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Found 47 results

  1. From our favorite mega-commenter at the 19K&C Facebook page, the Duggar Family Fans blog is reporting that Kelly Bates had her baby. There is no word yet on the Bates family blog. duggarfamilyfans.blogspot.com/
  2. Kelly Bates updated her blog this morning to post her son's letter that goes on to sing the praises of Santorum, and to explain why he is the only choice for America... prepare to eyeroll. http://gilbatesfamily.com/2012/01/31/bella-santorum/
  3. Just had a looksee over at the Bates blog and found there is a lot of discussion going on about Santorum and their Political beliefs and such. Amazingly Kelly isn't just keeping sweet, shes actually making a stand and stating what she believes! http://gilbatesfamily.com/2012/01/20/th ... /#comments This is surprising considering in the past she has always tried to 'keep sweet' and never really let on a lot of their beliefs. These are just the quotes from Kelly, to see the full overview and others responses/questions go to the site above.
  4. I have a sneaking suspicion her little blessing arrived a tad early. Unless she was confirmed to be at that Santorum rally on Friday (I couldn't see the faces in that crowd to ascertain ANY Bateses there). Anyone?
  5. I feel it's quite soon, but I couldn't tell how pregnant she was in the latest family pics under the shapeless frumper...
  6. So, there seems to be a prevailing feeling on this board that the Bates family is somehow more benign that other fundy families we know. I myself thought this and have even been impressed at how humbly Kelly responds to critical comments on their blog. She is often very self-effacing and does not try to change people's minds about her family's lifestyle, parenting choices etc. I thought the most recent thread of comments (on the Romania post) back and forth about different beliefs and parenting outlooks would be a good opportunity for me to share my thoughts and appreciation of the way Kelly handles criticism so, I submitted a comment. I no longer have the text of the original comment (it was deleted or never posted and I didn't save a copy) but it went something like this: I told her that I admired the way she handled criticism and agreed that it can be hard when people criticize your family. I said I understand this because I am a mom of twins who also have another mom (my partner). I said that sometimes I wish we could all see how much we have in common in valuing our children and families and that I would never want to restrict her ability to have the type of family she wants because I know what it is like to have people tell you that your family is not valid. It was a pretty benign and genuine post. I didn't get political, I didn't try to change minds but, of course, it never got posted and I am sure that they would never approve a post from an openly gay person who actually mentioned being gay, no matter how mundane. It made me realize that aside from the kind words and the charming exterior, these people are bigots at heart. They do think most of us are doomed to hell and one of the main reasons they home-school is to keep their kids away from families and children like mine. They also take it upon themselves to try to legislate families like mine out of existence (they will always fail at that). I just needed a reminder that these people are in the business of doing PR for a movement that warps the bible to their own political purposes and that their children are often the biggest victims of this sort of cultish ideology. People may think the Bates are somehow less fame hungry than the Duggars, and that may be true but, they are just as entrenched in an ideology that views anyone unlike them as dangerous influence and doomed to an eternity in hell.
  7. SamuraiKatz

    New Bates Blog

    Erin was allowed to make this entry. I only found one stand out grammatical error in her post. This makes me think Kelly is the better SOTDRT teacher. gilbatesfamily.com/2011/11/26/romania/ P.S. I tried to read Mullet's blog this evening. As I read through her most recent entries, all I could think was: Good grief! You've written TWO books and this is the best you can do? TLC needs to provide a ghost writer or tutor or something....
  8. All kinds of links to "advice" on relationship--all from ATI/IBLP or "approved" resources.....At least Kelly is ok.....
  9. Hope all is well in Tennessee but no new posts from the Bates in quite a while now.
  10. We are extremely excited about the Duggars wonderful news of the new baby God has graciously formed. So many have been helped by the Duggars example of patience, sacrifice, self-less love, and Christian faith (including us!) We rejoice with the family and pray earnestly for the safe pregnancy and delivery of their 20th child! We are challenged by their contagious optimistic faith!May God likewise give each of us the strength, wisdom, and humility to serve Him whole heartedly in various areas of our lives! Jessa Duggar expressed it well in a recent Today Show interview when she was asked if it was difficult to live under the pressures placed on them to be “perfect, model childrenâ€â€¦ Her humble response was in essence: “It’s not about us, but about helping others see the love of Christ!†May God help each of us have this same desire to direct all praise and attention to Him! Sounds like a press release. What were they REALLY thinking?
  11. IReallyAmHopewell

    In Bates withdrawl?

