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Found 157 results

  1. Daisy0322

    Bens mom

    Is it just me or does Bens mom seem apprehensive about the wedding. I was just watching the episode where Jess goes wedding dress shopping and Gwen (I think is her name) doesn't seem like she doesn't like jessa just seems like on some level she realizes that the marriage is kinda crazy considering Ben is a teen and they hardly know each other or themselves.
  2. FJismyheadship

    Jessica Seewalds Birthday!

    Happy Birthday to Ben's little sister Jessica! http://duggars.tumblr.com/post/11371322 ... post-notes She recently dyed her hair black. I think I liked her brown hair better. She looks washed out here. I think she is 18 today.
  3. The post on Duggar Family Official on Friday said, "Out with my Sweet Heart" Duggar Family Blog says Jim Bob Michelle Jessa and Ben went out to Market Grill. IMO they should give Jana, Jinger and Grandma a night out. So Boob and Mullet got to enjoy two nights out while the others held the fort down.
  4. DGayle

    Ben and Jinger

    Does anyone else get a strange feeling he's crushing on her? I can't really take seriously the marriage of an 18-year-old kid who stalked down a girl he saw on TV when I've known too many kids that age who have gone from interest in a girl to another girl (or boy to boy, whatever). He's not mature, not in any way an adult except for his age, but age doesn't really make an adult. When I see how he is with Jinger, I don't know what it is about it, but I'd think he was interested in her if I didn't know who they are. Does anyone else get the same feeling?
  5. I finally read the Growing up Duggar book and their hissy fit over Harry Potter because he was still mocking God, doesn't matter if he was "good". Ben's a big LOTR fan. How long before we see him renouncing it for it's sinful, God mocking themes?
  6. LogansMama

    800 Invitations

    Why do they feel it necessary to invite SO many people? Who ARE all these people?? I get that their friends have large families, but still... Why not have a smaller(ish) wedding and only invite 500 families, inviting only family and close friends...instead of random homeschool associations.
  7. I never heard this version before. JB taking the credit for another marriage match for his daughters. Then again, since all men have to go through him anyway I guess he'll take the credit for all of them. http://www.tlc.com/tv-shows/19-kids-and ... courtship/
  8. http://www.people.com/article/duggar-pr ... sneak-peek In an upcoming PEOPLE exclusive, Ben and Jessa share intimate details of their newlywed lives, including their surprising plans for their family together. Does this sound like the cover?
  9. Does anyone else have this 2 hour special on their PVR on Tuesday ? Apparently its a recap of the wedding and the new season so it won't be Jill's wedding and it has behind the scenes stuff
  10. crazysnark

    Blessa Bump Watch

    There is a picture on instagram where her face already looks swollen. I thought it would be way too early to tell but who knows. The picture is on her account.
  11. SassyPants

    The Upcoming Season...

    I have been thinking about the new season. Obviously, the birth of BDilly has not already been filmed, so I'm guessing they'll start with Jessa and Ben, maybe even up to and including the wedding, while peppering in information about Jill and Dill. I'm also wondering if JB learned his lesson on announcing a pregnancy before the wedding was actually aired? The Duggars came off look stupid with that move, IMO. I think a Jessa pregnancy announcement and People cover might have to wait until after the wedding is aired and BDilly has arrived? Lastly, how much of Jill's labor and delivery will be aired? Here's my prediction: 1) J/Dill and Derick annonce Jill is in labor 2) Jill makes a few calls and sweetly labors at home. 3) JB and M give talking heads about Jill's progress and their excitement 4) Jill, Dill and Derick are photographed post delivery with smiles and appropriate flower headband in place. 5) Vital stats and name are revealed.
  12. It seems Ben's sister posted a journal about her mission trip that she took with the Duggars. seewalds.com/mission-to-central-america-jessicas-daily-journal-part-1/ I find it quite entertaining. She is exactly like her brother and father...
  13. It's so strange. In pretty much every picture Ben looks stoned. I have seen other people mention it and thought there is no way! Gotta be something else. But they still look that way in all his pics. So is this even a possibility? I mean really, he seems to be about as quick and sharp as your average long term stoner. I hate to admit it but a huge part of me would find it hilarious if JB pushed his pretty princess off to a dope smoking, unemployed (unemployable?) teenage boy.
  14. IronicallyMaeve

