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  1. Seasoner_Of_Life

    NFP for the daughters?

    First time poster I know that Erin Paine suffered a miscarriage at the beginning of the year, but since then we have not had any Bates Baby announcements. Alyssa has been married since what? May? and Erin now a year. Do you think either of them are using NFP or did they just not inherit their mother's super fertility? I don't remember either of them saying they would leave their family size up to God like the Duggar children have.
  2. That the Bates' first grand baby is here but the lead story in their Family Updates on their blog is that the Duggar Bus of Family Values is coming to town?
  3. Ledbetteramy

    The Bates at Duggar weddings?

    Sorry if this has been asked but how many of the bates attended jill and jessas wedding? It seems odd their whole family wouldn't come!!
  4. ButterscotchEquinox

    Duggar and Bates Confessions Tumblr

    Has anyone looked through this Duggars & Bates Confessions Tumblr before? There are many pages so I'm only part way into it now, but some of the "confessions" are interesting. duggarsandbatesconfessions.tumblr.com/ (Maybe this has already been shared, though I didn't find any posts when I searched FJ...)
  5. BirthingGodsWarriors

    Bates Updates

    Just wanted to start a thread on the comings an goings of the rest of the Bates family. Kelly just updated the blog with a post about how Cherin come by to give the littles haircuts.
  6. I watched the first episode last night for grins, and here are my observations: These kids should stick to playing instruments. The singing in the intro was pretty awful. The idea of the Valentine's party was cute, imo, even though changing the name from Valentine's Day to I Love You Day was kinda strange. You cannot sustain a family of that size on a tree cutting business alone. Unless you're cutting down a whole damn forest every month on your own, it's highly unlikely that cutting a few limbs off of a tree can really support a whole family like that. The Bates family appears significantly more articulate and perhaps more organized overall than the Duggar family. Whenever Gil is talking and Kelly is next to him, she never looks at the camera -- only at Gil. From what I can see, Kelly seems a lot more hands-on than J'Chelle. Except for the scene where it appeared that Tori was wearing Jeb in one of those baby-sling things (I'm pretty far off from parenthood, so I don't know what the term for that would be). How many ways can you spell Michael(ll/a)? Like do they forget how to spell it or? What are those things attached to the fronts of the younger children's clothing? They look like they'd attach to a leash or something. Isaiah was trying so hard to find something for Josie. He seems like he's a really thoughtful little kid. Jesus rollerblading Christ the older boys are attractive. I know that's been discussed quite a bit. Well, with the exception of Zach; he reminds me of my high school AP Spanish teacher. Gil seems like a lot less of a dick than Dim Bulb. I know he's just as shitty, but he at least seems a little more personable on screen. I've still got more episodes to watch, but that's what I saw from just one episode.
  7. VERY interesting- I might order it since it is 12 dollars. Sorry if this was discussed before store.iblp.org/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=DC10BA The Bates sure are trying to steal the Duggar spotlight with Gothard Probably this: http://store.iblp.org/product/ZHSF.html
  8. I thought it would be a good idea to open a new topic for the rumor of Jonathan Steiger being "special friends" with either Jana, Jinger or possibly a Bates girl. bates-family-photos.tumblr.com/post/84367540969/jonathan-steiger-article
  9. Mrs.Right

    Side hugs?

    *If this question has already been asked, please link me to it. I was over looking at the Bates blog and noticed the (at the time) engaged couple in the Bates family had pictures of them hugging normal (full frontal). Is it me or are the Bates a little less manic about side hugs being the only hugging allowed?
  10. thebatesfamily.com/2013/06/01/boys-will-be-boys/ Boys will be boys indeed. Well-played, Kelly. Well-played.
  11. The showers look like they were nicer than the wedding... Some of the FL hostesses are wearing pants/shorts! I like the cake tied with a red bow. Kelly also said they are home in Florida now.
  12. homeschoolmomma1

    For just $9.00 a month...

    you can support the Bates. I wonder if it is like when I helped a starving child or endangered animal and got interesting facts and information on them? haha Sorry if this is discussed before but I followed the link on the Duggars website and it took me to all of the talks Gil and Kelly gave. Oddly the first talk is called,"How to Support a Family of 19 Without a Salary" http://duggarfamily.com/
  13. singsingsing