    It's been over a week and no new post. I really, sincerely hope they are just sick of answering comments and not that anything has gone wrong for Kelly and the new baby.
  12. I commented on our favorite too-big family in TN (yes, I'm trying not to name them, keep us of their radar.). I asked why their boys are doing water sports in jeans and pants and if Gothard disallows wearing shorts. I said to my knowledge the verse in Isiah about nakedness has to do with the thigh being exposed, not the calf and that they'd be so much more comfortable and safer (ever tried to swim in jeans?? They are heavy!) in swim trunks. Several other people asked the same thing and she answered them, but totally deleted mine. I worked hard to sound sincere and kind. I think it's because I mentioned Gothard, implying they follow him more than the bible. I wasn't going to, but I just felt compelled to sneak that in there. I'm irritated that they deleted my post. I'm considering commenting asking why they did, but then they'll probably start moderating their comments before posting them and I don't want to be the one who gets them to do that. It's more fun to post comments and actually have them show up, at least temporarily.
  13. This is her response from the Bates blog. Thank you for your concern for Lawson. Actually, he volunteered to extend that money. Erin taught piano and paid hers off. Zach paid his off through his work. It was his own choice and we were so grateful he had such a generous willing heart to do such a kind deed for his family! We teach the children responsibility and gratitude, so the children were faithful at keeping payment records and I think their hearts were all drawn closer together as a result of seeing their brother’s sensitivity to them. Zach had already determined to turn the car down and Erin had already decided not to return to school when he made the offer to help. We were all so blessed!!! I wouldn’t trade that character for anything and I’m so glad the children showed their gratefulness in return by paying him back. As for the end for Lawson… none of our children asked him; it was a willing offer that he never had to make… I’m so glad that money was not his first priority, but rather investing into the lives of others. We’ve all learned from his example! He may never loan anyone money again, but he certainly made a lasting impression this time! Love, Kelly Although I don't agree with any of their beliefs they seemed more real and more "christian" like than the Duggars seemed but it seems they are all the same. I don't get it. I really don't.
  14. The BATES use LAWSON'S income, but claim they only use one income. They even teach that in ATI.......hmmmmmmmmm. I suppose the do not "count" that because the pay him back at some point? So much for "no debt"....... NIGHTLINE: http://abcnews.go.com/US/tennessee-fami ... 190&page=2 Also you can read about the Twitter thing here http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=249523481745673 (Make sure to click on "See More" so you can read all of the instructions)
  15. IReallyAmHopewell

    Bates attend REAL colleges

    So how come the Bates kids can attend a community college and a local Christian College without becoming tube-top wearing sluts or green haired guys, but the Duggars are stuck with College Plus?? I'm disappointed in the Bates for taking advantage of Lawson's bank account, but I still have more respect for them--they are letting their kids grow up a little bit and are letting them have a tiny, tiny bit of freedom. I imagine both Michaella and Zach either had to take the same classes or take a sibling, but still! If it's like our very rural, very small community college there's still an impressive cross section of humanity!
  16. I'm posting from my phone at the moment so I can't copy/paste links but check out the comments section of the tent meeting post of the Bateses blog gilbatesfamily.com/blog One commenter is a military wife and wants advice on having a large family while her husband is away. (her name is amanda, but there are two amandas posting). Another commenter, kay, pretty much tells her to wait on having more children. Then kelly gets involved. W ishat great is that it seems that kay recently sent the bateses a nice care package with things for the kids do kelly can't just block her comments from the blog. Sorry for typos, I'm terrible at typing on my phone.
  17. gilbatesfamily.com/2011/07/23/more-photos-from-missouri/#comments In the responses, someone asked if "Quiverfull" families had different rules about holding hands and Kelly replied: What a lying hypocrite! She spells it like they do in QF literature, then recognizes it as a movement, but implies it's a "group." Which is it, Kelly? I can't believe Kelly has the gall to completely deny knowledge of QF or how it works. Even the Duggars admit to knowing what it is, although they're trying to distance themselves from it. As for the bible verse; if anyone knows how to dig through internet archives, the Duggars had it on their website masthead for quite some time c. 2007-8, only changing it when the weekly show started and they began to catch some heat, and these families were BFF's. Puhleeeease.... PS Kelly: IBLP is also a "movement" unless you consider it your "religion." Her bloomers are definitely on fire.
  18. FloraDoraDolly

    Kelly Bates is pregnant

    She is 9 weeks along, according to their latest blog article.
  19. Lawson is working on a low budget Christian western and a few Bateses visited Arizona.He is fine looking man,I'll say. Gil is both working on losing a baby over a cliff and looking both pervy and derpy in the Erin photo.Who says Fundie men aren't talented? Kellys poor body is still working to keep her baby alive. Hopefully Erin is working SAHD mojo on the cute church friend who went with them.
  20. denimjumper

    Erin's hair

    It must be my lucky day for emails as not only have I gotten one from Steve Maxwell but Kelly Bates has just replied to one I sent in March asking about her daughter Erin's hair and how it stays curly. She said only Alyssa has a perm and Erin sleeps in foam rollers every other night to make her curls. So there you go.
  21. With the courtn' n hitchn' going on, I started wondering, who would be the better MIL, Michelle Duggar or Kelly Bates? I highly suspect Kelly Bates would be the better one to deal with, but you never know ... maybe Michelle would be such a space cadet it wouldn't matter, you know? I do remember Anna Duggar calling Michelle Mrs. Duggar for a crazy long time ... I wonder if that was something Michelle asked her to do, or was that something Anna was raised with. Who knows. Anyway, thoughts?
  22. ladypuglover

    Baby Bates #19?

    I'm over at twop trying to see what there is to see and found this tidbit. iblp.org/iblp/discipleship/conferences/regional2011/ I don't know if this is the one they lost or if they are pregnant again and keeping it on the down low after the loss of the last one this spring. If this is the one they lost, well then it really sucks that the site didn't change that info.
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