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  • Welcome to Who's Who: Fundamentalist Family and Organization Summaries! This is a bit of a work in progress section of the forum. Some of our members have graciously volunteered to share their expansive knowledge on the various families and organizations that we talk about here on Free Jinger.

    We have more summaries planned and will be adding to this section as folks get time to write them up.

    We appreciate the time our members have taken to share their obsessions knowledge with us :)

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    • fluffernutter


      I'm making pot roast tomorrow. I use whole carrots, washed but not peeled and cut into chunks, and an onion or two, quartered. I brown those on high heat with olive oil and a pat of butter, then remove and sear a salted and peppered roast on all sides. Then de-glaze the pan with beef stock and a swig of wine. Add all of that with a few sprigs of rosemary to a roasting pan (or slow cooker if I get up early enough) and cook. I always serve with mashed potatoes and gravy. And that's my unsolicited recipe for a roast.  ; )

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    • Lurky


      If I saw that photo of Jill and her sisters, I would 100% think it was a really happy mum, her two daughters, and their grandmother.  It's not just how similar they look, it's the body language, everything.

      But I'm so BEC about someone watermarking that photo as if it's a professional one, as everything about it is terrible.  Wouldn't think twice about it being so badly framed etc, if it didn't have the watermark.

    • Destiny


      I think your hair is gorgeous. default_smile.png

      I can totally see the problem for the average person because I keep my own hair semi-short and it’s just wavy, not actually curly. I’ve just always been jealous of people who have actual curls, not a wavy clusterfuck of frizzy fail like mine. Or I’d be cool with straight too tbh. Anything but my wavy clusterfuck really. lol.


    • AlwaysDiscerning


    • TatiFish9


      If Lauren did not find an opportunity to sing/play Taylor Swift's "Dress" for Josiah on their wedding day, I see nothing but missed opportunities.

      In true taurean fashion, Lauren managed to choose a traditional but *extremely* sensual dress. All the details in the back? Good, Lord. She definitely worked it. 

      Well played on Josiah's part, too. Yes, he seems to be in his head a lot these days. He just wants to get it right.  Hopefully, he will settle down once the pressure has leveled a bit. Then they can be true to their playful natures.

      They're just gonna have to learn to tune out the white noise of those around them, including meddling parents and whispers of internet rumors.

      They'll be as fine as any of the other couples. They're also likely to continue to be just as fundy as the rest of them. Nothing new here but a bit of over- thinking - pressure to perfom awkwardness, I believe.