    Duggar/Bates Predictions

    Anyone want to start a betting pool? Winner gets... nothing. But we all love making predictions, right? So tell us your predictions for the following: Who will have the first Bates grandchild: Erin and Chad OR Zach and Whitney? Erin and Chad Will announce pregnancy (month/year): Will have baby: Boy or girl: Zach and Whitney Will announce pregnancy: Will have baby: Boy or girl: Alyssa and John Will get engaged: Will get married: First baby: Michael and Brandon Will get engaged: Will get married: First baby: Who will be the next Bates to court: Lawson, Nathan, or Tori? (Bonus points: who will they be courting?) Will Kelly ever have #20? DUGGARS Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald Will get engaged: Will get married: First baby: Josh & Anna: when will M4 be born? Boy or girl? (Bonus points: what will they name him/her?) Who will be the next Duggar to court: John-David, Jana, Jill, Jinger, or Joseph? (Bonus points: who will they be courting?) Will Michelle ever have #20? DOUBLE JEOPARDY: Will there ever be a Bates/Duggar courtship? If so, which Bates and which Duggar? If you can think of any other questions or predictions, go for it.
  14. So, we've seen a wide range of honeymoons from Josh's SC honeymoon to the Bates kids Ireland and Hawaii trips, and I seem to remember a new couple doing a cruise. The question is Will the Bates continue with the "flashy" trips for Michael and Alyssa after their big day? Will the Duggars step it up for Jessa and Jill? (Assuming that all four couples get married of course)
  15. 0 kids n not countin

    Let the Grandbaby Olympics Begin...

    Did anyone catch this gem on the comments page of the Bateses website: Don't quite understand Kelly's answer, income, house size, and material goods didn't seem to factor in to her & Gil's family planning. Also, WTF with these fans asking about babies... Kelly's Response:
  16. Some pirate dude visited the Bates to take Christmas catalog pictures. So, tell me, why is it OK for fundie kids to like a pirate but not Halloween. Real pirates from history were pretty nasty dudes. They drank to excess, stole, fought, murdered, and probably never cracked open a bible. Note exactly the best role models. So it's "ok" to "turn" a pirate around and "rewrite" their history, but no do so with Halloween or like???? They don't celebrate Easter because of it's "pagan" roots.
  17. This is my first topic post, so bear with me I don't know if this has been commented on in another thread, but there is a new post on the bates blog about some annual retreat for dads and sons, and the Duggars and Bates went. blog.thebatesfamily.com/2013/10/10/annual-lake-adventure/ Edited to break link - Lilith It looks like they are reaaally trying to seem MANLY. They waterski, drive jet-skis and tubes.
  18. actuallyjessica

    Duggar/Bates Courtship!

    Do we ever see it ever happening? Pair 'em up! See what combinations we can come up with, and why (regardless of age similarities)
  19. Kelly notes on her recent blog that Erin purchased both dresses for her special engagement day from Dress Barn! Good for her; a totally main stream store to buy current dresses! Pair them up with a little short sleeved sweater and you're good to go! Erin looked very pretty. The Duggar girls just don't get it...or are not "allowed" to get it!!!
  20. 0 kids n not countin

    Bates Kids & Cell Phones

    WTF?? Zach is over 21 isn't he?
  21. http://videocafe.crooksandliars.com/dav ... e-courthou at 1:23 you can see (and hear if you don't mute it) the whole fan-damily caterwauliing "This Land is Your Land" at the unveiling of the "In God We Trust" sign on a Tennessee courthouse. The irony of this inclusive left-wing song being sung at this occasion is obviously lost on all concerned.
  22. pascolife.blogspot.com/ Because the fundy world is so small, the Roberts and the Kendalls of the S'Morton world partied with the Bates family. Check out the picture with the two Bates boys and two Roberts girls at the table. Courtship or "special friend" possibility?
  23. I was checking if the 19K&C China special was on YouTube yet (it's not) and got distracted watching the episode where the Bates visit the Duggars in Little Rock. There is a talking head with Erin talking about how they have fun with the Duggars, and she says "We have lots of fun together... We play instruments, sing, games...... Whatever is on the schedule". We know the Duggars use the Maxwell scheduling materials, but does anyone know if the Bates do? Or is it just referring to the Duggar's schedule, or an odd choice of words?
  24. I read one time the Bates were getting there own show yet even through the Duggar's season has kicked back in we haven't seen anything about the Bates show.Did it get canceled that fast or did it never get a season to begin with?Not that the Bates interest me I would no more want to watch them then the Dugger's just curious as to what happened to there show?
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