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Found 236 results

  1. Mrs.Right


    I wonder if Amy gets Nike'd by Moochelle ever time she comes over. Or does she change who she is by dressing in frumpers (by her standards) to appease Uncle Jim Boob.
  2. Rescinded and Mended

    Duggar Parental Guidance Interview

    I found this interview by Jim Bob and Michelle. It's from the last year or so and conducted by a couple of leghumpers. They only have two blessings, but want to be as Godly and organized as Jim Bob and Michelle are. It's 32 minutes of mostly Michelle rambling. It's quite boring, so I thought I'd summarize and highlight the relevant bits. I'll break this up into two posts. PART I 1:15 – the house must be ordered in a Godly way. Individualism does not matter, the kids must have a patient servant's heart, and both JB and M insist that they talk to their kids regularly. The kids understand they can tell their parents anything without it being made public (!). 4:50 – Michelle talks about an incident where she loses it and gets mad at the kids. She cries, screams and has a breakdown, then apologizes for yelling at them. She learns a coping mechanism that involves whispering to the kids and begging God for strength. 6:40 – Jim Bob talks about getting mad when he caught the Howlers spray painting the floor of his garage. An ATI conference helped him to better manage his anger. Another man he met there had anger issues with his family, and after attending the same series of anger-management lectures as Jim Bob, the man graciously gave his family permission to hold him accountable for when he got angry. 8:00 – Much emphasis on never getting mad or showing your true feelings. Kids are encouraged to whisper and tell one another not to get upset or ever raise their voices in anger, even in private. JB and M believe that getting upset or emotional is never productive, and kids won't respect you if you ever raise your voice. The emphasis here is apologizing for getting upset...not for being wrong. (This could explain so much about Jana being forced to hand her jewelery box over to Jessa. If Jana got too upset over Jessa teasing her and started yelling and crying, that might be why she was forced to give Jessa the box) 10:00 – Michelle actually says something sensible here about not always expecting the house to be clean when you've got a bunch of little kids in it, better to simplify, organize, and use shortcuts for meals. 12:15 – Michelle discusses how you should keep your kids inside the home all the time. If you do every activity together as a family, without any outside influence or even a church, you will have a ministry for God by the time they are in their teens, and all your kids will “love each other perfectly.†15:15 – Perfect submission is the only acceptable choice. Never touch anything that's not yours. Always obey cheerfully and without question, or kids should be punished. BONUS: optional drinking game. Take a shot or sip every time Michelle says “little ones.†You'll probably be drunk by the ten-minute mark. PART II 17:00 – Michelle tells us how she brainwashes her older kids into parenting her younger children. She lays on the guilt pretty thick. If an older buddy ever gets upset or impatient with a younger buddy, Michelle lectures them. You're older, and God requires more of you than anger. The little ones love you, look up to you, and admire you, how dare you get angry with them! When you get upset, you're telling them that they are just in the way and you don't value them. Turns out Jessa is the organizer of the group who is also in charge of the jurisdictions. More talk of teaching the little ones as early as possible. As soon as they are old enough to handle a chore, they get one. 22:00 – Michelle covers the finer points of obedience, including being cheerful, thorough, as well as doing it unconditionally and instantly. She claims there are 4 points of obedience, but covers at least 7 of them all while ratcheting the baby voice up to 11. I guess counting isn't covered in the wisdom booklets. 24:00 – Michelle tells a story where she literally tells Jackson to jump, as well as how high. It's fun because he's learning so much about how to obey in a fun way that he will enjoy. Discussion of JOY ensues, Jesus first, others second, yourself last. Jim Bob stresses the need for Patriarchy and Bible time every night, but not to be a dictator to your family. Funny, considering Michelle spends about 28 of the full 32 minutes of this interview doing most of the talking. Who's in charge here again? If you're still playing the “little ones†drinking game, then you're probably dead of alcohol poisoning by now. It's used too many times to count. Bottom line and takeaway from this mess: you don't matter now, you never will matter, and as long as you understand that and we use religion to justify your unquestioning obedience, then we, your parents, can keep popping out the blessings indefinitely and make you raise them because you are too ignorant and brainwashed to know any better.
  3. Hey guys, I'm new here! I've spent the last few days reading this forum. After discovering 19kac and thinking something was off... I googled. Anyway, I was wondering, what do you guys think would happen if (god forbid, I would never wish it upon "her children") Michelle died during this pregnancy? Would Jim Boob just marry another fundi willing to continue to pop out kid after kid? Would the kids finally flee the Duggar and fundi cults?!
  4. According to a new article by Star Magazine (http://starmagazine.com/2014/09/03/jill ... -landlord/) Jill and Derick are living in a 4000 square foot "mansion" and Jim Bob is their landlord. "ans of TLC’s 19 Kids & Counting will recall the episodes that saw the patriarch recruiting his army of children to help clean up the four-bedroom home, dubbed The Stoney Brook Project, after purchasing it from the bank in Feb. 2012. Viewers will be stunned by its transformation, which will be shown in the new season, the show’s eighth, which began on Sept. 2. While the home was purchased for a mere $95,000 when it was a wreck, it’s now worth an estimate $1.5 million, thanks to the Duggars’ renovation and its prime location on undeveloped land near the Walmart headquarters in Bentonville, Ark., where Derick works as an accountant."
  5. I know Jim Bob has said in the past that they want all the kids to stay close by even after they marry. Do you think it's so they can keep them more isolated and restrict access and exposure to normal life and normal people. It seems like Josh and Anna have had more exposure to *normals* since they moved. I wonder if Jim-Bob and Michelle are worried that such exposure will lead to them questioning the belief system and/or wanting to do things differently. I wonder how they would react if one of the kids married, moved away and decided to let their kids go to a secular school, or maybe one of the girls decides to go to university as a mature student and get a degree. Do you think they'd be shunned? Seems like JB likes to have all the control and wanting them close by means he can wield control...plus Michelle can drop off her little ones.
  6. Although Amy doesn't seem to be on as much as she used to, for a while they seemed to take her along on trips and stuff and I wondered how they reconciled her wearing pants and listening to music on her Ipod and other stuff that they don't allow their daughters to do? I mean, do they tell their girls that Amy is going to Hell? Or that she dresses like a slut? I mean, is music is so evil and leads to immoral behaviour...are they saying that will happen to Amy? It's weird that none of the older girls seem to question that. Does anyone know more about how they deal with her and their belief systems clearly clashing?
  7. FJismyheadship

