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  • Welcome to Who's Who: Fundamentalist Family and Organization Summaries! This is a bit of a work in progress section of the forum. Some of our members have graciously volunteered to share their expansive knowledge on the various families and organizations that we talk about here on Free Jinger.

    We have more summaries planned and will be adding to this section as folks get time to write them up.

    We appreciate the time our members have taken to share their obsessions knowledge with us :)

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    • NoneIsEnough


      I just had a thought, if Nurthan makes it to a wedding, we might get to witness the meeting of Nurie and Priscilla. I cannot imagine an actual conversation between them. They both have the worst baby voices, and seem to be lacking in the depth of thought department. I would love to be a fly on the wall for that meeting. 

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    • HarryPotterFan


      1 hour ago, nelliebelle1197 said:

      Uh, bake cake for breakfast. What else?

      That involves waking up in time to make breakfast. NEXT.

      36 minutes ago, ViolaSebastian said:

      #JRodThreadDrift #ScoobySnacks #Ski #MoreDriftThanTheFastandFuriousFranchise #SuckitReddit

      ETA: We did it, folks! We're famous!!


      One of their examples was me!!! I’m famous!!!

      These people seem no fun. Does that poster really think I compare Pepsi to sewage at a restaurant? I just politely say no thanks and ask for something else. It’s called a joke.

      “[Redditors] wouldn’t recognize a joke if it danced naked in front of [them] wearing Dobby’s tea cozy.” - Ron Weasley 

      16 minutes ago, Naga Viper said:

      Whatever the hell you want! Even and especially if it involves doing a 180 from previously long-held positions on things that you condemned other people for doing. You can always justify your choices biblically...sort of.

      And anyone who questions you is clearly a reprobate. Remember that word, it's your go-to for everything.

      Redditors are reprobates. Got it.

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    • scoutsadie


      22 hours ago, acheronbeach said:


      Butter tarts from a proper bakery or the butter tart festival in Simcoe County (it's just north of TO).


      Presidents Choice chips - I like the Stampede flavour.  Hickory Sticks.  Zesty (Mordant) Doritos.  Or the epitome of Canadian chips, all dressed. 


      I don't know exactly what a "butter tart" is, but it's a safe bet that I would enthusiastically eat about five of them.

      I probably wouldn't try anything "Stampede" flavored, though. LOL

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    • AussieKrissy


      12 minutes ago, Bethella said:

      I'm way behind on reading threads but I didn't find any results talking about the family when I searched. Is there any indication that they're fundy?

      No there is not, but it would not surprise me 

    • danvillebelle


      I love, love, love Etsy.  I've bought all kinds of things there over the years, but it's mainly my go-to source for vintage clothing and housewares.  And crystals - there are a ton of great crystal shops.  And handspun yarn.  And vintage crochet and cross-stitch patterns.  And hippie patchwork skirts.  And planner stickers.  And, and, and - I could spend a gozillion dollars there.  

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