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Found 60 results

  1. homeschoolmomma1

    Wisdom Booklets for sale

    I searched Wisdom booklets for sale on Ebay for a few years hear and there. I looked today and I couldn't believe how many were being sold. Of course not the whole set together. Must make more money just doing bits and pieces. I am convinced even though people are not saying so it is because of the Gothard scandal.
  2. TheEnglishButterfly

    Reprogramming camps for the kids?

    So I'm sorry if its been discussed..... but I've seen things here am there through the years that a few of the Duggar kids have been sent to reprogramming camps.... can anyone elaborate? Who had to go, when and why? What camps were they? I think I heard 2 girls and a boy have gone througj the years.... any info? I'd love to read more.... I've read about these programming camps being downright abusive, either mentally or physically and often both! Thanks for any info
  3. One of the posts from Jezebel's talk section got onto the main page, dealing with the Duggars' relationship with Gothard and whether they might be the new, more PR friendly face of Gothard. The writer also speculates that perhaps some Duggars are rejecting/rebelling against some of the more restrictive regulations (specifically Jessa, in not seeming enthusiastic about her courtship and some other bits and pieces like that). I'm not sure I agree with the speculation in the piece, but I love that they're being so clearly associated with IBF and Gothard; I hope more articles like this pop up in highly visible places! Link: http://powderroom.jezebel.com/how-are-t ... 1581883720 I looked around to see if this had been posted yet and didn't see anything so I hope I'm not repeating.
  4. FlorenceHamilton

    Strata Leadership LLC

    I have been trying to look for a list of "Character First" cities so that we can get a better picture of how far Bill Gothard has been able to penetrate civil government with his 49 chracter traits and programs. No matter wheat I type in, I get diercted to a website for Strata Leadership. It is not easy to get past the surface of the website. Does anyone have any information about this layer that is over top of Character First?
  5. A Facebook friend of mine posted this. She even said "This is how I try to run my household." The fact that women are the smallest umbrella makes me stabby.
  6. davidlovespriscilla.com/2012/12/21/5-days-til-christmas-serve/#comment-5095 Anyone want to join in? You do need a valid payment card, although you can cancel before the month is up to save paying them a penny of your own cash.
  7. This was odd. I thought they thought adoption was evil in the eyes of Gothard. http://www.traileraddict.com/trailer/october-baby/every-life-is-beautiful-the-duggars
  8. happy atheist

    Duggars Called a Cult!

    http://jezebel.com/5939635/the-duggars-are-an-evil-cult The article enumerates a number of the Duggars's behaviors that meet the definition of a cult.
  9. recoveringgrace.org/2012/07/how-to-spiritually-manipulate-young-people-in-six-easy-steps/ Apparently, if you enjoy reading a novel, that's bad because it steers you away from loving God. That's how Gothard gets those girls on Journey to the Heart to feel bad about themselves and make them see how "sinful" they are, when they're really not. These poor girls are so vulnerable that a simple questionnaire, like the one posted, could break any of them down. According to Gothard, any simple pleasure in life that doesn't involve God, makes you an awful and selfish person.
  10. http://livingthejourney.com/2012/01/26/all-things/ I don't think she will ever marry but be perfectly content being a career missionary and/or devout Gothard employee like Pris Keller.
  11. This is a question me and my friends have been talking about for some time now...do you think the girls are happy because they have nothing to compare it to? I mean I think that their life has gotten ten times better since the tlc camera crew has shown up and do you think maybe they may enjoy being SAHD as long as TLC stays around? I really think Michelle would be very dif if it werent for the show....
  12. homeschoolmomma1

    When did Michelle Duggar go crazy?

    I was having a discussion with my friend and I was wondering what you all thought. When do you think Michelle went a bit crazy? 1) After the birth control incident (miscarriage) 2) When she was doing laundry that one night and started crying because she was so overwhelmed with 5 children (I personally feel she had a nervous breakdown that night) 3) A combination of both 4) Something else
  13. GleeFan87

