice is to read the Bible and obey it. Yeah Lori that isn't going to work well today for various reasons. I guess if Lori's son Ryan dies before having a son, her other son will marry Ryan's widow to have a son lorialexander.blogspot.com/2012/10/bad-religion-in-america.html
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