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  1. HerNameIsBuffy

    Cookies for inner peace...

    Unlike the amazing @laPapessaGiovanna I don't bake stuff that looks like it should be in an artisan bakery. My stuff is more homey which is code for messy but yummy. With the upsetting news events and some problems at work which have me completely clenched I kicked off the holiday baking season for some much needed stress relief. As always started with the far and away favorite our family's kolachkis. Those of you familiar with pastries of Polish descent might be familiar. There are two main types of kolachkis...the round ones and those folded over to look like little bow ties. Both delicious - only the former is considered a kolachki in my family off origin.* *Like many Americans I am a mutt, but this recipe came from my grandfather's family. His parents were among the thousands of Polish immigrants to the Westfallen region of Germany (Bochum) where my grandpa was born. They were originally from the Podhale region of Poland - and we have a deli run by people from Zakopane in that region who also do the round version so I assume that's how the Goral (people of that region) do kolachkis. I should note I'm in something of a mixed marriage since when I first made these for my headship he said they were great, but not kolachkis since they weren't folded over like his family makes them. He thought he had the winning argument because he is 100% of Polish descent and I have significantly weaker ties to that part of my family but he was wrong. Turns out the person with the recipe and willingness to bake them wins all such disputes. My first attempt of the season always sucks...they taste good but I don't get the size and texture right until the second try so this was to get the ugly cookies out of the way. The dough is simple - nothing but cream cheese, butter, and flour chilled at least 4 hours (overnight is better) and rolled out while cold to the thickness of pie crust, cut in rounds, dollop of Solo Pie Filling in the center and bake. Key things to remember is not to over handle the dough, they over bake easily to watch the time, and anything besides Solo brand for the filling is sacrilege and should be subject to capital punishment. Cherry and apricot are the acceptable favors. I do make plum/prune also but not to eat...the purpose of those is to allow me to finish the last of the cherry / apricot without guilt knowing I am leaving something for others...even if it's everyone's third choice. first season in the new house and couldn't find my cookie board so I improvised and used the sterilized (steam) granite counter. Is that gross? It was super clean but felt gross to work directly on counter. Stop judging, you don't have to eat them! Also couldn't find my cookie cutter (packed with Christmas stuff) so had to use a wine glass and went too small so they came out kind of mini. Of the 60 I made exactly 4 came out properly. Better odds than usual for the first attempt of the season, but the family doesn't care about how sad and ugly the remainder are...they are already starting to vanish. And there is a reason professional food photographers are a thing - this is hard. And I'm messy. I always try to work tidy like they do on food network and I do clean as I go...but the in process stuff is never as organized and lovely as it is on tv. You know what my problem is? I don't have a staff.
  2. HerNameIsBuffy

    Conflicted about Christmas

    So why am I talking about Christmas before Halloween when I hate that? Because we moved over the summer and I'm seeing a different side to this new neighborhood. It seemed like a nice, normal, stereotypically suburban neighborhood when we got here which goes to show you should never move to a neighborhood without first checking it out in Holiday season. Within two square blocks we have a dozen or so excessively decorated houses for Halloween. I don't mean a couple of window decals...I mean full on lights, yard scenes, and enough inflatables to rivals Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. I can only image we'll be visible from the naked eye from the space station in December. So I kicked off my annual 'let's skip the whole Christmas thing this year' a little early. My proposition is always: no decorating, no trees, no holiday movies...I will do one weekend of baking (no sense punishing anyone by denying them homemade kolachkis, cranberry bread, etc. I'm not completely without a soul.) The thing is ...I'm torn. I blame my parents. They were, in most ways, polar opposites. My mom was perpetually cheerful, optimistic, sunny, extroverted, and genuinely, inherently kind to everyone family or stranger alike because she truly saw the best in everyone (even when it didn't exist). My dad was....none of those things. He had many fine qualities - just not those. Their differences were particularly striking when it came to the holidays. My mom was all about the personal attention and extrodinary effort to pick out just the right gift which shows how well you know someone. My dad's philosophy was that thoughtfulness was for people who didn't have money. Why knock yourself out trying to figure out what people want when they already know what they want so you can just give them cash? And if they want gifts to open fine...they can make a list complete with stores, item #s, etc. Less Santa and more like ordering from a catalog. With dad's way you were never surprised or emotionally moved, but you also didn't get the sometimes epic fails when Mom got it wrong. Was nice to have a mix. They divorced when I was very young so the dichotomy of their decorating styles affected me as well. Dad's idea of decorating for Christmas: Where Mom would have thought these people were off to a good start... And if she had thought of it, I absolutely would have been picked up from school in a station wagon version of this... In most ways I am my father's daughter. I am not a fan of people, fuss, exuberance makes me emotionally itchy. And I want to opt out of the Christmas stuff because I do the lions share of the work and I'm never rewarded with those Normal Rockwell moments. My kids bicker when helping set up the trees, complain about my baking their siblings favorite cookies before theirs, mercilessly mock my holiday penguin collection, and even though all young adults still can't manage to buy for each other or their father without involving me (unfortunately we don't have enough money to make my dad's solution workable so we have to do the effort thing.) And asking for the three of them to get together for one nice photo...you'd think I was suggesting taking out their organs with Bactine and a butter knife to sell on the black market. But the second I suggest not decorating? But I'm going to try to stick to it this year. Not caving to those faces - they know where the Christmas things are and can have at it if they like... but except for two days of baking I'm opting out. No cheer, no desktop wallpaper of pets in holiday outfits,no buying every penguin item I see, no shopping and all the extra free time I save will be my gift to me. this will not be my wallpaper... nor this... This... this.. this... or this... none of that cuteness. I mean it this year, I'm sitting this out.
  3. HerNameIsBuffy