    Glee Dig at the Duggars

    Did anyone cacth the dig on the Duggar in tongihts Glee.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoY_D6QH ... ure=relmfu skip to 4 minutes in when they start the jazzercise routine. Is that considered dancing? We all know that the duggars diet when not divided by 20 people causes massive weight gain (Josh and his ability to get seconds AND thirds). Would this be considered blasphemous? It is held in a church and seems pretty harmless to me, just a community based way to get in shape using the most significant vessel in the city. however, dance moves are used, and now that I think about it, dance moves are used a lot in physical exercise. What makes something dancing and another thing "righteous?" link is youtube so not breaking it
  15. duggarsblog.blogspot.com/2012/04/teaching-character-duggar-way.html Yeah, Michelle, in her Parentables post, totes brings up the 49 character qualities, as devised by Bill Gothard. Of course, she doesn't actually link to Gothard, she links to the Duggar family's site, and seems to present them as her/Jim Bob's own ideas. That's plagiarism, Michelle, and that violates probably 4 of the 49 character qualities that I can think of.
  16. Michelle's latest post talks about Gothard's character qualities and it is on the 19KC FB page as well. Now several have said they are printing them off for their kids and I can't help but be disturbed about this. While these are great traits to have, it is the authoritarian approach. You can learn these with no religious association. I have about given up explaining over there the Duggars associate with Gothard. They just refuse to believe it.
  17. are willing to admit. I am not the worlds biggest fan of RG but I think they are finally starting to get to the very real evil that the ATIA way of life allows to flourish. I have known other Xers who's stories read just as this one does. Molestation and incest was/is incredibly common in ATIA circles. I know of one woman who was repeatedly raped and abused. She appealed directly to Gothard for help to make it stop and he told her to go home to her abuser because the abuser was a godly man. This is what the Duggars are fronting for by supporting ATIA and Bill Gothard. Every time they promote some part of Gothards teachings, they are setting families up for horrendous failure. Shame on them. http://www.recoveringgrace.org/2012/04/ ... osecution/ eta: The link does take you to content that might be triggering for sexual abuse survivors.
  18. I read either on here or on TWOP that Jana is going to Gothard HQ to be a Journey of the Heart leader? Does this mean that she will be living in Chicago and working for Gothard, as Anna Keller did for 2 years before she married David? I don't know if this is true or a rumor- thanks for any information. Also, was it ever confirmed publically that Anna is pregnant? Last photo I saw of her,compared to her family reunion pictures on Susanna Keller's picasa ,she looks so pregnant that I wonder if she is having twins
  19. I've greatly enjoyed the conversations since discovering Free Jinger a few months ago. It has also pushed me into researching Bill Gothard and his teachings further. The more I learn, the more frustrated I become. Why are we giving this cult a pass? We meaning viewers of TLC, the media, society as a whole? Keeping women undereducated (I would argue uneducated), robbing them of any option in adulthood other than keeping within the sect is abuse. Women being forced to blindly follow their husband in all matters - including personal grooming - is abuse. "Blanket training" babies is abuse. Being forced to submit to your husband sexually whenever it is demanded and bearing his children - no matter what physical harm it may do - is abuse. Not being able to wholly choose ones mate is abuse. Not being able tot participate in the "outside world" is abuse. Not being given personal space is abuse. Not being allowed the basic human need of autonomy is abuse. We are being duped b the "aw shucks" facade of The Duggars. Jim Bob comes off as a harmless, "redneck" with a few whackadoo ideas about God. He seems harmless. He is both the perfect distraction and spokesperson for Bill Gothard. He preaches his teachings but his goofy persona makes them palatable. The Florida Family Association spoke out against TLC's "All American Muslim" stating that it believed that it was "propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda's clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values." As a result of a bit of backlash, Lowe's pulled their ads. All American Muslim featured educated, independent women who had lives outside the home, their religion and their family. 19 Kids and Counting cannot boast the same. It is time Gothardism, and his favourite mouthpieces Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, be exposed for their "propaganda that riskily hides the Gothard agenda's clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values."
  20. JesusFightClub

    Explain Your Hairstyle

    Part of the 7 Basic Needs of a Husband (according to Gothard/Duggars) is, apparently, that a wife should "explain her hairstyle on the basis of her submission to her authority". WTF? I want to know who in the world ever demands people explain their hairstyle in day to day life. And if they don't, how you would approach the conversation. "You may be wondering about my hairstyle." "Um no, not really..." "It's a sign of my submission to my authority..." "Wow, fascinating. Is that the time? Got to go." Is it just the case fundies have no idea how normal folk operate? Oh, stupid question.
  21. ...and there was a thread going about the older girls taking care of the younger ones. Someone remarked that the girls were brainwashed and another poster said that you could only brainwash the willing. What do you think of this? Then, another poster said she found it offensive that brainwashing=willingness, because she had a close friend that was in an abusive relationship and didn't feel that she chose that life. The same poster who said that only the willing could be brainwashed brought up her own past abuse and said that staying in that type of relationship is a choice, no matter how many excuses you make. I don't know how I feel about that. What about you?
  22. So... can somebody clear up for me the position Duggars and their particular flavour of fundie hold on the catholic church? Not only is there the Knights of Columbus sign, but apparently yesterday they went campaigning for Santorum to Ave Maria, a catholic university town in Southwest FL (ask me how fundie! They have flamewars about communion railing). There's a bunch of pictures floating around facebook, of JimBoob, Smuggar and couple of the older girls posing with residents and in front of the university and the Oratory. My partner has a bunch of Ave people friended on facebook and those pictures popped up on her wall; lots of comments, and the reaction to the Duggars seems to be overwhelmingly positive. I'd always thought ATI/Gothard and the catholic church didn't mesh... what gives?
  23. Who do you guys think is going to be the first to escape? what about the one who will grow up to be a perfect little fundie? Discuss here.
  24. Hi! I was wondering if anyone ever grew up knowing the Duggars or in that lifestyle. I read a post on here and Razing Ruth but if anyone else did I love the stories- so interesting:) If this is OT sorrry I can move it
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