    Marital advice for Ben

    I was checking out Ben's FB, when I saw this: (warning, possibly NSFW language) http://tinypic.com/r/sg71b4/8 (because the Spoiler tag wouldn't work)
  15. I've looked for info, but can't find anything. Does anyone know?
  16. Now that Ben and Derrick are famous, I wonder what kind of fans they attract. Do you think they are getting female admirers? Or even women who are flirting or maybe propositioning them? Do Ben and Derrick follow the nike rule? How do you think Jessa and Jill would handle an aggressively flirtatious woman?
  17. There have been allusions to Jessa being stubborn and somewhat headstrong. A lot of people wondered why they allowed Ben to court her when he was so young and not really settled in a job, but I wonder if some of it was because Jessa was starting to show signs of rebelliousness and they were worried that if they didn't marry her off quickly, then she might do something that would blow up in their faces. I noticed a lot of eye rolling and side-eyes that she gave her parents while courting and there was the comment about eloping some mentioned. I think she's been chomping at the bit to get away and maybe was making life difficult for them. I think she was wanting male attention and they figured this might be a good solution. Even with the wedding she clearly was making some choices that I'm not sure Michelle and JB were happy with, but I think she's pretty headstrong and will continue to make her own choices. (As opposed to Jill who seems to still be drinking the koolaid and acting like the model child following the M & JB's plan with the immediate pregnancy and talking points). What do others think?
  18. That's where our married Duggar couples will be speaking in June 2015. WHY? the only one who can speak of the subject are Josh and Anna... even though she will just spew everything what he says like a puppet Jill and Jessa - they just got married... they have no clue...how are they "teaching" others material all of a sudden? Just because they had s-e-x? www.alive.org/speakers/
  19. Phoenix

    Hoover Kissing

    Why do so many fundie men seem to engage in kissing by devouring their women? In the One Monthiversary kissing photo Jessa posted today, Ben seems to be intent on sucking her face off through her cheek. (I couldn't decide if the caption with the picture should read, "Brains..." or "Aliens Return"!) http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-new ... re-2014212 Jessa is usually careful about the photos she posts so the red-eye was surprising.
  20. JumpingD

    Seewald Family

    Ben's family does seem a lot more normal than the Duggars. And this isn't exactly a snark - but Jessa has been posting singing videos of Ben's sister and she mentioned that she is 14 yrs old. And I guess because of the conservative dress we don't get as many age cues as when someone wears more mainstream clothing - but I seriously would have guessed that sister was 24 or 34 not 14 - which I realize would have been poor guessing since Ben is the oldest - but that girl does not look like a young teen to me - her demeanor seems much older.
  21. Milly-Molly-Mandy

    Will Jessa regret marrying Ben?

    To me it seems like Jessa chose Ben based on his looks and religion and that's about it. When I was her age all that mattered to be was looks , chemistry and a fun personality. A few years later I didn't care (much) about looks but more about a kind personality, a solid career, a great education, common values and chemistry If i had married the guys i had dated then I am sure I would regret it by now. Do you think in 5 years she will look at Ben & wish she had aimed higher? After a while you don't even pay much attention to what your partner looks like. Sorry Jessa!
  22. JumpingD

    Blessa Honeymoon Watch

    I can't wait to find out where they went. Any sightings?
  23. I think Ben will go into Seminary and become a pastor - and then maybe in about 10-15 years go into politics. Jessa will be his "helpmeet", a pastor's wife, and running the show behind the scenes. They'll have about 7 children in the next 12 years - and they'll break off a bit from Michelle and JimBob ( "leave and cleave") - and will ultimately be the most outspoken fundamentalists of the family... They will remain in Arkansas but will travel extensively for their ministry, put out books, and have a strong social media presence... That's my prediction! What's yours?!
  24. jchelleslastegg

    Countdown until Jessa's pregnant

    I'm betting a christmas announcement we have no idea if Bin finally squirted the j'chelle juice in his sex budd- i mean wife.. oh well. Imagine if Jessa had announced her pregnancy and then had an abortion secretly and told the media and Bin that it's a miscarriage so that she wouldn't have to deal with her "blessing" then they'd all cry and give sympathy to Jesschelle and Binbob and then they'd have another Jubilee type funeral and name the "miscarried" blessing Jim Bob Jr.
  25. So much for modesty. Jessa's IG has a photo of Mullet and Boob reenacting the porn kiss. There is an additional photo of the Smuggars kissing as well. They are all so disgusting. http://instagram.com/p/vLyYsqDfs3/ http://instagram.com/p/vKQAq0uWLW/
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