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  2. Is Chad a licensed carpenter? Or just a handy man? What qualifications does he have, are these boys getting a certified legal qualification, are they apprentices? I want to know. As a Mother (not of boys though) I would want my child to work towards a career and that for me, means skills certified training. If they are just helping out and getting paid, I would not mind. But if this is there full time job and the only skill they are going to get is to be a handy man, I would not be happy. I would heavily be encouraging them to seek employment with a foreman who could assist them in getting recognised trade qualifications. I am not sledging being a hanyman, by any means. I just would want more for my children and the security and money a proper trade degree can bring. Especially since they are so young and only beginning their working life.
  3. Seculardaisy

    Carlin & Evan 5 - Carlin Is Still Engaged?

    Those would be beautiful photo ops so I wouldn’t fault them. No doubt they have several photo ops planned, every wedding does but a Zoolander wedding will be next level. Only topped by Lawson one day.
  4. QuiverFullofBooks

    Alyssa & John 3: Modesty Make-Up

    JRod 100: Fucking Toss Pot! It did take her several years to do all that shit. Her kids will not be taken off her. The United States in general doesn’t do a lot of social services intervention, and she lives in West Virginia, where you pretty much have to overdose in front of your kids to get the state involved.
  5. I actually flat out told me husband I’m not doing this again... as we were hugging... right after my first ultrasound for this pregnancy. 😂 But I get it. Pregnancy is tough in a lot of ways. I always wanted a big family, but going through pregnancy, birth, and parenthood definitely changed my mind on that. I’ll settle for two (hopefully) healthy tiny tyrants and call it a day.
  6. OK, my friend- time to spill the tea tequilla! Dying to know who's getting the KitchenAid, LOL! If anyone wants to Pamper Spanger, send legos. I don't know where it came from, but I've had a wild hair to play with some legos for a while... Finally found a jumbo pack on sale at Walmart, but I could use more. Way more. I can't even, really, with picking Jill's top ten worst moments. Even the little ones are awful, and not to be forgotten or glossed over, they all add up to the Big Bad that is JRod. Thank you to all those who worked on putting this together. I will try though: -Henry funeral is obviously way up there. -Next up is the general David/Jill don't work, ask for handouts to fund their lifestyle, and they get special treats ALL THE TIME while their kids get one less chicken leg and no $$ for books. -Jill is hateful of anyone who is different than her. She shows her ass on this topic all the time. It's hard to narrow down to just one or two examples, it's one of those things you just need to step back and see the big picture. Her intolerance makes her abhorrent to me. -I hate that they under-educate their kids. -I hate that they have brain-washed their children into being grateful for the lack of education, food, attention, etc that they are forced to endure. -The way Jill always makes everything about her never fails to make me feel deeply uncomfortable. My favorite things about Jill: -Her terrible fucking makeup tutorial. I have re-watched this SOOO many times. This is one of my secret guilty pleasures in life. When I am feeling bad, it always puts a smile on my face. It raises so many questions, for young and old alike. -We have the same birthday. Watching Jill's birthday shenanigans, and then reading the FJ reactions, is like a birthday present from all of you to me.
  7. QuiverFullofBooks

    Bates 26: Do Not Attempt This at Home

    They’ve never been as anti-dancing as the Duggars. Years ago there was an episode where one of the boys (Lawson?) danced with Mama Jane. The dance was the Carolina Shag and a poster referred to it as “shagging.” Some British members were like, “wait, what?!”
  8. Especially if one or more of them was wearing Branch Trumpvidian gear at any point during the trip.
  9. HermioneSparrow

    Carlin & Evan 5 - Carlin Is Still Engaged?

