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  1. Hi powers that be and everyone, What do y'all think about pinning a thread to the top of this forum titled "For any Duggar kids" or something like that, with all the notes of support and offers for help, yknow, just to make it easy if Jana decides to do a little research.
  2. Josh: Get more exercise and stop feeling like you need to be cool - it works to your disadvantage. Despite my opposing views to your politics, seems like you've landed a good job and your wife and kids appear to be happy. JD: lose the good ole boy persona or play it to the hilt and get your own show or do a stint over with the Duck Dynasty crowd - and figure out a way to get your own bank account and lose the belly. Jana: Get a spot on Project Runway and then never go home to live. Or get a sweet job being a spokesperson for a lobby like Josh did and then go travel and earn your own money. Jill: relax a little. Have the baby and then write a book and keep the money. Jessa: try to get in on Jill's book deal and then go on long book tours. Figure out how to not have a baby for at least 3 or 4 years. Jinger: Start taking photos for pay and get your own bank account. Josiah: hire a lawyer and be the representative for all the kids to sue your parents to get some of the TLC money into bank accounts for each of the kids and to have independent financial guardians for the kids' bank accounts. Then write a tell all book about your last year. The middle boys: sit tight and fly under the radar for a few more years - chances are that when you all get to courtship age things in the family will get different and hopefully more relaxed. The younger girls: don't let them crush your independent spirits. Go live with a favorite older sibling under the guise of wanting to help them out and then get the heck out of fundie land.
  3. Radar Online today had an article entitled The Duggars Need to Free Their Children (see:http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2014/10/duggar-family-paul-lamar-hunter-no-love-no-charity-jim-bob-duggar-michelle-duggar-arkansas-19-kids-and-counting-jana-duggar/) The article is about a man named Paul Lamar Hunter who says he grew up in a similar household as the 19th child of a 21 sibling family. He states: “It is not [kids’] responsibility to have to raise their brothers and sisters,†Paul Lamar Hunter, who is the 19th child of a 21-sibling family, tells RadarOnline.com exclusively. “It is Jim Bob and Michelle’s job to be the parents.†I'm not sure this guy grew up in as strictly religious a home as the Duggars but he certainly feels that it will only create resentment in the older children who have parental responsibilies thrust upon them at the expense of their own childhoods (and in the Duggars case...pretty much at the expense of their own lives since they never get to do anything else, ie: no teen fun years, no prom, no dating, no college, etc.). He says in his own family his mother was overly devoted to a homeless shelter and left her older children to parent her younger ones and those older daughters later felt such anger and resentment that they no longer speak to their mother. The article raises the issue of Jana, who has been coming up a lot on various sites of late after the episode aired of her having to alter the bridesmaids dresses and make the ties while the others went off to lunch. People feel Jana is a real Cinderella who is getting the short end of the stick and I think public opinion is turning on the Duggars. A lot of people liked their show when their kids were little and it just seemed like *good old fashioned Christian values with family helping each other out* but as the kids have grown and turned into young adults, people are starting to question the extreme restrictions that the Duggars have placed on their kids from not allowing them to go to college and have a real career to never letting them be alone or go out with friends and just have fun as teens and young adults. Many people have been questioning that if the Duggars trust their kids to do the right things, why the heavy surveillance, especially as they get into their twenties?!! And people also think it's really odd and disturbing to see young women in their twenties sharing a room and often a bed with their little siblings. People see Michelle and Boob desperate for another child but don't seem to parent the ones they have, and the heavy courtship rules are beyond the pale for even many fundamental Christians. In fact, I saw an article today about the Duck Dynasty daughter, who clearly has decided to save herself for marriage, but their are pictures with her boyfriend and they are touching and dancing on the beach (front to front) and she is wearing a sleeveless and more normal-for-her-age outfit. I think the tide of public opinion is starting to change and people are moving away from how cute it all is, and how do