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  1. While I’m all for shaming the assholes who stormed the Capitol, I’d really prefer it if we only posted actual arrests, not what the internet thinks are IDs. I’d hate for FJ to contribute to stories like this: https://patch.com/illinois/chicago/trolls-wrongly-accused-retired-firefighter-capitol-riot-murder I'd like us to be better than the rest of the internet, 'cause I know we are. ❤️
  2. Real republicans accepted the popular vote results.
  3. Regardless of whether the grandparents were isolated or socializing, the Bateses have seen this man die, their grandmother hospitalized and grief-stricken from the loss of her husband, and they are STILL out doing whatever the hell they please, and Lawson and Trace were at a rally/insurrection in support of a “leader” who refuses to wear a mask and has done nothing while thousands of people die of covid. It is mind-blowing. Pro-life my ass. These people are either idiots who don’t understand how this works or completely thoughtless and selfish.
  4. Normally I'd post the popcorn pictures, but I think we need something a little stronger for the next nine days, so I offer some adult beverages:
  5. From the WaPo: Trumpist masculinity reaches its high water mark The best line is this: "They had come vowing to overturn the election, but at the first hint they might experience consequences for their actions, they assumed the posture of tourists who had accidentally gotten in line for Insurrection Mountain at the Magic Kingdom." There's no chicken exit if you get in line for Insurrection Mountain, guys.
  6. Yes. They would call us elitist for noticing or caring. Has this gem been posted yet? My son wants to name his fake band "The Electric Collage" now.
  7. Real republicans use facts and not baseless conspiracy theories in an attempt to overthrow an election because they are mad they didn’t win. Every single protester there was there to steal the election from the people who won and in doing so undermine democracy. The very act of saying they were trying to stop Biden from being certified is reprehensible and dangerous. They were an angry mob trying to use sheer numbers to pressure politicians to take the vote from the majority of Americans and give it to the minority so they can stay in power. The very essence of what they were there for was to end democracy.
  8. Rebecca Solnit on not meeting Nazis halfway. "The implication is the usual one: we—urban multiethnic liberal-to-radical only-partly-Christian America—need to spend more time understanding MAGA America. The demands do not go the other way. Fox and Ted Cruz and the Federalist have not chastised their audiences, I feel pretty confident, with urgings to enter into discourse with, say, Black Lives Matter activists, rabbis, imams, abortion providers, undocumented valedictorians, or tenured lesbians. When only half the divide is being tasked with making the peace, there is no peace to be made, but there is a unilateral surrender on offer. " While I do think that keeping channels open is important - being able to retreat from extreme viewpoints works better I think when they are - I also think justice needs to be done, and done openly and fairly. And in this case that means charging, trying and punishing people who are found to have organised or taken part in this. Also this: "There’s also often a devil’s bargain buried in all this, that you flatter and, yeah, respect these white people who think this country is theirs by throwing other people under the bus—by disrespecting immigrants and queer people and feminists and their rights and views. And you reinforce that constituency’s sense that they matter more than other people when you pander like this, and pretty much all the problems we’ve faced over the past four years, to say nothing of the last five hundred, come from this sense of white people being more important than nonwhites, Christians than non-Christians, native-born than immigrant, male than female, straight than queer, cis-gender than trans." So much this.
  9. LillyP

    Dillards 87: Experts on Everything!

