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  1. Past hour
  2. VelociRapture

    Game of Thrones Season 7

    I love him and Gilly. If anything happens to them I’m going to riot.
  3. fraurosena

    Mueller Investigation Part 2: Release The Report

    McConnell's even worse than you think, Not only did he do what you said, but he actively dissuaded Obama from taking any action, because... there were elections that year, and doing anything might affect them.
  4. teachergirl

    M is for Mama 3: B is for Baby Boy Born

    oh darling, Target is an active supporter of LGBQT rights and was a lightening rod for fundies when they allowed transgendered people to use the bathroom they identify with. We can't have others having basic human rights now can we?
  5. Thanks @Kailash! Not yet, but probably next spring (2020).
  6. JermajestyDuggar

    Bates 26: Do Not Attempt This at Home

    I remember Kelly being pretty open about her weight struggles in their old blog. Which I think is good I guess. However I imagine fundieland puts even more pressure on women to stay thin. There’s already enough pressure in mainstream US culture. It’s too bad more of us can’t accept our bodies more. I’m including myself in that statement.
  7. Melissa1977

    M is for Mama 3: B is for Baby Boy Born

    Are Bontragers a nice brand for anybody? They are awful and not exactly hiding it. Their sexism is worse than in many other families, they act with superiority and reinforce weird relationships and jerarchy between siblings. I think it's impossible that someone reads their blogs and hold a good opinion of them. And thank you for giving more awful information about them!
  8. Congratulations @CarrotCake! Have you picked a date?
  9. smittykins

    Ask an Ex Fundie (VF style)

    ISTR DPIAT saying “Are you willing to call your husband ‘Lord’?”
  10. Today
  11. PennySycamore

    Maxwell 30: Buying a Vest Debt Free

    @daisyjane1234, which Camino do you want to hike? The Camino de Santiago or the Camino Real? Or another one? I first learned about the Camino Real in either geography or history class at school and the Camino de Santiago in my reading about the Basque region of Spain. Santiago de Compostela is not in the Basque Region, of course, but in Galicia. The camino does go through Basque country though.
  12. PopRox

    M is for Mama 3: B is for Baby Boy Born

    Why does she have a hate-on for Target? And, do we think she'll change her tune now that she knows she can scam them out of $5 tights?
  13. Hey!! Look!!! I learned to use the same filter Jill uses. I think I look a lot better in the second photo! Makes me look much younger, huh?
  14. I can only count three times we've seen Jill's face -- post-shower in the makeup video, in a beach pic and a pool pic. Little or no makeup, and a fairly natural expression. Other than that, what we've seen is hundreds of pictures of the various masks of glop she applies, and exaggerated pouts, eye-pops, grins and other bizarre mugging. I'm tired of those too -- I bet everyone other than Jill is tired of seeing those.
  15. just_ordinary

    John David and Abbie 7: Happiness Continues

    Ahhhhh Pixi books. We have them in Germany too. We had at least a hundred of them. My mum kept almost all of our old books and now we already have them- the babe isn’t even one. She seemed exceptionally happy to hand over two boxes full of Pixi books.
  16. Since I cannot tell anyone I know yet (we want to tell our parents first over Easter) and there are some wedding enthousiasts over here, I decided to start telling people I don’t know: I got engaged yesterday
  17. Lisafer


    It would be a beautiful day if the pollen wasn't killing me by inches...worst pollen season in almost a decade!

    1. fransalley


      Where are you at?  I'm in the Atlanta area and pollen season is regularly a nightmare here.

  18. Lisafer

    Ask an Ex Fundie (VF style)

    In some patriarchal circles, it would be seen as extra sooper dooper Godly for the wife to call her husband "sir" as a sign of respect for his leadership status. Perhaps Black Sheep can speak more specifically to Peter and Kelly's motivation, but my first guess would be that it's a way of showing off how Godly Kelly was. That poor woman was always being "shown off" to the less-holy Christians, IMO.
  19. lumpentheologie

    Bates 26: Do Not Attempt This at Home

    I just saw Kelly as a model and I think it's great. There are so many things I hate about the Bates, but I give them props for including a larger-size model, and using their mom for it is pretty sweet. And I'm glad Kelly is comfortable admitting her size publicly. If these girls have to pop out baby after baby and least they have a role model saying it's okay if they don't also stay super thin.
  20. fundiefan

    Grifting 101- Fundies and their grifted loot

    Jeezuz. Reading that again just put everything fluttering around back into one neat package. Zoo is a selfish, horrible, immature, nasty, nasty woman.
  21. AtlanticTug

    Dillards 75: Keep the Food Out of the Bathroom

    There, fixed it for you. (TM Jessa)
  22. Lgirlrocks

    Lori 65: The Demonic Agenda regarding Women

    vitamins don’t replace vaccines. Having a good immune system doesn’t stop people from getting cancer or in my dads case MS.
  23. formergothardite

    Raquel Strikes Again

    Her many lists of things she demands out of boyfriends reveals how difficult it must be to be around her. Don't expect her to talk to you when she doesn't want to, but don't dare not answer the phone when she calls or not be able to drop everything the second she wants you. You must like all the things she likes and you can't like things she doesn't like. She can rant and rave at you but you can never express negative emotions around her. Having Raquel cut you out of her life probably means you are doing something right.
  24. SuperNova

    Lori 65: The Demonic Agenda regarding Women

    The backlash from Lori's social media vaccine post must have really gotten under her skin because it's been quite awhile since she's written a blog post on a Saturday. Typical Lori. People were assalting her with the truth so she runs to her echo chamber where she can control the comments.
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