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  1. What would happen if Michelle suddenly died? I assume Jana would just continue on looking after everything but would that make it even harder for her to get out from under and have a life of her own, or even court? Do you think Jim Bob would re-marry? Maybe someone younger so he could continue to have more kids?!
  2. 19 cats and counting

    Name that Duggar

    I watched a few of the Name that Bates clips that the kids have been doing with Gil and Kelly. Do you think that JB and Michelle would be able to answer questions in a Name that Duggar game?
  3. Funny, on Dr. Phil today is a young woman married to a pastor who believes women are weaker and should be subservient. The woman's parents hate him and say he's controlling her but they aren't much better - very overbearing, interfering and angry that when the pastor called her father to ask for her hand, the father said to wait, but they didn't. Dr. Phil called them out on it in a way that made me think of Jim Bob and Michelle. He said that they clearly didn't feel that their daughter is capable of choosing her own mate, resolving her marriage issues herself, make her own decisions or to know what's right for her. He said: "So, you don't have any confidence in how you raised your child?" since you don't trust them to be a smart and independant person who can deal with life. With all the rules and restrictions the Duggars have for their kids, including Jim Bob having to be the one to approve a potential mate, never being able to go anywhere on their own, always having to have an "Accountability Partner" to keep them from straying off the correct path (as seen by JB and M). Clearly Jim Bob and Michelle don't trust their kids to do the right thing without all the restrictions and oversight, and obviously have no confidence that they've raised them to be good people unless they (JB and M) restrict all the things they see and do. They clearly don't trust them to be able to restrain themselves from having sex if they are allowed to even hold hands before marriage, or for the girls to wear clothing that bares knees and shoulders...because then the men might not be able to control themselves. The ironic thing is that once married they are suddenly free. As if just getting married suddenly makes you mature and able to handle all the things in life that might be dangerous or amoral. Sometimes I think JB and M consider getting them to the altar as virgins is their only main goal. What else do they really do for the kids in terms of preparing them for the world?
  4. Alright, so the way it looks now you have Josh listening to contemporary Christian music, following Jimmy Fallon, wearing and allowing his kids to wear shorts. Jessa, I believe, has been listening to contemporary Christian as well, her skirts are getting shorter, she may not even be pregnant yet. Jill is branching out with better nutrition, working out in a gym that's not at home. All of the above attend a real church instead of the church of Jim Bob. Joy lifts weights, John David isn't courting, all the training seems to fail to beat the sensitive, gentle soul from Josiah. So, no matter how much they tried to ensure it never happened, their kids are becoming people who make real and thoughtful choices. I guess if you let your children raise themselves your control gradually starts to wane. So, are they going to wake up one day and say holy f**k we really dropped the ball on that one or will they slowly revert back to the pants wearing, pre marital kissing, real humans they were 30 years ago?
  5. So many hold high hopes that Derrickdillard is the man in the cape who has fooled Jim-Bob in order to save Jill from fundie world. Derrickfillard is said to be worldly because he took a religious mission to Nepal, that he drinks beer because he went to a university, that he scorns all things Duggars because he works at Walmart, that he hates how clingy Jill is because his mother wears pants and he knows women shouldn't act like that. Is Derrickdillard the man in the cape or just a fundie?
  6. There have been allusions to Jessa being stubborn and somewhat headstrong. A lot of people wondered why they allowed Ben to court her when he was so young and not really settled in a job, but I wonder if some of it was because Jessa was starting to show signs of rebelliousness and they were worried that if they didn't marry her off quickly, then she might do something that would blow up in their faces. I noticed a lot of eye rolling and side-eyes that she gave her parents while courting and there was the comment about eloping some mentioned. I think she's been chomping at the bit to get away and maybe was making life difficult for them. I think she was wanting male attention and they figured this might be a good solution. Even with the wedding she clearly was making some choices that I'm not sure Michelle and JB were happy with, but I think she's pretty headstrong and will continue to make her own choices. (As opposed to Jill who seems to still be drinking the koolaid and acting like the model child following the M & JB's plan with the immediate pregnancy and talking points). What do others think?
  7. lavender