    I agree. I think a lot of times people like to fall on the "but she's still got hateful beliefs" or the mindset that she's a grown adult who can choose to believe what she wants now. But she's made giant strides and people who have been steeped in the crazy their entire lives, and who have literally been raised to believe that any thinking which deviates from how they were taught is wrong or dangerous, that's not the kind of thing you just work your way out of overnight or even in a couple of years. I don't think we're gonna see a day where Jill's marching in a pride parade, but it certainly wouldn't surprise me if 5-10 years down the road she's really progressed even more in her thinking. She's definitely had an awakening that it's time to start questioning things and learning for herself. And also, it's not uncommon for people to question their beliefs, recognize they were taught wrong, but still take years to change because they have to come to terms with it themselves.
  10. This is all too familiar to anyone who has been in an abusive relationship. Yeah - bad horrible thing happened but that was days ago, why are you still harping on it? And why is your eye still so black? Can you put on some make up, and a shirt that covers the bruises in the shape my handprint on your neck because it makes me feel guilty to look at it and we need to just move on. Can we please get back to some manner of government that doesn't give me flashbacks every freaking day? I never would have thought I'd have to be smacked in the face with these parallels in politics but here we are. We are in an abusive relationship with these traitors and we can't leave, and they refuse to leave so we just marinate in violence (emotional and otherwise) until either someone in authority makes them stop or the constant battering breaks us entirely.
  11. Speaking of rushing... Bitch McConnell had no problem rushing to confirm Coney-Barrett while ignoring Covid relief for the people he represents. GOP needs to STFU.
  12. I don’t know why this is the thing satisfying me right now, but the Wikipedia page for “impeachment of Donald Trump” has been updated and now looks like this:
  13. One thing that just came to mind: IF this was an inside job and it looks like it was -- legislators giving recon tours of the Capitol Bldg, Proud Boys leaders visiting the WH (they were NOT on some f**king tour) and having lunch with Lindsey Graham, Lauren Boebert texting info on Pelosi's whereabouts, whatever else, do some of these legislators really, literally, deeply believe that the election was stolen? That Trump must be kept in office by any means possible? I do believe that recently seated Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Qnut) believes in Stop the Steal and that the election was stolen. She's QAnon, as is Marjorie Taylor Greene. Of the two, I think Lauren Boebert is much further along the true fanatic continuum. I hope the House will censure & strip committee positions from members who refused to confirm the results of the electoral college. They should refuse to seat Lauren Boebert after she refused to go through the metal detector when entering the Capitol Building yesterday. It's just sinking in, and continues to sink in, that we experienced an attempted coup a week ago and it came "THIS CLOSE" to being successful. This is a watershed time in our democracy. I fear for the well being and very lives of Biden, Harris, Pelosi and others.
  14. I’m struggling moving on after last weeks events and the responses. How can anyone defend the actions, how did thousands of people stand on Capitol Hill and watch/listen to this happen and say it was a peaceful riot, how is anyone still supporting Trump? I find myself spending the day just reading everything. Refreshing the news late into night/early morning just certain that there is something I’m missing. I want to take my kids and find a town and church where there are no Trump supporters. I want someone to explain to me why it was okay, why any of it was okay from declaring voter fraud to still posting about Trump as if nothing happened. why is there comparison to BLM, why are they crying over a private business saying no you can’t be here and why are people going back to their lives as if the world is the same today as it was a week ago. So thank you all for sharing and talking. And think you for posting all the info of arrests and charges and job losses. It gives me hope that soon the pro-Trump voice will be silenced.
  15. @GreyhoundFanI think we might need bottles of adult beverages at some point in the next long, long days.... May democracy continue to survive.
  16. feministxtian

    Dillards 87: Experts on Everything!

    I don't think so...she and Derdick have admitted to seeing a therapist/counselor. She's come a long way. Ok, so she's not a pro-choice feminist yet but...given where she started...every baby step is hard as fuck. My stepdaughters were raised JW and they're STILL trying to deal with the brainwashing they endured. Every little step either one takes to lose that cultish mindset is a victory to me. There is a certain book that JWs are told to avoid because it's full of lies. Both girls have read it. That's HUGE...a step out of the brainwashing. They've both been wading out of the mindfuck for about the last 10-12 years...and they're still dealing with it. Jill will be sorting all this out for a long time to come. Shit, just going from IFB to SBC is a big step for her.
  17. finnlassie

    Dillards 87: Experts on Everything!

