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Showing content with the highest reputation on 12/10/2019 in all areas

  1. AliceInFundyland

    Josiah and Lauren 16: Just another young fundie couple?

    Michelle has had moments of appearing involved with other births. They seem to enjoy having her there. It's her "thing." I'm thinking of Spurgeon's birth and Jessa needing to go to the hospital.
  2. Yeah, that labor looked rough. Nothing to snark on there. I agree she handled it pretty well.
  3. OldFadedStar

    Alyssa and John 4: SOTDRT Next Generation

    I hate BMI. I play roller derby so I have a LOT of leg muscle. I’ve been at a heavier weight since gaining said muscle. My doctor told me that I need to lose weight due to my BMI but I’m kinda like I just had a baby 8 months ago and I’m only 10lbs above my prepregnancy weight and I’m just starting to work out. 🙄 Anyways, here is a picture of me at my pre pregnancy weight which is at a 27.5 BMI. Size s/m in shirts and 8 in jeans.
  4. when I was divorced, they used the calculator...right up until the X mouthed off to the judge, then the guidelines went right out the window. It is not good to toss your wife and children (only 1 was his) in the street and then not give one dime over the months it took to go to court and then mouth off to the judge. Yeah, my X pretty much got raped but in the next 10 years I never tried to get the support upped although I could have. He just wasn't worth the effort.
  5. @Free Jana Duggar, remember that Lori's humpers are Men's Rights Activists. Men not getting a fair shake in family court is a main plank in their platform - of course, they also think kids "belong" to the man first, because penis. Most of their arguments about child support are that dad should have primary custody because women are evil, manipulative, and caused alienation of affection because feminism. Unless, of course, the guy doesn't want the kids. Then he shouldn't have to have any obligations. It's a morass in there. I don't recommend the rabbit hole, even with rescue ferrets.
  6. Ugh, back labour. Having had mainly back labour myself, it's horrible. At least in my case it was fairly quick: 10hrs from start to finish, with things only getting really bad the last 2 hours. I'm also happy nobody was filming me for an international audience when giving birth as I had never felt as vulnerable as I did when labour got really rough. Nothing to do with modesty, I just like my privacy when I'm not feeling well.
  7. Beermeet

    JinJer 51: Can't Even Sell Donuts!

    I have a severe allergy to shellfish ( iodine). It can be a problem. Thai is out. I love that restaurants are now educated about the major food allergies. I hope the rest of you are doing well out there! Cinnamon would be tough! I have a major mayo aversion. Just, ick, NO! But, it won't kill me. I'll just be barfing due to mentally being allergic. Lol! My mom went vegetarian for years growing up. So, we did too. Naturally. I love it! I do not require meat in a meal and often choose salads, pasta, beans and rice over meat. I do eat meat but never fish. Shellfish aside, there is a world of fish out there. I tried. Again and again over the decades here and there. Can't barely take a bite. Nope. I don't find fish edible. They are friends. I know that sounds nuts considering I do eat meat sometimes. But, it makes me understand vegans and vegetarians views. Food is personal.
  8. @Free Jana Duggar as the evil woman who filed after her husband walked out... child support works just as @quiversR4hunting mentioned. No judge wants to alienate a parent & the rule is to do what is best for the child, not what the parents think is best. There are men who get shafted by savvy lawyers bc there are bad, unethical people in the world but that's not the norm. My ex was terrified he'd have no money left over, he'd seen a friend get victimized by a bad lawyer & a shitty human being for an ex. Other men he knew paid hundreds in support but they either had multiple children or wives who made vastly less. There figures weren't disproportionate. I made more money so my contribution was higher, he paid very little for years but still claimed I "raped him for child support". From my perspective he got off light, what he paid covered only 1/4 of my rent, but he never had to see her. He lived out of town & later out of state. I didn't believe his portion wasn't fair, I knew that's how it fell bc of my job. Household income is totaled using all the income, his & hers. That's gives them a 100% base from which to work. Living & care expenses are factored in. If he makes 70% & she makes 30%, he pays a higher portion. Most men aren't granted domiciliary custody bc they either don't argue for it, or they work so many hours a week it isn't feasible. The MGTOW's think its a stacked system but they rarely go the extra mile to fight for their rights. I will be the first to admit there are women who target or manipulate men. But there are also men who target & manipulate women. Most divorces are not the raging nightmares these people make them out to be.
  9. TuringMachine

    JinJer 51: Can't Even Sell Donuts!