    Josie left at Wal-Mart?

    http://allabouttheduggars.boards.net/th ... ar-walmart I saw this earlier today.
  8. So I've entered the dog days of summer in which I either read too much or watch too much tv. This year it's the latter. I guess Jill's wedding and all the Bates weddings have me watching a lot of episodes again, normally 2-3 per day. I have been jumping around through the seasons a bit and I am totally floored by the change in Michelle and Jim Bob's affection and conversations. When Josh and Anna were first engaged she was still giving JB that crazy love look and initiating a lot of their hugs and kisses (ick! I'd rather watch my parents make out). By the time Josie came around she acted completely different around him! She really tenses up just to give him a peck on the lips and her laughter/responses to him have turned completely fake. We all know there are some mental health issues present and I think Michelle loves JB and the kids, but I really don't think she is in love with him or happy to be with him anymore.
  9. Boob and the Dairy Queen filmed a commercial advocating for an amendment to prohibit patient privacy and rights to abortion in Tennessee. For some reason they frame their entire argument around their miscarriages despite the fact that they are totally unrelated to reproductive freedom. http://www.slate.com/blogs/xx_factor/20 ... =obnetwork (not breaking because its slate) to sum it up "children are a blessing...following the lord...children are a blessing...two miscarriages...children are a blessing"
  10. blisterine

    A Huge Commercial Space

    No, this post is not about Michelle's vagina or uterus, just to settle your mind. On the davidlovespriscilla blog, midway down, there is a mention of the Duggars arranging for the rental of a large commercial building for use as a worship space. The Duggars have arranged the rental of a commercial building where families can come together for a church fellowship. We enjoyed attending with many others. I get the sneaky feeling this is some kind of sneaky way for the Duggars to make money from an empty building. Either they "donate" the space for use as a church and get a big tax right-off, or they rent it to the congregation and get the rent for themselves from the tithes collected. I know they don't get a right-off for their house, but could this be why they no longer have a home church? It just wasn't profitable? Anybody else have any ideas?
  11. I came across this answer someone was giving concerning Jimbob and this is how he must get free medical for his family and a nice extra paycheck for serving in Arkansas Politics at one time. In essence Jimbob does live off the taxpayers if he is getting benefits bestowed upon him for playing politics in the past. No wonder Josh wants a job in politics. All Politicians are essentially collecting Welfare thanks to working class middle Americans. This is the comment someone made and thinking about it it does make sense. "Mr. Duggar is a former politician in Arkansas, so I imagine he got the deal all former politicians get---lifetime health care/pension. Nice scam there! " Does anyone know what the going rate is for pensions of former political public servants in Arkansas is?
  12. antwan

