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  1. I like the name Elliott. May Axton & Elliott grow up to perform in a Guns n Roses tribute act called Ax-El.
  2. clueliss

    Seewalds 43: Pants may Have Been Worn Or Not

    Someone wake me up when we return to discussing Ben & Jessa.
  3. HerNameIsBuffy

    Dillards 84: Craving Attention

    Josh was the one who called her that and given she is the one who went to their parents about the molestation I say she's a fucking hero for her tattling. In her family of origin - I'm not pro-tattling on little stuff.
  4. Jinder Roles

    Jinjer 53: Telework, Teleschool, or Telenothing?

    @PennySycamore The church my parents currently attend don’t even do that. Yesterday they had a black man preach about letting Jesus rid you of “unclean spirits” And yet they support Focus on the Family and are fawn at Liberty University P.s: This is what Jeremy looks like but that cat is cuter.
  5. I read the post by Anna and got a little choked up. She's scared. She deals with it by praying and trying to put her trust in God, but when she says she's trying to quiet her noisy heart. That noise is fear. I hope she does whatever she has to do to cope, but I also hope she realizes that fear doesn't mean she's letting God down with lack of trust. She doesn't need guilt on top of everything else she's going through.
  6. usmcmom

    Chelsy and John Maxwell 8: Killing Demons with a Salt Gun

    Geesh, Chelsy. Kansas law also allows women to have an abortion. Are you going to say THAT is okay too?
  7. A Staddon marriage would make the Maxwell's Waller adjacent, just like the Rods will soon be... Oh please let there be an event where Steve/Teri and Jill/David meet. I promise I won't ask for anything else ever again.
  8. JemimaPuddle-Duck

    Maxwell 40: Wearing Their Vests in an Apartment for Fun

    If they don’t move back to the Maxhood can their thread pretty please be The Young and the Vestless?
  9. Steve has got to be beside himself by Jesse’s actions! He had a debt free home and gave that away for apartment living. 🎉🎉
  10. Vivi_music

    Dillards 84: Craving Attention

    On her Instagram story today Jill shared a post from an account called @ablackfemaletherapist I will post the original under the spoiler I agree with everyone that said that in the long run, it will be beneficial for Jill to distance herself from her parents. But that doesn't mean it is easy and without pain. I know that for me, I feel conflicted because I love my dad, and I think he loves me the best way he can. That being said, I realized as an adult that he didn't make all the efforts he could have, and he certainly didn't raise me. I'm not assuming I know what Jill is going through, nor if she shared this to reflect her own feelings. Maybe she is simply starting to be more aware that not everyone had a perfect nuclear family life and that people have different family experiences (which in itself would be a great thing). BUT IF this post reflects how Jill feels on this father's day, I truly hope she works through her feeling and takes care of herself today.

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