    Once in my college they were serving mashed potatoes and gravy, and this kid comes up and asks if the gravy is vegetarian since he's getting food for his girlfriend. The guy serving responded "well it's beef based, but there's not meat in it, so it's vegetarian but not vegan." Luckily the kid did not get the gravy. I had to uninstall Imgur because it was such a sexist cesspool, but I remember it being filled with posts like "how dare my vegetarian / vegan guests request I make something they can eat! How rude of them!" Like A: why weren't you going to have vegetable dishes to begin with? and B: if you invite someone to your party / BBQ / dinner / etc and knowingly don't provide them with anything to eat, I'm pretty sure that makes you the rude one.
  10. grandmadugger

    Dillards 81: Volunteering for God

    There’s a huge difference between brand sponsorships and an MLM.
  11. This makes way more sense than people actually thinking this stuff was possible. Still shitty, but a tad less mind-boggling.
  12. Odd1Out

    Maxwell 34: Vest Management While Climbing a 14er

    Mary and Anna always travel together and they can’t have all 3 girls gone at the same time. Who would keep Mommy and Daddy company, fed etc? So Sarah has to go alone.
  13. nausicaa

    Joy & Austin 29: RV Living

    Wineries in my area have begun to do adult Easter egg hunts, with slips of paper redeemable for beer flights/meals/manicures in the eggs. They're really fun! (But a bit embarrassing when a woman is complaining to her friend about not getting anything and you and your friend have to walk by with your stuffed bucket and your chin holding your additional eggs in place... Never said I wasn't competitive. ) And yes, if you're wondering, the starting call at an adult Easter egg hunt is the same Saving Private Ryan level every-man-for-himself pandemonium as it is at a kids' Easter egg hunt. Including a couple people crying with empty buckets in the back because they "weren't ready."
  14. In my state (and it is a thing in most states), they try to give both parents 50/50 legal and physical custody. If it can't be 50/50 physical (because of location) the parent with less custody still typically has 50% legal (which means they can help decide doctors/medical, education, etc). The ones where it is 100% physical and legal custody with one parent, it either means abuse, substance abuse, absent, disinterested, or didn't show up for hearings. (Absent can include incarceration, can't find, homeless, etc. However I have seen homeless parents still have 50% legal rights.) And in my state (and most others) there is a child support calculator to calculate both parties wages, overnights, insurance cost, # of children, etc then it spits out a number based on who should pay. You could google "<state name> child support calculator" to get an idea what your state does. Or majority of the rules for all states is out on Office of Child Support Enforcement's (OCSE) website.
  15. neuroticcat

    JinJer 51: Can't Even Sell Donuts!

    Also, when I was a vegetarian in the south: 1. Went to someone’s house for dinner: “We know you’re a vegetarian so we made chicken fettuccini!” Totally sincere. 2. In hospital after birth I ordered a veggie burger which they brought...with a side of bacon Admittedly this was ten plus years ago so awareness has changed, but bless their hearts!!! Now that I have celiac I’m thankful to live innPacNW where everyone is almost laughably conscientious!
  16. HideousGreenShirt

    Josie & Kelton 5: I just see babies having baby showers!

