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  1. Have you seen Ruth Dunley's youtube video entitled Growing Up Duggar? It's a hangout with Jana, Jill, Jessa and Jinger to answer fan questions and promote their book. Jill and Jessa dominate the conversation of course. At the 14:54 mark, Jessa was supposed to be answering a question about going to college, but steers the conversation to boast about being a missionary and doing the work of Jesus. Then Jill interrupts with "yeahhh, not go out there and just be Career Women." (Followed by a sourpuss face.) I really think they've been brainwashed into thinking that learning a profession or trade and becoming self sufficient precludes being able to "help" others, (although I think proselytizing is offensive and not helpful.) Like having a job is selfish because you are earning money for yourself and every moment should be about others or Jesus. I mean do they really think that missionary work can support their family? Delusional.
  2. SassyPants

    The Upcoming Season...

    I have been thinking about the new season. Obviously, the birth of BDilly has not already been filmed, so I'm guessing they'll start with Jessa and Ben, maybe even up to and including the wedding, while peppering in information about Jill and Dill. I'm also wondering if JB learned his lesson on announcing a pregnancy before the wedding was actually aired? The Duggars came off look stupid with that move, IMO. I think a Jessa pregnancy announcement and People cover might have to wait until after the wedding is aired and BDilly has arrived? Lastly, how much of Jill's labor and delivery will be aired? Here's my prediction: 1) J/Dill and Derick annonce Jill is in labor 2) Jill makes a few calls and sweetly labors at home. 3) JB and M give talking heads about Jill's progress and their excitement 4) Jill, Dill and Derick are photographed post delivery with smiles and appropriate flower headband in place. 5) Vital stats and name are revealed.
  3. Radar Online had an article today about how Jill was planning to help deliver Susanna Keller's baby but supposedly Jim Bob and Michelle would not allow it because Susanna was not married: “Jill was very excited to assist Susanna through the birth,†a source reveals to Radar of the newly married 23-year-old, now pregnant with her first child. “Michelle and Jim Bob, however, wouldn’t let her participate. They thought Jill shouldn’t be exposed to an unmarried mother in that condition.†http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2015/ ... ed-cousin/ I hadn't heard that before about Jill not being allowed to help deliver the baby all because Susanna was an unwed mother. Sheesh, JB's own sister was an unwed mother when she had Amy! The article went on stating some stuff I'd read before about Susanna allowing her little girl to dance: "As Radar previously reported, the conservative Christian family iced previously close friend Susanna out of the family when she decided to ditch tradition and live like a normal teenager. When she became pregnant with daughter Noelle out of wedlock in 2012, sources say the family banned the 22-year-old from their TLC reality show, 19 Kids And Counting, and refused to say her name on air. When Susanna ran into the family at an event in Texas last year, they were cordial, but became appalled when the young mom allowed her daughter now nearly 2, to dance. (The family considers dancing to be “too sensual.†Frankly, I don't understand how any normal adult could see a little girl and see her dancing as "too sensual". She is like 2 years old! That's just icky that such a description would even come up with a child that young. Of course, didn't JB say something about one of his little daughter's dresses being too short, or her shoulders showing... that creeps me out that a man would even think about a little girl that young as being sensual/sexual or lust=inspiring in any way!
  4. I was certain that I had seen exactly the opposite of what many had been stating- that Jill wanted to be a midwife and had dragged an uninterested Jana along as a chaperone. Actually Jana expressed an interest in midwifery before Jill ever did! Jill is at 4:55 and Jana at 5:03.
  5. The Duggars return to reality TV on Tuesday, February 17th, 2015. The new season will give viewers a glimpse into Jill and Derick Dillard's lives as newlyweds. The couple is expecting their first child in March and has been filming home videos that they are looking forward to sharing on upcoming episodes of 19 Kids and Counting. The new season will also feature the wedding of Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald. More of Jill
  6. I have a dirty mind but this is just impossible for a married dugger.
  7. I was thinking a lot today about Jill and Derrick, and how Jill, before marriage, seemed a lot more outgoing and happy and free-spirited (to the extent she could be) and independent (again to the extent she could). But then she got married, moved out, and now is so clingy on Derrick that it makes ME feel suffocated. Do you think that Jill, and other fundy women since they never get privacy and always have chaperones, know how they're likely to be? Like do you think Jill knew she would up clingy? What do you think must go through the head of the husband who finds that the woman he thought he married is really very different once she's out of her parents' house? I think it has to be scary to find out a side of yourself exists that you didn't know was there, and that it's got to be scary and frustrating for the husband to realize he couldn't possibly have known his wife as well as he thought he did.
  8. Duggor

