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  1. fakepigtails73

    Free little Johannah!

    I watch most episodes of "19 Kids..." on You Tube. Little Johannah is so cute and spunky. I just finished watching the ep. when she fell off her bike and had to get stiches. What was up with Michelle? Hannie was upset and crying; her mom was laughing and whooping it up for the camera (it reminded me of how she was when Jason fell in Atlanta). Hannie is such a fun little girl who seems to be one of the most intelligent out of the Duggar children. It bothers me to no end to think that her future will most likely be doing her siblings' laundry, the cooking etc...Not going to school and making friends; did she mention that she'd like to be a doctor? I know she's 6, but still. If anyone wonders why lots of us hate Gothardism, look at that little girl whose spirit might be crushed in a few yrs. She'll likely have no choice in her destiny that a kid born in the USA in 2005 is allowed to have . Free Hannie!
  2. http://abcnews.go.com/US/duggar-family-supessize-families/story?id=14956368#5
  3. I'm probably not going to respond to this article, but hope some of my fellow FJ'ers will. I just can't deal with the writer's lack of knowledge about the family, including that they are not Quiverful. Yeah, right. FROM THE WASHINGTON POST Choice means choice Published: November 9 The right to choose cuts both ways Michelle Duggar, mother of the famed Duggar family, is expecting her 20th child — and the Internet is not happy. A glance at the comment section of the Daily Beast’s article reporting her pregnancy gives an idea of how our culture perceives her decision to have another child. It’s a reminder that we usually view the decision to have a large family, to reject contraception and, in many instances, to forgo a career, as anti-feminist. Duggar is an extreme example of a lifestyle choice that challenges today’s feminist norms. But can we write off her choice as anti-feminist? Or is that a violation of feminism’s first principle: choice? In 2009, Noreen Malone, a writer for Slate’s Double X, reminded her feminist readers that Duggar, then expecting baby No. 19, freely chose her lifestyle. She suggested, “The word choice, when we’re applying it to the reproductive sphere, often ends up getting defined too narrowly.†Much of the debate centers on the Duggars’ purported adherence to the Quiverfull movement, which essentially teaches that women should have as many children as physically possible and reject all family planning. In fact, the Duggars are not part of the movement but hew to their own religious beliefs. And notably, in The Washington Post’s own interview with the couple, husband Jim Bob said he leaves the decision to have more children entirely to his wife. Isn’t Michelle Duggar living in accordance with her vision of a happy and fulfilling life? And how is that anti-feminist? Somehow, somewhere, feminism became a dirty word for many women, in particular political and religious conservatives. Perhaps this is because somehow, somewhere, the feminist movement became co-opted by an extraordinarily narrow view of women, one as narrow as the previous view that a woman’s only place was barefoot in the kitchen. Now, it would seem, the view is that a woman’s only place is at her desk, with a nanny at home watching her two children. She must support Planned Parenthood, or else she is complicit in the “war on women.†That view presents a woman who is opposed to abortion, eschews contraception, opts out of a career to tend to her children or has a large family as anti-feminist, oppressed and ignorant. Ironically, her choice makes her a second-class citizen. Perhaps it’s time we revisit what feminism entails. Rather than label Michelle Duggar a disgrace to women’s rights, we can use her choice to discuss respect more broadly. All women suffer when society’s view of women is too narrow. Ashley E. McGuire is founder and editor-in-chief of www.altcatholicah. com. © The Washington Post Company
  4. Now that the Duggars have announced #20, they're popular water cooler fodder at the office, naturally. Unfortunately, whenever anyone brings them up in the most innocent, superficial way (if you can consider the phrase "clown car" to be innocent, in the given context!), I invariable end up launching into a diatribe about the Quiverfull movement, Gothardism, partriarchy, or some insidious combination of the three. I bring up how grossly uneducated the youngest Duggars are; I'm sure to mention the dissonance between "leaving up to God" and "relying on extreme medical interventions to save your micro-preemie's life. In short, I get a little rant-y. Pretty sure I've educated a good number of people over the past two days, but also certain that I've come off as a wackadoo to many other (including my brand new boss).
  5. http://www.recoveringgrace.org/2011/08/ ... omment-893 I'm really loving this site and I so wish Gothard followers would be open to really looking at it because it truly shows how wrong Gothard is about pretty much everything. But I know from experience that most Gothard followers just look at sites like this and say "They are filled with bitterness!" Anyway, I remember briefly having to get rid of all the things in our house that had a rock beat when my parents first got into ATI. But that didn't last long and we were back to listening to CCM and hiding it from other ATI familes. I also remember having an argument with someone in ATI where I said that rock music wasn't bad and they said that if it didn't have control over my life, why did I struggle with giving it up? That my defending rock music showed it was addictive and that I needed to break the addiction. I actually briefly believed it, but then I realized that made no sense and stopped worrying about it. LOL
  6. New here - well... lurker for a while. Came across this site after being hurt by a woman that left our church. A quiverfull/gothard/12 pillars of biblical womanhood/Paul Washer/family integrated/modesty above Jesus/elitist gossip. She had a whole following in our church and they all left with her. And sadly... I almost drank the kool Aid. Still homeschool, but we do it our way and we have fun! Anyhoo... HI! So, I came across this other site - commandmentsofmen.blogspot.com. It has a series titled "The Joke Was On Me" on his failed one sided weird courtship with a big Gothard/Fundie family that played music. The man writing is in the music industry. My first thought was "Sarah Maxwell?" This happened around 2007(?) and the **** girl mentioned was mid 20's. I dunno - thought maybe someone more experienced would know how to read between the lines and figure this out. I did a search for this - forgive me if it has been posted before. EWO
  7. I've been looking all around this site and the net in general and I can't find anything that says what this is! Can someone explain? All I can gather is that it's something to do with Gothard....