they organize all those kids curiosity to the feeling that things are not right and that the Duggars aren't protecting their kids, they are crushing them and stealing their youth, their dreams and turning them into brainwashed slaves who aren't allowed to think a single thought of their own. While they might've been a role model for some in the beginning (those who thought they were all about family values and togetherness), they aren't such a great role model anymore! Who wants their young daughter to marry an immature teenage guy with no real education or job prospects? It's as if "being Godly" is all that matters in the Duggar home (and it has to be their definition of Godly). Do you think we'll keep seeing more and more of these types of articles and more questions about their treatment of Jana? Do you think it'll make Jim Bob and Michelle do anything to try to change public opinion on how they are treating their oldest daughter?
  4. There are two threads at catholic forums harshly criticizing the Duggars while one dad defends them. Too funny, and also interesting because people over there used to love them so much. If I figure out how to post links on my phone I will do /forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=919805
  5. - your first thought on getting a side-hug from someone you find attractive is to ask if it means you're courting. (I was sure there was already a thread for this, but couldn't find one by searching or going back into posts from May, so I hope this is okay.)
  6. What IF.... The joke is on US? This is what I am (jokingly) envisioning: Saturday night, after a day of filming, the crew retreats down the driveway. John David watches until he can no longer see tail lights and then yells: "All clear!" Michelle unbuttons her green shirt and pulls her bra through her tank top, while requesting wine. Jim Bob, now called Jimmy, is on his way to Grandma's room when she yells, "Grab the merlot - I need one after today!!" He yells back, "Okay - anyone want a Bud Light while I'm there?" They settle on the couch, and turn the entertainment center around to reveal a 60" TV complete with an Xbox One and every Call of Duty version they have. They tune into SNL and Jana talks about how Jinger very nearly said the "f word" during a talking head. Michelle admonishes her for almost blowing their whole gig but Jimmy can't stop laughing. Jana continues to say that she was going to say holy shit but she said holy spirit, and she was pretty proud of that. Meanwhile they realize that Jessa and Ben aren't there. Michelle asks, and one of the Howlers says that they left with Amy to get more beer. Out of earshot, Michelle comments that she hopes Ben is using the condoms Jimmy slipped him because America might buy one hyper-fertile daughter, but they aren't going to buy TWO. And so it goes. I know it's far fetched - my version - but is it? Could there possibly be a toned down version of the same going on in the TTH?
  7. I know we've talked about the jobs for the kids etc. It's outdated since Jill and Jessa still appear on it. Well I hope they don't have to come home to do their jobs on the sheet. I'm pretty sure Jessa's last thing is supper but from the angle and the flash it almost looks like stripper.
  8. For so long, every single day I would log onto yahoo.com and there would be at least one article featuring a Kardashian. Now, it's the Duggars, and not a single Kardashian article in sight. Here's the titles of my current page: At the top, the scrolling pics - "Duggar shares kiss" - photo of Ben and Jessa Listed under All Stories: "See Photos from 19 Kids and Counting's Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald's Wedding" Good Morning America - photo of Ben and Jessa "See Photos from Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald's Wedding" ABC News - no pic "19 Kids and Counting: Duggar family courtship rules losing ground from parents" Examiner.com from RSS - photo of Jill Oh well, we do have one Kardashian mention about three scrolls down the page. Kourt & Kris take a walk or something Second mention - Bruce & Kris divorce Back to Duggars - another link to ABC article re the IG kiss photo Do all yahoo readers see the same content? I am looking at yahoo.com
  9. The duggars are shoving PDA in everyones' faces. But as soon as it becomes out of wedlock, non christian, or literally any other type of people, kissing is immoral and wrong.
  10. Author Paul Lamar, one of 21 kids, criticizes the DUggar family. So sad they couldnt call her mom. theepochtimes.com/n3/1045660-duggars-19-kids-and-counting-19th-child-and-author-paul-lamar-hunter-slams-duggar-family/
  11. That the Bates' first grand baby is here but the lead story in their Family Updates on their blog is that the Duggar Bus of Family Values is coming to town?
  12. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/11/the- ... ns-rights/
  13. mastercleaner