    Baby Dilly

    A couple of days ago Jill and Derick announced they are having a baby boy. So what do you think will be the name for this boy and when do you think they will announce the name?
  9. So many hold high hopes that Derrickdillard is the man in the cape who has fooled Jim-Bob in order to save Jill from fundie world. Derrickfillard is said to be worldly because he took a religious mission to Nepal, that he drinks beer because he went to a university, that he scorns all things Duggars because he works at Walmart, that he hates how clingy Jill is because his mother wears pants and he knows women shouldn't act like that. Is Derrickdillard the man in the cape or just a fundie?
  10. txmommyof4

    Jill's NIKE top!

    I wish i had some clue how to post a pic, but anyway... On Jill's instagram there is a pic of her and Derrick having peanut butter banana shakes before going to see God is not Dead. She is wearing a low cut v neck top with no undershirt! There is no way this is Duggar approved apparel. I know the pic was taken at home with just her husband but she posted it for everyone to see. I love seeing the girls at least slightly enjoying their new found freedom!
  11. VelociRapture

    Dillard Wedding Photographer

    I noticed in the thread regarding where the Seewalds are living that someone asked about Jill and Derick's wedding photos. I wasn't able to find the ones they were asking for specifically (apparently they took some by a lake), but I found the website for their wedding photographer. elizabethzellonphotography.com I actually really like the pictures that were posted, especially the ones capturing the first look - I thought they were really sweet, the quality was excellent, and that Derick and Jill look very much like themselves - which is good because it could indicate that they were really relaxed during the pictures. This is the same photographer who did Jessa and Ben's pictures if I remember correctly, so I think we can expect some more nice pictures of them this spring. Thoughts? Opinions?
  12. That's where our married Duggar couples will be speaking in June 2015. WHY? the only one who can speak of the subject are Josh and Anna... even though she will just spew everything what he says like a puppet Jill and Jessa - they just got married... they have no clue...how are they "teaching" others material all of a sudden? Just because they had s-e-x? www.alive.org/speakers/
  13. I accidentally came across an article on The Inquisitor that said Jill has unfollowed Jessa on Twitter. Last comment from Jill to Jessa was on November 5 . It also remarked that Jill follows several family members on Twitter but no longer is Jessa one of them. Jessa does not seem to post pictures or mention Jill in any Twitter remarks and never made any comment about Jill's pregnancy. I have to wonder what is going on.
  14. Just happened to be on the Duggar blog site and saw the section "Dillard family". When I clicked on it, there was a little blurb about their Thanksgiving and Cathy's health. Nice photo too, I thought. Jill does not look Fundie dressed to me at all here. A lot of young women would be dressed like that. I even see some leg and knee. LOL. Maybe Derick's family is having some influence on her? http://www.duggarfamilyblog.com/2014/11 ... pdate.html
  15. socuteyoullpuke

