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  1. Just happened to be on the Duggar blog site and saw the section "Dillard family". When I clicked on it, there was a little blurb about their Thanksgiving and Cathy's health. Nice photo too, I thought. Jill does not look Fundie dressed to me at all here. A lot of young women would be dressed like that. I even see some leg and knee. LOL. Maybe Derick's family is having some influence on her? http://www.duggarfamilyblog.com/2014/11 ... pdate.html
  2. Now that Derick is starting to expand Jill's mind and experience by doing things like taking her to a Broadway show (of Cinderella no less) and a wine tasting and, I'm sure, other interesting things, as well as probably talking to her about his own childhood and teen years, as well as university and what that was like, do you think Jill is suddenly realizing that maybe she missed out on a lot? I think at first Jill will remain firmly loyal to her parents and the way she was raised, but after a while of being married to Derick and having some new (previously forbidden or highly unlikely to happen) experiences, you have to wonder if she'll start thinking about all the things he had fun doing over the years that she never even had the chance to experience even once. No trick or treating, no thinking about college - what to take/where to go? No movies or music and dancing and having fun out with friends. I'm sure Derick will want his kids to experience things that he enjoyed and Derick seems to have a more normal childhood. He may be very religious, but he didn't go to a Christian college and he seems to enjoy different things (like the foods he chose for their picnic before they got married were not foods that Jill would have tried before). The Duggars don't celebrate Christmas with presents do they? Somehow I suspect Derick's family does, and probably most of his friends do as well. I'm sure he will want his son to grow up and enjoy the same things he did when he was growing up from Christmas to going to college, and maybe try out for Pistol Pete to keep the tradition going. One of his friends already got them a baby onesie with Derick's college logo on it I think. Even if Jill stays firm that her parents are completely right about everything for a while, it's hard to believe she won't start wondering if maybe they didn't have the greatest upbringing once she starts seeing other people and hearing about their childhoods and seeing that they aren't horrible people if they celebrated Halloween or kissed and held hands before marriage. Every time she does something that she knows her parents wouldn't approve of and has fun, I wonder if there's some cognitive dissonance going on there in her head. For once in her life questions might actually arise and lo and behold, the sky didn't fall just because she had a glass of wine or whatever.
  3. http://news.yahoo.com/army-housewives-s ... 10520.html Derick has never talked much about his mission work in Nepal but surely he must be aware of the high infant mortality rate in Nepal, primarily due to unsafe traditional practices. There has been interesting discussion on FJ lately regarding missions, that missionary work should be more about humanitarian effort than conversion. This is perfect for Derick and Jill. She could spearhead a campaign to raise money for the gel. Derick could utilize his Nepal contacts to figure out ways to reach women in Nepal and teach them how to use this Western medicine to save the lives of their newborns. They could go over there, travel the country, distribute the medicine. They could touch people's lives in a real, lasting and positive way.
  4. Rescuejosiah

    Jill and Derek

    I was just wondering since Derek's father died at a pretty young age of a heart attack could it be genetic? Jill might want to rethink about having a lot of kids because she very well could end up having to raise them by herself with no education and no real skills. Do you think they wonder about this? Don't get me wrong I really like Derek and can tolerate Jill and hope nothing happens but it is something they might want to think about.
  5. anjulibai

    Multiple Michaels

    Jason, Derick and Ben's middles names are all Michael. Ben's dad is Michael. And we all know that Michael Duggar was named for Anna's dad. This, along with the discussion about potential names for Baby Dilly, got me to thinking: what if another of the Duggar kids wants to name their child the same as an already existing grandchild? Like, what if Ben wants to name a son after his father? Do you think any of the Duggars would go ahead with that? I mean, they are used to siblings with similar sounding names, would they be okay with their children having the same name as a cousin? And would it even matter after a certain point, given how many grandchildren there might end up being in that family? Thoughts?
  6. Ledbetteramy

    Jill's wedding

    Will jill wedding be the season finale!!? What do you guys think we will see in the episode? Do you think it will be very long and drawn out considering its a 2 hr episode!?
  7. Sorry if this has been asked but how many of the bates attended jill and jessas wedding? It seems odd their whole family wouldn't come!!
  8. Apparently this was TLC's highest-rated show in four years. Ugh. Guess Boob and J'chelle aren't going anywhere soon. This is why they edited out or filmed around the more fundie parts of the ceremony (quiver talk, transfer of authority etc.) they knew people would be watching and wanted to tone it down and make it palatable. https://tv.yahoo.com/news/19-kids-count ... ZJUDM4MF8x
  9. tamaramania

