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  • Summary provided by: Sister Mozz



    Young Ladies Christian Fellowship (YLCF.org, renamed in 2013 to Kindred Grace) was a website started in 1998 by Gretchen Glaser. Originally an off-shoot of a print newsletter, it eventually moved completely online and became one of the first and most well-known sites dedicated to Christian young ladies. It focused on the innocence and purity of girlhood and was the home of what they titled THE Index of Courtship Stories (http://web.archive.org/web/200607102122 ... p-stories/).


    Early in the 2000's, Gretchen's YLCF Team Members grew to include her best friend Natalie Nyquist. The girls addressed each other as "sissy" and pictures of their occasional in-person meetings were highlighted all over the site. Natalie wrote and published "Quest for the High Places: Encouragement for the Waiting Heart" (http://web.archive.org/web/200607102122 ... tthoughts/) in 2005.


    Gretchen was married in 2006 to Merritt Acheson, and their wedding was The Event for YLCF that year (http://web.archive.org/web/201205220316 ... n-wedding/)! Gretchen handed over the reigns of YLCF to Natalie, and she began her own blog (The Little Pink House gretchenlouise.com/little-pink-house/, now GretchenLouise.com). At the time of this writing Gretchen has three children and writes on glorious topics such as laundry, rhapsodizing on the joys of wife- and motherhood, while dropping hints that life may not be quite as glorious as she paints it to be.


    The Event for YLCF in 2007 was Natalie's marriage to Rick Klein (http://web.archive.org/web/200712242156 ... /klein.htm). Their wedding was in October (http://web.archive.org/web/200710071258 ... .ylcf.org/). Natalie's father officiated their wedding and said that giving his only daughter in marriage was akin to "handing a Stradivarius to a gorilla". Rick seems to have been more of a gorilla than ever imagined, as the couple were separated by January and divorced a few months later.


    Natalie spiraled after the divorce. Gretchen took back over at YLCF, commenting on the failure of Natalie's marriage by saying she believed that one day Natalie would find someone else, and she looked forward to dancing at their wedding. Natalie almost completely dropped offline, dealing with depression from the shattering of her much-dreamed-of marriage, and it has been hinted that she dealt with a mental illness even beyond depression during this time.


    In late 2008 or early 2009, Natalie met James Ference (jamesferenceisaliar.blogspot.com/) at their church. After romancing her in whirlwind fashion, and not bothering to tell her he was still married to Wife #3, they made vows to each other and were "married" in April 2009, without telling any of Natalie's family or abundance of friends. Once his divorce was final from Wife #3 that summer, James and Natalie procured their marriage license in July.


    Almost without explanation, in April 2009 most of Natalie's writings for YLCF had been scrubbed off the site. In May Natalie posted a statement in response (a link to which can be seen in the comments of this post: everlypleasant.com/2009/05/24/lost-or-just-misplaced/). Questioners have wondered how much about James Ference Gretchen knew to have pulled the plug so quickly, or if their scrubbing of Natalie had to do with the fact that Natalie married James without a courtship and without permission or even knowledge of her family. All ties between Gretchen and Natalie seem to have been severed at the time of Natalie's second marriage.


    Natalie and James started their own blog at pursuethebeauty.com, which Natalie still maintains. FreeJinger caught wind that things were fishy with their marriage as early as April 2010 (http://freejinger.yuku.com/topic/1589/L ... yle?page=1). Natalie turned a blind eye to anyone who contacted her about what was being posted online about James. The couple welcomed a son in December 2010. In January 2011 Natalie finally had enough suspicions to check out what people were saying, and confronted James about what she read online. They separated that month and divorced later that year through publication, as scumbag James was nowhere to be located.


    Natalie came to FreeJinger to answer questions in this long thread: http://freejinger.yuku.com/reply/137292 ... ip-stories. She now occasionally posts on the raptured FJ as well.


    After leaving James, Natalie moved to Chicago with her infant son to be near her parents. Her father is currently president of Moody Bible Institute (moody.edu/edu_MainPage.aspx?id=956). She has since converted to Orthodoxy, is taking classes to begin a career, and has taken a pen name under which she plans to eventually publish books.


    Other YLCF Team Members back in the Natalie years were Ashleigh Baker (ashleighbaker.net/), who has since had her own world shaken and is unsure about her faith. In one of the FreeJinger threads Ashleigh makes an unwise appearance, accusing Natalie's mental illnesses of skewing her view. Also Lanier Ivester (laniersbooks.com/), Natalie's former "mentor," a childless wife who runs a small farm in her suburban Georgia home. Lanier's writing is wordy but nearly unreadable with its vagueness.