    Vetting Duggar suitors

    I wonder if Duggar suitors are expected to have refrained from looking at women, touching, kissing, hugging and having sex, (and probably masturbation as well). Are they disqualified if they've had a girlfriend in the past? That really makes me wonder if Jana will ever have the joy of a relationship because at 25, her eligible suitors would probably be from maybe 22-32 and they are likely experienced with intimacy in some form. Or perhaps she'll be forced to consider marriage to a teenager, like Jessa, since men her age are having sex. Do you think Jimbob asks these young men for the details of their sex lives? Do you think he would allow an 'impure', experienced man to court one of his daughters?
  8. I was checking one of my email accounts on Yahoo! and came across this article. I thought it would be really nice article or ideas from Michelle...i was wrong...the amount of shade this article is throwing on the Duggar parenting style is hilarious...i thought y'all might get a couple of giggles out of it http://www.tvguide.com/PhotoGallery/Parenting-Tips-19-Kids-Counting-1088523/1088526 (I didn't break anything because its from a public domain...)
  9. Don't know if this one has been posted long ago, but it's pretty much spot on http://www.smbc-comics.com/?id=2151#comic (Commercial site, live link)
  10. Sorry for the gross mental image, but this is something that crossed my mind when I was reading the Duggar's books. In one of the books, it's mentioned that only Michelle and Jana (at the time) had the internet password. It stands out that Jim Bob, as head of his household and all that jazz, wouldn't have control over this... that is, unless, he purposely doesn't want control over it because he's battling a porn addiction. And there's no reason aside from naked ladies that grown Christian men would limit their access to the internet. I say this because I attended a conservative Christian college where a lot of the male staff liked to talk about the evils of internet porn addiction, and telling the guys to give their internet passwords to their wives as a way to avoid it was one of the things they suggested. They also recommended using multiple layers of site/search-blocking software, putting the computer in a public place, and - oh yes - the whole wear-a-rubber-band-on-your-wrist-and-snap-it-anytime-you-think-about-sex tactic. Anyways, as soon as I read that line in the books I went, "Huh. I guess Jim Bob saw boobs and liked it too much."
  11. http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/1070681 ... ated-below About Jana, he claims, "There have been a lot of guys who have been interested in her, I have gone to hear about each one, and so far she hasn’t felt that is the way the Lord is leading." To me, this sounds like he hasn't approved of anyone (he's only "gone to hear" about them?), and of course Jana won't go for anyone unless Daddy Dearest gives his thumbs up. And for Jinger, "Jinger is just a dynamic girl that a lot of guys have been interested in,†Jim Bob said. “But so far, she has not been interested in the guys." That's interesting. Jana's supposedly saying that she's not feeling led toward any guy, and Jinger isn't interested in the guys. Maybe it's just the way I was raised, by Okies and Arkansans, but "the" in that context could be left out. I know we aren't allowed to speculate, but I'm really curious about why he said she's "not interested" in that way, while Jana doesn't feel led.
  12. A few sites posted about Jessa breaking some courtship rules with Ben, ie: holding hands the night before he proposed and hugging front to front after he did. Despite Michelle constantly insisting that the kids set their own boundaries, in which case, it's none of Jim Bob or Michelle's business if they break the rules, apparently when she noticed them holding hands the night before they got engaged at a prayer, she looked to Jim Bob and he told her it was okay because they were praying (see quote from Examiner article below). I mean, why is it up to Jim Bob to say it's okay if Ben and Jessa are the ones who set up the courtship boundaries? "The hand-holding reportedly happened one night before Ben proposed to Jessa when Jim Bob asked everyone to join hands in prayer. Michelle was surprised when her daughter held hands with Ben because she was still officially in the courtship stage. However, Jessa's father told his wife that it was okay for them to hold hands because "it was for the purpose of praying." Once they were engaged, it was acceptable for the couple to hold hands, but hugging and "chest to chest" contact was not allowed. Once the Jessa and Ben's engagement special aired earlier this week, it was clear that the couple broke the rules again by hugging it out after Ben's proposal." http://www.examiner.com/article/jessa-d ... b-approved
  13. So much for modesty. Jessa's IG has a photo of Mullet and Boob reenacting the porn kiss. There is an additional photo of the Smuggars kissing as well. They are all so disgusting. http://instagram.com/p/vLyYsqDfs3/ http://instagram.com/p/vKQAq0uWLW/
  14. Now that Jessa is married, I doubt she can remain on JB's health insurance plan, and I would think the same would be true for Ben, not being able to be on his Dad's plan. So, does this mean that Ben and Jessa will need to get on the Affordable Health Care, AKA, Obama care Health Plan? How are they going to pay for her prenatal care, for pediatricians, etc. Yes, they could possibly afford to pay for a normal pregnancy and health newborn out of pocket, but if they had a complication, or children who had some health issues, even mild ones, like mild asthma, or something, they would not be able to do that for long, even with some TLC money. Do you think TLC provides health insurance? I mean they probably do for their own staff, but for their "cast"? I imagine Derick gets insurance through WalMart, so he and Jill are probably covered. And with Derick's accounting background, hopefully he knows to be sure he is covered with Life insurance and Disability insurance too. But with Jana and John David, they are probably getting close to the age where they also can't remain on their parent's plan much longer. So what will happen then? What happens in the non-celebrity Fundie families who have mature SAHD's? Are they all on government plans? Or just uninsured altogether? Or does God provide some sort of heavenly health plan for the righteous?
  15. Bluenoser

