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  1. roddma

    Duggars Handout $100

    I think the Duggars are getting crazier by the minute. http://duggarswatch.blogspot.com/2011/0 ... bills.html
  2. Did anyone notice the look on Joy's face during the GMA interview? She didn't look to happy as Jill and Jinger spoke about having a large family when they are older and being best friends with their siblings. What do you guys think? And I thought they weren't suppossed to worry about how many children they "want" but how many "the lord blesses you with?"
  3. http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-a ... i-survived I thought that this was hilarious. When my husband had his vasectomy, he was only sore for a couple of days, not three weeks.
  4. http://www.tmz.com/2011/08/03/19-kids-and-counting-tlc-jim-bob-duggar-washington-dc-lincoln-memorial-100-dollar-bills-god-spiritual-religion/ Ok, not sure if they're tracts exactly, but they're made from fake $100 bills. I bet he is the kind that tips with tracts
  5. two funny things came up on my fb feed. 1. A friend of mine works in ministry. He went to some Christian conference thing (don't know what it was) his status read... "I've never seen so many side hugs in my life" 2. My friend's cousin is having a Duggar themed birthday party. My friend posted the info of the invite as her status because it was soo funny. Here is what it says.. Please join us for a night of Duggar fun!! We will be serving Tater Tot Casserole and Pickles and a very special Duggar Dessert. For fun we will be making our own laundry soap and perming our hair. Please wear a long skirt, and if you are planning to swim, don't forget your conserva-suit! You will be assigned a buddy and a jurisdiction at the door. Gifts will be accepted, but please remember to buy used and save the difference
  6. Jim Bob said in the 'dating' episode that there were a lot of Godly women vs fewer Godly men.... and then encouraged JD to hold a seminar on men being Godly. Why do you supposed there are more Godly women than men? Is it because some Gothard men actually wake up someday and realize they want a partner not a child like wife? Is it because some Gothard men want a sexy wife rather than a frump? Or is that most 20-30 year old men need to work for a living and cant be attending 1400 ATI conferences watching adult women act like 20 year old nannies? What is causing the imbalance in the numbers?
  7. FJismyheadship

    When did Joy Joy get braces?

    Did I miss something? I didnt realize Joy had braces...
  8. dawn9476

    Duggars in DC?

    A reporter for Slate Magazine just tweeted that she saw the Duggars in Dupont Circle.
  9. homeschoolmomma1

    The heat and the Duggars

    I don't even know if the Duggars are in Arkansas but do you think the Duggars are keeping the kids safe in all this heat. Today Arkansas feels like 114 degrees. I can't imagine if they are walking around with litttle Josie in that heat. I mean I would hope the Duggars would be smart enough to keep the kids hydrated and inside. I would love to drive by the house just to see how many little Duggars are outside
  10. I know we may never truly know the answer to this but if you had to guess......what do you think Michelle is like off camera when nobody else is watching. Do you think they really are the happy, huge, family with the mom that is sweeter than sugared honey? Or perhaps not.
  11. O Latin

    Duggar Birthdays

    I was reading TWOP today and there were a bunch of comments about Jennifer's birthday and how it probably sucked because the Duggars never seem to do anything really special for their kids' birthdays. This seems to come up a lot, and I have to say, I don't get it. First of all, to a very young kid, anything out of the ordinary is special. I remember one year my mom let me eat sugary cereal for breakfast on my birthday (I was maybe four or five) and it was the greatest thing in the world. Second of all, I don't personally believe in making a big deal about birthdays. In my family growing up, we got to choose what we wanted for dinner and what flavor cake we wanted. That seems reasonable to me. What more does a little kid need? When we got a little older we could choose a restaurant to go to instead of having dinner at home if we wanted and there were some "special" birthdays (like turning 13) that were a bigger deal. Obviously every family is different and I don't care if other people want to act like their kids' birthdays are the most important days of the year. But it sort of annoys me when people say "Look, the Duggars didn't make a big to do over J'whoever's birthday! Yet another reason why they're bad parents." I've known families who didn't believe in celebrating birthdays AT ALL, and their kids still grew up with plenty of love. Am I way out of line? Does the fact that I don't think birthdays are important mean I would be a horrible mother and I should never have children? Or is this just a case of different strokes for different folks?
  12. I watched the episode with Dan from ABC. Perhaps he asked hard questions when he wasn't on the show but he appeared to be interested in a puff piece on the family. Yes, Dan seemed pleasant but I would like to hear tough questions addressed to the family. The Duggars are selling Gothardism. Why do reporters seem to be so frightened of asking them anything serious? It seems like the women, especially, who interview them would at least comment on their sexiest views on women. Yet no one seems to care.
  13. Being black myself, I noticed this right away. I was starting to think all of the people they knew were white. Ring in with your comments on this matter.
  14. As a warning, do not watch Kid Farm episodes and then read anything by Michelle. Particularly the Parentables blog post where she talks about the snacks that the Duggars eat at home and on the road. OH MY GOSH! She sounds like an idiot! Normally I enjoy reading her commentary as it's another insight into the Duggar family but this one just came as as if she was completely unintelligent. What's with the protein love? I think there were four or five mentions of how much protein an item had. I understand you want protein to fill up, but really? Does protein warrant that many mentions in a three paragraph blog post?
  15. Is the TLC crew with them for 20 weeks scattered throughout the year? 30? More? Fewer? This may be common knowledge, but I haven't a clue.
  16. I would have loved to see some products that were not name brand in tonight's episode. What is so bad with 'some' off brand? I know some don't buy off brand but their family is huge. So much for saving money
  17. luckylassie

