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  2. thoughtful

    JRod 108: Selling the Grifted House

    My sister. My good luck is that five of the things I collect are practical. All of my furniture (other than the birdcage and my bed, which are in a Shaker-reproduction style that blends with the antiques) is old. It's a mishmash of styles, probably from the late 19th century through about 1930. None of it is fancy -- it's mostly dark oak pieces that would have been in a modest home or a store, church, office, kennel or school. I love black cast iron, and have two old school seats (one with the desk for the kid in back attached) and several pieces that are built on old treadle bases from sewing machines (they are great along walls where baseboard radiators run, since they don't block the heat). My second practical collection is wooden boxes, crates and long tool trugs (the latter are very handy for under-bed storage of shoes). Third - handmade pottery. I favor abstract drip glazes in reds, purples and blues. Other than a few factory-made pieces to use in the microwave, all of my food and drink is enjoyed from (and all of my plants live in) handmade pottery. Fourth -- patchwork quilts. Fifth - fabric purses and totes. Other than some of the furniture and the first few pieces of pottery I bought, most of it has been made possible by thrift store and yard sale shopping over the course of 35 years -- I couldn't afford it otherwise. For example, one of the school seats was $16, the other was $5. The style I have generally sells for $80-$400 in antique stores. My non-practical decorative items are memorabilia, art and photos, framed sheet music, antique ads, and lots of stuff with images of greyhounds. Besides the famous bus company, many other businesses used the greyhound as a symbol - I have tins from phonograph needles, a saw, soda bottles, children's wagons, and ads for medicines, cigarettes, matches, razor blades, oil, gasoline, tires - you name it! The sewing machine and greyhound collections meet in my kitchen. There was a company called New Home that used a greyhound in their advertising: https://www.digitalcommonwealth.org/search/commonwealth:x633f3793 My kitchen table is built on one of their treadles, I have several sales cards framed in my kitchen (including the one pictured above), and a greyhound model "P" sewing machine (like the one pictured below). My other pets are represented, too. But it is hard to find beagle and dove stuff that resembles my guys -- they are both atypical looking. I love some things that have gone in and out of style several times in 150 years -- saturated, jewel-tone colors, unpainted red brick, stained glass (lots was already in this house when I bought it). I'm sure lots of people would consider it dated. Taste is so subjective, and I try not to classify someone else's as "bad taste." So I will put it this way -- Jill's decor does not appeal to me for specific reasons. I dislike the look of a lot of dried/fake plants, and hate how hard they are to dust. I also dislike the faux-antique/country look, carpeting (or multiple throw rugs crowded together), her color choices, and the style and colors of her furniture. But having lots of stuff out, and objects covering the walls -- I'm as guilty as Jill of that! I also admit that my part of my house says "me, me me," just like Jill's. But I am the only human who lives in it - my mother's part of the house is decorated in her taste. My pictures of other people outnumber Jill's hugely, and I don't even have a husband or children! Granted, she displays them online and I don't, but I want to look at the faces of ancestors and people I love in my house, as well. tl;dr - I'm a pack rat, and I've embraced it! But this rat packs differently than Jill.
  3. fraurosena

    Trump 42: Racist In Chief

    Trump's tantrum about Denmark not selling him Greenland has not reached its end just yet. The feeling's mutual. Politicians unite in condemning US president’s decision to cancel visit. Some choice quotes from Danes: This NYT article also has some Danish reactions.
  4. JermajestyDuggar

    Gwen Shamblin 8: Not Smart Enough to Think

    It makes sense that RF wouldn’t want the Smiths to turn on them. So they stay supportive. I’m sure RF also don’t want to admit that the Smith’s are actually guilty of what they are convicted of. Because that would mean they are also sullied by association.
  5. Dandruff

    Trump 42: Racist In Chief

    Trump's criticism of me and those of my ilk leaves me profoundly untouched. I tend to doubt he'll get more Jewish votes with it. If he really thinks he's the king of Israel then we're all in trouble.
  6. Loveday