    I'm also betting on freelance wedding/photoshoot hair stylist. I worked as a freelance media makeup artist for about a decade and can see it fitting into her life and schedule (provided she has good childcare access and limits family size). I will say that shoots are completely exhausting. I won't be surprised if she's starting a YouTube as that too would fit in with her lifestyle and personal brand. Regarding her tree and somewhat dull homemade Christmas decor, I have the same thoughts that I have when people talk about Alyssa's crazy-bright bridesmaid dresses. These girls have literally never, ever been able to choose what they want before marriage. They've always had to go along with the majority whether they like it or not and the quieter, less aggressive personalities lose out the most. How they dress, how their bedrooms are decorated, their "career" and "education" options, what they should believe, even the way they wear their hair have ALL been dictated and enforced right up until they say I do. If Josie is super into the minimalist, monochromatic, homemade Pinterest Christmas decor this year then I say good for her. Give her a chance to experiment with her style. I can't snark on their early choices with clothes, decor, styles etc because these are their first actual chances to have something that is truly their own. I will not extend the same leniency to her religious beliefs.
  17. OhNoNike

    Maxwell 34: Vest Management While Climbing a 14er

    I saw their post and thought how a Scripture Memory Party with only family sounds like an improv sketch or something from SNL. These people are for real.
  18. Destiny

    JinJer 51: Can't Even Sell Donuts!

    Nope, it's recycled grocery bags and almost entirely plastic, but oh so delicious! LOL
  19. PennySycamore

    JinJer 51: Can't Even Sell Donuts!

    Actual Parmagiano Reggiano is almost certainly made with actual calf's rennet, but US-made Parm may not be. Vegetable "rennet" is used in a lot of US cheeses. The only Parmagiano sold in the EU is the real deal.
  20. LacyMay

    JinJer 51: Can't Even Sell Donuts!

    As far as Vegetarians and Vegans at social events, I didn't realize it but from a lot of the comments made I might be a bit of an outlier in that depending on what the gathering is I'll bring my own food. Like if it's a BBQ I'll bring veggy burgers or Holiday dinner with family I'll prepare and bring tofurky or something. I eat sides but I just find this easier because it gurantees I get food without having to mention before hand that I don't eat meat and I don't have to worry about any awkward what do you/can you eat conversations. I'm finding the Orthorexia conversation fascinating. I know 110% That even though I've been a Vegetarian for 20+ years that for the last few it's definitely transitioned from run of the mill Vegetarian to an anxiety/guilt thing. I really struggle with thought spiraling into what goes into food and how it's produced. It's not a health thing like I love baking and junk food but I'm hyperaware of what went into what I eat and will drive myself to the edge feeling guilty about it. (This has been discussed at length with my therapist and it's something I'm actively working on.
  21. fraurosena

    Impeachment Inquiry 2: Now It's Official!

    Don’t get your hopes up. The impeachment is not a hot topic in the rest of the world. Certainly not in my country, and I know it’s not in @Smash!’s county either. It gets a passing mention now and then, but that’s it. As @Smash!and I said in earlier posts, Trump is seen as America’s problem. I suppose once the Senate trial starts that news coverage will gain some traction, but until then, don’t expect much from the rest of the world. ————— Aaand my posts merged. Again. They really believe Joe Biden has the next presidency in the bag, don’t they? Makes you wonder why.
  22. Peaches-n-Beans

    Josiah and Lauren 16: Just another young fundie couple?

    Are the birth episodes ever gonna be available to those of us who have to watch on prime because we don't have cable? Or are they like, TLCgo exclusives?
  23. just_ordinary

    Josiah and Lauren 16: Just another young fundie couple?

    German speaking myself- while baby/child is neuter most people often use the whole term. So instead of it/es they use the baby/das baby. Because it is in general used for things. Not exclusively though, especially in dialects. I made the experience that after a miscarriage the parents feel the need to set their lost baby apart from the similarity to things. Maybe it depends on where you live/your social bubble and maybe my experience is actually a lesser common. But just using es/it for miscarriages is definitely not something I have encountered and I too felt pretty weird calling my lost baby something neuter like a thing (I obviously stopped this pretty fast).
  24. Erin had tons of pupils before having her second baby (or even the third?), and while she teached at home, it was a real job and required a lot of babysitting. Whitney seemed to take real state seriously for a time. I wonder if Kelly and Gil put an end to the constant grandkids babysitting and it was the reason both Erin and Whit quit working. (I assume putting kids in daycare must be seen as a crime in that family, so no option for them). Alyssa cleaned offices until she became ill. She was supposed to work often, while John was with the girls. I think a lot of these women want to work and not being able to do it will be a hard frustration for a lot of them. Erin particulary, because she really loved teaching and needs a lot of social interaction . I wonder if her constant decoration projects are an answer to her boring existence as SAHM.
  25. NarcissismKills

    Gwen Shamblin Lara 10: Hanging onto the Wine

    Joe doesn't seem to be able to protect Gwen from showing us her underwear in every single video.
  26. neuroticcat

    JinJer 51: Can't Even Sell Donuts!

