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Quiverfull of Subforums

Individual family and topic forums (formerly subforums of Quiverfull of Snark.


  1. Quiver Full of Duggars

    Free Jinger is not a Duggar fan site.
    We exist to discuss the damage caused by fundamentalists.

  2. Quiver Full of Bateseseseses

    FreeJinger is not a Bates family fan site.

  3. Quiverfull of Jeubs (Chris Jeub & family)

    Chris and Wendy Jeub are a homeschooling family with 16 kids. They were featured on the TLC special "Kids by the Dozen."

    • Eternalbluepearl
  4. Maxhell

    Steve and Teri and their many joyless children, including the Reversal Kids, born after Steve had his vasectomy reversed. Uriah is their bus. The Moody books are written by their daughter Sarah. The Corners are written by mom and dad. 1Ton Ramp (aka IT on Ramp) is their Christian IT school.

  5. RVfull of Grifting (Rodrigues Family)

    Meet Jill & David Rodrigues and their 13 children, ages newborn to 18. Often referred to here on Free Jinger as the Rods or Jrod.

    David has a print ‘ministry’ and Jill is a grifter extraordinaire. Jill has had 5 SEVERE miscarriages (get used to seeing this phrase)

    They’ve grifted a house and an RV, among other things, and travel around ‘singing’ for their supper.

    The children don’t go to school and learn at home, in the loosest possible senses of learn and home.

    Because most people don’t have 13 children, the Rods have had to make some adaptations to their RV, including two baby cages (one in the floor of the master closet - with a lid so baby can’t pull the clothes - and one at eye level, which used to be a cupboard for crockery, I think).

    When Jill found out that her unborn baby might have some form of disability, which they thought at the time may have been caused by an en utero stroke, Jill’s instinct was to throw a Pamper Mama party/shower, with a registry that included a kitchen aid mixer, several designer scents, bedding for herself, and a couple of baby items, apparently as an afterthought.

    In response to criticism of this party, Jill immediately threw her oldest daughter under the bus, allowing her to take all the blame.

    Jill has a facebook page (private at the time of this writing, due to pushback she got from being excited that her oldest daughter called other women sluts) and a blog.  She sells Plexus and considers it a MIRACLE from God.

    (updated 5.3.18 - Description provided by @Jellybean)

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  7. Quiver Full of Misogyny

    Discuss those poor, poor disenfranchised men (MRAs) here.

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  9. Guest Speaker Q&As

    Guest Speakers/Q&A sessions are archived here.  A new subforum will be opened for each individual to keep things easy to refer to later