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  2. adidas

    Chelsy and John Maxwell 7: Not as Beige as Maxhell - Yet

    I wanted a home birth after a traumatic hospital birth. Hubby was onboard (not just onboard but very supportive - he was traumatised too, after seeing what the doctor did to me) but unfortunately we weren’t able to conceive again.
  3. If Abbie is due in Jan/Feb, that could explain why JD went to the Query wedding solo...I had Baby at the end of Jan and I spent most of the previous Jun feeling like crap. 🤢
  4. Snarkasarus Rex

    Jinjer 49: Westward Ho!

    So the IG photo of skinny blond Jinger was a fake out...definitely taken much earlier than it was posted. That’s not a little bump, and she’s brunette again...
  5. HurricaneBells

    Jinjer 49: Westward Ho!

    Ha I just posted in the Jabbie thread that the media is speculating they are pregnant as Jessa said something about babies due in both fall and winter on insta but then I watched the video and I completely agree its Jinger...
  6. Martha has posted in her stories about hanging out with Aunt Flo - I wondered why anyone would post about that but she also hashtagged it no more amenorrhea and hormonal imbalance. I guess she’s crediting Plexus...
  7. If, big if, the marinated cucumber is right and Jb really said that there is someone due in January, it could be that Jing is due in December and Abbie is due in January...I guess we will know better kn a couple of weeks.
  8. mollysmom

    Trace Bates 1: The Flossing Fundie

    ...I can see it now...boy & girl start courting. Girl has so much guilt, she just has to tell her new beau what she has done! "I just need you to know that I'm not pure! I side hugged a guy once! I'm so sorry!" (bursts into tears) It reads like a frickin soap opera!!! Hahaha Sad but oh, so true! I know....I lived it!
  9. So various sites are starting to speculate that she is pregnant since Jessa made reference to Mary looking forward to babies due in both fall and winter... Who is due in winter? Isnt Amy due... first and the rest in Nov?
  10. elliha

    Chelsy and John Maxwell 7: Not as Beige as Maxhell - Yet

    I would have liked a home birth but my husband would not have been comfortable with that and my first was an induction so for that I couldn't have had one. My son started naturally and he was later born in the hospital too. In July when he was born you cannot get a home birth midwife usually due to many of the staff being on holiday. My hospital does offer it for low risk births but I don't know if I had another one if I would qualify as low risk. My births were relatively uneventful but I had a lot of bleeding both times, more than average. If it is like with my son I think a home birth midwife would have been able to handle it but it would have meant her trying every available to her option. I don't know if they would be allowed one if I would have a third kid due to these bleedings but maybe if I still live where I live now they might say OK, I live less than 10 minutes from a university hospital at the moment.
  11. Today
  12. DillyDally

    Jinjer 49: Westward Ho!

    In the funeral video Jill posted on Instagram where the whole family is singing on stage, you can see Jinger with a noticable bump. Looks like Baby Vuolo No 2 is on the way. People on tumblr are talking about it (I usually don't partake in pregnancy speculation/body scrutiny, but that's definitely a baby bump.)
  13. Oh I'm in. And more termites eating the dresser and keeping John awake. "I kid you not, even while he did pray, a woman to my mother gave her money that day!" That is possibly one of the most awkwardly constructed and incomprehensible sentences I think I have ever seen. Now I kind of wish John was translating the KJV books by himself - given how bad his expression in his native language is I could see him inadvertently encouraging people to worship Satan in a language he doesn't actually speak. Also I am nominating this poem for the Worst Poetry section in the Book of Heroic Failures update (hoping they do one). This is way worse than their current entries - adnittedly those entries were published. Hm...
  14. ophelia

    Chelsy and John Maxwell 7: Not as Beige as Maxhell - Yet

    I've always dreamed about having a home birth. I don't know exactly why, it is just a feeling that I had ever since I started to imagine having babies one day. I've also always dreamed of having a big family and lots of kids. Now I'm thirty, single, childless and diagnosed with PCOS and feel like I can forget about my dreams, but I try to stay positive. Back to the home birth - of course I would only go down that road if a) baby and I are healthy throughout the pregnancy, b) midwife agrees that this is a safe option, c) I still live close to a hospital and d) my partner was 100% on board with this.
  15. Petronella

    Lori 67: Stop reading - it'll give you ideas

    God, Lori’s “I only teach women” is such a ridiculous fig leaf. She commiserates with men about what to expect from their wives ALL THE TIME. And she actively teaches women to expect NOTHING, which is very different from simply refraining from teaching them what they should expect. I just don’t understand how someone can be disgusted and offended by mutual kindness and mutual pleasure. She just has to “correct” this woman for enjoying her lovely marriage. Gross! I can’t tell if she means “put out” as in sex (which is its top and most obvious meaning) or if she’s using it metaphorically to mean prioritizing work stuff on the fly, like working late. Either way it’s bizarre. While of course an extreme devotion to work—like those cautionary tales of executives missing their kids’ baseball games and bedtimes—can indeed be sad and regrettable (like anything taken to an extreme) Lori applies this extreme to any kind of work at all (except her daughters’ and daughters-in-law’s work—and sexy bathing suits—which are somehow still holy *scratches head*). And somehow men working multiple jobs and never seeing their wives or children doesn’t harm their families. **confused**
  16. Could Abbie be trying to keep a lower public profile in case she chooses to start practicing nursing again? She may want to be more reserved about posting publicly if she thinks patients and or families may follow her on social media. That said she signed up to be on a TV show so the horse is likely already out of the barn on that one. But in her career I could understand wanting to maintain some professional distance.
  17. What the what now? I clearly missed that. When/where/what was this???
  18. Iamtheway

