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  1. Of course! It longs for your tongue! 😂
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  2. @Kailash are you saying that sugar misses me, too? And that it's somewhere also longing for the closeness we once shared? Ahhh....failed romance!
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  3. I love Friday memes! I’ll see what I can do about a to do list. 😉 Sorry about you missing sugar. Just remind yourself that sugar hurts too. 💜
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  4. I'm also transferring from a community college to a four year school this fall! To me, number 2 seems like the best choice- you get in-person instruction and you'll have research opportunities, which means potential networking and connections for your future career. Plus, you'll graduate without any debt thanks to your tuition being covered.
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  5. This will sound odd, but which one do you want to graduate from? If you take away the dollars and cents, which one makes your heart sing?
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  6. This is super cool. It's definitely a fun fact! In my head the LDS owns all geneology, and therefore Otzi has been retroactively baptized mormon.
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