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  1. raspberrymint

    Duggars in 10 - 20 Years

    By the time Josie is an adult, what do you see life as being like for the generations?
  2. Continued from here: This thread is for show discussion. Please take the HSI discussion to that thread. Thanks!
  3. This just popped up on the No Longer Quivering Facebook page. https://www.nwahomepage.com/news/knwa/homeland-security-investigations-raid-duggar-home/
  4. Yeah this showed up for me today. Yeah, we’re talking bout young Joshley Madison here And this whole sorry situation led me to FJ land too. Which was a huge plus. Never could’ve survived fuck face as long as I have without FJ.
  5. Hopefully this sticky will allow those posters who vacillate from fighting the good fight against leg humping and utter exhaustion with the seeming futility to get some rest. If you post a link or a photo, include some commentary of your own. Tell us why we should follow the link. Tell us why the photo is worth the bandwidth. FJ is not Pinterest. We do not exist simply to be a Duggar/Bates scrapbook. We exist to discuss the damage caused by fundamentalists.
  6. singsingsing

    The Victorian Duggars

    I got to wondering what the Duggars' names would have been had they all been born a century earlier, and this is the result! I feel honour-bound to tell you all that 'Victorian Duggars' isn't really the most accurate title, but 'Interwar-era Duggars' didn't have quite the same ring to it. I used the SSA baby names data to find the ranks for their first and middle names, and then I just found the names that sat at those ranks exactly a hundred years before they were born. This was challenging for some names where I had to dig deep into the text files of the data to find their rankings, but I was dedicated to bringing you a few minutes of mild entertainment this afternoon. Jim Bob and Michelle were born before the SSA data collection began. I just used the 1880 data for them. Some of the names were challenging, like Jinger - there were only six girls named Jinger born in 1993, and her ranking just doesn't match up with any from 1893 (there were far more names given in 1993 than in 1893). So I looked back at all the names in the corresponding year that were only given to six girls, and choose the last one beginning with the same letter. I decided to go with the same letter, because otherwise every name I had to do this for would've begun with Z. Jinger, Milagro, Martyn, Johannah (there were no corresponding J names so I chose the closest letter), and Mackynzie all fell into this category. Spurgeon was not listed at all, so I choose the lowest ranked boy's name beginning with S for 1915. Which happened to be, well... you'll see. And if you would believe it, Wilberforce didn't make the list for 2017, either! So same deal, lowest ranked boy's name for 1917 beginning with W. And for the younger "Martyn", lowest ranked named beginning with M for 1918. The data for 2018 has not been released yet, so I cheated just a little and used 2017 data for Gideon, Garrett and Felicity but still compared it to the 1918 rankings. Without further ado... The Old-Fashioned Duggar Family Charles George Duggar, b. July 18th, 1865 + Elizabeth Kate Ruark, b. September 13th, 1866 Their children: 1. George Harry Duggar, b. March 3rd, 1888 + Dora Hilda Keller, b. June 23rd, 1888 2. Luna Lora Duggar, b. January 12th, 1890 3. Thomas Frank Duggar, b. January 12th, 1890 + Martina Nina Burnett, b. April 16th, 1892 4. Lennie Rose Duggar, b. May 17th, 1891 + Loren John Dillard, b. March 9th, 1889 5. Magdelena Minnie Duggar, b. November 4th, 1892 + Richard John Seewald, b. May 19th, 1895 6. Junie Alice Duggar, b. December 21st, 1893 + Oscar Harry Vuolo, b. September 5th, 1887 7. Harry Hugh Duggar, b. January 20th, 1895 + Rosie Ivy Caldwell, b. August 11th, 1898 8. Edmond William Duggar, b. August 28th, 1896 + Alice Maxine Swanson, b. May 18th, 1899 9. Aileen Mildred Duggar, b. October 28th, 1897 + Richard Myles Forsyth, b. December 11th, 1893 10. Alvah Raymond Duggar, b. December 30th, 1898 11. Earnest Raymond Duggar, b. December 30th, 1898 12. Lee William Duggar, b. April 21st, 1900 13. Paul Robert Duggar, b. July 7th, 1901 14. Roy Louis Duggar, b. November 15th, 1902 15. Russell Jimmie Duggar, b. May 23rd, 1904 16. Florine Laura Duggar, b. October 11th, 1905 17. Lena Verna Duggar, b. August 2nd, 1907 18. Erma Annie Venita Duggar, b. December 18th, 1908 19. Oma Esther Duggar, b. December 10th, 1909 George and Dora Duggar's children: 1. Maureen Andrea Duggar, b. October 8th, 1909 2. Joseph Paul Duggar, b. June 15th, 1911 3. Bennie Richard Duggar, b. June 2nd, 1913 4. Consuelo Catherine Duggar, b. July 16th, 1915 5. Charles Forest Duggar, b. September 12th, 1917 Lennie and Loren Dillard's children: 1. Millard Arthur Dillard, b. April 6th, 1915 2. Ralph Hoyt Dillard, b. July 8th, 1917 Magdelena and Richard Seewald's children: 1. Susan Dominick Seewald, b. November 5th, 1915 2. Albert Wynne Seewald, b. February 6th, 1917 Junie and Oscar Vuolo's children: 1. Augusta Amelia Vuolo, b. July 19th, 1918 Harry and Rosie Duggar's children: 1. Forest Clarence Duggar, b. June 8th, 1918 Aileen and Richard Forsyth's children: 1. Hyman Murtha Forsyth, b. February 23rd, 1918. Um, so yeah. You guys thought Spurgeon was bad? At least he's not A Boy Named Sue Seewald. And poor little Millard Dillard. I think Hyman Murtha Forsyth might take the cake, though. Wow. Also can't get over the fact that Kendra's old school name is Rosie Ivy. It fits, somehow.
  7. So I’m all cought up on the threads and bored so I propose a super fun competition. Bring out the psychic in you and play! The winner will get eternal glory, bragging rights and a fancy certificate that I will design and send to them (as a pdf or jpeg or something, I’m not here to stalk your home addresses). THE RULES: I have composed a list of 10 questions about future Duggar events. You list one answer per question and whoever has the most correct answers will win. Your last entry in the thread is the one that counts and you can’t change your guess on something that has already happened. If no one has the right answer to a question where the answer is a date or a number the person that is closest will get a point. Those questions might also help decide the winner if many people have the same amount of right answers in the end. THE QUESTIONS: 1. Who will announce the next Duggar pregnancy? 2. At what date will they announce it? 3. Who will be the next to court? 4. How long after the official courtship announcement will they get engaged? 5. What colour dress will Michelle wear to the their wedding? 6. Who will make the next offensive social media post? 7. What will be the subject? 8. Where did JD and Abbie go on their honeymoon? 9. Will Abbie work as a nurse in Arkansas when they come back? 10. How many grandchildren will JB and Michelle have in the end of 2019? As you see it will take a while to name the winner, but not as long as in the ”who will have the biggest quiver” guessing game in the name prediction thread. Happy competition and may the odds be forever in your favour!
  8. The only reason I am posting this on FJ is that I thought the "victim" was a dead ringer for a Dugger girl. http://p.nytimes.com/email/re?location=pMJKdIFVI6pZnDLDb4IjkAgRrv47iu/5LFar6ndMcSCA56RW6a+R3diyptViQnISZ8od2JjygdNtnFSU4Z84Uzlak2eDNw4jjfp5ooUCIYZ5vhUDI9BOZVKi+9n+Zv0/HsrYOdcOfOGKj3Ddln2LQzk1vS8GJ+3Fm/zxSJKty7k=&campaign_id=58&instance_id=5077&segment_id=7222&user_id=d4dc5c5c0807209dd171fc9bfb2401ea&regi_id=6373195520181031 Also it's kind of funny.
  9. Continued from here: Jana is still "on the market" Gideon is born Kendra and Jinger are pregnant Its either winter or not... who knows, TLC stopped trying to care!
  10. Continued from here: TLC is blessing us with another hour (plus a half hour recap of the crap from last week) of our favorite "reality" show! Lets all watch as the Duggars pretend that things actually happened like they say and that they arent disgusting excuses for human beings. Where are we in time? Jinger, Kendra, and Joy are pregnant. Josiah and Lauren are courting Jaustin are still working on their house Jana remains cinderjana Jill and Josh are nowhere near a camera.
  11. TLC's season numbering is so crazy it seems they get lost. Direct TV, TheTVDB, PTV, etc, are going with season 7 as is my cable guide. It lines up with TLC calling this episode 14. In this first look at Josiah and Lauren's wedding, the bride and groom say their "I do's" and have their first kiss! Then wind back 6 months earlier to the beginning of their courtship. Meanwhile, Joe and Kendra go on their honeymoon to Greece. 120 minutes Preview clip: https://www.google.com.co/amp/s/people.com/tv/josiah-duggar-shares-what-attracted-him-lauren-swanson/amp/
  12. singsingsing