  • Update 5/30/2014:


    Since Feb. 2013 there have been some significant updates in Natalie's life:


    Natalie has left the Orthodox church (http://www.prodigalmagazine.com/i-dont-like-church/). The type of church she currently attends, if she attends anywhere, is unknown.


    In April 2013 Natalie revealed that she suffers from both retrograde and anterograde amnesia (http://pursuethebeauty.com/2013/04/21/amnesia-life/).


    She graduated with a degree from the University of Chicago and now works as a proofreader for Moody Publishers. Her father is still president of Moody Bible Institute.


    While one can no longer find any traces online of the pen name (Natalie Jacobs) she had chosen under which to pursue writing, except for archived snark discussions about it, Natalie is currently active in the process or writing and pitching her book to publishers under her real name. Presumably the book will be titled "Pursue the Beauty," the same as her website, and will focus on young Christian women overcoming life difficulties.


    In April 2014 Natalie was published in HuffPo in an article called What It's Like To Be A Twice-Divorced Mom at 28 (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/3 ... ir=Divorce). Free Jinger readers felt the article was inherently dishonest because it failed to mention how courtship and the purity culture played a major part in both of her marriages (viewtopic.php?f=8&t=21723&hilit=natalie).


    Natalie keeps very quiet on the subject of her son (3.5 years old as of this update) and does not publish pictures of him online, which is probably smart considering who is father is.


    Speaking of James Ference, he appears to still be living with Wife #5, whom he "married" in a fake ceremony on Oct. 31, 2011 (http://jamesferenceisaliar.blogspot.com ... hhhhh.html), and then legally married in June 2013 (http://jamesferenceisaliar.blogspot.com ... up-we.html). The two seem to have had a son around the same time as their legal marriage (viewtopic.php?f=134&t=19607).


    Free Jinger's Discussion

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      18 hours ago, kesmom said:

      Am I the only one that finds it odd that Andrea’s meal cards appear to be in like-new condition? I guess there is the possibility that she recently updated them, but in many homes these would have worn corners and food stains. 

      They aren't really recipe cards. They are just meal ideas - they list the main dish, side(s), and dessert.  She would rotate through them and I think she wrote the meals for the day in her planner.  She didn't use them while cooking in terms of a recipe or while making food, just for the ideas.  So it is no surprise to me that they are in good condition.

      I think it's a great idea and one I always mean to start but haven't (lazy).  I am good with main dishes but struggle with side dishes.  This takes out the thinking once the cards are done. 

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    • HereticHick


      I promise never to laugh at any of y'all if I see stains on your clothing. 🙄


      But really, is that what we are calling "short shorts" these days?? You youngsters have apparently never seen a pair of booty shorts. PS Get off my lawn.

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    • LacyMay


      Now that this has its own thread I would like to add the BEC comment that 

      Medical, Evacuation, Disaster, Intervention, Corps Corps 

      Is the dumbest name. You can't use a word in your acronym and then say it again. It's just lazy. 

      You don't hear Canadian journalists saying the NDP (new democratic party) Party. 


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    • theotherelise


      A close family member of mine is a pediatric physical therapist. In the US, if your baby has torticollis or similar, asking for a referral to a physical therapist is the best practice. 

      I've had a range of chiropractors. It has helped with migraines for me (my migraines are caused by my forward head posture) and my misaligned hips due to my scoliosis. But my PT family member always side eyes me when I have! It is cheaper for me to go to a chiro instead of going to doctor and getting referral. I have a high deductible plan.

      I wouldn't ever take a newborn to a chiropractor, but I don't think it's fair to call that an endangerment. It's in the vein of amber teething necklaces for me.  

    • WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo?

      Posted (edited)

      20 minutes ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      When my mom would get mad, she would forget to cover her accent and say “warsh” instead of “wash.” It would mortify her to no end. My great grandparents always said warsh and I though it sounded cute. But my mom thought it wasn’t proper sounding so she always hid her accent when she spoke.

      My dad says "warsh" and "Warshington". He doesn't seem to mind when our family teases him once in awhile. He also says "crick" instead of "creek".

      When I was a kid, I thought "creek" and "crick" were two different words. A creek was an unnamed small river or brook, but a crick was part of the name of a formally named small brook. (For example, "Nanny Crick".) In my defense, my dad's job included knowing a lot about the bodies of water in our area, and he always seemed to know the names of every river, lake, reservoir, or "crick" we drove past!

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