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Found 66 results

  1. Sorry if this has already posted, I did a quick search but didn't see anything. http://qctimes.com/news/local/crime-and ... 963f4.html
  2. ...and she's retweeting EVERY DAMN "Happy Birthday" to the point that important shit doesn't get through. I think I'll try it just to annoy her; she's now closer to 30 than 20 and vain bitches like her don't like to be reminded: being 26 could drive her to botox!
  3. She did another interview with Examiner and mentioned how she and her boyfriend have gone ring shopping. Apparently, her family already knows how he's going to propose but they're not dishing out any details to Fame Whore. Kudos to Reed for managing to put up with her for this long. Of course, she's introducing him on the show, which means, just like her last bf when he was on, she'll end up posting a message on twitter saying they went their separate ways and blah blah blah Ah and yes, she gave a big "fuck you" to us when she explained why she doesn't have a "steady career"--it's because she enjoys a change in scenery. No, Famy, it's because you lack any real skills to have a proper career. You're lazy and you wish to live an immature life while your future husband and parents pay hundreds of dollars on your stupid obsession with Coach. Anyways, if you wish to read it examiner.com/article/amy-duggar-talks-about-family-boyfriend-and-premiere-of-19-kids-and-counting Snark away!
  4. I was browsing through a website and found this pic of Amy and her boyfriend...good for her! I love love that she chose a path of freedom (something the duggar girls may not ever experience)...p.s. check out those muscles! wow very impressive! http://duggars.tumblr.com/post/28417744 ... er-bf-reed
  5. missbrooklyn

    Where is wacky cousin Amy?

    People seem to be disappearing left and right! It seems cousin Amy has set her instagram to private and taken down her facebook page! How am i going to get my Amy fix now?
  6. Visionoyahweh

    Famy's back on the stick

    I hadn't seen this posted. Amy's got a new boyfriend. He's actually pretty cute. Of course, they met on facebook. https://www.examiner.com/19-kids-and-co ... ive-interv Just keep telling yourself the buzz is good, Famy.
  7. Whit88

    Joy Anna

    I have to admit...out of all the duggar girls...Joy Anna seems like the most fun and interesting one to me...She does not seem so robotic and uptight as the rest of them...I LOVE that she is soo close to Amy Duggar b/c I think hanging around her kind of opened her up a bit. FINGERS CROSSED that she does not drink too much of that kool-Aid...man I wish she could go to college...she could really be somethin special --Such a cute pic of the both of Joy and Amy~~ http://instagr.am/p/Gz0AiAtkHs/
  8. missbrooklyn

    Hey! Amy is back on Facebook!

    And she just closed her page like, last week, right? And right on schedule, she seems to have a new recipient for those pesky pieces of her heart that she keeps giving away. Who new?
  9. Amy 'Duggar' is back on Facebook. I guess she missed it and her fans:)
  10. She called it "liberating." I can only imagine the (well-deserved) crap she got after the Today Show and caterwauling on the episode the other night. Can't take the heat? She'll never make it anywhere except the local roadhouse. And frrankly, that's about all the level of her "talent" merits. Later, gator.
  11. She's talking about her "music career" https://www.facebook.com/19KidsandCounting
  12. Daenerys