    Raquel Strikes Again

    I'm just grateful the Lularoe thing seems to have faded into oblivion. I had nieces selling that stuff, and it was hard to say no (but I did!). I've also noticed that a friend of mine who was selling Younique for awhile has very quietly tiptoed away from that one; I just hope she didn't lose too much money. A relative by marriage is now selling DoTerra (I think--it might be YL), but we're not friends on FB so I don't get hounded about it. She doesn't like me, and I don't like her, so the odds are good she won't be friending me, thankfully. LOL.
  7. NarcissismKills

    Gwen Shamblin 8: Not Smart Enough to Think

    The Remnant Fellowship cult's so-called prison ministry is actually all about Joseph and Sonya Smith, who murdered their son while participating fully in the system of authority set up by Tedd Anger and Gwen Shamblin Lara. The cult is very supportive of this couple and has paid the major portion, if not all, of their legal expenses. Earlier this month Remnant even dedicated a song, prayer, and large photograph to Joseph Smith on the occasion of his birthday which somewhat coincided with the cult's 20th anniversary. It really seems like they want this couple, who are in jail for life plus 30 years, to keep being quiet about how they were being advised to handle their child.
  8. Dandruff

    Andrea Mills of YouTube infamy has cancer

    There may be a metaphor here...she spewed poisonous bile then died of it. I have no tolerance for attacks on the Sandy Hook parents. I do have some sympathy for her having to leave the family she loved without warning...but I have a lot more sympathy for the kids. Tom may have been getting pressure from multiple directions to take the money and donations while they're available. It sounded that way to me in earlier videos.
  9. princessmahina

    Dillards 79: Sex Education on the Fly

    I think it’s great that he’s not quiverfull and not putting Jill’s body through risky pregnancy after risky pregnancy, but I do hope that he and Jill have come to their new (or maybe not new?) beliefs together and that he hasn’t pushed the headship card to make her go against her beliefs and get more sex.
  10. formergothardite

    George’s School Curriculum... Training for a King!

    That sounds like a lovely school. I wish there was one like that around me and I could afford it! It actually sort of sounds like the Charlotte Mason method that is popular in the American homeschool movement. It is based on a British educator's ideas, so that might be why. The people I know who use it are always teaching French, studying music, ballet and art.
  11. unsafetydancer

    Britain and Brexit business

    The issue with Ireland is that there are still some people kicking about the UK who would like to see GFA ripped up. They've been sitting quietly until now when all this nonsense has made them feel like their views are anything other than utterly abhorrent. These are usually the same morons who hark back to the days when we had an empire and completely gloss over the mass genocides and slavery that helped build it. I despair of these fools. Plus, there is a view among people in the South of England that anyone from the North, Wales, Scotland or Ireland is less intelligent, less educated and less of a person than they are. Just be Scottish in London for a day and see how many people will pretend they don't understand you when you talk or tell you you can't pay for things in Scottish notes. Bitch, I shall just take my £20 elsewhere! But seriously, it sucks.
  12. @Someone Out There @theotherelise I think it's only true for fighter pilots, not regular pilots. But there have been studies showing that fighter pilots have daughters more often than sons. I think it has to do with the G-forces. I wonder if the same effect could be achieved by extreme roller coasters. If you send your male SO out roller-coastering all day, are you more likely to conceive a girl?
  13. justmy2cents

    Dillards 79: Sex Education on the Fly

    I think Cathy has a lot to do with that. She probably sat him down and said ‘get your head out of your a__?’ (Maybe not those exact words.) Get a career and limit the size of your family.
  14. I don't think many people would be! What on earth were they thinking? I'd be interested to see what the translation of the word statutes is; to me it implies modeling their laws after the Egyptian or Canaanites
  15. Heathen that I am, I was educated by Jesuits, and graduated summa cum laude. I guess they taught me very well, and at the time of my graduation my father was an Assembly of God minister. A life-long friend graduated with me, then went on to -- horrors! -- Jesuit law school. She's now a guardian at litem who would tear Beccy and Cam a new one. He wouldn't know what hit him if he had to deal with her.
  16. Koala