    Jill's openly gay IG friend

    So just being a normal duggar stalker, and looking at The people Jill duggar follows on Instagram and one of the girls she follows has a picture where she wishes her apparent girlfriend a happy one year anniversary. It's one of 16 people she follows so it found it kinda interesting. Thoughts?
  16. Now that Derick is starting to expand Jill's mind and experience by doing things like taking her to a Broadway show (of Cinderella no less) and a wine tasting and, I'm sure, other interesting things, as well as probably talking to her about his own childhood and teen years, as well as university and what that was like, do you think Jill is suddenly realizing that maybe she missed out on a lot? I think at first Jill will remain firmly loyal to her parents and the way she was raised, but after a while of being married to Derick and having some new (previously forbidden or highly unlikely to happen) experiences, you have to wonder if she'll start thinking about all the things he had fun doing over the years that she never even had the chance to experience even once. No trick or treating, no thinking about college - what to take/where to go? No movies or music and dancing and having fun out with friends. I'm sure Derick will want his kids to experience things that he enjoyed and Derick seems to have a more normal childhood. He may be very religious, but he didn't go to a Christian college and he seems to enjoy different things (like the foods he chose for their picnic before they got married were not foods that Jill would have tried before). The Duggars don't celebrate Christmas with presents do they? Somehow I suspect Derick's family does, and probably most of his friends do as well. I'm sure he will want his son to grow up and enjoy the same things he did when he was growing up from Christmas to going to college, and maybe try out for Pistol Pete to keep the tradition going. One of his friends already got them a baby onesie with Derick's college logo on it I think. Even if Jill stays firm that her parents are completely right about everything for a while, it's hard to believe she won't start wondering if maybe they didn't have the greatest upbringing once she starts seeing other people and hearing about their childhoods and seeing that they aren't horrible people if they celebrated Halloween or kissed and held hands before marriage. Every time she does something that she knows her parents wouldn't approve of and has fun, I wonder if there's some cognitive dissonance going on there in her head. For once in her life questions might actually arise and lo and behold, the sky didn't fall just because she had a glass of wine or whatever.
  17. http://news.yahoo.com/army-housewives-s ... 10520.html Derick has never talked much about his mission work in Nepal but surely he must be aware of the high infant mortality rate in Nepal, primarily due to unsafe traditional practices. There has been interesting discussion on FJ lately regarding missions, that missionary work should be more about humanitarian effort than conversion. This is perfect for Derick and Jill. She could spearhead a campaign to raise money for the gel. Derick could utilize his Nepal contacts to figure out ways to reach women in Nepal and teach them how to use this Western medicine to save the lives of their newborns. They could go over there, travel the country, distribute the medicine. They could touch people's lives in a real, lasting and positive way.
  18. So we know that Jana was on the Josh and Anna road trip but she wasn't on screen or mentioned. And we know that Josiah was missing from the whole last season. I was just watching the rerun of when the Duggar and Bates older girls go camping and Jill is missing. I don't think they mentioned why - maybe midwife duties? With so many kids I think it would be easy to air episodes when a kid or two is missing. Any other missing Duggar episodes?
  19. Jill follows her on instagram. Considering how selective she is with her follows, it is weird. This woman appears to be Jewish, wears short and tight skirts, has a picture of herself in a hot tub with her NIKE shoulders showing, and has a photo with another woman whom she calls "the love of her life." So who is she?? http://instagram.com/shoshanacoh
  20. Rescuejosiah

    Jill and Derek

    I was just wondering since Derek's father died at a pretty young age of a heart attack could it be genetic? Jill might want to rethink about having a lot of kids because she very well could end up having to raise them by herself with no education and no real skills. Do you think they wonder about this? Don't get me wrong I really like Derek and can tolerate Jill and hope nothing happens but it is something they might want to think about.
  21. Which Duggar daughter are you? Take the quiz to find out! http://ow.ly/Eai3y
  22. Ledbetteramy

    Jill's wedding

    Will jill wedding be the season finale!!? What do you guys think we will see in the episode? Do you think it will be very long and drawn out considering its a 2 hr episode!?
  23. Folks, I just finished watching the episode in which Jana is talked into doing the alterations on Jill's bridesmaid dresses and the ties. Are these people ever ashamed of anything? I doubt it. They're munching on petit fours, drinking tea and smiling venomously into the camera while Cinderella Jana is working her butt off and everybody acts as if this was all natural and a matter of course. I seriously can NOT believe it. It seems like the only genuine appreciation and approval came from Anna and it looked as if she just couldn't believe they had loaded all that work onto her, either. I'm pretty sure all that exploitation and taking advantage of Jana's workforce somehow categorizes as abuse and I wonder if there's a special term for it?
  24. When they moved into the TTH, TLC gave each of the 5 oldest girls beds with their names on the headboards. Do you think they get to keep them? Or will Boob just use some white out and repaint the names?
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