    Famy Duggar

    What is she actually doing with her life? I can't believe that she's 25, she comes across like a teenager! I know she's got that fake-ass 'singing' career going on but that can't be bringing in much money, nor the TV show considering she's only a minor character. So WTF is she actually doing all day? TBH if I was a Duggar and Famy was my experience of a 'normal' person in the outside world, I wouldn't be clamouring to leave home! I know they have seen otherwise now, but before the TV show started she must have been an awful advertisment of 'normality' to the older children!
  13. For anyone who was following the story about how a woman was trying to extort the Duggars and TLC with "scandalous" and "reputation-ruining" photos of Amy Duggar... you can finally see the photos this woman was shopping around. She wanted $10k for them, or for 19KaC to be canceled. Radar Online has them: http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2012/02/duggar-family-extortion-incriminating-photos-revealed The article doesn't say whether Radar paid any cash to this woman for the photos... which are basically Amy snuggled up against an older guy in a restaurant. SO SHOCKING
  14. http://qctimes.com/news/local/entertain ... 3ce6c.html What a boring scandal. Amy's national debut is also going to be her swan song.
  15. web.stagram.com/n/amyduggar/ Amy's found a better use for her cousin's hairbands. It is nice she is pampering her grandmother. Annoying as she can be, Amy has always appeared to be close to her grandparents. Wonder if she and her mom lived with them for a bit while she was young?
  16. The fangirls and boys on Famy's "fanpage" are really odd. A lot of them are requesting that Amy personally deliver messages to JB & M. Yep, lemmings, I bet she'll get right on the horn and deliver each and every one of them!! Paul Anthony Menchaca "Hi Amy Duggar its Paul Menchaca there is something i want to ask you ples how have you guys been dont know if you Rember me i meet you a copa of years with the Duggar family" Max Evans "I saw the courages movie the other day I saw the duggars in the funeral sean and I saw josh in the race." Katie Westmoreland "Hey Amy!!! Remember me??? i am the 11(now 12) year old who loves you and the show:) I was wondering if I could get a message passed to Michelle. I had a cousin who was born very premature and weighed only 15 oz. at birth. But know she is developing just like a four yr old should. Please tell her that she is one of my role models and that i love her and her family:) thanks amy:)" Jessica Carter "Hi, Amy! #1 I think your profile pic is gorgeous! #2 Can you pass a message along to Jessa & Jinger for me? My sister saw them @ California Dreamin' in Columbia, S.C. and they signed a pic for me. I just wanted to say thanks! P.S. I think you're really funny and beautiful! I copy some of your style ideas sometimes. Thanks again! Praying for you as I pray for the rest of the Duggars. ♥" Melissa Leigh Mathews "hi amy wow how to say this please tell the duggar family how sorry we are to hear about baby 20 she is with our lord and savior we love the show and pray all of you will have a awesom newyear have a great day and godbless" Amber Nacole Wiseman "Hi Amy how are you and the rest of the duggars are doing and can u do me a favor and tell ur aunt Michelle that I love their show :)" Cherelle Barber "Hey Amy I wish that I could let your aunt know that I was born 3 months early I was born on december 14th 1989 I was born three months early just like your cousin Josie" Angie Kuehl "Hi Amy, I made tater tot casserole. For new years eve. Omg they loved it. I love to cook;) Tell your Aunt Thanks for the resipe."
  17. Just saw this pop up on my feed; Amy Rachelle Duggar 8 minutes ago near Fayetteville, AR. All of the older Duggar kids, along with Uncle Jim Bob, Grandma Duggar and my mom Deanna are heading tonight to Iowa to help Rick Santorum in his race for President. As a US Senator Rick Santorum Authored the bill to ban partial birth abortion. Our whole Duggar family is getting behind him and hope you do too!!! So who is watching the younger Duggers?
  18. snarkykitty