    Talking Kitty and I hate Christmas

    The F word and the S word make this NSFW - and the cats/dog aren't wearing clothes. Consider yourself forewarned. Steve Cash is always full of awesome....his Talking Kitty series is an endless source of happiness for me.
  4. justakitten

    Caroling/Maxhell Christmas - MERGE

    The Maxwells went caroling! Again! Maybe it's deja vu, but it feels like the exact same pictures/poses/neighbors/houses as their caroling adventure last year.
  5. Who is at all surprised I was in Maui - expecting news from the 4 channels they do have.... But who doesn't love her passive aggressive post to Jill - and yes I caught the mother bit before she deleted it. So in all my viewing what I discovered Josh can yell - nothing has changed - that video - he couldn't even let Jessa and Ben talk but he let Jill go on Baby Dilly - we know your baby likes spicy as do I Ben has amazing forearms still based on the newest picture - green Jill is front and centre and in all her glory - Mary is going to have it in February - JUST YOU WAIT Jessa has reached 995,000 people - Team Jessa there must be more - but I have jetlag When does the new season start ? Post new predictions February 1
  6. So funny and so true. http://www.alternet.org/culture/12-thin ... ly-gave-us On the 1st Day of Christmas, Michelle Duggar sent to me … an Arkansas anti-gay travesty. (Duggar joined the effort to overturn [a non-discrimination] law in late summer, recording robocalls that went out to every phone in Fayetteville in which she described LGBT people as a threat to the community.) On the 2nd Day of Christmas, Jill and Jessa sent to me … 2 feuding sisters double-dating. (Maybe Jill is jealous that she’s no longer the only Duggar girl who’s allowed to kiss boys.) On the 3rd Day of Christmas, People Magazine sent to me … 3 Surprising Things NOT at Jessa Duggar’s Wedding. (No white dress, no wedding cake, and no first kiss for the crowd.) On the 4th Day of Christmas, Josh & Anna Duggar sent to me … 4 babies in 6 years! (With number four on the way, many are wondering if the D.C. Duggars are planning on having a double-digit clan of their own.) On the 5th Day of Christmas, the Duggar girls sent to me … FIVE P-U-R-I-T-Y Rings! (The Duggar daughters are doing their darndest to make “courtship†culture cool.) On the 6th Day of Christmas, Jessa Duggar sent to me … 6 million Jewish Holocaust victims compared to abortion on Instagram. (Regardless of how one feels about the morality of abortion though, comparing it to one of the greatest horrors in modern history is insensitive and clueless, to say the least.) On the 7th Day of Christmas, Michelle Duggar sent to me … 7 Basic Needs of a Husband. (No. 1 secret? “Say yes to sex, even when you’re tired.â€) On the 8th Day of Christmas, the Duggars sent to me … 8 bible-approved spousal abuse tactics. (When the very definition of perfect love is sacrificing your children and martyring yourself, there is no place for emotionally healthy concepts like boundaries, consent, equality, and mutuality.) On the 9th Day of Christmas, the Duggar Family sent to me … 9 submissive helpmeets. (Girls are born for one and only one reason: to serve a husband.) On the 10th Day of Christmas, the Duggar Family sent to me … 10 patriarchs-in-training. (“The Tenets of Biblical Patriarch,â€... asserts that God is male, and explicitly not female; that the human male is the “image and glory of God in terms of authority, while the woman is the glory of man.â€) On the 11th Day of Christmas, JimBob sent to me … an unwelcomed baby. (“She broke away from everything his family represents, so viewers shouldn’t expect any televised trips to visit this in-law.â€) On the 12th Day of Christmas, Jana Duggar sent to me … the Stay-At-Home-Daughter
  7. artdecades

