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  1. bunnybunz

    Anna Duggar - Merge

    I know that she's thoroughly indoctrinated and a seemingly nice person, but she's in DC, not in her family bubble, she's surrounded by people that are not only way smarter than Jim Boob, but living lifestyles that are so foreign to her. I'm not trying to be mean, but she's a very stupid girl and I can tell just by following her Twitter that she is in way over her head and has no idea what is going on around her. She's only 26 and is about to have her 4th child, she's a stay at home mother, she home-schools, her husband's a douche, that is A LOT to have on your plate when you're an uneducated 26 yr old. I just see her becoming very unhinged soon. Am I imagining things?
  2. Is this old news? Sorry if it is, I have a newborn on my hands. I promise I did search first… Josh and Anna's website is down (the ja20 one). Makes you wonder if there is some sort of PR team working on a new one. I know initially they just took down links to IBLP (at least that's what people here said), but now the whole thing is gone. They sure are laying low, aside from Michael's birthday.
  3. Are they still in their DC house? They must have a lease, probably yearly. I worry about the kids. It's not good for them to be stuck in a house all the time.
  4. According to People magazine they are having a girl. Does anyone care? Any guesses on names? Madison? Michelle?
  5. It's pretty funny, actually http://crunchychristianmommy.com/duggar-day/
  6. Duggor

    New grandbabies?

    I am really hoping there will be new grandduggars soon, but I don't want Anna, Jill (and maybe Jessa) to become babymachines! But what do you think? Will there be new grandbabies soon? And if there will be new grandbabies which one do you think will be the first one to get pregnant soon Anna, Jill or even Jessa? And how much kiddos do you think they will have?
  7. I've just read a post on Lily & Ellie's site with Anna talking about date night. Apparently baby sitters are expensive in D.C. (Who would have guessed that when you pay someone rather than use family, things get expensive.) so they sometimes have dates at home after the kids are in bed and other times take the kids with them. My question is: Is it a date if you take your kids? We use to eat out once a fortnight with our kids. It was a treat for us and them and a chance to put into practice what they learned at home in the way of manners, conversation, etc. I would never call it a date though. I'm all for having a romantic meal together at home after the kids are in bed and calling it a date. Eating out with the kids? That's a family dinner to me.
  8. Radar Online just posted a story claiming that as per state records, Josh and Anna owe their home state of Arkansas nerly $14,000 in back taxes. http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2015/ ... wes-14000/ According to the article: "According to Department of Finance and Administration documents obtained by Radar, Josh and Anna owe $3,746.20 in unpaid state taxes for 2012, and a whopping $9,908.64 in taxes for 2009, 2010 and 2011. “The entry shall have the same force and effect of a judgment at law and shall constitute a lien upon a real and personal property of the taxpayer,†deputy director Timothy J. Leathers wrote in the official papers. Even worse than their piling debt, the Jesus-loving, homosexual-hating Josh seems to have lied to fans about their unpaid taxes. After In Touch reported earlier this week that the 19 Kids And Counting pair owed $3,746.20 to the state of Arkansas, Josh responded that the debt had been paid. But the Washington County Circuit Court clerk tells Radar that the pair hasn’t paid off a penny. “When a lien is paid, the state will send a release of lien to be filed,†the clerk explains."
  9. I just read this page (http://www.inquisitr.com/1792579/anna-d ... -of-twins/) and now I have a feeling that Josh and Anna might be expecting twins. What do you think? And if they are not do you think they will get twins in the future?
  10. SportsgalAnnie

