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  1. (Sorry for any errors or if I can't check back on this- my wifi is spotty but I have to share!) I'm spending a few days layover in Edinburgh and who do I stubble across but the Duggars! Not just in the same city, but the same hotel! I'm tagging along on Mr. Moose's business trip which has required me to be functional in 5 time zones in the past two weeks (a tall order) and this entire thing felt like a bit of a fever dream. We're staying at this little hotel down by the Parliament building, about a block off the Royal Mile. It comes with a kitchen (great for making tatter tot casserole on the go!), washer/dryer (adorable little thing- no idea how it will handle 20 peoples' laundry. Took 3 loads for a weeks worth of ours.), and suites with multiple rooms. At first I thought I was hallucinating the whole thing because there's no way to "buy used and save the difference!" here. Breakfast/lunch runs £4-10/person and dinner is £8-20. With a conversion rate of £1=$1.6 and no 'kids eat free" it adds up fast. So, story! I was stumbling to the hotel from a cafe around the corner, about to give into a nap because the espresso was not working. I look up an see a passel of women decked out in long skirts with long, wavy hair walking up a close towards the Royal Mile. My fundie-dar starts pinging like crazy. Then Mr. Moose notices the cameras. My first thought was that it was a Vision Forum "Lets Rewrite History to Match Our Faith!" tour. I'm staring pretty hard trying to make sense of what I'm seeing (soooo jetlagged) when one of the women taps a man on his shoulder. Dude turns around and BAM! Helmet hair and cheesy grin in all their glory- it's Jim Boob in the flesh. They both wave as Mr. Moose pushes me into the hotel lobby. I start babbling "Do you know who that was?! The people with the kids and the thing!" (Again, super jet lagged). Mr. Moose thinks I'm going crazy and puts me to bed, where weird dreams about the Duggars and Dolly Parton ensue. Later that night I went to the front desk to see about check-out times for the next day. After I leaned in and asked, "Now I'm really jet lagged and could very possibly have imagined it, but did I see the 50 kids and counting people here earlier?". One attendant, an impeccably dressed glam rocker type (please be my BFF and give me your eyeliner secrets!), just got this "I really shouldn't say anything" look but the other (a younger girl with bright red hair and a Marilyn piercing) starting cracking up. Once she calmed down she confirmed "You weren't imagining it". Second confirmation- while coming back from breakfast this morning I saw the crew loading up on a tour bus with JMichelle sitting up front. So the Duggars are definitely in Scotland! Someone please let me know when the episode will air since I normally don't keep up with the show (and I've since moved on to St. Andrews and have no stalking opportunities!)
  2. Daenerys


    https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid= ... 048&v=info Funny facebook group - did an FJer start it? Though I have to question 10 loads of laundry a day: I don't know any adult who daily produces half a load of washing, let alone a small child!
  3. homeschoolmomma1

    THANK YOU DUGGARS (please read:) )

    Because the Duggars are BORING. My hubby and I "made love" instead of watching the show one night and now I am having a baby girl due around Christmas! Maybe I should send them a thank you card haha
  4. GeoBQn

    Duggars on the move

    Sean's latest tweet (7 hours ago) says that they were headed to London. Amy's latest tweet said they had to change planes due to an oil leak. Also, Amy said they filmed on a farm in Ireland and she rode a pig. Damn, they are moving quickly. Maybe there's nothing to fear about them going to Israel since they'll probably be there for 1.5 days.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=17881794048&v=info#!/group.php?gid=3089855532 Yay Facebookers!
  6. AnnoDomini

    Prayer closet?

    Before coming here, I never heard of 'prayer closets'. My family, while fundy-lite (I think--I'm not sure how these things are judged) never had anything like that.
  7. You know the kids want to do this every time they see parents going at it.
  8. ladypuglover

    Damn You Atuo Correct Duggars

    http://damnyouautocorrect.com/11884/event-of-the-year/ Somehow I think this might be to nike for the gang.
  9. http://www.examiner.com/19-kids-and-cou ... 44e34ab783 Ok, fess up... who follows her? edited bc "followser" is not a word...
  10. annalena

    Is this really Josh?