    Bates girl on the piano

    I know it has been mentioned that the Bates girl on the piano at Jill's wedding was irritating or pounding but I honestly felt that it was inspired and passionate....the only thing unboring about the wedding. It wasn't mentioned from what I recall that she would be playing at the wedding and there were no comments in the TH on the show about it. I'd love to be at a wedding where the pianist was playing like that, I have never seen anything like that at a wedding before. It is sort of amazing and inspiring that a sort of backwoods/homeschooly kid can play like that. I know a lot of them play instruments but I haven't seen anyone out of the ordinary or impressive like her.
  10. Derick made an off hand comment in one of his TH, something to the effect of "we know each other so deeply yet we don't know much about each other." I know that's not exactly what he said but it's close. Being a prayer partner with JB for a year and a half is not the same thing as being in a relationship with Jill. How deep could Derick and Jill's conversations really go if those conversations are monitored and supervised? I found myself surprised that Jill was so insecure-acting and such a klingon. I think she is as bossy and controlling as her parents. Now sometimes that dynamic works in a relationship and maybe it will work for Derick if Jill is the one actually wearing the pants in their family. Jessa seems pretty bossy to Ben as well. I don't get the feel of controlling that I get from Jill, ofc bearing in mind this is all from a scripted and edited "reality" show. Ben and Jessa's relationship started in real life. Yeah, that's a bit stalkerish that Ben went all that way to a church to meet her, but what church actually? Thought the Duggars home churched. I digress. The point is that Ben and Jessa have spent the majority of their relationship actually in the company of one another, even when they were separated by living in their parent's home, Ben still came on weekends. Then the infamous move into the storage crate... but that did put Ben and Jessa in constant contact. I'm sure it would have been hard for Ben to walk away past a certain point. His parents may have been pressuring him towards Jessa. I think Ben got a better opportunity to know the real Jessa, whereas Derick has not had that at all. I suspect that one day Derick is going to wish he had not married Jill Duggar. It'll be Jessa that wishes she had not married Ben.
  11. Can someone explain wth was up with running down the aisle after the wedding ceremony? I've never seen this. Oh and I want to add that Bin and Josh stopping the procession to be the one's to walk out with their girls...and joshs gross kiss...totally stupid!
  12. Maybe it's time to retire the regular Duggar show and TLC should have a new spinoff show about the adult Duggars starting their new lives...a Duggar Newlyweds show. Let's face it, the whole Duggar clan are getting boring. People are much more interested now in the older kids and watching them start their own families and how they might do things differently than how their parents did. Instead of just being bit parts on the JB and M show, they need to reverse it and focus on Jill & Derick and Jessa & Ben and have them interacting/talking with the older girls, telling Jinger and Jana and Joy what life is like out from under Jim Bob's thumb. Maybe actually hear some of the girls thoughts and questions instead of what JB and M say they are thinking. I'm not all that interested in watching Jim Bob and Michelle take the little kids on family trips or do stupid projects, but I am curious about how Jill and Derick will be with their own newborn, and how Jessa and Ben will do in married life, and if Jana will start courting soon, and what Jinger and Joy think about their sisters and if the girls ask questions...especially about S-E-X (I mean, it's hard to imagine they wouldn't ask their married sisters the real scoop). I want to see these adults start breaking away from JB and M and become their own people. I bet JB and M would hate the idea of being relegated to bit parts and the show about the newlyweds. They like all the focus on them. But even if Michelle was still getting pregnant...it gets old after a while.
  13. SassyPants

    Derick Dillard

    After this past season of hearing JB talk about losing Jill and turning her over to the authority of another man, plus remembering MD's words of "leave and cleave" with regards to Josh, my mind turns to Derick. So, after their vows on 6/21, Derick became Jill's headship and leader. Due to having that authority and role, Derick gets to make all of the final decisions regarding their unit and family. This is all based on JB's words. So does Derick get to negotiate the Dillards TLC contract? Does Derick get the final say regarding what will be filmed and shown vs not? Does Derick get the paycheck? And if NOT, is JB's hyperbole just a sham? Further, since courting limits contact and how well two people actually know one another prior to marriage, how quickly and likely is Derick to be disillusioned with what has happened with and to his life? Derick seems like an adventurous, carefree, independent, albeit Godly man who might like to blow out of AR for more exotic pastures. According to JB, he should have the authority to do just that...realistically though will that likely happen? I can see him becoming an unhappy camper.
  14. Is Jill becoming Michelle?? Is Jessa becoming Jim Bob
  15. calimojo