    Mini Golf Lovin'

    I'm not sure if it's possible to add new smilies, but I just made this and thought it might have use here! Any other ideas for smilies?
  16. Radar Online today had an article entitled The Duggars Need to Free Their Children (see:http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2014/10/duggar-family-paul-lamar-hunter-no-love-no-charity-jim-bob-duggar-michelle-duggar-arkansas-19-kids-and-counting-jana-duggar/) The article is about a man named Paul Lamar Hunter who says he grew up in a similar household as the 19th child of a 21 sibling family. He states: “It is not [kids’] responsibility to have to raise their brothers and sisters,†Paul Lamar Hunter, who is the 19th child of a 21-sibling family, tells RadarOnline.com exclusively. “It is Jim Bob and Michelle’s job to be the parents.†I'm not sure this guy grew up in as strictly religious a home as the Duggars but he certainly feels that it will only create resentment in the older children who have parental responsibilies thrust upon them at the expense of their own childhoods (and in the Duggars case...pretty much at the expense of their own lives since they never get to do anything else, ie: no teen fun years, no prom, no dating, no college, etc.). He says in his own family his mother was overly devoted to a homeless shelter and left her older children to parent her younger ones and those older daughters later felt such anger and resentment that they no longer speak to their mother. The article raises the issue of Jana, who has been coming up a lot on various sites of late after the episode aired of her having to alter the bridesmaids dresses and make the ties while the others went off to lunch. People feel Jana is a real Cinderella who is getting the short end of the stick and I think public opinion is turning on the Duggars. A lot of people liked their show when their kids were little and it just seemed like *good old fashioned Christian values with family helping each other out* but as the kids have grown and turned into young adults, people are starting to question the extreme restrictions that the Duggars have placed on their kids from not allowing them to go to college and have a real career to never letting them be alone or go out with friends and just have fun as teens and young adults. Many people have been questioning that if the Duggars trust their kids to do the right things, why the heavy surveillance, especially as they get into their twenties?!! And people also think it's really odd and disturbing to see young women in their twenties sharing a room and often a bed with their little siblings. People see Michelle and Boob desperate for another child but don't seem to parent the ones they have, and the heavy courtship rules are beyond the pale for even many fundamental Christians. In fact, I saw an article today about the Duck Dynasty daughter, who clearly has decided to save herself for marriage, but their are pictures with her boyfriend and they are touching and dancing on the beach (front to front) and she is wearing a sleeveless and more normal-for-her-age outfit. I think the tide of public opinion is starting to change and people are moving away from how cute it all is, and how do they organize all those kids curiosity to the feeling that things are not right and that the Duggars aren't protecting their kids, they are crushing them and stealing their youth, their dreams and turning them into brainwashed slaves who aren't allowed to think a single thought of their own. While they might've been a role model for some in the beginning (those who thought they were all about family values and togetherness), they aren't such a great role model anymore! Who wants their young daughter to marry an immature teenage guy with no real education or job prospects? It's as if "being Godly" is all that matters in the Duggar home (and it has to be their definition of Godly). Do you think we'll keep seeing more and more of these types of articles and more questions about their treatment of Jana? Do you think it'll make Jim Bob and Michelle do anything to try to change public opinion on how they are treating their oldest daughter?
  17. PegBundyOfFundies

    The adult kids pay?