    Andrea Mills of YouTube infamy has cancer

    Yeah, that's just crazy talk. They lost their mom, not their house. They already had clothes, and this hasn't changed that. I'm sure whoever asked means well, but it's going to create an unnecessary burden for the family. The sad thing that I was thinking about, is that for a long time they will probably be eating things that Andrea made and froze, and using items (laundry pods and the like) that she made with her own hands. When they get to the bottom of that supply, it's probably going to be crushing. Or an odd mix- crushing to have it, and crushing to run out of it. It's not like she was sick for a long time, and had relinquished control of the home- she was keeping house as recently as last week, from the sounds of things. She is still everywhere they turn, and that has to be something else... I can't imagine. I have no shortage of sympathy for those children. Not many things sadder, than a group of little ones losing a parent. I'm glad Tom's planning to spend some time off work to be with them and figure things out. It's hard to think of a workable solution for many of the problems they now face.
  17. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/prince-george-upcoming-school-curriculum-165402799.html These parents aren’t paying for Juice boxes and Finger painting for damn sure! I suppose George must have the education early for unique life.
  18. picklepizzas

    Dillards 79: Sex Education on the Fly

    I don’t give him enough credit for that kind of deception. I feel like it’s more likely he didn’t lie but was new to the idea of no bc, taken in by the perfect Duggar family and was ready to go all-in on their wacky beliefs, and has slowly drifted back to his original starting point (conservative but secular Christian) and dragged Jill with him. Reversion to the mean.
  19. SusanAtTheLastBattle

    Cam n Beccy Mosser: Christ-honoring Criminal Charges

    The ancient rabbis (in the Sifra, a 4th century CE commentary) were sure they found a prohibition on lesbianism in the Bible. Here it is, guys: Leviticus 18:3 "You shall not do as they do in the land of Egypt, where you lived, and you shall not do as they do in the land of Canaan, to which I am bringing you. You shall not follow their statutes." And what were they doing in Egypt and Canaan? LESBIANISM, obviously. I'm... not fully convinced by this interpretation.
  20. tabitha2

    Meghan and Harry 2: Now with Archie

    Edward and His wife mostly live a very Quiet life of Royal Duties with out fuss or scandal. I don’t see Charles bothering to much with them esp.Sophie Wessex seems to be family favorite. Same with incredibly hardworking Ann. Andrew will likely be told to quietly retire and not be seen at public events, dinners, etc as Charles does not need his skeevy rep putting a shadow on the new reign
  21. justmy2cents

    Dillards 79: Sex Education on the Fly

    Interesting @picklepizzas. I guess when they said they’d be leaving it up to God when they got married that included birth control. Does that mean that Derick lied on the questionnaire?
  22. Today
  23. formergothardite

    Andrea Mills of YouTube infamy has cancer

    I don't think anyone is saying they don't deserve sympathy. We just shouldn't make Andrea into someone she wasn't. There is no sense in turning her into some sort of a kind, harmless soul when that wasn't who she was.
  24. I would have paid good $ to see Felicity whip the cap off that pen and scribble all over that pretentious prig’s book.* *I had a child whose worst offensive and weapon was a black sharpie marker applied to any and all available surfaces.
  25. unsafetydancer

    Andrea Mills of YouTube infamy has cancer

    The views on things like 9/11 definitely not harmless but I still think they deserve sympathy over the loss of Andrea and the uncertainty they now face. I've noticed that a lot of people with religious beliefs on the extreme side of things tend to double down on those beliefs when tragedy hits. It isn't always helpful and I hope that they are receiving support from a bereavement counsellor or other qualified person who can help them navigate their feelings in a healthy way. Whatever horrible things they have said or done in the past, whether they were done out of malice or just some misguided beliefs, they deserve compassion over what has happened. They're human beings.
  26. Dandruff

    Bro Gary Hawkins 11: Bro likes his food

    We definitely need "disgust" on the Bro threads. Maybe multi-disgust.
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