    I think it really depends on the intent of the meal and the hosts’ expectation/understanding. I’m western countries when I was a vegetarian (and now as celiac) I have zero issue bringing my own food or politely declining. People are sometimes weird about it but I don’t think it’s insulting. Even traveling abroad, I think you get a lot of leeway. To me, where I would bend would be not only cultural but also the idea of an honored guest. For me, something about an impoverished person offering me meat (which was an unheard of luxury for them) and me refusing seemed like several layers of personal insult and something they couldn’t understand. That being said I never got I’ll from meat, it was more psychological. I think people of all cultures do understand allergies so I’d maybe go that route if eating something would physically make me really sick.
  27. JermajestyDuggar

    Mrs. Midwest 2: Full of WTF

    Well technically he was going to school to be a naturopath. I can’t put that at the same level as MD. And I shame the hell out of guys who refuse to wear condoms.
  28. If it's Monat, she's going to make all her 'fans' bald. Fanfuckingtastic. 'I will still be helping people feel their best and making their dreams come true' is a real red flag for an MLM for me. Selling overpriced beauty products and evangelising to get people to join under you. She might even be vaguely successful thanks to the built-in downline.
  29. singsingsing

    Counting On Season 8/9/10 4: Babies, Babies, Babies

    I would honestly not be surprised if Josiah and Lauren were the first Duggar couple to divorce. They both seem so unhappy in general, and so ill-suited.
  30. So I looked at the place she tagged that the chiropractor works at, Health Factory, and even though I’m neutral on chiropractic care, I find it very.....interesting?, I think that’s the word I want to use, that the place is not only a chiropractic office but also a CrossFit gym. That just makes it seem even less credible that it would be a good place to take a baby to get cared for, regardless of the fact that it’s chiropractic care.
  31. thoughtful

    Bro Gary Hawkins 12: IT BIBLE

    Well, Gary is sort of a douche.
  32. This is the guy Whitney took Khloe to: https://orthopedic.io/chiropractor/dr-charles-barrett-deubert-dc-lenoir-city/ While he has a doctorate, he is not an actual medical doctor. And being a board certified chiropractor doesn't mean much, imo. I made my thoughts clear on the matter when Josie took Willow to a chiropractor.
  33. catlady

    Alyssa and John 4: SOTDRT Next Generation

    I’m overweight and I support my household just fine. What an ignorant asshat.
  34. Olivia Marie

    Mills Family 4: Playing Magic for Jesus

    Thanks so much for the great recap. I didn’t attempt to watch any of it. I cannot tolerate him. He’s a narcissist, and he’s condescending.
  35. allthegoodnamesrgone

    JinJer 51: Can't Even Sell Donuts!

    They may know who the DUGGAR'S are but would they know that Jinger Vuolo, in LA is part of the Duggar family of Bumfuck Arkansas?
  36. DarkAnts

    JinJer 51: Can't Even Sell Donuts!

    According to the apology, they do use a management agency.
  37. Seculardaisy

    JinJer 51: Can't Even Sell Donuts!

    That apology is really scathing of Jinger and her toxic beliefs. I love it. It’s so much better than them just deleting the photo and moving on which is what I anticipated. Edited to add: I’m curious to know more about this part “The company that introduced us.” Do J&J have some sort of agency team looking for sponsorships for them?
  38. Lori: Is it sinful for Christians to not have children? Of course! What would happen if all Christians decided not to have kids? The heathens would take over! Also Lori: What if all female nurses quit? Nah, never gonna happen, so it doesn't count.
  39. carmenp97

