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  1. With stories lately of kids from some of the ultra-fundie families escaping to lead their own lives, it makes me wonder how the Duggars have managed to keep all the kids drinking the koolaid. I know they have been sent to Gothard Re-education Camps and stuff if they starting getting even the tiniest bit rebellious, but how is it these other kids have managed to break away? Do the Duggars isolate their kids more than these other families? Are they more restrictive. I know that some families have allowed their kids to attend schools and universities. Is that the reason? That the Duggars never seem to get a chance to meet and talk with anyone who is not of the same ilk? Do other families have "accountability partners" who must be with them all the time the way the Duggars do? Do you think TLC and the money they make from their show has made it harder for the kids to escape? Or do you think it's a blessing because they've been exposed to more through having to create storylines and through stuff like going to talk at schools and book signings? Do you think any of them will ever break away? Or write a tell-all? Do you think the girls, once they are married and out of the house, will be like Jill...continuing to drink the koolaid completely, or will they use the opportunity of some alone time to explore the world a bit? Surf the internet and find out what people are saying about them and what they have been missing, etc.?
  2. FJ doesn't have many Duggar leghumpers, so I've noticed that FJ users tend to fall into one of two categories: 1) I don't agree with the Duggars but I admire or am positively interested in some parts of their lifestyle, for example, I think it would be cool to have a large family. 2) I basically hate everything about the Duggars, various headships have even told me not to watch it because it makes me so upset, but I do because I just can't look away. Btw, I fall into category 1. What makes you watch the Duggars? Are you in a third category?
  3. While they were laying carpet, Jedidiah was wearing this shirt: prolifeworld.com/i-survived-roe-vs-wade-roe-vs-wade-will-not-survive-me-heather-black-shirt I SURVIVED ROE VS. WADE ROE VS. WADE WILL NOT SURVIVE ME Stand True There's a picture of a bunch of Duggar's wearing the shirt by their front door, and another one that says "I am the generation that abolished abortion." And a picture of just Johannah in the shirt. In the same scene, John-David is wearing a Georgetown Cupcake shirt. Congrats TLC, you've managed to include a free product placement for a product that the Duggars endorse. Maybe you should show up to film with a stack of Little People, Big World and Long Island Medium shirts next time.
  4. http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2014/ ... ars-abuse/ Wow! They even attended jills wedding along with the thousands!
  5. http://www.arkansasbusiness.com/article ... bob-duggar Interesting.... The next Duggar marrying compound?
  6. That is to say, do you think their fame and social acceptance has an expiration date? I'm sure that this has been talked about in various threads, but I'm really interested in hearing everyone's thoughts on this one. Think Duck Dynasty homophobia hysteria...which admittedly hasn't killed their brand, but it's not the same now. Or Paula Deen and the N-word, which obviously did permanent damage. It's no secret that the Duggars have some seriously controversial beliefs, and with Jessa and Ben spouting off on IG, it seems like it's only a matter of time 'til there's a serious backlash. But then again, Jubilee's death caused some friction and bad press, but here they are, more popular than ever. Do you think it will ever get ugly and come to an end? And if so, why/how? Or what the hell is making them so immune to things that Duck Dynasty is not?
  7. My hubby and I were talking about how we got interested back in the early days about ATI and Wisdom booklets and we thought that perhaps it is how the Wisdom booklets are edited. We were thinking of all the times the books were shown on the specials and episodes and we couldn't remember them all. We were going to make a list. This is the Content overview of the Wisdom Booklets http://ati.iblp.org/ati/family/curricul ... toverview/ This is what I have (I will provide links) 14 Children and Pregnant again- Law Resource Learn about bankruptcy laws Wisdom Booklet #35 Raising 16 Children- I think they just took stuff from the first special, but show going to ATI Conference 16 Children and moving in- just show using booklets. don't know which ones Schoolhouse Duggars- Showed Wisdom booklet #3 Duggar School Daze- she does not mention the "resources" they use. This episode always shows there is no real order Which episode/special talked about learning about the eye? Also I thought this was an interesting http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic ... -booklets/ Some people really told this guy to not look into it
  8. Jesse911

    Duggars Tumblr

    Anyone else see that the girl who runs the Duggar Tumbler is talking to the second guy in two weeks who has posted on her blog asking about courting her. Oh and documenting it for all of her followers to keep up. I think it's a little random but I say get it girl, with all the work she puts into running that blog she deserves to find a good man through it lol.
  9. Paperplate

    Those pop-up facts ...