    Forgive me if this has been posted before. I was just skimming through some of the topics here, and theres alot of (rightful) snark about the Seewalds not having the money to start out their marriage successfully because Ben nor Jessa work. At first I agreed, but then I started thinking that Jessa does work, she's been earning a check since she was 11 as a result of family exploitation hour with Jim Bob and Michelle! Since she's been 18, shouldnt she have been signing her own separate contract and check from her parents? The Duggars are oft quoted as earning 95k an episode; if we round that up to 100 and divide by 20 (counting Boob and Jchelle as one) every kid is entitled to 5k an episode. Of course JB "holds" the check for the littles, but in the past 3 years Jessa shouldve earned at least 250K for her participation after 18; that amount of course rises for Jill, JD and Jana, and Josh. Is it legal for JB to make them put their checks in the communal family account, like I suspect he's doing? ETA i'm sure that Josh, and even John David and Joseph get to maintain their own accounts, but i'm really concerned for the older girls, the J'Slaves: theyre still under their fathers headship
  18. Author Paul Lamar, one of 21 kids, criticizes the DUggar family. So sad they couldnt call her mom. theepochtimes.com/n3/1045660-duggars-19-kids-and-counting-19th-child-and-author-paul-lamar-hunter-slams-duggar-family/
  19. Duggor

    Duggars And Sex

    Do you think the duggars (Jim Bob&Michelle, Josh&Anna and Jill&Derrick) only are having sex to make babies or they also do it for fun? I have the feeling Jim Bob&Michelle do it for the fun and the babies, but I think the other two couples only do it for the babies, because I have the feeling that their parents never told them about the fun of having sex and it can be really fun
  20. If you had the chance to talk to any of them what would you like to say to them? This is what I'd say to Jessa: Congratulations, you're free!!! You are a strong, beautiful woman & you can now choose your path in life. Do some reading, educate yourself and you'll have your eyes opened up. Don't let Ben be your headship, you can (figuratively & literally) wear the pants in your relationship. Or you can choose to be equal partners. You can choose to remain in fundydom if that's what you really do believe in, but you don't have to. I hope you'll be happy.
  21. SassyPants

    The Stoney Gate Home...

    So I am watching the all day TLC Marathon and they just showed the SG home renovation episode. JB stated that the Duggars have owned the home for a couple of years. Does anyone know if the Duggars have rented out that home before, resulting in the pig sty shown, or if the home has been sitting in that condition for years? If it's the latter, I wonder if JB really is such a grand businessman-
  22. Is Jill becoming Michelle?? Is Jessa becoming Jim Bob
  23. I feel these past two weddings have demonstrated many things us FJ-ers have brought to lights over the years. Jill and Jessa creating their own wedding styles and life seems to be picking away at the standards demanded by JB and Gothard. I can't imagine JB wanted Ben for Jessa (does not measure up to those courters need to be able to provide for their wives) and Jill marrying a guy she supposedly hadn't met for months, yet fell in love!!! How will he handle the rest of his blessings who have witnessed their older sisters make certain decisions?
  24. You know both Jim Bob and Michelle have gone on about how courtship avoids heartache and giving away pieces of your heart to the wrong person, etc. but that isn't really valid unless the courtship is successful. I mean, what if they start a courtship and don't like each other? Or one does but not the other. That leads to at least one person being very hurt. The idea that courtship prevents heartache is ridiculous really. You are putting an awful lot of pressure on the couple that it is God's plan and the one S/He's chosen to them as their perfect mate or whatever, so I imagine it might be difficult to say you don't want to marry the person, especially if it's been a few months, or worse...everyone else loves them (parents, etc.). Sometimes being with the wrong person a few times helps one know what they don't want in their forever mate. Do they all just want someone like their father? I know they say that, but do you think they really mean it? I wonder how many Fundies get into a courtship and end up married because they felt they couldn't back out, especially if their parents loved the person and felt they were a perfect match!