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  1. Years ago, I saw one of the Duggar specials (the one where they move into their big, new house) and I was kind of intrigued by the family. I've seen episodes of x Kids and Counting since then and I've had some interest but not much more than that. Recently, though, I became quite fascinated by the whole thing, to the point of a mini-obsession (just for a few days). So what's the deal? I don't think I tuned into the idea of the Duggars' religious beliefs until this recent obsession. Now I've just been reading various forums, blogs and websites and am just becoming a tiny bit familiar with the acronyms, etc., used in these patriarchal Christian circles. It's taken me a few days of pondering.... what is the deal? Why am I so focused on this topic right now? What is it that I am searching for or trying to see in all of this? So I think I finally hit on an answer. The whole movement reminds me of my family's and my culture's history. I am French-Canadian. I am actually an only child, raised by a single mom (who'd left my dad while I was still a baby, after it became apparent he was an full-blown, active alcoholic with no desire of being anything else) so it isn't like Patriarchal Christianity is my own personal experience. And yet... it lurked in the background... as it probably did for most French-Canadian people after the mid-1960s or so. Prior to that, of course, it was the reality of so, so many French-Canadian families. My mom, born just before the second world war, was the youngest of 8 children. Catholicism was very much practiced in her childhood -- daily morning masses, evening family rosaries, lenten fasting, etc., etc., etc. -- just a typical French-Canadian Catholic family. She raised me Catholic too, and one of the rules I had to abide by (regardless of how much protest) was attending weekly Mass until I was 16 (though when I was old enough to go on my own, I did have the option of attending the religious service of another denomination in lieu of mass, something which I did on a few occasions) -- I disliked the ritual of Mass from the time I can remember. Later, I came to dislike it more because I did not believe and it made me feel hypocritical to be there. So I've been agnostic, leaning towards atheistic, since my pre-teen years. And I've also had some interest in Canadian history, including religious history in Quebec. So I've got this picture of the dominance of the Catholic church and of the "revenge of the Cradles" and all these components that are so, so, so very similar to the Duggars' life as portrayed in their TV shows... BUT BUT... something just wasn't adding up. As I watched the Duggars and read a bit about the Quiverfull movement and Patriarchal Christianity (and, admittedly, I've only read a tiny bit so far), even though it seemed so much like a present-day reincarnation of what was the norm in French Canada up until the 1960s, something was still fascinating me, keeping me obsessed, even keeping me awake at night... Finally, I realized it was the cheerfulness, and expression of joy!!!! That's the difference. I don't know how these values actually played out in historical French-Canadian families, but I do know the way I was raised was that when you were in prayer, in Church or anything of the sort, you were supposed to be SERIOUS. And quiet. And private. My mom is just a pretty serious person, who probably wouldn't rank "fun" as one of her important values. From what she's told me about her own mom (who died long before I was born), she was even more serious, even dour. There are only a few pictures of her and she sure isn't smiling in any of them. And in French-Canadian popular culture, there are many historical portrayals. While joy and fun do occasionally show up on party nights, like at weddings, where there is fiddling and square dancing (and drinking!), the regular mode is hard work. And seriousness. Perhaps some pain and suffering. Prayer and worship are all very, very serious. Certainly not to be done with smiles on. So that's what it was!!! Here are the Duggars (and presumably others like them) who appear to be happy, or at least in a good mood, and who value that. That was my sticking point. My image of my French-Canadian ancestors is that they worked hard and hoped for happiness after death and for all eternity... and delayed cheer and fun and good moods until that time. I may have a skewed image. Like I say, I didn't actually live it, the era where the Catholic Church ruled and women were told to submit to God and their husbands and keep having children, even if it killed them. But at least my image of it is that no one had to be HAPPY about God's will. I just picture all these overworked, tired, serious, ill-tempered adults and maybe a few moments of fun snuck in between siblings. Seeing the Duggars smile and seemingly be happy. That's what's new. That's what's fascinating.
  2. Was one of the Duggar girls (Jinger?) wearing a Star of David (a.k.a. Jewish Star) on last night's episode (Habitat for Humanity)? What's up with that? A while back I remember them mentioning they don't eat pork. Now one of the daughters is wearing a Jewish Star? I guess a VSE, where the Duggars go Fake-Jew would buy them another year on TLC.
  3. The Duggars are hosting a lemonade stand today to benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=271645489547504 Pictures will be posted in this album. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= ... 560&type=3
  4. In dangerous situations, like hiking or a home building site. They need to stop being so indignant and self-righteous about it. It's not cute or funny or clever. If I had been one of the bosses, supervisers, or whatever at Habitat for Humanity, after seeing flip flops, I would have turned them away so quick their heads would have spun. (It's also not cute the way Josh and Jim Bob joke about being fat, yet stuffing food like it's going out of style, but that's a whole 'nother subject).
  5. http://www.imperfectwomen.com/north-carolinas-operation-spyglass-arrests-25-child-exploiters/ It was incorrectly reported that Blankenship worked for TLC. He did, however, edit 17 Kids and Counting as well as Jon and Kate Plus 8. This makes me worried for all of the kids on these shows. It's unlikely he ever had any contact with them, but still, it's rather unsettling that he had to have seen very private moments of these kids' lives.
  6. Who is D. Duggar? Not related I'm sure. Would the J. Duggar clan or the Bates ever sing this? http://youtu.be/aucRBbbYOB8 Maybe this belongs better in Distractions?
  7. A mom of one of the children in my son's preschool class had a baby last week so a different mom started a Food Tidings meal calendar for the family. Today, while in line to pick up my son, a mom asked if I had signed up to bring the family a meal yet. I told her I hadn't because I need to first figure out what to bring. I'm not a casserole person and mostly a vegetarian and generally just don't make things that I feel sure will be universally liked. Anyway, this lady says, "Oh, I make the same thing every time someone has a baby. It's easy and everyone loves it. I got the recipe off a TV show- it's called Tater Tot Casserole." I was drinking a Chai tea latte at the time and just about spit it out my nose. I had to take deep breaths to keep my laughter contained- how could I have explained to her why I found that so funny?! When I got home I looked on the webpage and sure enough, the first meal on the list is the Duggar's famous TTC!
  8. TLC is selling official 19 Kids and Counting Habitat for Humanity shirts. The shirts cost $24.95, and $10.50 of every purchase will go to Habitat for Humanity. And yes, there are 19 stick figures on that shirt. My advice--skip the shirt and just donate $24.95 to Habitat for Humanity. http://store.discovery.com/19-kids-habi ... pgn=fbtlc1
  9. Nothing2CHere