    I was rewatching an old episode on Youtube yesterday (Duggar and Bates Reunion) and I came across this pop-up: Was the person who wrote that pop-up a student at the SOFDRT? The facts in that pop-up might be true, but usually they are so obviously wrong ... or completely irrelevant – it's hilarious! I thought it would be fun to collect the best Duggar pop-ups "facts" from the show. Which ones do you guys remember?
  10. With their extreme views on abortion, what do you think would happen if one of the Duggar girls ended up with a life-threatening tubal/ectopic pregnancy, or some other life threatening (to the mother) condition where she could die unless the baby was aborted? Do you think they would simply pray that it'll resolve itself at the risk of their daughter's life? Even if the dr recommends abortion?
  11. BeccaGrim

    Jonathan Stieger?

    Who is he and why are the Duggars following him on Twitter?
  12. This was posted on a mommy blog I follow. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!! http://www.mommyish.com/2014/09/21/diff ... e-duggars/ Ah, the Duggars. Loyal Mommyish readers know that this family is a topic close to my heart. I actually do like watching the show sometimes- the kids can be such sweethearts and it is clear they all love each other very much but of course, there is a lot to criticize too. However, it can be hard to love them or hate them if you can’t tell Jermajesty Duggar from Joshua Duggar (tricked ya there…no Jermajesty…yet). So, us helpful ladies in the Mommyish offices decided it might be a good idea for you all to have a comprehensive reference in order to tell the key adult members of the family apart (I won’t pick apart the little ones…that’s low, even for me). Behold- the Mommyish guide to differentiating the Duggars. Joshua Duggar The oldest kid in the Duggar clan and the first to have a creepy wedding day first kiss, Josh is starting to make a name for himself in Washington, DC in an attempt to make a go at a career in politics. If the idea of a born-and-raised misogynist having a say in any political policy makes your stomach turn, then join the club. I hate thinking of this creep making decisions about a woman’s uterus when all he has are chaste Duggar balls. Josh, 26, is married to Anna Keller-Duggar and they already have three kids. It would appear they are making a go at out-procreating Michelle and Jim-Bob. Stay strong, Anna’s Uterus! It’s going to be a long 25 years. Jana Duggar Jana, otherwise known as the Duggar Spinster, has somehow reached the ripe old age of 24 without having become a broodmare. She is still just a bride of Denim Jesus, living under her parent’s roof and waiting for her prince to come. I can’t help but wonder if she feels left out when she sees her younger sisters being paired off by Pimp Daddy Jim-Bob while she stays home tending to her gaggle of siblings and taking shifts as kitchen servant and laundry room attendant. I do hope she finds a man soon so her life will have some purpose and she can finally dust off that old uterus John David John-David, twin brother of Jana, has the least remarkable personality of all adult Duggars. There isn’t much I can glean other than he enjoys working as a firefighter and also owns a towing company. He is basically the Duggar’s most eligible bachelor right now at 24 years old so get ready for some future Hand-Sex with some lucky young woman. Jill Jill may be the most newsworthy Duggar of 2014. Jill was recently married to Derick Dillard and is now pregnant with what will be the first of many future #babydillies. This is all under a shroud of suspicion that she and her betrothed participated in pre-marital Sexy Time due to the insanely fast pregnancy announcement they came out with mere weeks after their wedding. I don’t really buy it- my guess is that this wedding was timed to coincide with Jill’s fertile period for maximum immediate pregnancy potential. Yes, I have given this a great deal of thought. For now, Jill is busy registering for Fanta, waxing poetic about barfing for her baby and missing her hubby Derick during laundry time. Jessa Jessa holds the unofficial title of Hottest Duggar Girl and as such, has been courted by teenage Ben Seewald for the better part of the last year. They are now engaged and on the fast-track to making even more Duggar spawn. However, Jim Bob must have thought their relationship was not moving along fast enough and the Lord whispered in his ear that he could use more manual labor so now, Ben lives on the Duggar compound close to his lady and under the watchful eye of Daddy Duggar. For the most part, Jessa does not appear particularly thrilled with this arrangement as she seems perpetually annoyed by Ben and his romantic overtures but that’s ok. Her mom told her she simply needs to be prepared to lay down for Ben whenever he asks if that is what he needs from her. Saith the Lord. Jinger Oh, sweet Jinger (like the spice, not Ringer). The world is watching and praying for her escape. She appears constantly annoyed by her sisters and viewers have taken note of her many eye-rolls when they talk of meeting Mr. Right and their love of all things denim. She broke all of our hearts when she tried to say how much she would love living in the city and her mother swiftly corrected that statement saying that she merely wants to live close to a Wal-Mart and not in the boonies. Dream big, Jinger. We all have our hopes pinned on her eventual escape from the compound so she can write a fantastic tell-all and live her life happily in the city guzzling cups of forbidden coffee and doing nude photography. Michelle Michelle is the original denim worshiper of the Duggar clan and has passed her savvy fashion sense on to her many daughters. Her eerily calm demeanor creeps us all out as does her slavish devotion to her husband and his sexual desires but it’s her insistence on continuing to want more pregnancies despite her near-menopausal age that really makes her stand out. She has been in the news recently for visiting a fertility specialist to see if she should have more children and also, for giving the world’s most archaic sex advice to her daughters. I do have to admit, though- I need to know what pills she might be taking to remain that calm. I only have two kids and rely on a steady drip of Cabernet so I don’t lose my mind. That aspect of her personality is worthy of admiration and study. Jim Bob Lastly, we have good ol’ Jim Bob “Big Daddy†Duggar. He is Lord of his family and their guide in all things spiritual, sexual and otherwise. He had a big year creepily peeping on dates for his daughter Jill and also, getting his daughter Jessa engaged and ready to breed. He believes a woman’s place is in the home and that long, curly hair is where it’s at. There are many who find him super creepy and with good reason- any man that invested in his daughter’s and their virginity is worthy of a healthy dose of side-eye.
  13. ButterscotchEquinox

