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  1. MrsYoungie

    Duggar scary camping story

    So J'boob gets the kids into the tent and decides to tell them a "scary" story (as per the TLC blurb). I know we were speculatin about what it could be but did anyone hear it? Lamest. Story. Ever. Basically: Once pop used to come in glass bottles that you could get a deposit back on. One day some bad kids stole a basket of bottles from their house. And they got away and they never saw them again. What the fuck? Can we get some suggestions for other Duggar scary stories? Here's one to get started: Once these kids used to go to public school. And they learned stuff. And then they graduated and THEY NEVER SAW THEM AGAIN!!!!
  2. luckylassie

    Fundy Family Drama

    Every time I see Cousin Amy with the Duggars (such as on youtube during the Scotland parade) I wonder WTF? I read about her Facebook wall spat with Anna's sis (which was very spot on by the way) and agree that she is a major attention addict. I don't think I hate Amy, she just gets annoying at times. I wonder what fundies do if they ever have family drama (such as if Amy and Anna do not like each other or the Daniel Keller shunning thing)?
  3. I've never seen any long jean skirts or modest shirts in any of the stores in the malls by me. Where do they go to get clothes like this? I've always been curious! Do you think they make them?
  4. Apparently the Duggars are appearing at Liberty's convocation today, which starts in 7 minutes. I will definitely be watching today (for once).
  5. everytime she goes to Spanish speaking countries she leaves a piece of her heart there
  6. Watching the 2nd epi and they were showing the "homeschooling conference" and Michelle actually uttered the word "ATI" instead of just saying 'homeschoolng conference' over and over again. Now hopefully everyone watching will go Google ATI and find out just exactly how whacked they are.....
  7. www.lockwoodfamilytomexico.com/2011/10/ ... iends.html Wonder if we'll get an episode out of this.
  8. alikat


    Would someone be able to enlighten me as to what SOTDRT stands for? Thanks!
  9. differ? They had started building their house, but TLC finished and decorated it so they could get on with the show. I guess they would have finished it eventually. I'll bet the finishes would have been much "cheaper" and the furishing 2nd hand and miss-matched. They probably wouldn't have had enough $$ for the big bus. Their traveling would have been much less. Their lives would be much simpler. I wonder if Josh & Anna would have married. Boob wouldn't have had the extra $$ to support a 2nd household. Josh would have actually had to have figured a way to actually work. Maybe they would have married eventually, but not as young. I wonder if little Josie would have gotten the care she needed at birth. They wouldn't have been able to afford the rental house. Maybe Mullet would have been forced to stay at a Ronald McDonald house or with another Gothard family.
  10. So, this new episode of 19 kids and counting has already irked me, especially with JB's comment on how "a lot of families kick their kids out when they're 18." First off, parents do NOT kick their children out when they're 18. If anything, they want them to experience an independent life, find themself and learn how to take care of their themselves without relying on parents. My parents wanted my sister and I to move away for college because they wanted us to learn to be independent without having them hold our hand every step of the way. The Duggars and fundies in general think that by keeping their children at home until marriage, watching their every move, and making sure they're not left alone is a good thing but it's the complete opposite. Sorry JB, get your facts straight before you decide to preach about us nonfundies who do not court, get "kicked" out of our homes, and have a normal life.
  11. I don't know why but it drives me nuts when Michelle says that. What else are you sick of hearing?
  12. I don't think so, but I hope so. And I hope it's Jana.
  13. Is Priscilla older than Anna? I was just wondering about this because I read on some topics that people refer to her as Anna's older sister. If she is, I was thinking if Priscilla might feel awkward that her younger sister got married first and got thrust into the limelight with the Duggars...
  14. In the new post there are pictures of the Bates that look like the repackaging of the Duggars when their show started--Bates guys with untucked shirts, more up-to-date dresses for some of the girls. They also now refer to themselves as the "Late Bates" even though the ever-late Duggars praised them for being so quick out the door and on-time. The Bontragers are in the post too. Their oldest is 20--courting age.....hmmmmm...... One poor son is named "Joshua MAXWELL." Probably has to resist the urge to be truly boring.
  15. Because I thought some of the discussion about her was interesting until the subject veered off, I thought it would be nice to start a new thread. Just some questions to get the conversation started. How difficult would it be for her to leave Josh? Would her education enable her to work and earn a living? Do you think that the marriage will last? Would her parents provide her with emotional support if she left her husband or would they disown her?
  16. Does anyone else notice this? Lately she doesn't seem as happy and high spirited in previous episodes. She seems to be a bit more solemn and kind of tired now. Sometimes I wonder if she knew what she was getting into with the Duggar family and maybe she feels stuck now and has regrets.
  17. This should be exciting. Since I'm anti-Duggar and just about everyone there is pro-Duggar, it should be a fun experience. I'm not posting over there to troll, but to offer a more balanced opinion, if you will. Does anyone else here at FJ post on the TLC forums?
  18. This seems rather condescending to me, but at least they don't mention Jesus: duggarsblog.blogspot.com/2011/09/message-to-people-of-israel.html
  19. That way she will always be able to care for a "baby" hmmm what do you all think? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reborn_doll
  20. 19 Kids and Counting was on this morning at 7am. I wasn't paying much attention until Jill came on with Josie, at which point the camera panned to a plaque that said: "Saying there are too many children is like saying there are too many flowers!" [with "flowers" written in flowery lettering] Yeah... it's not the same thing. There are homeless and parentless children out there starving, living on the streets, sick and dying and not getting medical attention, living in overcrowded group homes and orphanages, being neglected and abused. Equating too many children with "too many flowers" is just so naive and ridiculous... I can't even. I was going to write up something long and ranty but it's too early. I'll let it stew for a bit and come back later - Azzy, Long-time Lurker
  21. lizzy

    Duggar parody

    Pretty funny, I think... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOI1oJFK1TM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOI1oJFK1TM
  22. According to wikipedia, one of the season premiere episodes involve the Duggars visiting Niagra Falls. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't they show a clip of that last season? How many times are they going to show them on a field trip?! How about an episode of them actually homeschooling? I understand that this trip to Europe is a perfect way to expand your knowledge but children need structure and they need to be schooled, not take the easy way out and go on trips. I'm giving this show maybe one more season if a pregnancy, courtship, engagement/marriage, is announced. Oh and the 1 hour special is revolved around Michael and meeting Fame Craver Amy, his first shots, his visit to the Duggar household to celebrate a birthday! EXCITING STUFF!
  23. Daenerys

    Duggars and Technology

    Do any of the Duggars other than Josh have Facebook? I remember ages ago them putting on their site that none did but since then they've travelled a lot, made friends who don't live nearby and have a lot more reason to want to be on there. Also, do any of them have mobile phones? It strikes me that if they don't (again excl. Josh) have that or FB then they've basically got no means of communication not directly supervised by Boob and Mullet. Despite 4 of them being 18+... I know they have a Mac in the main room but I suppose that's the only access in the house to the evil internets. I wonder how many millions of parental controls are on there to stop anything innappropriate being revealed.
  24. rural juror

    Father-son retreat

    The Bateses' new blog post has pictures of boys at a father-son retreat. I am defrauded by Joseph and Josiah's modest swimwear. All the other guys from the other families seem to be wearing pants. Did the lord lay it on the Duggars' hearts that they should start showing some leg??
  25. Really? Comfort has a lot of people prolife people, saying how great the movie is. How the heck can it be life changing when Jim Bob wasn't prochoice before he watched the movie? http://www.raycomfortfood.blogspot.com/
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