    I just have to say, I'm proud of Jill. Don't disagree with her on everything and never will, but you know, she's come pretty far. She seems to be doing a lot of (self-)reflection - something I don't see your basic Duggar work on. Must be hard as fuck being weaned off the kool-aid.
  18. Old enough here to remember Republicans like Howard Baker (R-TN) or Everett Dirksen (R-IL) who participated in the Watergate hearings and who also knew right from wrong, unlike the vast majority of Republicans today. Unfortunately for our country, you are probably right in that last week's mob of domestic terrorists are now the real Republican Party, and so are the traitors in Congress like Hawley and Cruz. No, they just support child snatchers. They just support white terrorists who gun down synagogue congregations and WalMart shoppers. They just support ignoring the sexual abuse of over 100 male college students by a team doctor and not requiring any accountability from the former assistant coach, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), who certainly knew about it. They just support watching nearly 400,000 Americans die of a virus while their party leader either does nothing or actively tries to ensure that blue states suffer more by diverting supplies and vaccines. It may feel good for you to spew this nonsense but it doesn't fool anyone with a brain because there's really nothing to debate. Not sure why you think you're owed compassion. For what? Holding loathsome views and pretending they're OK?
  19. <sarcasm> Sorry. Sorry. He's sorry, that makes everything all better... </sarcasm> Hey dude go self conjugal visit yourself. If you had any fucking sense you'd resign your mayorship right now. And folks, the new official Presidential account just went live! As you can see it's named PresElectBiden for now and will be renamed POTUS at 12:01pm on the 20th. Probably will be a nice, boring account that does not start World War III in our sleep.
  20. Trump should thank Twitter because I guarantee that they saved him from himself by cutting off his ability to spew his thoughts out to the world. With no Twitter he doesn’t have a way to just say what he feels with no thought to the consequences. He doesn’t have the self control to keep himself from Tweeting his emotions of rage.
  21. Good luck getting that past Pelosi, dearie. What? You didn’t know that the Speaker of the House decides the merits of everything that goes to the floor of the House for a vote? Why, bless your heart girl. Next time, you might want to read up on the rules of the place you work for before you start shooting off your mouth on national tv.
  22. Ugh. You can be proud of the good things about the south while simultaneously being angry/ashamed/upset about the bad stuff. And yeah, Delaware? Not South. Definitely not. He'd get the drawled "You're not from around here, are ya?" from people in the actual South. Delaware is north enough to qualify as "yankee". I'd love it if "southern" was a more neutral descriptor, and didn't have nasty connotations hovering right at the edge of it. There's a huge variety of people here, vibrant cultures, beautiful places, good weather (no matter how much we complain), good food, lots of history (both good and bad) that shouldn't be forgotten, and a generally friendly atmosphere. All sullied by the confederate flag-wavers who think having, claiming, or co-opting southern "heritage" gives them a pass to be awful racists and loudly ignorant idiots. I'm sure there must be some convoluted involved reason why Trump didn't choose to declassify this information before the election, when it might have helped him, right? He's not declassifying anything. That's work. He's not done more than 10 minutes of that in weeks. And I think the majority of the people left in the White House are spending every minute trying to keep him distracted or pacified to the point of not further destroying the country.
  23. I missed some of this because I was on hold for a work call and was reading closed captioning, but CNN seemed to be saying that there's a bipartisan effort being made to award Officer Eugene Goodman with a medal. I hope they do- he more than deserves it.
  24. 31 points
    I'm not okay. I'll take any thoughts / prayers / candles / juju whatever the fuck people want to send.
  25. I don't think she needs to worry too much about returning to in person learning!
  26. feministxtian

    Dillards 87: Experts on Everything!