    Seewalds 41: Christian Hero Ivy Jane

    You should never tell people the name before the baby is born. They just take it as an invitation to have opinions. Once there is an actual person presented with the name people are usually nicer about it. My mum thought Miniway’s name was horrible and was not afraid to say so. ”I have to be able to voice my opinion.” No! Actually you have to shut up if you have nothing nice to say. There is no need to tell the parents that just spent nine months and ten days agreeing on one name that that name is crap. She says she’s ”used to it” now and doesn’t mind it as much. I still don’t care.
  19. She just wants to make sure everyone thinks that she knows much more then she shares. That she’s an ”insider”.
  20. The only thing that gets me through knowing that I will need to say goodbye to FurryMay one day is knowing that my grandfather and his doggos will be waiting for him to hang out with him and keep him company until I get there. I'm pretty sure they will love each other just as much as I love them.
  21. This to me seems like one of those things where we as a community that is critical of fundamental beliefs *wants* to find something negative in what we may otherwise see as a benign if not strange comment. Admittedly my dad and I have a challenging relationship so I would never say something like that. But I saw a handful of fathers day posts using daddy in them, I think it's more a term of endearment that gets toted out around fathers day to add some sentimentality. It's also worth remembering different people have different names for parents (like it drives me bonkers when Jessa refers to JB as "Pops") As for the "His little girl" Jana was the first born daughter so it's entirely possible that they have a little more special bond because of that. I'm sure I've heard parents say before "you'll always be my little boy or little girl." There's definitely harmful, patriarchal, complimentarian and misogynistic belief systems in their world. But I don't necessarily think that quote is hugely reflective of those.
  22. NakedKnees

    Jinjer 49: Westward Ho!

    Many of the funerals I've been to have included photos. One had a professional photographer (and I can see why- it was a tragic but beautiful funeral for a friend who died suddenly when we were teens). My family takes group photos after funerals normally. They're solemn, but everyone is dressed well and together, and we generally WANT to be there. That's not to say that we want the circumstances, but we want to pay respects. So, that's not weird to me. Too many cell phones out staring at everything would weird me out a bit though. I don't like that at weddings or anything either though.
  23. That is what's worrisome. Anyone where else it would be a nice thing to hear. But we know in their cult unmarried women are still under their father's headship, rule, etc. Its probably just a nice comment or nothing weird or creepy. But in context with the cult its hard to wonder if its not a reference to him still being her headship even though she's almost thirty.
  24. Lori's daughter said she didn't even want to go to college. I'm not shocked by this. In my area there was an SAT scandal. Upper class parents paid people to take their kids test or give them the answers.
  25. Or that the nursing home or assisted living facility that you can afford or is near you is any good. There are a lot of bad nursing homes out there. One of my mom's friends checked her mother out of one and brought her home because it had been the only one she could afford but the staff had been horrible too. She had been hit, there were unexplained bruises and one nurse "accidentally" hit her with the door. No one believed her but it also couldn't be proven since there were no witnesses except the patient with dementia. She brought her mom home. After my mom's third stroke we were recommended a "great" place for her to recover from her stroke filled with fully trained doctors, nurses and medical staff. None of us have a medical background and thought maybe it was better for her to surrounded by people who knew what they were doing. Yes, well, my mom had her fourth stroke on their watch and would have died except my dad decided to visit her a little earlier that day, she collapsed and he was able to jump in an do CPR while yelling for anyone to come help him. It took forever before someone to come that person just stood there while he yelled to call 911 she ran off and others finally showed up. But had she been alone? She would have been dead and probably for hours before anyone there noticed. Why weren't they monitoring her? Why weren't they checking on her? Especially with her history? She survived that one and we brought her home she was better off with us taking care of her then them.
  26. JordynDarby5

    Jinjer 49: Westward Ho!

    My great-grandfather took a couple pictures at his wife's funeral and for his daughter. I thought it was really weird and still do but my mom said it used to be very common. We haven't carried on the tradition which I'm glad. It makes me uncomfortable and funerals are hard enough without having someone in my face taking pictures, worrying if someone was taking pictures of me crying or breaking down or taking pictures of my mother or her casket. On the news they often show funerals of fallen police officers, firemen/women, victims of crimes I feel for the poor family mourning their loss, crying and breaking down with cameras around.
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