    More fame whoring

    The website where a lot of Duggar-related articles originate recently profiled Famy's dad, Terry Jordan. What bugs me is that he isn't a Duggar, yet the title of the article is "Terry Jordan of the Duggar family from '19 Kids & Counting' brings Bible to life". I found the link on Deanna's page, where she gushes "I'm very blessed to have a loving and talented family!" Sorry, Deanna, but if you're referring to JimBob and his hoard, notoriety doesn't equal talent. As for her husband's "talent," art is subjective, so I won't comment there. Here's a snip of the article: "To learn more about Terry Jordan from the Duggar family, visit his Facebook page or send him an e-mail message at [email protected] You can also mail him a personal note at: P.O. Box 6756, Springdale, AK. 72766-6756. In the meantime, Terry and Deanna enjoy spending time with the Duggar family from 19 Kids and Counting. They live a short 30-minute drive away and visit as often as possible. Concerning the super-sized Duggar family, Terry Jordan says, “We fully support and love them. They inspire us.†Terry is also very proud of his daughter, Amy Duggar, who appears regularly on 19 Kids and Counting. She has been working hard to secure a recording contract and has had promising response from studio executives. “Amy has a lot to offer and she’s exciting to watch. I want her to do something that she enjoys,†dad says. “She’s very talented and fun to be around.â€" To read the rest, go to: http://www.examiner.com/19-kids-and-cou ... le-to-life
  19. I'm posting a link to this story, even though there is a Santorum/Duggar thread, because this is from the UK and goes into a lot of detail arond Amy's reasoning and messages around political beliefs, candidate support. etc. Please feel free to merge if needed http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2081493/Duggar-family-19-Kids-And-Counting-endorse-Rick-Santorum.html This is about JB from the article, ..."He drove up in the family's bus with 12 of their 19 kids in tow, but the kids didn't stay outside with the crowd of supporters for too long, as some of them did not have winter clothes. Nevermind the chill, Mr Duggar told a Washington Post reporter, saying 'it’s worth it. We believe in Rick Santorum. He’s a godly, Christian man who consistently has stood for what’s right.' Why am I not surprised that "some" of the children did not have adequate clothing for cold winter weather? Of course I'm now also wondering if the J'slaves wore their flip-flops on the trip. Great way to parent JB- why could you not buy each child a pair of new winter shoes this Christmas?
  20. Theres something nauseating about all the comments on Amy Duggars fan page. My personal favorite... She wants JIM BOBS opinion!? Really!? Wow... Anyway, they don't get any better after that really. Linkyloo for those of you that want it. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Amy-Dugga ... 9462807207 (Not broken cause she cant track us through facebook)
  21. And all I can say is Also 2 more pictures further down on page 1. ETA: The last one doesn't bother me, I see this a lot amongst people who lose their babies. I'm sure it's touching to have a picture of your child's hands or feet to remember them by. Like I said before, I've had 2 miscarriages myself. The first one seems ridiculous to me. They're all smiling around a casket?! Also, this looks like a mega church from the other pictures and like it was a huge ordeal. Again... I would never EVER do this if I lost a child at that gestation. I would want privacy and time to grieve, not whore myself out. /end rant
  22. I have been wondering for these past couple of days if Famy has been told off for the pictures she posted. Does anyone else think that Sean might ban Famy from appearing on the show again?
  23. Buzzard

    Famy make musak!

    So Famy is totally up to something. Her website now has music on it (she's actually not that bad but someone needs to chill with the echo on the his eye is on the sparrow one) and per FB, something "big" is coming soon. The music is heavily edited and an obvious midi rather than real instruments... not surprising. I'm thinking that she drops a single the first of the year. I hereby pledge that I will buy it. Why? Because we need to keep her around so that info can be leaked when the show is over! Anyone with a small amount of talent can sing something written by a real musician and patched by a real studio... lets see if she can write! http://www.amyduggar.com/index.html
  24. So, I thought I'd finally watch a few episodes and play a little catch-up, my curiosity piqued by all the snark. I apologize if this has already been discussed somewhere; I didn't see it anywhere. In the episode with Michael's first doctor's visit, Amy makes "homemade" raspberry bars and talks about how Southern girls know how to cook and how she's a good cook and all that nonsense, rambling Amy-style as usual. She joked about not measuring anything, and how she used the wrong size pan. As far as I'm concerned that was obviously a baking mix and a packet of raspberry filling she just squeezed and put in. Just because you made it at home does NOT make it "homemade" Amy, if it still comes out of a box. Now I know it's possible to include a box of some sort of mix to make something that isn't what the mix is labeled as, in which case you could perhaps argue it's actually homemade (eg, using pudding mix to make cookies), but really, if those were homemade then so was the Kraft mac'n'cheese I'm eating for dinner. After all, I also added butter, and even milk! Woo! Perhaps I'm just particularly annoyed because I like precise definitions of words and when I say something is homemade, it means I actually did make it from scratch. But anyway it annoyed me enough to vent about mid-episode.
  25. On Amy Duggar/Jordan's wall: These are the same people who would freak out at hyphenated names, women keeping their own names, etc., but if their precious "annointed" (wtf) does it, its cool for her.
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