    I think that's why I talk to them so often...especially H. I know it's pathetic that their mother pretty much puts her religion first but she's got some other issues going on too... H and I had a very rocky relationship when she was younger. She and I are a lot alike and then there were the religious differences. Now, we talk almost every day. She knows my love for her is not contingent on anything other than she is a daughter of my heart. Her dad's death had a lot to do with it too. Because of mom and the goofy religion, they held their dad at arms length, and by the time they had worked through enough shit that they wanted a relationship with their dad, it was too late. He died less than a week after they came to visit him. They realize now what they've missed. Its not like I hit them over the head with that, they are well aware of it. I guess they also see me as a link to their dad. Its a sad as hell situation...but we're making the best of it. They have been assured that their dad loved them very much and that I love them. I've been slowly sending them things that were his, photo albums, stuff like that.
  27. He just won't stop with the winning. We might as well have Charlie Sheen in the WH.
  28. The ayes have it! Impeachment no. 2 it is, the bigliest impeachment ever!!
  29. 30 points
    Well...just got diagnosed with vaginismus aka hypertonic pelvic floor dysfunction after 7 F*ING years of being painfully and therefore rarely sexually active. Absolutely furious that my two traumatic paps didn't alert medical professionals (the first one the doctor used a juvenile speculum and didn't believe I had had intercourse before, the second one the doctor didn't listen that I would need a small speculum and made me get a full pelvic ultrasound after I bleed because she thought it was cancer), that I was told by multiple doctors to "just relax" or "take a bubble bath/light a candle." Because I didn't have the extreme case of not being able to get anything in (I could use tampons, etc), it went undiagnosed for so long. It took ONE doctor doing a five minute pelvic exam to immediately diagnose me. My husband and I have missed out on so much. I just want to have painfree sex before trying for a baby. Ordering vaginal dilators and feeling hopeful but so so furious at women's reproductive health in this country. End rant.
  30. Just a note to let you know you are not alone. I find myself unable to tear myself away from doomscrolling, looking for reason and solace where there is none. I was the same way after 9/11, this feels even worse because it is coming from our own countrymen.
  31. Delaware doesn't actually border Virginia. Delaware also neighbors Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I live in Delaware and I (in the spirit of Sarah Palin) can almost see NJ from my house. I get my hair cut in Maryland. I used to work in Pennsylvania. It is a funny little state. Re: the Mason Dixon line, there is a state park near me that has a Mason Dixon line stone marker. It marks the corner of Del, MD, and Pennsylvania. I have been to this marker and danced around it yelling "I'm in Delaware!!! Now I'm in Maryland!!! Now I'm in Pennsylvania!!!!" It was a great day. My then teenaged son who was hiking with me was not as amused.
  32. It doesn't matter if McConnell sits on it till just before or even after the inauguration. They can impeach anyway. Not to remove him, but to ban him from ever holding public office, and possibly other repercussions too. Plus, and this is just as important: Impeaching Trump will set a necessary precedent. Even if you hold the highest office in the country, you will still be held accountable for your actions. And inciting a mob to violently overthrow Congress needs to be held to account. That message is very, very important now.
  33. Please tell my why Jews are marching side by side with people who say ‘Six million wasn’t enough’?
  34. KEEP THE ARRESTS COMING. I'm enjoying the "play stupid games, win stupid prizes" parade and I want anyone even considering causing any shenanigans to stay home and yell at the tv instead. Me reading the article every time a new arrest is announced:
  35. We should make people running for Congress pass an identical test to the citizenship test!
  36. Well, that's the question of the day, isn't it. We are so deep into WTAF territory, I don't even know what to say. She very likely brought her Glock in, in her purse is my guess. Here's the thing: SHE TWEETED SHE WOULD DO IT, before she was sworn in, IIRC. She needs to be shut down, STAT and required to do what everyone else is doing. This woman is dangerous in so many ways. She has a history of misdemeanor cases with law enforcement, where she didn't bother to show up for court, which should tell you how she views law and order. I just realized today that she might well be a narcissistic Trump mini-me.
  37. Today was the first time I was willing to go out since early last week. Every time I hear a siren I momentarily wonder if all hell is starting to break loose again. I'm glad I went out. Went for a walk, then shopping. Weather was good. Nothing bad happened. Didn't see anyone who looked like a monster. People actually seemed to be more subdued and considerate than usual...I'm guessing because no one wants to be shaken up again. January 20th can't come quickly enough and it would be nice if more COVID vaccines could become available soon.