    Oops she did it again

    Anna has retweeted anti-Islam stuff about a school in New York celebrating 2 Islamic holidays. First Black history, now this. Which group is next?
  11. So I was wading through Josh and Anna Duggar's instagram friends list the other night (stalkerish, I know) and noticed they have started following a wide range of contemporary christian music artists. For example: Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, Crowder, Lecrae... While this is no big deal to most people, I know the strict guildelines Gothard commands regarding music evaluation, and these artists do not fit the bill. In fact, Gothardism blatantly condemns contemporary christian music, and suggests that ATI families do not expose their children to it, and do not attend churches where such music is played for worship. They have also started following a wider range of contemporary christian preachers who have a far greater emphasis on grace-based teaching: Luis Giglio, Joyce Meyer, Rick Warren. Of course, they still follow a lot of nut-jobs (eg - ray comfort, creation museum) but these are some serious signs of branching out! And the biggest news of all... wait for it... Josh also follows Jimmy Fallon!!!! Which suggests he watches his TV show!!! That is definitely NOT Duggar-approved viewing. I must say I am surprised he likes Jimmy Fallon enough to actually bother to follow him on instagram, it suggests he must be a proper fan. I can just picture Josh and Anna now sinfully watching his show together on their secret master bedroom TV.
  12. LaSham89

    Josh and Anna FRC video

    Just saw Josh and Anna's video for FRC Action and talking about how so many little girls like theirs are affected.... Might have been slightly less laughable if Anna had been holding the scan pictures the right way up LOLOL
  13. Oh, my... http://starcasm.net/archives/305416
  14. 19 cats and counting

    Josh's wedding episode up online

    Holy shit is that a snarkfest. A few things I will say Duggars first Some of the Duggar women look better then than they do now. Jessa's face is not bony as it is now and Michelle is very pale (despite the mullet). All of them look better away from the self tanner. Michelle's got a very decent MOG dress (much much better than the turtleneck monstrosity that she wore for Jill's wedding). And she's in her 3rd trimester. Josh and Anna really made the courtship model look like they were trying too hard. The hand sex (deserves an R rating for the hand sex alone), the matching clothes, the creepy pillowcase, etc. I think he takes the cake for awkward (successful) courtships (I think Zach Bates' failed one was more awkward). The first kiss was VERY awkward almost like he was sucking her face. Josh signing at the altar. Michelle said how romantic it was, but it was awkward. I liked the bridesmaid dresses better than Jill or Jessa's. They looked like appropriate bridesmaid dresses for a church wedding (and I liked the colors). Not an altered casual summer dress and not a wear to work dress, but one for a bridesmaid. Other families Mike Keller is creepy as fuck. Transfer of authority speech. Priscilla sounds so much more put together then than she does now. Seeing her then makes me very concerned for her now. The Bates girls matching frumpers are hideous. I'm glad they moved away from them. Interesting that Erin Bates caught the bouquet. Funny how she would have the next wedding of the Duggars and Bates kids. Is it some sort of fundie tradition to trash the getaway car at weddings? I honestly don't get it.
  15. DGayle

    Twins for Anna?

    http://www.inquisitr.com/1792579/anna-d ... -of-twins/ I'm most amused by the picture. I don't know when it was taken, but Anna looks like, "Yay!" and Josh looks like, "Oh. Joy. Um, happy face? Oh. God no. Please? Smile. Try to smile."
  16. duggar19fan

