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Yesterday, at home school co-op, we were sitting in opening assembly, and both Honor and Theo were vying noisily for my lap. Without being asked, Ezra leaned over and scooped up Honor and started expertly distracting him, bouncing him on his knee, all while Honor gazed at him adoringly. (There's a reason "Ezra" is always one of our kids' first words). And all I could think was: "Thank you, Lord, that your promises are true--that all of the training and literal blood, sweat, and tears it took to get him to this point were not in vain. Because this kid is just so rad, and I kind of can't believe he's mine." #motherhoodisagift #childtrainingisworthit #ignoretheemptyshelves P.S. Ezra is blurry in this pic bc he is rocking Honor back and forth.

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