    http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id= ... 2400350382 from what he's posting, I believe he could be. Plus, he's friends with Susanna Keller. Who's wall is now open, btw, but only shows me the latest friendshop connections. Does it show more for anyone?
  11. I wonder if JD, Jana, and Jill's fellow volunteer firefighters are getting a bit fed up with all of their prolonged absences. I assume they have some sort of rotating schedule, but the Duggars are always travelling. They've been all over the place this summer, Jana went to Journey of the Heart in June, she and Jill went to Peru, and now they are going to be gone for 25 days on the mystery vacation. I assume that means the other volunteers have to pick up the slack. They have lives and families too. I would think they are getting fed up picking up the shifts that the Duggars can't fill.
  12. Enter the fiollowing coordinates into Google Earth. 36°08'43.46" N 94°14'46.19" W Zoom in and view from above. Anybody recognize this home?
  13. If you could introduce secular music to the elder Duggar girls (or even the Maxwell girls) what artists would you have them listen to? Would it be pop, rock, country? ETA: Which J'slave do you think would like Britney? Or Lady Gaga? Or perhaps a little Elton John or Queen?
  14. ...as the reporter pointed out on the Bates special a couple of times, the Bates (read: fundies) do have a kind of 1950ies lifestyle in certain ways ( for some, even 50 years earlier than that). Maybe that's what leads them to eating what they eat. While I doubt Tater Tots have been around that long, 60 years ago food supply was nowhere near what it is today. I realize when I read old recipes and cookbooks that those where nowhere "light" or lean(especially our German ones), but they had to have a ton of calories and had to be able to be made with things easily available because I guess you never could be sure when the next meal was going to take place. So stuff like homemade cookies with tons of sugar and butter were great, cause they had a lot lot lot of calories. But we don't live in the 1950ies anymore... maybe Fundies need to realize that. It always bothers me when they publish recipes for homemade cookies, muffins, stuff like that, brag about how everything is homemade, but apparently the idea of a homemade fruit salad doesn't cross their minds very often.
  15. I just thought of this, if you were to meet a Duggar daughter and have a conversation, how do you think it would go? The girls and Anna have a knack for being shy, sheltered, and sometimes even snobby (my opinion). What would you have to talk about? Subjects like literature, college, and other things that are normal to us seem like they would be totally foreign to an A.T. I. female.
  16. FJismyheadship

    Duggars in Hot Springs

    Well I dont know for sure, it might have been some Duggar lovers, maybe some other fundies.... but a few days ago, a big white van passed me by while I was wearing a lowish cut shirt (that shows NOTHING because I don't have enough to show) and a denim skirt that falls just above my knees... someone yelled out the window at me "NIKE!" and kept going. I wish I could have seen their faces... cause I would love to be able to say "The Duggars called me a Nike!"
  17. I haven't had cable TV for over a year so I haven't seen any Duggar shows in too long. Have any of the older girls left home? I can remember one or two of them talking about wanting to go into nursing, and one wanting to be a midwife. I thought maybe with Josie's long hospitalization that Michelle and Jim Bob might look more kindly on any of their daughters going into nursing. Amy marriages in sight for any of the other Duggars? And what about cousin Amy, what's new with her? And since this forum is FreeJinger, what's new with her? She did always strike me as one who might fly the coop and become independent. Nell
  18. Looks like the Duggars visited the Bates Family again. http://gilbatesfamily.com/blog/ There's a photo of little Michael and Jordyn with lots of hair!
  19. cindyluvs24

    The Wisdom Teeth Episode

    i was remembering the wisdom teeth episode b/c my son had his out this morning. I'm really steaming now remembering how Jim Boob brought the kids into Jana's room to stare at her and how swollen she was. What a dick thing to do, especially to your own kid!
  20. I'm puzzled. I don't know why there are people that actually buy into the Duggar's image? Can't people see that College Minus! is a scam and that they're never going to let the J'slaves have a real education? There's this article about College Minus! in which the Duggars try to make it seem like it's a real school. I commented several months ago on that article that the Duggars are basically lying about College Minus and this smug woman responded: "It's their business". WTF does that mean? It turns out that this woman is a bible-thumper (based on her profile). I just can't believe that The Duggars have people fooled so easily and people won't bother to question their motives at all. Can't people see that the Duggars are scam artists?
  21. homeschoolmomma1

    The way the Duggars eat

    Type II Diabetes runs on both sides of my family and my husbands mothers side. I try to make my family get out and move and eat healthy (as much as we can) I was looking at the way the Duggars eat and then looking at Josh and Jim Bob. Couldn't the whole family make some changes- at least for the kids? I mean the Chicken ette What about whole grain noodles? Is that not in their budget? I know they may not have Type 2 Diabetes (I don't know their family history) but with that many kids may be they should be concerned about what they put in their kids mouth. Sorry I just had to vent after looking at the growing Josh
  22. Very spot-on parody by the same woman who did the Courtney Stoddon parody linked on the thread about her. I'm just putting the link because it has some pretty graphic discussion about the potential state of J'chelle's baby maker and her and Jim Boob's sex life, and therefore probably NSFW.
  23. I've been thinking....I've studied the bible for a pretty long time and a lot of the regulations that the Duggars and others follow are not even in there. I have never found anything biblical that says that girls must stay home until marriage, kissing was wrong, or that birth control was a sin. I know of old testament verses saying that women should not wear what pertains to a man but I was under the impression that those old laws and rules were for a different time and place (old covenant). I could be wrong but just my thoughts.
  24. luckylassie

    Duggars Losing It?

    By "It" I mean ratings and fans. I know a few people that were once die-hard supporters but now they are just wanting the show off the air. Back in 08' it seems like so many people were fawning over how sweet Anna was and how Michelle (even with 18 kids) was such a good mother. Now, it seems the enchantment has ended.
  25. homeschoolmomma1

    In what episode? - Duggars

    In which episode does Anna make food for all of the Duggars. I can't think of the name thanks
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