  8. Jim Bob said in the 'dating' episode that there were a lot of Godly women vs fewer Godly men.... and then encouraged JD to hold a seminar on men being Godly. Why do you supposed there are more Godly women than men? Is it because some Gothard men actually wake up someday and realize they want a partner not a child like wife? Is it because some Gothard men want a sexy wife rather than a frump? Or is that most 20-30 year old men need to work for a living and cant be attending 1400 ATI conferences watching adult women act like 20 year old nannies? What is causing the imbalance in the numbers?
  9. gilbatesfamily.com/2011/07/23/more-photos-from-missouri/#comments In the responses, someone asked if "Quiverfull" families had different rules about holding hands and Kelly replied: What a lying hypocrite! She spells it like they do in QF literature, then recognizes it as a movement, but implies it's a "group." Which is it, Kelly? I can't believe Kelly has the gall to completely deny knowledge of QF or how it works. Even the Duggars admit to knowing what it is, although they're trying to distance themselves from it. As for the bible verse; if anyone knows how to dig through internet archives, the Duggars had it on their website masthead for quite some time c. 2007-8, only changing it when the weekly show started and they began to catch some heat, and these families were BFF's. Puhleeeease.... PS Kelly: IBLP is also a "movement" unless you consider it your "religion." Her bloomers are definitely on fire.
  10. So shocked by the pricing of the Journey to the heart seminar I did some research If you were just getting started in ATI this is the costs (think it is the first time- because if you are alumni you might get stuff free after the first time) Basic Seminar $60 First- time additional family member $35 Advanced Seminar $60 First- time additional family member $35 Anger seminar $35 First- time additional family member $35 Financial Freedom Seminar $109 (HEY! It is backordered- i bet because Jim Bob talks about it in every interview lately) Homeschool Application- $25 Admissions Training Videos: Two-month rental for $50 or purchase for $75 Your first year materials will include the following: •Four Wisdom Booklets per child (aged 7 and up) •Four Parent Guide Planners •Guard Your Heart booklet—A memorization and meditation program •Commands of Christ Series 1-7 •Family Support Link Live! •ATI Handbook •Student Journal sets •Three-month rental of the Basic Seminar •Three-month rental of the Advanced Seminar •Three-month rental of the Anger Resolution Seminar •Financial Freedom Seminar •Vocabulary cards •Scripture memory poster •Weekly Planner •Access to online materials such as Wisdom Booklet Content Overviews, Greek Training Sessions, and Greek Worksheets ATI Annual Update—Subsequent Years Family Tuition: $150 annual ATI family enrollment + $80 for each student receiving Wisdom Booklets. Larger families will not need to pay more than a total of $630. (so each kid doesn't even get thier own book? share?) Please note: Effective September 1st, 2011, the subsequent year tuition fee for ATI Families will only apply to those that enroll on an annual basis. Any family reenrolling in ATI that has not updated their enrollment status within a 12-month period will be charged a $675 tuition fee to renew enrollment status. •$150 annual enrollment covers family support services, reduced ATI Conference pricing, special Journey to the Heart pricing, and offsets administrative and program development costs. •Students may receive eight Wisdom Booklets per year for $80. •Families with students receiving Wisdom Booklets will also receive eight Parent Guide Planners. Additional Resources There is an array of publications available through IBLP and ATI to complement your new approach to home education. A few recommendations are listed below: •Character Sketches (Three Volume Set)$105.00 Beautifully illustrated volumes explain how God’s creation demonstrates character •Wisdom Booklet Language Arts Curriculum $8.00- teachers guide There are a lot of books that are 3.00 each I didn't bother to count sorry Language Arts curriculum that corresponds with Wisdom Booklet studies •The Power for True Success$25.00 A colorful, insightful volume presenting 49 character qualities •Inspiring biographies and training materials http://store.iblp.org/categories/books/ lists tons of more books Materials for family growth and discipleship ATI Conference- this ranges from 85- 195 depending if you get an early bird special 10 dollars for grandparents to attend kids have various programs you have to add on http://ati.iblp.org/ati/events/regionalconferences/documents/registration2011.pdf?show=true Journey to the Heart Young ladies- ATI Students= $500 ($50/day) Non-ATI Students = $800 ($80/day) Young Adult- ATI Students= $500 ($50/day) Non-ATI Students = $800 ($80/day) Moms- ATI Moms = $500 ($50/day) Non-ATI Moms = $800 ($80/day) Okay I know I am forgetting stuff but wow do the math- that sure adds up
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