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  • Welcome to Who's Who: Fundamentalist Family and Organization Summaries! This is a bit of a work in progress section of the forum. Some of our members have graciously volunteered to share their expansive knowledge on the various families and organizations that we talk about here on Free Jinger.

    We have more summaries planned and will be adding to this section as folks get time to write them up.

    We appreciate the time our members have taken to share their obsessions knowledge with us :)

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    • TeaELSee


      Oh shoot, you got my hopes up!

    • JillyO


      17 minutes ago, TeaELSee said:

      I must have missed something, what did Evan say about waiting? Was it on instagram?

      He didn't say anything about waiting. I'm just commenting on the fact that they are not yet engaged, despite having been courting for a significant amount of time and Carlin repeatedly (and publically) stating that she wishes they were engaged already. So I can only assume she is putting even more pressure on him in private to "finally" propose .

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    • hoipolloi


      The bastard should be defrocked & all privileges of his pastoral status should be removed or revoked.

      Not going to happen, of course, but it should.

    • TeaELSee


      On 5/22/2018 at 7:20 PM, beepy13 said:

      His expression is hilarious.

      It really is. My first thought when I saw this was that they look like a ventriloquist act in this picture...

      I’m not trying to be mean, he’s a perfectly cute baby.  I think his features look exaggerated in this photo.

    • lilwriter85


      3 hours ago, Briefly said:


      I can see her rejecting an adopted grandchild.  I hope that Alyssa does have a good support system, because she may well need it with Lori for a mother.

      Sadly, I have to agree with this and it's crossed my mind in the past when Alyssa's fertility issues have come up and I think Lori even mentioned they were looking into adoption. If Alyssa and Jon adopt, maybe they will have a limited contact relationship with Lori. I'm friends with a couple in a similar situation. The husband's father was verbally abusive and had addiction issues. His mother divorced the father and they from Oregon to New Mexico. My friend still has issues with his father, but he tries not to be too bitter. He and his wife have the limited contact approach meaning that they and their kids only visit the father once a year and they don't talk all that much on the phone  or through online methods. 

      With Alyssa and Jon, I have to wonder if they are hoping that Loriken moves out of California that way if they have children through some method they won't have to deal with Lori's crap.