    Duggars and Politics?

    I was thinking about this today, what if a Duggar (weather Jimbob or any of the kids) got success in the political arena and ended up in the White House? Would you support a Duggar presidency? I might sound like a long shot or crazy idea but just suppose.
  18. tabitha2

    Duggar daughters

    I can't imagine having horrible cramps,fatigue etc exacerbated by salty fatty food and no proper rest on that bus,having to walk in crowds and heat .That is torture.I am talking about poor Joy who is at that age now and why i think she looks miserable in so many photos.
  19. IReallyAmHopewell

    This weeks 19 Kids Episode

    Ok...not only have they totally bored us to death with too darned many dentist trips, births, PDAs, gross-out scenes of toilets they also now are overkilling on birthdays and bicycles. While I get that boys that age love bikes and love to trash bikes, did I actually hear Jim-Bob say it could be cheaper to buy a new one than to fix an old bike????? My son's friend bought wrecked bikes at garage sales and junk yards and built his own. What happened to Duggar inventiveness?? bwahahahahaha I'm sure Grandma was thrilled to bits with that bike, but I did love when she said had she known she'd have worn slacks! Product placement out the wazoo on this episode! Enough candy in that pantry to go down a five-mile parade route! It was really, really sweet of Jackson to buy the toy for Hannie--I just hope he wasn't prompted to do that. I didn't know fat Joshie-boy was a firefighter, too. That's one for him.
  20. My mom likes watching 19 Kids and Counting. I watch too, but for a different reason. She said to me one day (no lie) that the Duggars and Fundy families must be "happier than normal people" because of their seemingly stress-free existance. I disagree. Would you be happy if you were a Bates, Duggar, Keller, or other fundie offspring.
  21. http://crushable.com/other-stuff/the-duggar-familys-used-bus-is-on-sale-for-84000/ This is a super nice bus with 15 bunks. It is currently not on our lot, as we have it on a lot in the Nashville area. We can arrange for you to meet and have a personal look at this bus at your conveience, just give us a call anytime! This bus has been used by the Duggar Family of TLCâ€s 19 Kids & Counting! for the last 3 years until they upgraded in July to a newer model. This is overall in great operating condition and it was originally used as a crew bus for a nationally known singer/performer. Prevost makes some of the worldâ€s finest coaches and this one has the Vulcan Entertainer conversion. It is equipped with 15 bunks, one half bath, small kitchenette with microwave and coffee maker, front lounge, rear stateroom and front & rear TV/DVD systems. Chrome alloy wheels, air ride, Dual A/C – Engine Compressor and House Unit, Kubota 4cyl Diesel generator and In-Motion DirecTV Satellite. T; Call Josh today, and mention the online ad special! Make of it what you will... (I am sorry if there is already a topic about this, I searched but couldn't find anything)
  22. luckylassie

    Best Duggar Parody ever!

    If any of you go on youtube be sure to check out Kid farm. It made me almost whiz all over myself with laughing. It has the no kissing till marriage, homeschool, and even a cousin amy (Jamie on the video). I found it so encouraging even more than the real duggars.
  23. As to why she might be so unhappy and it makes sense.We know she is the only one with the password right? say she looked up her oldest brother or parents one day and saw some of the things people say about her family and herself even-She would be mortified,angry and hurt,no? She might just be over being a laughing stock among her peers-if she can see those things,other girls and guys IE potential husbands in her set might see them as well and she realizes it.
  24. homeschoolmomma1

    The Duggar Wall

    I posted this on another thread and it got me thinking. Did anyone see this before... it deserves it's own thread. Wait till the end for the big shocker haha http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=600405994604&oid=174015830520&comments
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