    Duggar Christmas Card

    The gang is all there, including spouses, grandma, and Josiah (looking suspiciously shopped in), and they are wishing everyone a merry christmas (except for the gays of course, they aren't people). Its super tiny and I wish it were big enough to really make out details. http://www.eonline.com/news/606122/the- ... ee-it-here
  8. 16strong

    Quiverfull video

    A friend of mine on Facebook posted this today. She herself is not fundie, but she is a fundie leghumper, and regularly posts Duggar-related and pro-life type items. Anyways, after watching this little gem, I was tempted to send Zsu Anderson's blog her way, but thought better of it. Don't want to send poor ignorant souls down the wrong path. 0L3cdVB3H3I
  9. Seth Arndt, a soon to be 22 year old grown ass man wants you to know his only friends, the Arndt penguins, wants to wish us all a Merry Christmas. "Merry Christmas from the penguins!", he proudly says. ***weird*** ps. I bet it took him at least an hour to lovingly arrange each penguin around that tree to produce the perfect picture for all of the Arndt fans (both of them) to enjoy.
  10. Justme

    Teri Mawell's post about shopping

    They need stuff to make their Christmas outfits "sparkle". At least they got to go out for lunch. maybe they even had a pepsi! Wow, blogs by Joe, Anna, and now Teri. I wonder what Sarah is up to. Maybe she's courting.....
  11. What are you making for gifts this year? I am making some leg warmers and a vest from a 1940s pattern, and perhaps some leggings for my littles. I also have to cross stitch an advent calendar.
  12. homeschoolmomma1

    Christmas with the Duggars

    OMG I am rewatching the 19 kids and counting Christmas Episode on Youtube. You have to be kidding me? They buy from good will for Christmas? Don't they make tons of money from TLC. I'm not against goodwill. but really? Is that only for the Cameras? Also, Looking back at the old Christmas' when there were less kids seems nicer. They were not nuts then I guess You can watch it here
  13. Justme

    Maxwell Christmas 2012

    (Yawn) Joe bought crafting supplies & Mary made a wreaf for his house. Personally, I prefer a real wreaf. I find the fakes get dirty & nasty and only last a couple of years. Unless they are under "protection" ;) . (At least where I live.)
  14. gardenvarietycitizen

    The Maxwells were blessed this Christmas, as always

    What's that? Maxwell Xmas songs? Snow on the ground in Omaha? Ahem. To the tune of "Winter Wonderland": :dance: ...had to.
  15. uncreative

    Duggars' Christmas Gifts

    Just out of curiosity...do you think Jim Bob and Michelle buy all their kids' presents themselves? Or do the have the big buddies buy for their little buddies?
  16. As a fellow atheist my sentiments exactly! http://www.youtube.com/user/patcondell#p/u
  17. Interesting pre-Christmas sermon at my UU church last Sunday: The minister spoke of the familiar pagan and Druid origins, as well as Buddha under the bodhi tree--but then told us about a very old (medieval) practice, in which a tree was brought into the church and decorated with apples--to represent the tree of knowledge in Eden--and communion hosts, to represent salvation. A priest once told us the most likely origin of the crèche: a teaching tool used by early evangelists for the illiterate.
  18. Cover your ears, residents of Leavenworth: it's THAT time of year again. The Maxwell girls have been baking up a storm and they are off out tonight to pierce the air with the sounds of the MG at Christmas. http://www.titus2.com/blog/index.php/20 ... aring-for/ In other news, Sarah's ability to write is deteriorating rapidly:
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