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No Doxxing/Private Information Allowed

Do NOT post private information about individuals. Private information includes, but is not limited to,  information gleaned from private Facebook pages, private message boards or forums, invite only blogs and other private sources, UNLESS the individual in question verifies with an admin or media relations that posting such info here is ok. That is the only way such info is allowed. Unverified third party posting is absolutely unacceptable in all circumstances.

Information from mailing lists and newsletters that anyone can sign up to receive without approval/vetting from the author can be posted.

Paraphrasing is allowed. If you are facebook friends with a fundie, you can say “I saw so and so is pregnant.” You cannot share pictures and a birth story.  Describing an in-person meeting you had with a person we follow is fine. It is a first person narrative of your own experience. A member posting Facebook conversation with a Fundie in which they are peppering the fundie with questions is not the same. There is no way of knowing if the person answering on the other end is even really the fundie, for example. It is not the same type of experience.

If you think you recognize someone from another forum or from real life, please send a PM rather than asking them on the public areas of the forum.


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