    Duggar and Bates Confessions Tumblr

    Has anyone looked through this Duggars & Bates Confessions Tumblr before? There are many pages so I'm only part way into it now, but some of the "confessions" are interesting. duggarsandbatesconfessions.tumblr.com/ (Maybe this has already been shared, though I didn't find any posts when I searched FJ...)
  14. Sorry if this has already been posted, but did anyone else notice that Netflix is removing 19 Kids and Counting this week? You have until October 5th to snark. I wonder if this coming from TLC or Netflix?
  15. Saw this mentioned again in relation to Ben and Jessa. I just don't get why this keeps coming up. Do people feel that the Duggars, any of them, should be adopting? I've never been around people who want to adopt for the sake of adopting, who are talking about adopting before they even get married. The only people I've known IRL who adopted did so because they could not have children naturally. This is only a handful of people. Less than 10 for sure. Most people, IME, want to have their own kids and expect it. Is this some kind of super-Christian thing? Like, I'm a better Christian than you because I'm going to adopt some kids! Why are Ben and Jessa even talking about adopting?
  16. Joy-Anna didn't end up reading her letter to Jill in the bridal shop because she said she would cry. Well, what would be wrong with that? I also noticed that the Duggars and the Batseses tell each other, "Don't cry," usually when someone is about to.
  17. Forgive me if this has been brought up before, but as a newbie who is just getting caught up in this, I had a thought about the boys. I see a lot of posting about the girls and their limited choice in life, their roles in the patriarchal society, their raising up of their younger siblings, and their destiny to become baby breeders. However, It also strikes me that the Duggar and other QF boys, have reasons to fear their future. I can't imagine the fear of the future, I would have if I knew that I was expected to not only repeatedly impregnate my wife, and have 10 or more kids, but also financially support them, on a homeschool education. I look at John- David and Joseph, and wonder if they will ever marry, or if the fear of being the breadwinner to a litter of babies will turn them off of the idea. They are possibly not as imprisoned, as their sisters, by their parent's expectations, as it is no doubt easier for them to break away, if they want, and in JD 's case he does seem to have his own source of cash. But I still can't help but feel for the boys, as they see their future of trying to make ends meet, be the headship of one of these huge families. The media interest in the boys doesn't seem to be as strong as it is for the girls, so I really don't see most of them getting much ongoing $$ from TLC after they are grown up. When I see adorable Jackson, handsome James, and often overlooked Justin, in their TH's it breaks my heart because you can still see optimism and happiness in their personalities. But as the boys get older, you can see the guarded "Duggar" speak, they all eventually adopt. While, as a woman, my heart goes out the girls who are forced to follow the QF cult for all the obvious reasons, we already know, I feel equally bad for the boys. On the surface, they seem to have more choices, and definitely fewer responsibilities around the house, they will one day be trying to figure out how to earn, grift, beg or whatever, to pay for their own families. I do think it is likely that the first to defect the Duggar family set up, will be one of the boys, simply because they will have more opportunity to be on their own, and perhaps mingle with non-believers. I also find it very hard to believe, that a young man John-David's age has never been with a woman. Or Joseph's age. They are featured so rarely with the rest of the family, that it makes me wonder if they are already someone on the fringe anyway, and only must play the role when the camera's are on.
  18. If only the TLC producers would tell us what Jeremiah or Jedidiah or Jana or Josiah or any other Duggar child is doing these days. Ask them what they are up to these days and then let them tell us. No contrived plot lines, just honest answers. If only the TLC producers would lessen the wedding planning stuff and just show the wedding. We have seen the photos. If only the TLC producers would quit asking Moochelle about her courtship rules. Ask her what her children are doing now. See if she knows. If only the TLC producers would quit hiding Jim Boob's focus on Bill Gothard's rules to live by......expose him!
  19. whitegirl22