    Duggar Spin Off?

    This is an article I just read on Yahoo! about the end of Kate Plus 8: http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/parentin ... 547006/?nc About halfway down, there's this sentence: - Anyone else hear anything about this? There's not another reality family with the same last name, is there?
  10. If you could get the Duggars to watch any TV show, what would it be? As much as I love animated comedies like The Simpsons, King of the Hill, and American Dad, they would probably be traumatized by all the foul language and irreverent attitudes. Plus, these shows are so reliant on pop culture that the Duggar kids have had no exposure to, so they would be practically incomprehensible. So for my recommendation, I would pick the Twilight Zone (original series). I think this would be a great show for the Duggars for the following reasons: -The Duggar kids are probably the only people left on Earth who don't know all the twist endings, so they can still be surprised by them. -Since the show was made in the late 1950's and early 1960's, there is no swearing, no explicit sexual content, and minimal light violence. Everybody is dressed modestly. -The show is great at making the audience think of philosophical questions, about things like the nature of mankind and the universe, fate vs. free will. -There are many episodes with themes that the Duggars should see and think carefully about. There are episodes showing the dangers of blind faith, conformity, and paranoia. There are ones about how misguided people are when they indulge to much in nostalgia or focusing on how things were better in "the good old days." There are ones that show no matter what we do, bad things will always happen to good people. Even in the Twilight Zone, nobody has the magic code to make life go exactly the way you want.
  11. CanticleoftheTurning

