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  1. This will be a fun thread in which you post people that you wish that the Duggars would meet My first person is Dan Barker an atheist who was once an evangelical minister
  2. luckylassie

    How much longer? - Duggars

    How much longer do you think we will be seeing/hearing about the Duggars? One year? Two? Five? Do you think that we will know about every single future Duggar Child on the Today show for decades to come?
  3. homeschoolmomma1

    "Like the Duggars"

    OKay, I think it is because our family has watched the Duggars and in fact I used to take notes in the early special (shame ) anyway, Do you ever do something and then think of the Duggars? For instance, We were packing tgo move- thought of the Duggars Went on Vaction- Thought of the Duggar Bus Walking to Wal-mart or Aldi- Thinking of Duggars shopping and today we are going to a museum (Granted it is for a Harry Potter exhibit) but here I am thinking about the darn creation museum. Have you all ever done this?
  4. I've been watching them on TLC since the beginning and I was re watching some of the older specials on youtube and wow their clothes have changed. They all wore the same color polo and the girls/Michelle wore frumpy jumpers and had super long fried hair. Now the skirts and hair is shorter and the shirts look like anything you could buy at the mall. Does anyone know why they made this change?
  5. As with any overdose, the symptoms of Duggar overdose has several symptoms. For this particular form of overdose, look for the following symptoms: sudden, unexplained urges to wear either denim or black skirts buying tater tot's in bulk prolonged exposure to aquanet spray saying the word purpose as a verb rolling your eyes at random moments talking in a high pitched baby voice If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then you may have a Duggar hangover. Suggested remedies are: watching "Kid Farm" on youtube kissing before marriage eating fresh foods writing on freejinger rock and roll music
  6. Why don't more people tell the truth about what the Duggars are like? We always hear accounts of people who knew them in the past (pre TLC) but why are more people not more forward with what they know? I wonder if they are told to keep hush hush
  7. Since Zach Bates is out of the picture for Jana Duggar to court/marry, any suggestions or predictions on realistic courtships for any of these women? Would Jana as the oldest be the first girl to wed? Is there any protocol in ATI criteria about which of the daughters marry first? Also, it seems from reading on several boards that some of the "royalty" [gags] of the ATI wouldn't want to marry their sons/daughters to the Duggars and vice/versa (either because they are beneath them or because the women are too liberal for them). Isn't it ironic how there is always discrimination/prejudice within every type of group? Is it possible that any of these "royal members" would marry if good old Gothard put a bug in the ear of the Daddys' and told them it was what God wanted? Would Jim Bob allow his daughters to leave and go live with her hubby in another state or do you think part of the deal would be to build each of the girls a house on the property to keep them all close at hand? Sometimes I wonder if Jim Bob wants his daughters to even marry. I think he really loves them (well in his own Jim Bob way) and I wonder at times if he wants them to leave. Michelle, I don't think she cares other than she needs them as maids, cooks and nannies. One last question for now, can a child be forced into a marriage? I mean truly forced? Mom and Dad make the arrangement and say Jill says, "oh no no, I don't really like him. I've prayed and I don't feel God is sending him to me as my life partner". Now if she truly feels this way, but if the groom to be and the parents all want the wedding, can it still happen? Do you think the Duggars would put aside Jill's happiness if they thought her feelings were wrong? As I said on a post last night, I'm fairly new to viewing the Duggars. I've known about them and read about them over the years, but I've only begun watching their shows this year. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around their way of life and philosophy.
  8. Just a question. How long do shows last on TLC like seasons wise. I think the Duggars have another year or 2 what do u all think?
  9. ...Who is not named Josh I don't care for Princess Jessa myself-she gives off a stuck up, rather cold vibe to me.
  10. In reaction to the other Duggar offspring thread. I'm in the mood for positivity From what I've seen (clips rather than full programmes, as I'm not based in the US), I think Jordyn, Hannie, Jinger and Jill are my favourites. Jordyn because she's so cute and I feel sorry for her being left out so much, Hannie and Jinger because they have some spunk, and Jill because she has such a caring and kind heart. Justin is pretty sweet towards Jordyn, so maybe he's my favourite out of the boys.
  11. Has anyone ever noticed any of the Duggars wearing glasses? It's remarkable that out of 21 duggars, none of them need eyeglasses. Or maybe some of them do, but it's just for reading.
  12. ladypuglover

    Duggars vs. Bates

    I like some others think that the Duggar family and the Bates family have a little competition with each other. First it is with the who can have more babies, then the lets have our sons become politicians. Now the Bateses are stepping up and allowing their oldest to get married. Will the Duggars return volley by having Jana or JD get married? What do you think the next move is?
  13. How many times do we see the Duggar kids jumping or on the counters and other areas. Michelle recently said that she is happy they never had any serious breaks.I believe Michelle thinks her children bounce if they fall
  14. This article (which keeps going and going click the arrows) beliefnet.com/Entertainment/Celebrities/2009/10/Michelle-and-Jim-Bob-Duggar.aspx?p=2 Is interesting. It is a bit old but I never saw it. It is after Jordyn-Grace was born and # 19 is on the way Did you know that- Michelle says, "The last time we delivered our baby, [my doctor] said my uterus looked wonderful" yep! the doctor said wonderful! and Jim Bob replys, "If you saw Michelle, you would think that this was her first pregnancy. She looks so great." Hmmm and wasn't this before they had a premie? liers
  15. by going shopping and getting your very own I heart the Duggars coffee mug or tee. http://store.discovery.com/?v=tlc_shows ... d-counting I have way to many coffee/tea mugs as it is and I don't want one so tacky.
  16. FJismyheadship

    Duggar Meetings!!!!