    Duggars are a tough crowd

    I am not really surprised how Ben is been treated by the family. Anne, did not fare much better. They are like lambs thrown to the wolves. I will never forget Anne moaning dreadfully and then giving birth beside a toilet. Where was her Mother??. At least, she came to her senses and got away to DC. Have to wonder also: why JD is so bitter and hostile at such a young age and Jana has a face full of secrets.
  20. I watched old episodes on Netflix and one that stood out was when JB took the oldest girls to some kind of camp out. I believe he also took some sisters whose father had passed away. When you live this patriarchial lifestyle, what happens when the patriarch dies? Or what if he wants a divorce or just up and leaves? I have been curious as to what has become of that family, or any fundie family in similar straits.
  21. Poor Michele, She was and is a slave to Jib’s /sexy time. She is on call 24/7 to cater to his love potion, come rain or shine! That girl is a martyr. The girls complain that they were never bought Halloween costumes due to frugal times, but were only allowed to eat cake. I suspect that the Dugs have the same Publicity agent as the Kardashians as their topics are becoming so inane. I think that the dug gars become popular because they played on the general Public’s decency and sense of outrage to see women and small children appear oppressed by a severe regime. Whether, it is true or not remains to be seen.
  22. Mel314

    LGBT duggar kids

    Hi guys! This is my first post here, so please forgive me/correct me if I'm doing anything incorrectly. ! {TEXT1}: This post has been edited by Three and Done. We DO NOT speculate on the sexuality of minors. As you are new here, I will not give you a warning THIS time. If this happens again, you will be given a warning and other measures may be applied.
  23. homeschoolmomma1

    The Duggars seem desperate...

    I was thinking today. Jim Bob is marrying off the kids quickly it seems now. Is he worried about TLC money not coming in? Surly he must know the families time in the spotlight might not be forever. I mean they seem desperate just with getting a Facebook account and such. Just a thought...
  24. ambertheprincess

    The other children

    Everyone has been talking about Jessa and Jill lately, and I wonder how the other children feel about it. Jana is the oldest daughter and she still hasn't been in a courtship. Joy-less Anna and Jinger are probably super happy because they know that in a year or two they will be just like Jill and Jessa. What I'm worried about is the howlers and the lost girls. Jill will be all that jim bob and Michelle talk about. In their eyes Jill is the fundie daughter that they dreamed of. Married and Pregnant in a month. If they younger kids weren't cared about before they most definitely aren't now. Plus, their sister moms are slowly leaving. They have to marry Jana off someday, and Jinger and Joy won't be far behind. The older boys will be gone too. Jeremiah and Jedidiah seem like good brothers but they sure as hell won't cook or clean. So who is going to do all of the work? Not Michelle, not Jim, not the boys, it will be left to the lost girls to do it. If we expect 1-2 marraiges a year they will be around ten when they are left to do the work. They will be so neglected, because jim and Michelle are going to try to keep up with their 101 grandkids.
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