    Okay, which FJ'er did this? - Duggar lolz

    http://parenting.failblog.org/2011/10/2 ... wallpaper/ Okay, who submitted this to Parenting Fails? It's okay, you can fess up here I have one thing to say to you: kudos.
  12. I forgot to post that I watched 19 and Counting for the first time in my hotel room while out of town last week -- two whole episodes, and I ended up seeing them twice because they replayed them in the middle of the night the second night. My husband was riveted, watching intently to see how well "Kid Farm" compared to the show. He made frequent comments about how well the Duggars lived -- about how expensive the family RV must have been and about how they had money to go water ski and such. Families when we grew up rarely had money for that kind of thing unless they were wealthy, and large families never had resources like that. He found that all quite off-putting. The message seems to be that if you have a large family like the Duggars, you actually have more opportunities like this which is not the case IRL. They showed Michelle who was wave boarding (which I want to call water boarding HA!), and I'm still creeped out by JB's comment. He said something about her being athletic and then completely grossed me out about how it helped her have so many children. They also showed the episode where they helped to lay the foundation of the Bates' house. I know it's been mentioned here before, but what does Gil Bates do for a living? I can't remember.
  13. I'm a very long time lurker here. I have seen some threads about the Duggars and I thought I have something valuable to add to this forum regarding how reality tv works and how the Duggars set up is structured. Let me premise this by saying i'm not familiar with the 19 kids show in particular, but i'm very familiar with the industry and reality shows. so for what its worth, here it goes. The children participating on reality shows are not considered actors. In fact, they are not even considered employed. crazy you say? Oh yes, very. After all these children spend COUNTLESS and I do mean countless hours being filmed. it is tiring, an invasion of privacy and probably totally messes with their heads. however, the law hasn't caught up and they are not considered actors. If they were considered actors the rules for their employment would be quite strict. A teacher would have to be present on the set to make sure they were receiving a proper education. A social worker would be meeting with them on a regular basis. The producers of the show would need to make sure to give them regular breaks (cameras would have to be turned off). There are numerous other rules that the producers would have to abide by. The bottom line is this: the children's rights would be protected. Moneys they are earning would be siphoned into a trust fund (for a reason... because the parents can't keep their grabby hands off the kids money). The law is set up so that a child's right is protected. However, reality tv gets to go around the law. Numerous abuses are the reason why these laws were set up. Its baffling to me that these people are getting away with this garbage. So onto the money. I do not know how much the duggars make in particular, however, I can tell you that according to their ratings my best guess would be about 25 to 50 k for an episode. there are a variety of factors that go into this decision, but a lot depends on how good of a negotiate JB is. This is probably a lot less money than many people thought, but reality tv really doesn't pay well at all which is why it is so cheap to produce. I have heard this question asked many times... do the older kids have their own contracts. Please understand, the reality tv industry is COMPLETELY unsupervised. there is no rule or law that says a person over the age of 18 must receive ANY compensation to appear on such shows. Most likely the older kids are not being paid, but they would have to sign a waiver (as would JB and Michelle on behalf of younger kids). Since this is a patriarchical family the waiver would be a non issue. My hunch is that the only person on this show being paid is Jim Bob WITH the possible exception of Josh. About Josh. I watched in horror as Josh's modest wife had to give birth on reality tv. I do believe that josh sold anna out and probably not even for that much money. I can almost guarantee you that some kind of negotiation went on while anna was in labor or immediately prior to it. Josh on the phone with a producer... if you are going to film her giving birth, I need an extra 5k. Something alone those lines. It sounds like something out of a horror movie but it absolutely DOES happen. I have seen it. Josh is despicable and as far as I'm concerned in this circumstance at least he sold Anna out. Josie. that poor baby. there was MANY lights on josie in the intensive care unit. I do not know if these units are kept that well lit on purpose, but to me it looked like there was a light guy holding the light right on her as they were filming. I can only imagine the hot and bright lights did not just feel unpleasant (as they do to an adult) but were downright dangerous to someone with an unstable body temperature. remember, there is no law protecting her, the only people who are supposed to protect her (her parents) are long gone kookoo. I am not a religious person, but if i was I would say these people sold their soul to the devil. The funny thing is it doesn't happen overnight. and they may have been well motivated. but little by little money and fame ate away at whatever believes they had initially. they are a shell of what they were (as are many people in the entertainment industry in general). Pride... the deadliest sin of all. Feel free to ask any questions, i 'll do my best to answer them.
  14. jebandpunky