    Dillards 81: Volunteering for God

    I feel like they should just buy eleventy sets of Corelle, which is almost as indestructible as melamine and certainly more durable than paper, and stop filling the landfill with the styrofoam crap. It’s pretty cheap if you hit the right sale (or “buy used and save the difference”) and would probably save money in two “family night” dinners or less. That being said, my family is huge and the Christmas party is easily 100++ people, so no way we would use anything but paper for that. But, that’s a once a year occurrence. And I’m pretty sure the recycling cans are fuller than the trash that night. 😉
  40. Ivycoveredtower

    Multiplying at Warp Speed: Upcoming Babies 15

    Si and lauren confirm on tonight's episode that they are in fact doing an alphabetical order for their children. Also when they announced the pregnancy with their short announcement video months ago Si said he would pick the boys names and Lauren the girls so a few thing to keep in mind for any name guesses for furture Swanson-Duggars
  41. I don't think people need to be skirts-only/homeschooling, etc to be fundie. To me, if they believe the Bible is literal and inerrant, that in itself is most of the way to fundie, regardless of how they dress or how many kids they have. So that would encompass the ones who don't believe in evolution for religious reasons, for example, which is way more people than I would have thought. There are a few other things that would indicate "fundie" to me, but it's hard to define! I feel like we run into this problem a lot here, it's hard to pin down exactly what fundies are/how to spot them. Maybe there should be some kind of checklist, where if they check enough boxes they're fundie! The married Duggar girls, for example, are all wearing pants now (I think), but they're still fundie as ever.
  42. Cleopatra7

    Josh, Anna, M'Kids 21: This Thread Can Drink Now

    In the Jim Crow South, black adults were not given titles like Mr., Mrs., or Miss by whites. If they bothered to use your name at all, they’d just call you by your first name or if you were slightly older and on paternalistic terms, you might be called Aunt or Uncle (this is where we get Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben from). A workaround this was to given black children names associated with royalty or aristocracy like Prince, Queen, King, Earl, Baron, etc., since the reasoning was if white people were going to just call you by your first name, they might as well just call you King or Queen. I assume Marquis or Marquise comes from this tradition.
  43. allthegoodnamesrgone

    Josh, Anna, M'Kids 21: This Thread Can Drink Now

    I think we as American's have a hard time being told what to do. I remember throwing a fit about having to get my daughter vaccinated for 2 things before she could start her senior year, because NO SHOTS NO SCHOOL. I was all they can't tell me what to do, them I'm like wait, she really needs those vaccines WTF am I complaining about? That is why mandatory anything in this country always has people in an uproar, even when it is a good idea and best for everyone concerned.
  44. Glasgowghirl

    Duggar Business Investigated by Homeland Security 2

    Same, Without a crystal ball got lucky with the tapes she received with Amber from teen mom abusing Andrew and saying horrible stuff about baby James and has let it go to her head, she started saying untrue stuff about the Teen Mom girls and when people who have followed them for long enough corrected her she started getting abusive and cocky to them. Her making fun of Chelsea and Aubree's voice and then poking fun at Aubree for having a drug addict as her biological father and then claiming she is a victim when called out, made me hate her even more. No one other than those involved in the investigation and whoever is being investigated know what is happening and until it's confirmed what happened we should ignore what is being said.
  45. You know, you didn't have to take the time to write all that, but it was very nice that you did. Thank you. I also don't want to make you feel bad by assuming things about you. I'm just recently diagnosed and am going through a lot of soul searching. There's a lot of people in real life who only see stereotypes (which are mostly false anyway) and I'm more sensitive to it now. Shitty people in real life have unfortunately clouded my judgement. So nothing bad meant. I am weighing how honest to be about myself and it's been a long complicated process.
  46. bea

    M is for Mama 5: Praying for Lunch

    You know what it would be good to teach your kids? That it’s important to help people who need help, full stop. Maybe fill a few local wish lists through your local police department or department of child services. Go to Walmart and pay off toys in layaway. Donate to a women’s crisis shelter. Don’t toss some shit in a shoebox so a Muslim kid in Lebanon gets a Barbie and a Bible pamphlet and tell yourself you’re helping. And do it YEAR ROUND, because people need help year round. Don’t toss crap in a shoebox and tell yourself that you’re teaching your kids an important lesson.

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