    That was Joy's wedding. Freaking Jill wore white to a Bates wedding?!?!? Lol
  10. GreyhoundFan

    Trump 41: Waiting For My Impeachment

    A great op-ed by Dana Milbank: "Trump seems to be transparently mad"
  11. I think we are being tricked to believe in the happy, glowing mother to be. How many women actually enjoy their pregnancies? Isn’t it mostly worry, aches and hemorrhoids? I hope you stay clear of all of those and that your second arrow is not in as much of a hurry as their sister! Miniway arrived at his duedate and that was nice of him. Would have been nicer if he hadn’t taken so freaking long to do it though. I hated being pregnant so much that I’m 100% sure I don’t want to do it again (also 100% sure I don’t want to give birth, breast feed or have a baby). I’m only like 95% sure I don’t want another child though ... Mr Way wants one more but Miniway has said he’d rather have a dog so we have been two against one (not that Miniway has an actual say) but then a couple of days ago he turned on me and said he really wanted a baby sister. Main reason? So that he could squirt her with his water gun if she came close to his shopkins. Big brother potential in that one ...
  12. Today
  13. GreyhoundFan

    United States Senate

    Well, Lindsey has been far up Dumpy's backside for some time, so he should know whereof he speaks.
  14. Insightful

    Gwen Shamblin 7 - I am the Potato Chip of Life

    So Mr. Insightful and I were just sitting around thinking about how fantastic it would be if some FJers sent a craptastic amount of pizzas up to RF on Wednesday night...early...so the smells would just waft through the "church", no one could focus on Her Highness (literally) but would be salivating over the smorgasbord sitting on the back tables! What Brentwood peep should I send my donation to???
  15. *does a search* https://creation.com/media-center/youtube/facebook-livestream-with-gary-bates-scott-gillis-keaton-halley-joseph-darnell-jan-11-2018 ooh! (he shows up 42 minutes in)
  16. Ozlsn

    The War On Abortion And Women's Rights

    What happened when Romania banned abortion. Alabama currently has around 6000 children in foster care. 551 were adopted from foster care in 2012; 398 aged out in that year. In 2017 26.6% of Alabama's children were living under the poverty line - for the under 5 age group that was 29.8% of them. So Terri Collins, as you gird up your armor and charge off on your white horse to tilt at Roe vs Wade, what are you doing to assist the over a quarter of children in your state who are living in poverty? What are you doing to assist the living, breathing children in foster care who are waiting on adoption? What are you doing to provide support to the families who are struggling to keep their family together and fed? When are you passing the Medicaid expansion, subsidizing contraception, providing state paid parental leave, investing in social housing, etc, etc. Show us you're pro-actual born life. Dare ya.
  17. QuiverFullofBooks

    The worst of JillRod, or her 229 damnations

    Ask for a spa WEEK. You deserve it! Let’s all go and rent the place out. We’ll call it a retreat, so we can be godly like Jill.
  18. justmy2cents

    Carlin & Evan 5 - Carlin Is Still Engaged?

    She posted a Duggar wedding invite after Jinger's wedding (can't remember which Duggar) but didn't go. Probably the last invite she got from them.
  19. Briefly

    Birthing for Jesus: Upcoming Babies 13

    @Aine that was really interesting! I had never heard of that and now I've learned something. @NachosFlandersStyle I do know quite a few people that have Tex in their name somewhere, and there are lots of Austin, Houston, etc. Texas related names.
  20. This is what I wanted to say. The photos from Silverdollar City are the best photos of Derick since their courting days IMO. He looks relaxed and happy and like he’s enjoying family life. The kids and Jill look happy too. It feels like something that has been bothering them for a long time has gone away. Maybe they are actually starting to find their way. Fingers crossed it leads away from Duggar beliefs and internet bullying of teenagers and towards something a bit more fundie light and happy.
  21. I agree. His parents did nothing until he molested Joy. By that point he'd already molested Jessa, Jill, Jinger and the non-related girl. He got more and more bolder as he went along. Starting with touching while Jill and Jessa were asleep (or pretended to be asleep), then I think the same thing to the non-related girl, he molested Jinger in the laundry room, and finally Joy while she sat on his lap and in front of people. He needed to be stopped and he wasn't until Joy. He clearly wasn't going to stop on his own. But his stupid parents did nothing until Joy. How do you absolutely nothing after the first time I don't know. That's your son who just molested someone. And that's your daughter who was just molested. How do you nothing each time afterwards that?
  22. HereticHick

    Carlin & Evan 5 - Carlin Is Still Engaged?

    What are the odds on the couple arriving or departing in a horse drawn carriage? Or at least a convertible, for maximum photo ops.
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