    Duggar Theme songs

    We need anew theme song to get the ratings boosted for their show. I have 2 suggestions to get the ball rolling 1) (to the theme of love boat) Life...exciting and new...come on out...we're expecting you Creating Life doesn't hurt anymore She has 19 kids She's done it all before The Duggars soon will be making another one They have calendars announcing their cycles to everyone We tune in each week for some news of a new romance Or a new life...welcome aboard it's duuuuuuuuuu..........gars! 2) (The tune of mickey mouse club) Whose the leader of the clan That gave Michelle 19 J I M B O B D U GG A R Jim-Bob Duggar (And Michelle) Jim-Bob Duggar (and Michelle) He will raise the Quiverful banner High High High High He's the leader of the clan That's has a full 19 J I M B O B D U GG A R Now it's time for roll call kids Josh Jana John-David Jill (etc. etc.)
  15. princessjo1988

    Could this be the new Duggars?

    Thought the FJians might find this interesting! Enjoy! http://www.cracked.com/video_18336_the-inevitable-future-parenting-reality-tv-shows.html
  16. jebandpunky

    Missy Duggar/Master Bates?

    Is it true what I hear about Missy Jana? is she really dating (excuzay mwah courting) Master Zach Bates? How long before she becomes Jana Bates do you think? How long will they keep it Jana Duggar/Master Bates on TV before they become Mr. and Mrs. bates and then have several Missy bates and several Master Bates?
  17. Why is it that in the Keller family, at least some of the children are trying to live their own life and going against their family's will, while in the Duggar family NO ONE even tries?! They had a similiar upbringing, no?
  18. fundyfunland

    I'm so done with the Duggars!

    Tonight, I was scrolling through the tv schedule & noticed back-to-back episodes of the Duggars, thought immeditely of FJ & decided to watch. The second episode was supposed to be about a "injury on the set," which I figured was Jason's fall, so definitely wanted to watch that. Less than 1 minute into the first episode, Michelle's high-pitched squeaky-freaking voice & mind-numbing commnetary made an apparence, and I Just. Couldn't. Take. It. Any. More! I changed the channel and resolved to never watch them & support them again. They can I'm happy to say that rather than watching 19kids, I watched great re-runs of both Friend & New Adventures of Old Christine. I'm quite happy with my choice. That is all.
  19. well, a quarter... anyway do we have a puke smiley? http://parentables.howstuffworks.com/do ... ggars.html love how The Mullet started the 'bank' system, and now Jill has to do it.
  20. Do you think they ever raise their voices to each other during a disagreement, or do they always talk in those super calm voices?
  21. Just about 30 minutes ago I was doing my daily fundie-check on fb and also went to Amy's site. There was a woman asking about Jason and then it seemed like some kind of discussion started about Michelle's behaviour when her son was injured. Some of the really freaky hardcore Duggar-fans defended it by saying that it was "interesting" (disgusting point of view if you ask me...) but there where also people criticzing Michelle. Unforntunately my phone rang and I was talking for a little while and when I opened firefox again everything was gone. Did anybody else here saw that post??
  22. I posted this back in Feb, but I don't know the protocol for post-copying from the old board. Just wanted to announce that Christi is pregnant with their seventeenth. Googling "Christi Cason" brings up their blog.
  23. Something I have always wondered: until I came on here, I totally believed that it was natural because it seems to be done really well and with the four girls and J'Chelle it just looks like they inherited it. It must take a really long time to do so many small curls, and I wonder how they find the time to do that in between all their slave duties.
  24. Michelle has vaguely alluded to the Buddy System on numerous occasions, but has never actually gone into detail about it. Who is buddied with who? Clearly it's Jennifer-Jill and Josie-Jana, but it seems less obvious for the others. I also wonder at what point a child is considered too old to have a dedicated buddy - was Jackson bumped off to make room for Josie or do some of the J'Slaves have more than one? Also, it doesn't seem Joy has a buddy despite being older than the others when they would have started. Can anyone explain this in more detail?
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