    Duggar costumes!

    Ok so I decided to do a quick Michelle duggar costume, complete with my breast friend pillow, dangling baby legs and crazy eyes!
  14. Coffee Addict

    Rewatching on Netflix

    I have been re-watching and watching some seasons for the first time on Netflix. I am really confused about the season set up on Netflix. It seems when I try to watch a newer episode on YouTube I am way off of the Netflix season. I wanted to talk about some of the things I have noticed while watching. I read here, but couldn't find it, about people discussing whether or not John David still lives at home or not. During the episode where Boob and Mullet are on a "mission" trip, and Josie has a seizure, John David says that he got a page and the address looked familiar. He then says he got up and went to the "other house". He quickly corrects that and says that he went to the house. To me I think this means that JD has left and is living on his own. It seems as though he is still around for some of the public appearances, but not all the time. He seems to still be working for Boob with towing. I was wondering if maybe they have some sort of agreement that he can live outside the TTH as long as he keeps up the appearances of being part of the perfect family. Anyone have thoughts or ideas on this? Another Duggar thing I have noticed is that Anna hasn't seemed to announce a pregnancy in a while. I know her and Smuggar have waffled on "keeping up with Michelle" and towing the party line of as many as God allows, but I noticed that when Michelle announced she was having baby number 20, Anna said something about catching up, or keeping up. Smuggar did not seem to enjoy that and they corrected her statement to the party line. I wonder if they are doing something to slow down a bit since Anna seems overwhelmed, or Josh really doesn't want anymore? It certainly seems odd after her having 3 pregnancies so close together, that the 4th hasn't been announced yet. I haven't seen many of the newer episodes, but have been digging in the Duggar past lately. It sure is interesting to see the changes they have made.
  15. I was just looking at some of the candid photos from Ben & Jessa's second reception that are up on the Pickles and Hairspray facebook page. And I was thinking about how many people are crammed into that house and the yard. And how the kids must have a blast just running wild because everyone is so occupied that they can't really be rigidly controlled. But then I thought about how that would freak me out as a parent - especially with the younger kids. Because there is no way they could know that many people personally and whether they could trust them. So do they worry about predators? Or do they assume since they are in a Christian fundamentalist sub culture they're immune? I mean, obviously statistics say otherwise, but would they even know about those statistics? Or do they assign buddies to kids at an event like that? Because no doubt the younger children have zero concept of personal autonomy, of saying the word "no", of privacy - any of it. So they are set up to be victims should something happen. Anyway, it makes ME worried for the youngest ones. (Edited for bad grammar!)
  16. Sorry if this has been asked but how many of the bates attended jill and jessas wedding? It seems odd their whole family wouldn't come!!
  17. 1. Jessa engagement, wedding, honeymoon - no more than 3 shows - not a whole season. 2. Jana, Jinger and Joy go on vacation. 3. Developmental update on Josie. 4. Josiah - welcome back and summary of where he's been with footage. 5. Duggar aviation. 6. A full tour of the "guest house" warehouse. 7. Michelle and JB go to their HS reunion and Cindy demands to know why M's hair looks pre-makeover again. Plus interviews with "normal people" from their class - ie. we avoided the Christian cult thing when we found out ________ ( # of babies; modesty standards etc) 8. Jill's daily pilgrimage to the Walmart parking lot to wait for Derek to clock out and Derek encouraging her to get a hobby. 9. More commentary from James. 10. An in depth interview of the sound guy after he's had a couple beers or his truth serum of choice - have him tell the whole story / things we didn't see on tv - he craziest, the funniest, the biggest meltdown, what do they not want us to know, etc.
  18. The first thread: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=23098 The second: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=23283
  19. karen77