    Derick's Dad

    I just saw on the Duggar blog, that Derick's dad died in his sleep while Derick was in college. I guess I didn't realize that was what happened. Do we know the cause of death? Has that ever been stated? With his mom, no suffering from Cancer, I guess my heart really goes out to Derick. While I think he has totally dipped himself into the Duggar Koolaid, I guess given that he lost a father, and his mom has an uncertain future, maybe the idea of this big "happy" family fills a need in him. His loss may have also impacted his views on religion as well. I hope that Derick is wise enough to plan his money well since perhaps the Dillard side of the family has health issues.
  16. I was wondering if anyone actually sent either Duggar girls a gift and what it was?
  17. The last time I tried to compose a drinking game for my friends at FJ, I went a little overboard. (Alcohol poisoning in the first ten minutes of the episode...) It's two hours of fun for all tonight as we watch Jilly Dilly tie the knot with her one true love (who impregnated her at the speed of light, but that's another drinking game...) so we'll pace ourselves. One sip Every mention of "chaperones" Every mention of Jill's "very first kiss" Every mention of "purity" Every mention of "courtship" "Season of life" Jim Boob fights to hold back his man tears. MEchelle's inability to find a MOB dress that's modest enough Two sips MEchelle mentioning Jim Boob's man tears Any mention of "trashing their ride" "Purposing" Any talking heads stating that one or more Duggars will be "next" Any mention that Jana was the seamstress for MEchelle's "modesty panel" Jim Boob whining about how much all of this is "costing him" Okay, ladies and gentlemen -- I know you'll want to add to the drinking game. After all, I only have one liver to sacrifice in the name of Gothardism and the fame-whoring that is the Duggar family. Suggestions? Comments? The floor is open!
  18. Thank you Dan, for your comments about Jill going to Nepal. It was done for and by TLC, I'm sure. It goes against the whole spirit of courtship, in which the guy is supposed to be pursuing the girl. Derick only had two months before he was done in Nepal and would have been home to Arkansas. It's ridiculous that Jill went to Nepal.
  19. N The Prayer Closet

    Cathy is a Breath of Fresh Air

    On last nights "All about Jill" episode we FINALLY got to see more of Derick's family including his mom Cathy and his brother Dan. Several pictures were posted of Derick and his family through the years and they spoke about his late father in a sweet, nostalgic way. Something Cathy said really struck a chord with me when they were asking her about her boys courting/dating. Here's what she said: "We never did call it courtship, but I would talk to them every so often about, you know as their friends began dating, and I would point out to them, you know how it could be a painful process, not to mention expensive and time consuming when you're going from one girl to the next. Wouldn't it make sense to wait until you're at a position to really get serious in a relationship and then maybe get married and then put the time into it?" I think the last part is a little odd but what she is saying overall is leaps and bounds superior to Jim Bob and Michelle's take on dating. With the Duggars everything is Sin! Desires! Regrets! Purity! and Cathy is basically saying "you have your whole life ahead of you and don't need to waste time and money on girls". I love this and hope to raise my 3 sons this way without telling them they'll burn in hell for even kissing a girl. The Duggar children are scared into courting and following the courting rules based on manipulation and fear IMO. I hope Cathy spends A LOT of time with Jill and this new baby boy. She is a breath of fresh air.
  20. Announced this morning - Jill and Derick are having a boy. *yawn*
  21. Does anyone know if Derick celebrated Halloween growing up? It seems like he has led a more normal sort of life compared to the Duggars, having more of the normal growing up experiences which makes me wonder about how he and Jill will raise their baby. It's normal for people to want to share happy childhood experiences they had with their own kids and if Derick enjoyed trick-or-treating, for instance, I can see him wanting to share that with his child. But I know the Duggars are totally against Halloween and at least according to this article: http://www.celebitchy.com/389095/jim-bo ... ern_music/ they believe that "magic and witches are “part of a demonic realm God wants us to stay away from.†No hocus pocus here!" So no Harry Potter either I assume. I just wonder how many of these types of differences might arise when they start raising a child together. Jill has been brought up in such extremely narrow life experiences with so much intolerance and so heavy on the rules, whereas Derick...while he might be very religious, clearly experienced going to a secular university (although he was a member of the Baptist Church group on campus), being Pistol Pete (not something I can see the Duggars allowing any of their kids to do in a zillion years), and I'm sure he has secular friends. He works at Walmart. I just get the feeling that his upbringing was more what we would consider normal. He played sports and was on sports teams and not everything in his life revolved around or had to be immersed in Jesus and the Bible. I wonder if they have a daughter...all the crazy wardrobe stuff, the ridiculous swimsuits and so on. I can't help but wonder how Derick will feel about that when it's HIS little girl being forced into such restrictions, not to mention his Mom...she strikes me as someone who will not be happy to see such rules forced on to her grandchild. It's possible to be very devout in your Faith without being hobbled by all these ridiculous rules. Clearly Derick's Mom trusts her son to be the good person she raised. She doesn't feel she has to keep controlling every aspect of his life as an adult, or enforce stupid rules to ensure he stays Godly.
  22. itsnotmeitsu