  38. This is a false equivalency. The BLM protests that turned into riots were in response to specific incidents in various cities. They were protesting police tactics and other things (mass incarceration of black people, being treated differently by the police, harsher sentencing, and society's overall failures to treat black people as equal citizens under the law.) This is their right under the first amendment to peacefully protest, and free speech. The protests turned less peaceful when the police escalated things, or when other groups showed up to instigate violence. In contrast, the insurrection that took place at the Capitol occured because several groups of people, including white supremacists, showed up with the intention to murder lawmakers and overturn an election. You see the difference, right? They are hateful people. They support hate. They support white supremacy. The support policies that tear children from their parents and put them in cages. They support policies that harshly punish non-violent offenses at great cost (finanically and otherwise) to society. They support the subjection of women. I don't know why you think they don't support "baby killers." If you are referring to abortion, that's not "killing a baby." Women have the right to make their own medical decisions, just like men. Unless you don't think women are as much of a person a men. And that attitude "i don't support 'baby killer'" trickles down. It means that, at the core, they don't support women. Not trusting a woman to make the best choice for herself and her family means that you hate women and think they are lesser human beings than a man. If you don't think women are fully human under the law, what else do you believe? That black people are inherently violent? Because most republicans do. Try talking to them sometime. They will tell you through lot of weasel words and statistics. Or even just be around them when a black person shows up to a hockey game or somewhere else that isn't too popular with black culture. It gets weird and creepy. Furthermore, do you know what board you are on?
  39. I suspect that carrying on the fight against cannibalistic pedophiles and human traffickers will consist of shit posting on facebook and twitter.
  40. I did a thing. I was curious about what names the duggar kids would have if JB&M had just picked the most popular J-name that year according to the Social Security Administration. I skipped ethnically latino names (Jesus, Juan) and I went with the most popular name each year which wasn't largely similar to any other names on the list. For instance, no Jenna after a Jennifer, no Jaqueline after Jack or Juliana after Julia or Jayla after Jaden. I present the revised Duggar family: 1988 Joshua - Joshua (4) 1990 Jana - Jessica (1) 1990 John - James (8) 1991 Jill - Jennifer (8) 1992 Jessa - Jasmine (28) 1993 Jinger - Jordan (58) 1995 Joseph - Jacob (4) 1996 Josiah - Joseph (12) 1997 Joy - Julia (37) 1998 Jedediah - John (15) 1998 Jeremiah - Justin (20) 2000 Jason - Jason (39) 2001 James - Jack (48) 2002 Justin - Jared (84) 2004 Jackson - Jayden (62) 2005 Johannah - Jocelyn (87) 2007 Jennifer - Jillian (186) 2008 Jordyn - Joanna (283) 2009 Josie - Josie (310) Kids who keep their name: Josh, Jason, Josie Names that stay but with different kids: James, Jennifer, Jordan, Joseph, John, Justin, Jill(ian) New names: Jessica (close!), Jasmine, Jacob, Julia, Jack, Jared, Jayden, Jocelyn, Joanna (close!)
  41. I'm not going to lie, I kind of wish his twitter account was working so we could watch him melt down. It was the right thing to do for the country, but dammit, I want to watch the meltdown.
  42. In the spirit of trying to stop the spread of misinformation, abortion does not kill babies. People who have abortions are not murderers. I am not really speaking to OP here, but these past 4 years have taught me that leaving ridiculous comments alone because they seem "too ridiculous for anyone to believe" is no longer an appropriate response. This is for others out there who may be extremely young. This is just false information. The person who said this has zero concept of the science behind what they are saying. And no, I don't want to debate either. Because there is nothing to debate. Facts are facts, and you are part of degrading the culture by contributing to this lunacy. We've had enough. [Not trying to say you don't have a right to advocate for things like "a fetus has a soul according to my religion, so I'm going to show you proof of mental/physical impacts on a woman which proves she shouldn't have an abortion." I think that's disgusting and wrong still, but those are more appropriate things to say. Think about it, if you are capable.]
  43. Note to self: If @AmazonGrace ever invites you to an orgy...politely decline
  44. I'm still laughing that she advertised her business while engaged in illegal activity.
  45. This. Even if it were a total accident there will some who will believe he was speaking in code. I used to have a fish and I'd joke that it loved me because every time it saw me it blew me kisses. Now, I knew the fish was just breathing and this just amused me....but there are people out there who would probably take orders from a fish if they thought it was communicating silent Trump directives. (I should probably disclose that there are people on the internet that believe I am a lizard person. Really. I just thought in the interest of transparency I should let you know before I need to feed again.)
  46. I notice that the press wasn't present and that he was reading a prepared speech from the teleprompter - which we all know he hates. They didn't let him go off the cuff this time. They made him sit down and read something someone else wrote.

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