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Found 226 results

  1. clueliss

    Coloring with Mom

    Last Saturday I stopped by for a visit with my mom. It was a really good visit. Or as good a visit as one can have when the person you are visiting is no longer the person you knew, has memory issues, mobility issues and the like. I finally tried something I had wanted to for some time. We colored together. Due to time constraints (mine) we didn't finish the project (and next time I would have us coloring on different pages). But we did some coloring with my trusty Crayola twistables after working a very large jigsaw puzzle. The purple, green, & orange butterflies at the left of the page are my work. I did the center of the orange/red one. the other two are all Mom. When I got there she said my hands were cold and insisted on warming it up. That's my right hand (photo taken left handed so I'm amazed it came out so well - this photo was a hit on Facebook among family & friends)
  2. I've homeschooled for the last seven years and have worked full-time as long as I can remember. My youngest son went into public school in August. I'm working a little less this winter because I'm going through a series of surgeries, so I need a lighter workload. That means I suddenly have free time. Not necessarily a lot -- but enough that I feel a little lost. I will eventually volunteer a bit at my son's school, but I can't really commit to anything until my surgeries are finished. So until then, I've turned into a crafting fool. Current projects? I'm crocheting a cocoon shrug (and maybe two if I like the way this one turns out because I can never have enough cozy things in the winter) for me. I'm also crocheting a set of guinea pigs (to match my youngest son's actual guinea pigs) for a Christmas present for him. He is piggy OBSESSED. I am hoping to finish the inside of a dollhouse I started working on last summer (2015 not 2016). I am also coloring like a maniac thanks to not one but TWO incredible deals I got on Lolliz gel pens, which happen to be a special favorite of mine (plus I just got Johanna Basford'sMagical Jungle, so, you know) . And I owe my middle son a knitted scarf, which is about the only thing I can actually knit because I am not terribly knitting adept. Oh, and sewing! Well, this is more a chore I need to do. I have to hem up some jeans for my sons, who all have skinny waists and ridiculously long inseams. Any more suggestions on how to fill my time? Something tells me that if I can find enough new crafts to do, I can still find ways to NOT have to do housework. This is my plan ...
  3. crazydaffodil

    My Second Coloring Project

    Thank you to @Palimpsest Just sayin...
  4. crazydaffodil

    My First Coloring Effort

    Hope you enjoy. Thanks @Buzzard Just sayin...
  5. Tikobaby

    Curious Creatures Are Back!

    We've had company and have also been going every day to help our friend who's recovering at home from a knee replacement so this page has taken a LONG time to finish! Could only work on it late at night, a little at a time due to being so tired. But it's finally completed so here it is....let me know what you all think!
  6. clueliss

    Finally Started Secret Garden

    So I finally broke open Secret Garden. Title page done with CraZ Art colored pencils. Second pick is with a combination of Frixion gel pens and Super Doodle Gels. Interesting note here - the Frixion are very good in tight places and dry more quickly than the Super Doodles. The paper of Secret Garden is to my estimation a card stock quality. The gels don't bleed through (and the page I used them on doesn't have something that requires coloring on the opposite side which was why I was willing to experiment there). I will caution you to test your gels to see how quickly they dry since the gels pictured did not bleed through, but did imprint on the opposite page (third pic). I know from the color that is a Super Doodle pen causing the issue. If you look realllly closely at the second pick you'll probably see a couple of places where my hand tracked not quite try ink elsewhere on the page. I know others have done these pages and am too lazy to look them up.
  7. Grimalkin

    Coloring bandwagon

    I have been wanting to start drawing again, and picked up a coloring book just to get back in the zone. I spent way too much time shading with colored pencils, abandoned it for a few weeks and picked it up again. Don't think I will get ambitious with shading again, it took some of the fun out of it for me. You can see with the baby owl I was into the shading, by the time I got to the flowers I was like " screw this"
  8. iweartanktops

    I'm BACK with some jellyfish

    I finally took the time to complete a coloring page. This is from Joanna Basford's Lost Ocean.
  9. clueliss

    Mystic Mandala in Gray

    Inspiration of this one was a combination of the 2 or 3 gray scale efforts of others here and the March calendar at work (posted here). CraZ Art colored pencils (platinum, warm gray, mist gray, sterling silver, smoke and black)
  10. HarryPotterFan

    Ron and the Devil's Snare

    Another one from the HP Creatures coloring book, Ron ensnared by the Devil's Snare.
  11. Tikobaby

    Lions Gotta Stalk...