    Election Night

    Anyone know how the Dugger's "friends" fared?
  20. JMO

    In 20 years

    So this has been batted around here and there but I wanted to make an official thread. What are your predictions for the family in 20 years? Say if there is a Duggar Special for Josie's wedding, what will we see? Josh/Anna: still married, 5-6 kids, fundi lite and at least one of the oldest will attend some sort of college Jill/Derrick: Celebrating 20th anniversary, 12+ kids, still pretty fundie, living in the TTH Jessa: twice divorced, 2-3 kids from two different husbands (one of which is Ben) and working as a beautician. Born again but still wears tight clothes and stripper heels. Living in another Southern state. Jinger/Jana/Joyanna: at least one will have a terrible marriage and will eventually leave her husband with multiple kids and no marketable skills. They will serve as the warning to the younger Duggars . At least one will have a happy marriage and a few kids. Living outside of Arkansas. JD: hard core fundie, 10+ kids, submissive wife, still in Toniton Joseph: fundie or fundie lite, 6-8 kids, still in Arkansas Josiah: Living in a big city: Chicago/NYC/LA, he'll be the first to break out and he'll do it when Jessa's marriage goes belly up and there's an acrid divorce. He'll sense his chance and flee. Twins on down to Jackson: Maybe one fundie, but a bunch of fundie lites. And I wouldn't be surprised if one got to attend a brick and mortar college. Biblical and close to the TTH or a sibling, but still an actual building. Some will be married with kids, at least one will still live at home. Lost girls: At least 2 married, at least 2 will go off the rails. I expect at least one to run far and fast when she's 18/19 and there is only a few sibs at home and two exhausted parents that have checked out. JB and Me'chelle: either living in the guest house or a gorgeous house they built or intended to flip with the few remaining "children". Heck, maybe in TTH doing penance by doing laundry and taking care of the Dillard littles while living in Grandma Duggar's little suite. Grandma Duggar: still living and in a retirement community with a full staff to clean and cook and do her laundry. She plays Bingo and goes to movie night.
  21. If you had the chance to talk to any of them what would you like to say to them? This is what I'd say to Jessa: Congratulations, you're free!!! You are a strong, beautiful woman & you can now choose your path in life. Do some reading, educate yourself and you'll have your eyes opened up. Don't let Ben be your headship, you can (figuratively & literally) wear the pants in your relationship. Or you can choose to be equal partners. You can choose to remain in fundydom if that's what you really do believe in, but you don't have to. I hope you'll be happy.
  22. I've been thinking about all the Duggar stories in People Magazine. Many of us here have speculated that the Duggars get paid big for these covers but, I wonder if its actually an arrangement between TLC and People to feature stars from their shows rather than individual agreements with Jill and Derrick or whoever. Often when you are on a reality show you sign a publicity agreement that you will do publicity for the network/show as a part of being on the show. I am guessing that the magazine stories are a part of this arrangement. The Duggars aren't George Clooney, People isn't banging down their door to get wedding pics, I am guessing it is all part of the TLC machine. Thoughts?
  23. N The Prayer Closet

    Don't Do Dinner at the Duggars

    So I just finished reading Growing Up Duggar. I want those 2-3 hours of my life back. For those of you that haven't read it, just imagine every preachy sentence Jill has ever uttered crammed into 231 pages. Now you don't have to waste time reading it. You're welcome. Oh, I also didn't buy it. I got it from the library. Anyway, in the final pages the girls (Jill) talk about their parents training them on manners and on how to be respectful toward adults . They talk about how they all work as a team to clean up the house and prepare meals before they have one of their many dinner guests to the house. They write: "Many times our parents have guests over and then ask if it would be okay if we watch one of Jim Sammons's Financial Freedom Seminar messages together from embassyinstitute.org and then discuss it afterward." Say what?! So basically they feed them TTC and Jessa's burnt rolls on styrofoam plates with a plastic fork. Then they trap them into their financial and religious beliefs. I guess it still beats the time they made Sarah Pope cook her own tater tot casserole. So much for manners.
  24. ambertheprincess

    Duggars and disney

    Are the duggar's allowed to watch certain disney movies but not others? Recently, Jill and Derick went to see Cinderella on Broadway. Also Mackenzie has been seen in a purple Rapunzel dress. So I feel like the old ones are approved but those made after the 60s are not. And here is why. Cinderella: When you think about it, Cinderella could have left her stepmothers house whenever she wanted to. But she didn't without even questioning leaving. It shows contentment Also it shows that you can't leave until you marry and that is the only way you will leave. When you think about it she is the fundies princess to look up to. Snow White, rapunzel and all other early princess movies: something bad happens, man saves the day, as it is supposed to be in there world. I feel like those are the only ones allowed. All other disney princesses are free thinking and successful on there own. They would not allow for them to see tangled, or Mulan, or Aladdin. All of those girls defied authority. Princess Tiana and all of the other independent disney role models are problably banned. It hurts me to know that the children are being deprived of normal childhood things and it bothers me that Michelle and Jim bob thinks it's a good thing
  25. Is Jill becoming Michelle?? Is Jessa becoming Jim Bob
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