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Do not flounce unless you're actually leaving

Don't threaten to flounce (and then not do it)

Please do not threaten to flounce repeatedly (or say things like this is my last post and then continue to post multiple times, in the same thread, in a short period of time).   This is annoying, attention seeking and disrupts threads.   This does not include the one off "joke" type I'm flouncing comments.

If you post that you are flouncing and continue posting with additional flounce comments, the following sanctions will begin:

1st offense: A no point warning

2nd offense: 3 point warning

3rd offense: Banned from thread for 48 hours

4th offense: 48 hours in the Prayer Closet or JTTH (helpmeet choice)

5th offense: 72 hour full site ban (to give you some time to cool down and regain perspective


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