    Here's the latest...a simple page from the Art Nouveau Animals Designs book. Needed to rest my eyes and do an easier, quicker page this time. It was fun! Prismas and Winsor & Newton Promarkers. Took the photo inside so it's a bit dark...sorry.
  12. HarryPotterFan

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    In honor of International Women's Day yesterday, I did two RBG coloring pages. I was going to do one, but then some guys I know decided to use the day to make jokes about how the day is unfair to men so I decided to do a second one.
  13. clueliss

    A Fishy Mystic Mandala

    With my usual CraZ Art colored pencils from the Mystic Mandalas book. My evening coloring efforts (this is a book I have at work) has been curtailed a bit because of the need to ice my ankle/foot (ice massage rather than using an ice bag).
  14. Mystical Mandalas page 9. I'm not wild about the 'inner' flower with the 'outer ring' But that could be me being picky. The second one is from Stress Free Coloring. This first was done at work. The second at home. The second page made my hand a bit crampy at times because there is some tiny spots in there. Also there some of that is connected across the whole page. Which I mostly did in different shades of orange but I didn't care if it was continuous color or not so I did what I wanted. Both done with CraZ Art colored pencils.
  15. CharlieInCharge

    First submission - Reindeer

    I received a coloring book and pencils as a Christmas gift and I have worked on a few pictures since. This was my first completed picture of three reindeer. I hope you like it!
  16. Tikobaby

    When Pigs Fly...

    Haven't posted one for awhile...so much going on around here. Here's my latest from Curious Creatures. I love the cars and planes! Am now working on one from the Owl book.
  17. Curious


    This is another one that a member has done before me. One of @Fascinated's first posts was this owl. You can see her version here: Mine was done with prismacolor premier colored pencils. Please excuse all the weird "washer phone" artifacts in the picture.
  18. Bragandbounce

    Hiss Hiss Motha Fucka!

    Not added to the Colorists' page because of the profanity, but ... I'm really loving the Harry Potter coloring books
  19. Tikobaby

    My Latest Owl!

    Sorry it's been so long...work and doing photography slowed down my coloring. Worked on this one a little here and a little there for weeks before finally getting it finished last night and I like it. First page where I left the background white and I think it looks good that way...lots of colors popping all over! I like the way the owl turned out and it was lots of fun coloring all the little pictures. Am working on another page now...it's from the nature book. Let me know what you all think of this one...better late than never!
  20. This just came across my Facebook newsfeed. Apparently some good Christians are up in arms because some adult coloring books have mandalas, which--you know--Satan. https://thelasthiker.wordpress.com/2016/02/16/adult-coloring-books-and-mandalas/ Oh noez!!111 They even sell these in the Holy of Holies.....Hobby Lobby, the sacred craft store. (I searched before posting this, but did a fairly cursory search so mods feel free to merge if needed).
  21. I haven't felt much like posting picture of the day entries recently for some reason, but my husband just scanned this one for me and I really like how it turned out so was motivated to post today. I did this one with prismacolor premier colored pencils. I did use blending with the big flowers. The rest is just plain old coloring.
  22. This one was done with mostly pentel sign markers, I believe. I really like the way this one turned out. One of the few pattern ones that I've managed not to screw up or use some ugly color on. I like the pattern ones because there is no right or wrong way to do them. People see different patterns in them and color them accordingly. I had fun with this one.
  23. The flowers are probably supposed to be lilies of some sort. They felt more like morning glories to me.
  24. Courtesy of Mental Floss. http://www.mentalfloss.com/article/75890/calling-all-whovians-doctor-who-coloring-book-out-today The Dr. Who coloring book is out.
  25. Curious

    Under the Sea...also

    When I was looking through old posts to find the seahorses that @iweartanktops6 had done, I saw that she posted another one I recently colored, so I decided to post that one here as well. Here is her version: And here is mine: This is from Lost Ocean and was done in gel pens. Again a picture with the washed iphone, so not the greatest picture. I really need to get my good camera fixed (the flash is wonky right now, apparently a common problem with the camera I bought. I researched cameras for like a month before I finally decided on one and there was no mention of the flash problem. Now it's all over the internet, of course. grrrrr!)
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