    20 acres...0 for 2

    Just watched the 15 KAC special, where Jim Bob said they were so happy to purchase 20 acres, because each of the kids would be able to build a house on the land if they wanted to. Josh and Anna didn't, and it looks like neither are Jill and Derick. Of course, it could well be that they have to have cash to do so (not debt), but the way it appears, the record is 0 for 2 so far. Any thoughts on who will take JB up on his offer first?
  13. Jim Bob brags about eating tater tot casserole, buying the kids $1 shoes from garage sales and driving used vehicles. http://www.today.com/id/28001172/ns/tod ... debt-free/
  14. I know we usually keep the show talk all in one thread but I was wondering if it would be possible to have a separate place to discuss this week's upcoming episode where they visit a fertility specialist?
  15. BeccaGrim

    Jim Bob The Matchmaker

    I was thinking last night as I was watching the engagement episode that Jim Bob has set both of his daughters up with the men who will be (or might become) their husbands. He told Ben to text Jessa about bible texts and thought Derick would work for Jill because of their 'sweet hearts.' And then I look at Jana getting choked up about Jill leaving. it has to be painful that Dad, the matchmaker, hasn't sought out a man for her yet. Or for Jinger. How does he decide which girl to introduce to men? Sigh.
  16. So I was just listening to an interview Mullet did a few years ago, and someone asked her what she would do if any of her children rebelled. She said that they had a radio program about this that they played frequently "as a preventative measure" and that they thought it was the best advice. So I found a transcript of this radio program. God help any rebelling Duggar. It's going to be rough. http://www.nathhan.com/rebel.htm
  17. More snark from Jezebel.com http://jezebel.com/it-isnt-jim-bob-who- ... 950883/all
  18. Recently, Jim Bob has made quite a few interesting comments re: courtship. During the premiere he declared it "open season" for courting. Also, he stated that he has suggested guys to the girls in the past and they have not been interested but lately they have been interested. I wonder what is responsible for the change. Age, peer pressure, a little bit of both?
  19. I thought this needed its own thread. Interesting how JB responded to the Gothard scandal. I think the response to teen sexual desire seemed canned. An done again they can't give a phone interview without Jim Bob in the room. Not breaking link cause it's the Wire. http://www.thewire.com/culture/2014/04/ ... ou/359339/
  20. http://celebritybabies.people.com/2014/04/01/duggars-count-up-to-21/
  21. Question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan on Facebook: How did you teach your kids about courtship and what it means? http://www.tlc.com/tv-shows/19-kids-and-counting/michelle-duggar-blog-kids-courtship.htm#mkcpgn=fbtlc1 Give me a friggin' break! J'chelle and Boob have always said there are no BFs and GFs. Now suddenly there are BFs and GFs during the adolescent years. BTW, my head nearly exploded reading that. She has terrible grammar.
  22. ljohnson2006

    The Life Of Grandma Duggar

    Do you think Grandma really enjoys doing laundry and being a live in baby sitter for Boob and Mullet? I think she should be allowed to move out, and live her own life. I understand her living there when Grandpa was sick, but why is she still there? She should be able to say that she wants to move out. She can move somewhere close by. Grandma has been reduced to the life of J'Slave, and it's sad. I wonder what DeAnna and Famy think about how Grandma lives. Why didn't they offer to take her in?
  23. http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/health-25716446 Someone hide this news from Michelle and Jim Bob, OK?
  24. GeoBQn

    Duggar Trip to Nepal

    Found this on Duggar Family Lifeisnotallpicklesandhairspray FB page: wiwok.wordpress.com/2013/11/ It was in November, and at least JimBob and Jill were there. Jill wanted to visit a birth center.
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