    What would happen

    I was watching the episode where they were decorating the house last night, and Derick and Jill were in the bedroom, and having that discussion about not sleeping on the bed together, and some Howler came on and said that if they broke the rules, he'd have to tell JB. And the same episode, when they were talking about finance, JB talked about how he was still testing Derick, and that it could be over (IIRC) if they didn't like his response. What do you think would happen if they either broke their purity rules and did it, and the Squea-Howler told on them, and they said the marriage was off. Or if Derick was like, "Yeah, I'll put my blown-up engine bill on a CC, because I don't believe your rules," and JB said no. Do you think Jill would have gone with Derick. (I was annoyed at that Howler--he needs a sibling to say, Snitches get snitches.)
  23. Too great! Those baby bottles don't look like baby bottles from the angle we're facing... http://www.people.com/people/videos/0,,20865695,00.html
  24. Hooligan

    "Early" Baby Dilly?

    OK, so now that we know for sure it is not twins and given how HUGE Jill looks in the latest IG post, anyone else secretly hoping for a robustly healthy, 9lb "8-month preemie"? I just got back from my Dentist's office and she is pregnant and due in early December and you can hardly tell she is even pregnant. An "early" Dilly would but such a perversely happy moment for me!
  25. Another gem from Mommyish. Have I mentioned how much I love this blog?! http://www.mommyish.com/2014/10/21/jill ... -baby-boy/ It’s a big day for the Duggar-Dillard clan! After 18 weeks of updates on registering for orange soda, horking for the Lord and writing out Bible verses to read on index cards during labor (because THAT will happen) we have finally found out the news that Jill is gestating a bouncing, Duggar-Dillard baby boy! According to People, Derick is positively thrilled because obviously, a penis-haver is what every family needs to properly kick things off: “I was really excited,†says Derick, 25. “As a new dad, to have a firstborn son to be our first child and be the leader of his siblings, it is very special.†Naturally, we all know someone with a vagina can’t be the sibling leader. They are too busy raising their younger siblings, working shifts in the family cafeteria and bleeding on everything. Seeing Derick’s reaction and knowing what we know about how life goes for a girl in this family, I’m sure that inside of his mother’s #blessed uterus, this fetus is thanking Jesus he’s a boy. Here are the reasons why: 1. He Will Be Free From A Life In Denim Shackles Unlike his mom and aunts, this boy will never know how hard life is when shuffling around in a long, narrow, denim prison. Praise Jesus. 2. He Can Get Haircuts Whenever He Wants He will never have to worry that his creepy Grandpa Jim Bob prefers long, curly locks. He can run around freshly crew-cutted. 3. HE CAN WEAR PANTS This may be the best part of all. After watching his poor aunt Johannah trying to negotiate climbing onto a horse in a long skirt, the world saw just how hard life is if you are not allowed to wear pants. He is FREE, like his sinful cousin Amy. 4. No Cooking, Sewing Or Babysitting He gets to do Manly Things like riding a tractor and being The Leader. No grunt work and baking pies for him! 5. He Can Be Unmarried Without Being Labeled A Spinster His poor aunt Jana is in the news lately for being thought of as a “spinster†at the age of 24. Her twin brother John-David seems to escape any of that kind of talk even though he is not dating anyone either. Seems legit. 6. No Worries About Causing Lustful Thoughts With A Glimpse Of Knee We all know that seeing lady skin can derail a Godly young man from his righteous path. He will never need to worry about being some poor guy’s “stumbling block†and he will surely have a cadre of sisters one day who can whisper “Nike†when a slutty temptress is near in her v-neck t-shirt. 7. He Can Have Any Career He Wants We have yet to see a Duggar woman be anything but a mom or a mid-wife. Oh, wait- Jinger is a photographer for sport. There is nothing wrong with any of those paths but it would seem they are the only options. Meanwhile, Josh Duggar has a fledging career in politics, John-David owns and operates Duggar Towing and works as a volunteer firefighter and Joseph is also a firefighter. Baby Dilly can do anything he wants! 8. He Will Never Have To “Submit†To Anyone According to his grandmother Michelle, a wife has to submit to her husband and do The Sex whenever he wants. He will always be on the winning end of that arrangement. 9. He Will Not Have To Bear The Burden Of Eve He can sit on all available household surfaces any day of the month without fear that he will leak the liquid sin on everything. 10. He Can Freely Express His Thoughts And The Wymens All Have To Listen As the Duggars frequently mention, the father is the “spiritual leader†of the house and makes all of the important decisions. Basically, this kid will have it made because he has the right parts.
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