    Updated Spreadsheets

    Wasn't sure where to put this, so I figured I'd just make a new post. With the arrival of Felicity Vuolo, I decided it was a good time to post the updated versions of my Duggar spreadsheets! I believe you have to click on the photo, then click on it again to see it full size (edit: apparently this only applies to the couples spreadsheet - anyway, you guys are smart, you can figure out how many clicks it takes. ). Main Family: Couples: New since last time: A few corrections/tweaks, updated some of the photos, Josiah and Lauren join the marrieds, arrival of Garrett and Felicity, and JD's courtship. I keep the spreadsheet updated in real time, but I'll only post it again after a reasonable amount of time has gone by and a reasonable amount of stuff has changed.
  13. Last thread here: Title is a reference to that IG photo of JB&M with their grandkids at the end of the thread. Duggars: still boring as drying paint
  14. Carry on from here: Credit to @HarleyQuinn for the updated thread title
  15. singsingsing

    Duggar Data

    I just want to bring this to the attention of my fellow data/spreadsheet/prediction nerds - there's a Tumblr called 'Duggar Data' and it. is. spectacular. https://duggardata.tumblr.com/ There was a little discussion about this over in the Bates forum, and we couldn't figure out if it was an FJer running it or not. If it is, please don't feel pressure to out yourself. I just want to share this really cool site with everyone, because I think a lot of you will enjoy it and find it valuable. (And no, it's not me. I am not REMOTELY smart enough to do something like this. )
  16. I don’t know the Duggar forum as I mainly hang out in other areas of FJ, but I ran across this in my news feed this morning. Apologies if it’s already being discussed somewhere. I looked around but didn’t see a discussion. http://popculture.com/reality-tv/2018/04/21/counting-on-michelle-duggar-accused-abuse-reddit-viral-video/
  17. Carry on from here: We have been mostly talking about hymens and why they’re a reeeally bad way to judge if someone is a virgin or not...
  18. There are a few things in this article, but the first part is about the crewmembers that filmed the Duggars and also several others who have escaped IBLP. It specifically talks about how sheltered the Duggars are and how unworldly. I feel so bad for the children being raised in that environment.
  19. Joe and Kendra arent married yet Joy is pregnant but hasnt told the family Jinger is living the newlywed life Jill still appears on the show, despite the fact that Derick claims that they arent on it and never got any money
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