    Anna Duggar

    Is it just me or has Anna gotten significantly prettier since the show started? Is TLC making her smother on the makeup or has Josh told her to clean up her act?
  17. Raising kids is not easy, especially a lot of very young kids who require a lot of maintenance and attention and can't do much on their own. With Anna now preggers with her fourth and with no sign of stopping, I wonder how many more babies before she might find it too much to handle. Clearly she gets all her self esteem from living the Duggar beliefs of having as many kids as possible and we all know JB and M are doing everything they can to encourage that despite Michelle having had her own anger issues and a breakdown of sorts when her oldest kids were young (I think she had around 5 at the time)...it's hard when you don't have a bunch of live=in babysitters to do all the hard work and you have to parent all those kids on your own. With Gothard's rules of behaviour for women being that they should always be happy and joyfully having all these kids and looking after them, not to mention cooking for her family, cleaning, homeschooling and ready for sex whenever hubby wants it... well, I can't help but think that the reality of actually having to take care of so many kids every day with little help will take its toll eventually. And if it does...will Anna even feel able to raise the issue of being overwhelmed or tired or unable to cope? Everything about their way of life is centered about the whole belief of having this army of kids and the woman being happy and subservient. How could she help but feel like a failure if she finds herself struggling? Not to mention the dangers of post partum depression or worse, psychosis. I just don't know how they lifestyle can't take a toll on the woman's self esteem and set them up to feel like failures, at least secretly to themselves. I love my kids, but there were some days ... and I only had two to worry about. How many before we start seeing Anna start cracking?
  18. An article on Radar says they did . I just find it hard to believe they would shun her when Deanna had Amy out of wedlock and they include them on the show with no problem. But another article refutes these rumors and shows pics of Susannah and the baby, together with Anna and Josh. I wonder who this 'inside source' is. I am no Duggar fan, but these stories are getting crazier and this brings atttention to someone who didnt ask to be part of this circus. http://www.inquisitr.com/1674520/no-dug ... f-wedlock/
  19. That's where our married Duggar couples will be speaking in June 2015. WHY? the only one who can speak of the subject are Josh and Anna... even though she will just spew everything what he says like a puppet Jill and Jessa - they just got married... they have no clue...how are they "teaching" others material all of a sudden? Just because they had s-e-x? www.alive.org/speakers/
  20. Coffee Addict

    Anna Pregnant? Yes - MERGE

    I know everyone is probably tired of the Duggar pregnancy watches that go on, but I was on that weird forum that was linked to about Josie being left behind, and there was a thread about Anna being pregnant with her 4th. Now this is widely speculated, and I have not heard anything else but speculation from everyone. I honestly thought that maybe they would stop or slow down a ton, but Anna seems to have changed her attitude from wanting only a few to "catching up" to the Dairy Queen. The pictures posted on that forum, including a video that the Duggar website had of Anna and Priscella while at the ATI homeschooling conference, sure made Anna look like she is pregnant. I thought the Duggars loved to announce pregnancies. Even when there wasn't a new season being aired. This seems like the kind of thing that they would have announced on morning television and then had TLC footage of in the upcoming season. What are they waiting for? Is Anna actually pregnant?
  21. isarhenne

    Was Anna malnourished?

    Was Anna Duggar malnourished before she married Josh? I remember her : She looked haggard , very thin, with hair that looked unhealthy. Now, after three children and all that stress of dealing with them 24/7, she still looks way healthier and better than 6 years ago. Do you think when fundies grow up in very big families there is a prevelance of them being malnourished until they get married and eat all the stuff they want?
  22. Anna has no clue what a real Southern breakfast is. So here is how this Bama gal does it. * Homemade buttermilk biscuits * Sausage and/or bacon fried in a skillet * For the gravy add flour, salt, pepper to the grease left in the skillet and make a roux. Mix well until no lumps. Gradually add milk and stir to desired thickness * Scrambled eggs * Grits * Preserves/jelly/jam * Butter * Cantaloupe if available Yes, it's not healthy, but that's a Southern breakfast.
  23. N The Prayer Closet

    Rigid Gender Roles

    http://morningafter.gawker.com/even-fet ... 1660661062 The author of this article is hilarious. I especially love how she notes that Anna has nothing else to be excited for in life other than pregnancy (which of course isn't true but it is the way the women in this family are portrayed) and the comments are great. One commenter lamented gender reveal parties by saying "I saw a guy on the 2/3 train last week having a "gender reveal party" all by himself. Michelle would lose her marbles if she had to witness that.
  24. Anna will not drive, but if she does she'll go with the 1950s stereotype that women aren't good drivers. They'll stay mostly south of the Mason-Dixon Line. They'll eat a lot of junk food. They won't discuss the politics of Josh's job. They'll make a surprise visit to the Fabulous Wallers. They will get lost at least 9 times.
  25. Sorry if this has been brought up already, but what ever happened to Josh & Anna's first house? I haven't heard anything about it as of late, & I can't imagine that another Duggarling wouldn't use it for their first house, too.
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