    I'm searching the internet for people who have met the Duggars at these book sightings! Her Noble Character: http://www.hernoblecharacter. com/2011/06/i-met-duggars-autographed-book-giveaway.html All I gotta say to this one is BABYSITTERS!? I thought the Duggar's didn't believe in that! Little Piece Of Heaven: http://fragmentumcaeli. blogspot.com/2011/06/meeting-duggars.html JB&M were at seperate tables!? Happy Card Encouragement Factory: http://happycardfactory. blogspot.com/2011/06/i-got-to-meet-duggars.html Why would the employees say no photo posing, and no chit chat... and then the Duggar's do it anyway? Is that to make the Duggars look good, or the employees look bad? The rest are being stupid so I will add them later
  17. To the International Christian Retail Show at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. "'The Duggar family, stars of the TLC reality show 19 Kids and Counting featuring Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their 19 children, will perform music at the open-to-the-public Sunday, July 10 Worship Him service. The Duggars also will perform and sign autographs in the Town Center on the exhibit floor and be in the Spring Arbor Content Group exhibit booth during the show."
  18. Pics from their trip to NY with the Bontrager family (scroll down to the NY posts): http://wwwDOTbontragersingers.blogspot.com/ Picasa album with tons of pictures: https://picasaweb.google.com/106632063052826142154/FamilyFriends201103# EDIT: Use this link instead: https://picasaweb.google.com/duggarfami ... iends2011# EDIT: Main picassa page with lots of other albums: http://picasaweb.google.com/duggarfamily
  19. Lately when they go places as of late they have been having young women,Gotthard trained girls apparently, to assist them with minding the toddlers and babies. We know some,probably all, are living with them and doing other work.I believe this is their way of answering internet critics about how much work the fab 4-really just Jill and Jana to be honest-have to do.But is this better really? instead of Jill minding kids you have some other girl being a drudge who might have other dreams or want education sentenced to clean asses and keep sweet-for a family that's not even hers!
  20. homeschoolmomma1

    Do the Duggars...

    ever clean up after they stay in a hotel? (I thought we could play a little game Do the Duggars?) I just packed for like 13 hours and I'm in the mood for a game I guess
  21. homeschoolmomma1

    moving like the Duggars

    So my family is moving and I was just curious as to how the Duggars move so I looked it up in their first book. I'm sorry but Michelle buys those file boxes (which run about 15 dollars for 10 at Walmart) I know she does it so she can have her system of index cards but my gosh that is sort of a waste for stuff you will just unload later. However, they don't pack the dresses they just roll them around. May be it is because I'm cheap but our family uses boxes from other people and stores. I like to get something free and save the difference
  22. Next week we will see the Duggar family clean up what looks to be a bank repo house and being sooo very happy to do so. Why? Why so happy? Is John David getting married? I doubt that Jana would get a house so why are they doing this? Any ideas or want to place a bet that JD is going to the alter?
  23. Can you even get an iPhone without a data plan? Can the web content be locked down as hardcore as they lock down their home computers? If not, how many of you think that the girls are able to surf to normal websites via their phone so they don't have to go through the rigamarole of having Jana log them in with a password to their homework desktops (with an Internet buddy watching of course!)? Seeing that the kids didn't have any clue who Dolly Parton was, I would hope that with the new technology they are allowed, they could access SOME news of the outside world and people not directly associated with ATI!
  24. I am very shocked by these videos on TLC. The one for father's Day- James said, "if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be on this Camera right nowhttp://tlc.howstuffworks.com/tv/19-kids-and-counting Also LOTS of talk about having a birthday party and sometimes he takes them out when it is not their birthday - way to go Jim Bob! Noone has a clue why Josh is a good dad - oh wait cuz he provided for his family (no Jana in video) The giving advice video http://tlc.discovery.com/videos/19-kids-and-counting-season-5-webisodes/ Michelle says you will have a lot of cousins- well aunts and uncles actually but they are like cousins--- Ummm how does THAT work? Enjoy and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all of the fathers out there
  25. They blocked my ip. All I did was comment on Michelle's blog and respond to this sentence "I get to enjoy all of this wonderful, exciting news and this, that, and the other, without all of the responsibility" lol I couldn't help myself. It was too good to pass up.
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